Saturday, November 28, 2009

"Andrew Landeryou appears to be a waste of skin"


"I tweeted the following, in a discussion with someone else:

@jeamland mr landeryou has some history on wikipedia. (i did the sockpuppet investigation.)

Mr Landeryou saw fit to send me a threat for this:

From: Andrew Landeryou &;com>

Mr Gerard,

I am told you made reference to me in your musings on Twitter. I don't know
you, would rather not have to become familiar with who you are and what on
Earth possessed you to comment so freely about me or to edit Wikipedia to
say absurd things about me.

Your entitled to your opinion of me but I think it might be best for you to
discuss claims you make about me with me first. If you don't, I'll promise
to return the favour after an investigation into exactly what ails you. And
that really would be a waste of time for me and a very unpleasant outcome
for you, so I urge you to Twit more carefully in future.

Yours sincerely

Andrew Landeryou

I look forward to an exchange involving pie charts.

p.s.: if you don’t want your months-long-running Wikipedia shenanigans remembered, it helps not to have done them. Oops, too late."

Friday, November 20, 2009

Vexnews ratings show steady collapse

Vexnews recorded 161 readers in October, as tabulated by independent ratings provider

Vexnews lost just one reader in October, having recorded just 162 readers in September.

The ratings are even more puzzling given that Andrew Bolt tried to push readers Vexnews' way.