Friday, June 01, 2007

WORLD EXCLUSIVE 3: Global Gaming links into Andy

The troika of World Exclusives is complete.

Team Slanderyou went to Costa Rica earlier in the year to track Andy's movements in that country.

We found that Landeryou claimed that he was in Costa Rica to pursue his online gaming spivery activities.

What was interesting about this is that he appears to have funded his time in CR exclusively from funds directly transferred into the country (from Australia perhaps?).

According to CR's very stringent work and immigration laws: "... you must either be a citizen of Costa Rica or have legal Permanent Residency. With any other residency (rentista, pensionado, etc), you CAN (sic) own a business but you can not work in that business."

So, Landeryou could not have (legally) earned income from working in CR. If he did hold down a job, he was operating illegally. Did he then go to CR to buy a business, as he claimed?

An interesting fact is that: "Costa Rica is home to more than 200 online gambling companies, but the Central American country actually has no legislation specifically dealing with gambling over the Internet."

So, why was Landeryou so keen to exploit such an unregulated gaming market?

We can now report that Global Gaming News (GamingNews) links directly through to Landeryou's blog.

Why would that be???

Have a great weekend; we at Team Slanderyou are exhausted after delivering three World Exclusives in one week.

9 Truth On Comments:

Anonymous said...

Slanderyou tonight shows a concern with gambling. We will get in tonight before Cait Catt steals our thunder. The Liberal Party in Victoria shares this concern. The Bracks government set up a review panel to examine the processes for gambling licences, yet this panel has never met. Read our latest press release:

Author : Michael O'Brien MLA
Labor's Gaming Minister, Daniel Andrews, today confirmed that the Government's review panel designed to ensure probity in the gaming licensing process has never met.

Under questioning in the Public Accounts and Estimates Committee, Minister Andrews conceded that more than six months after Premier Bracks announced the review panel it has yet to convene.

"Labor promised this review panel would ensure the integrity of the gaming licensing process, which is under a serious cloud. If the panel has had no meetings, it is of no use. Who is watching over this Government's handling of these lucrative gaming licenses if the review panel isn't even meeting?" Shadow Gaming Minister Michael O'Brien said.

When asked what the review panel's budget will be in today's PAEC hearings, Minister Andrews was unable to answer. He also admitted that the review panel had not employed a single member of staff.

"It's bad enough that Labor has restricted the review panel to dealing with public servants and has exempted Ministers, gaming companies and their consultants from its inquiries. Today we find that Labor has delivered a review panel with no set budget and no staff; a review panel that hasn't even met," Mr O'Brien said.

"How can Victorians have any confidence in a gaming licensing process overseen by a toothless watchdog that's been confined to the kennel?

"If Labor took probity in gaming licences seriously, it would have moved quickly to set up the review panel, given it adequate powers, given it a budget and given it staff. The Bracks Government's failure to do any of these things means that it doesn't want scrutiny of its handling of the gaming licensing process.

"Labor's handling of gaming licensing has been as transparent as the Yarra. Today's revelations show that Labor wants to keep all Victorians in the dark. So what do they have to hide?" Mr O'Brien said.

Media: Michael O'Brien (03) 9576 1850

Cait Catt said...

Slanderyou is up to his usual slime and the Liberals are using his or her blog to advantage by putting their press releases on it. No objection to that but they ought to be a bit more sensitive and not seek to make capital out of Slanderyou dirt.

Landeryou is beaut this morning. About Merri Rose. No great details as there's a supression order in the Banana Republic. Clearly it's about Peter Beattie's love life. Read what the great man says below, then go to his site and click on the link to the Courier Mail. There's a hint but no detail. Remember you read about it first on Landeryou. Read on:

Merri Rose Extortion Attempt Obviously About Peter Beattie's Lovelife.

Many have asked about this and I have no idea whether the Queensland court order applies to us, we'll presume it does but this Courier Mail story provides you more clues than you'd ever need to know or want to know.

Anonymous said...

Cait/Landeryou, accusing Slanderyou of dirt, then in turn referen cing your own DIRT story about Peter Beattie's love life!

No irony there?

usual Sleazy, hypocritcal stuff from you Landeryou

Anonymous said...

Cait/Catter8/Landeryou why are you upset that the Liberals are posting here?

You are writing a Liberal party blog aren't you?

Or have you fallen out with them too?

Anonymous said...

The Liberal poster says "We will get in tonight before Cait Catt steals our thunder."

Confirmed: the Liberals and Landeryou are working together!

Anonymous said...

Not much action on the Slanderyou blog today. Time for another expose from the Liberal Party. This time it's about Bronwyn Pike and her health debacles. Read our press release below:

Health Minister Bronwyn Pike is using old figures to deliberately mislead Victorians over the state of hospital emergency departments, Shadow Health Minister for Helen Shardey said.

The Australian Institute of Health (AIH) and Welfare Report into hospital statistics reveals a very different picture to the one Minister Pike paints.

The AIH report shows that in Victoria 2005-06:

# the percentage of people seen in emergency departments within a clinically appropriate timeframe dropped by two per cent - the worst result of any mainland state; and
# the median and the 90th percentile waiting time in an emergency department rose three minutes - the second worst result of any mainland state;

"If Bronwyn Pike truly feels that an increase in waiting times is acceptable, then this is yet another example of her failure to look after Victoria's health care," Mrs. Shardey said.

The report also reveals that:

# median elective surgery waiting times increased by four days - more than in any other state
# the waiting time for the 90th percentile for elective surgery has gone up a staggering 24 days - more than in any other state; and
# the percentage of people waiting more than a year for elective surgery has increased by 0.5 per cent - the equal worst result for any state.

Victoria still has the least number of hospital beds per person of any state. There are only 85 more public acute hospitals beds now than in 1999 when the Bracks Government was elected.

"Today's report does not reveal a healthy hospital system", Mrs Shardey said.

To make matters worse, subsequent to the AIH report, the Your Hospitals Report has shown that Bronwyn Pike failed to reach four out of eight of her own targets, including:

# the number of admitted patients waiting for more than eight hours in emergency departments for a bed;
# the number of non-admitted patients waiting for more than four hours in emergency departments;
# the number of semi-urgent elective surgery patients treated within 90 days; and
# the number of category 3 patients seen within 30 minutes in an emergency department.

"Bronwyn Pike has nothing to boast about. There are more Victorians waiting for elective surgery now than when the AIH report was compiled," Mrs. Shardey said.

"This is just desperate spin from a Minister whose management of Victoria's health system is collapsing."

Media enquiries: Helen Shardey 0438 459 985

Anonymous said...

Alex White is a rapist.

Anonymous said...

The comment above was written by Landeryou.

Apologies Slanderyou, but I spent a good bit of Saturday on Landeryou's blog posting comments, and referencing back to the Slanderyou blog. Of course, Landeryou kept deleting the references and links, but I persisted for a while.

And his above comment was his payback!

Anonymous said...

Alex White is a rapist.