Sunday, August 31, 2008

Blog of Sleaze, Washed Up?

Confusion reigns over the current developments with the Blog of Sleaze.

One theory is that Andrew Landeryou has ‘sacked’ himself from the blog.

Alternately, he has just given up, having spent many years working on the insolvent blog.

He has now turned his attention to Vexnews, which has been independently valued at $63.

Regardless, the Blog of Sleaze joins other Landeryou managed failures: MUSU, his MUSU Presidency, IQ Corp, his Costa Rican online gaming spivery strategy, and his own personal finances.

It is widely mooted that Vexnews will soon join the above list.

Patriots may wish to discuss Landeryou’s high failure rate, throughout the week. Is it time for Landeryou to get a job?

(This will be the only post for this week)

Monday, August 25, 2008


(This will be are only post this week Patriots).

TS has cast a critical eye over Landeryou’s new online spivery, In somewhat of a surprising move the unemployed luxury apartment residing (in his Fat Cave) bankrupt and full time failure has appeared to have discarded his Blog of Sleaze for Vexnews which was last valued at $63.

At least he is getting some sort of support from a blogger in the Ukraine!

On further investigation, we came across this page (text below) buried deep in the Vexnews site, highlighting the anomalous philosophy of Vexnews.

And what an interesting read the page is. We have provided the text below, with our questions to Andy in CAPITALS.

“We’re (WHO IS ‘WE’ ANDY?) VEX because that’s as close to Rupert Murdoch’s FOX as we could get without having legal trouble. (NOT UNUSUAL FOR LANDERYOU!)

We love FOX NEWS, even when we don’t agree with it. (WHO IS ‘WE’ ANDY? ARE YOU INCLUDING JOE KLEIN, CAIT CATT ETC?) This news service is our homage to its inspiration. (PLAGIARISM IS A BETTER TERM)

We’re (WHO IS ‘WE’ ANDY?) VEX because vex means to annoy people (JOB DONE LANDERYOU) and that’s precisely what we’ll (WHO IS ‘WE’ ANDY?) be doing when we’re (WHO IS ‘WE’ ANDY?) doing our job (YOU/WE HAVE A JOB ANDY?). Speaking truth to power. (WHAT TRUTH?) Afflicting the comfortable. (YOU ARE VERY AFFLICTING LANDERYOU!) Comforting the afflicted. (HOW EXACTLY ANDY, BY FIRST PAYING BACK YOUR CREDITORS PERHAPS?)

VEX also means debating, provoking, confronting, arguing and irking and we’ll be doing plenty of that too. (AND YOU FORGOT TO ADD “CENSORING”)

This is what journalism should be. (BUT YOU ARE NOT A JOURNALIST ANDY!) Indeed for most of our (OUR? WHO IS “OUR”) history it has been except for its modern odious iteration when it pretended to be something it wasn’t: infallible, uninfluenced by cultural bias, pure and omniscient. It’s never been any of those things.

With lefty dominated newsrooms being slashed and burned across the world, we understand the dimension of our responsibility. (THIS IS ILLOGICAL) We are nothing less than the future of news. (BIG CALL THERE ANDY!) Not on our own of course. Our voice should be just part of the beautiful cacophony. But we will be heard. (YES, IN COURT!)

VEXNEWS is ‘free’ because we cherish freedom. (FREE? BECAUSE YOU COULDN’T SELL IT? BECAUSE YOU HAVE NO READERSHIP, NO AUDIENCE?) Freedom from the fundamentalisms of our time, from the Islamists to the extreme Greenists and all those in between (IN BETWEEN? SOUNDS LIKE 99.99% OF THE POPULATION) who struggle to understand that the vast majority of people just want to live their lives with a minimum of unnecessary meddling from others. (SO WHY DO YOU MEDDLE IN OTHER PEOPLE’S LIVES?)

We’re free because this web service is priceless. (PRICELESS! YOU MEAN VALUELESS)

Free for all because our approach is rigorous, courageous and at times perhaps reminiscent of televised wrestling matches(YOU MEAN FAKED!) (we prefer caged style) (LIKE KFC CHICKEN?). says ‘free for all’ means:

1. a fight, argument, contest, etc., open to everyone and usually without rules.
2. any competition or contested situation that is disordered, impulsive, or out of control: a free-for-all at the buffet table.
3. Informal. any enterprise or field of endeavor in which various companies, countries, participants, etc., compete without restriction: a price-cutting free-for-all among local stores. –adjective
4. open to everyone.

And that’s precisely what we’ll (WHO IS ‘WE’ ANDY?) be.”

Patrots are reminded of our story in February when we discovered whether Landeryou had registered the domain name

And not to our surprise, he had, or rather someone had.

We trolled a little deeper and we found a number of curious details.

The registrant of the domain name is:


P.O.Box CB-11901

Nassau, BS

Nassau is a lovely place, from everything we’ve heard. Curiously, it is very close to unregulated online gaming spivery hotspot Costa Rica, where Landeryou has spent considerable time.

Then we discovered that have been up to no good: caught red handed initiating unsolicited and internet threatening browser pop-up ads and spam.

The internet police, the WIPO Arbitration and Mediation Center, has since become involved. The WIPO Administrative Panel on October 30, 2007 threw the ‘virtual’ book at Wanfunchina.

What is additionally interesting is that Wanfunchina has registered a domain name EBET888-COM-DOM. It is only conjecture, but doesn’t EBet sound like something to do with gambling? Online gaming spivery to be exact! Coincidence?

Sunday, August 17, 2008

Your Blog of Truth open all week

Attention Patriots.

There will be no posts this week from TS, so the 'Blog of Truth' is in your capable hands Patriots.

Let the light of truth burn brightly.

Thursday, August 14, 2008

Exclusive: Landeryou caught in draconian censorship of Internet

While Andrew Landeryou proceeds to send into bankruptcy, he has remained nevertheless busy.

Patriot 'Two Piece Feed' has provided photographic evidence of Blog of Sleaze author Andrew Landeryou censoring the Internet. The Chinese PLA is not as efficient.

Monday, August 11, 2008 – very visually vexatious (UPDATED)


Patriots are reminded not to type in, when searching for Landeryou's new spivery. discusses "Visceral fat is "hidden fat" that surrounds your internal organs." Though, Landeryou should probably read that website.


Patriots were the first to expose to full public glare that Andrew Landeryou has brought to market a new online spivery venture, called

The Whois registration of the website confirms it belongs to Andrew Landeryou.

Further investigation has revealed that Landeryou is still claiming Kavanagh St, South Bank as his address, rather than his current abode, the Fat Cave: “Registrant: Andrew Landeryou, Kavanagh St, South Bank, Victoria 3000, Australia “

It raises interesting questions. How can an unemployed bankrupt afford to register and build websites? Will any proceeds from the profits go to creditors?

We guess not given that according to Domaincrawler, is only worth $63.

Patriots will recall Landeryou’s last online spivery failure, News Bumped.

Thursday, August 07, 2008

Wednesday, August 06, 2008

Getting bigger and bigger and bigger

This was Andrew Landeryou in May 2005.

This was Andrew Landeryou at the end of July, 2008.

Notice anything different?

Mr Creosote anyone?

If interested, this was Andy in his Fat Cave.

See you all next week Patriots.

Tuesday, August 05, 2008

Online Gaming Spiver knows a lot about gambling

Andrew Landeryou, who "cut and run" to online gaming spivery haven Costa Rica, has accused a newspaper of undertaking illegal gambling.

As reported by TS in April 2007, "Costa Rica is home to more than 200 online gambling companies, but the Central American country actually has no legislation specifically dealing with gambling over the Internet."

Landeryou may well know what he is talking about!

As regular TS commentator Kevin has pointed out regarding similar accusations: "The "obesity-deformed" blogger is claiming Faine has now broken the law! Is Landeryou proposing that as a criminal he can police others?"

Monday, August 04, 2008

Landeryou’s Soviet Era inspired Labour for Hire

Patriot “M” filed the exclusive picture of obesity-deformed Andrew Landeryou oozing out of the Sunshine Magistrate’s Court.

Patriot “M” also filed this picture of Landeryou’s chauffer and photographer.

As Patriot “M” reported: “Victoria Police confronts a "freelance photographer" who funnily enough drove Landeryou to court. As Twentyman left court, this guy pulled out his camera with zoom and started taking photos of Twentyman, wife and supporters. The photographer was supervised by the police officer as he deleted the images from his camera, which were a breach of the I.O that Landeryou had just promised to uphold minutes earlier”.

The lackey possessed a hairstyle popular in totalitarian Brezhnev’s USSR in the 1970s.

Bankrupt Landeryou can apparently afford to employ contracted staff.