Monday, December 17, 2007

Merry Christmas & Happy New Year

Dear TS reader,

What a year it has been. A very successful year for TS:
· We are near to reaching 17,000 hits, and
· We’ve received over 2000 comments.

Thank you dear TS reader for your time, interest and commitment to our patriotic cause.
It’s time to wish our readers a very Merry Christmas and a great New Year.

See you all again from around mid January 2008. Liberty Larry may pop in from time to time in the interim.

All the best and spare a thought for Andrew Landeryou who will only have for company his festive Xmas backyard KFC bucket. He may even lash out on a Zinger burger with extra pineapple.

To Andrew. Without you this ‘blog of truth’ would obviously not exist. But then again, our blog shouldn’t exist. It’s people like you (political Daleks if you will) that have given politics a bad taste. Rather sad really. May be, between bites on your KFC nuggets, you’ll use this time to think about your life, realising it’s not too late to turn it around.

Friday, December 14, 2007

Landeryou convicted

By Liberty Larry

Landeryou is again in court today. The court is allowing the plantiffs to "anal-probe" through Landeryou's 'evidence'.

But it must be noted that Landeryou was already convicted in the court of patriotic opinion, see here and here.

Meanwhile, law and order patriots have advised readers of relevant data concerning Australia's penal system. Some interesting reading. We wonder who will be spending a lot of time reading up on that topic.

Thursday, December 13, 2007

Landeryou trumpets, blusters and rants

TS has many great readers and regular contributors. One in particular is Dark Rider. We previously featured Dark Rider’s commentary many months ago, see here.

We thought it apt to give his particular take on Andrew Landeryou extra prominence. His original can be found in response to the story "Access to Andrew Landeryou’s “back-end”".
By Dark Rider

Landeryou repeats the phrase 'blog of FILTH' as a way of saturating in a message. It's not meant to generate shock value. it's meant to sink in repeatedly.

It's a variation on an old and generally effective political/interview technique of hammering an emotive aspect with little substance to twist the listener/viewer's perception of the person being questioned and deflect or weaken the focus of the questioning.

Also, repetition of a simple slogan such as 'Landeryou's a lying, fuckwit, ALP wannabe' has the benefit of being one of the few things likely to stick in the average listener's/viewer's mind, leaving the basic required message. Look at political advertising for further examples.
Unfortunately, it doesn't seem to do him much good on this blog.

From a purely analytical viewpoint, it's interesting to look at the biased language and half-truths he espouses (similar in style and worthy of Joseph Goebbels; easily as deranged).
Look at the agendas he's pushing and the way he trumpets, blusters and rants to deflect the focus. For example, Solomon Lew has won an injunction (granted by a court of law) to gain access to Landeryou's online accounts. Landeryou rages that this is to shut the OC down.

Closer inspection of the order (thanks to posters on this site) reveals they have requested access to all of Landeryou's online accounts and bank accounts, undoubtedly to determine the extent of his income, which I think is quite reasonable under the circumstances, bearing in mind this is a guy who fled the country rather than answer questions and when he did finally answer questions put to him in court, he couldn't remember any details regarding financial matters and he'd lost the records.

Certainly not someone I'd trust to give an accurate assessment of his own financial position, either because he's too inept or underhanded.

Hope someone gets a photo of him at court (as he apparently likes to do).
Anyway, keep up the good work.

It's long past time 'the whole truth' about Landeryou came out. Here's hoping the court proceedings shed some light.

Tuesday, December 11, 2007

NEWS features picture of Landeryou

News Corp has just featured a picture of Landeryou. Well, not new so much as TS has been featuring it for some time.

The story is very apt as Landeryou has had a habit of flying off to Los Angeles, (and Costa Rica).

Looks as if News Corp are seriously going after Landeryou. It was only in November that the Herald Sun called Landeryou a Gadfly.

Monday, December 10, 2007

RWDB Labor-ish blogger

Landeryou is all the talk of the blogosphere at the moment! Ken Parish lets rip.

"Finally, and more equivocally in a moral sense, billionaire Solomon Lew is apparently dragging RWDB Labor-ish blogger Andrew Landeryou through the Victorian courts, even seeking orders that would allow him to take control of Landeryou’s blog and edit it!! It certainly sounds outrageous, but then again what would one expect a Landeryou target to do given that he appears to specialise in extreme defamatory sledges of anyone he doesn’t like, and seems to regard himself as enjoying foolproof protection by virtue of being an undischarged bankrupt?"

99% right there Ken; except Landeryou writes for the Liberals.

Friday, December 07, 2007

Access to Andrew Landeryou’s “back-end”

Andrew Landeryou is up to his neck in court battles (again) at the moment. He is being made to wear his bankruptcy like a crown of thorns.

What is particularly interesting is that Landeryou is commenting on all the intricacies of the Court proceedings. Contempt of court anyone?

On other developments, it looks as if the Court agrees with patriots everywhere that Landeryou must be anal-probed:“…they have obtained a court order - at least on an interim basis - to access the back-end of the OC”. What could he ever be hiding in there?

Pity the probers! ‘Danger money’ is an understatement.

In other news, apologies for the lack of posts recently, but Liberty Larry has filled in credibly, and will pop in from time to time. If you have a story, send it to us and we’ll print it.

Wednesday, December 05, 2007

Is Landeryou a bankrupt’s version of Puss in Boots?

By Liberty Larry

Alternate personality Cait Catt wrote in November in response to the story "Andrew Landeryou’s “cut and run”": that

“The OC remains the best and most trustworthy blog on the net. The OC was justifiably the winner of the inaugural Walkley Blog Award. Andrew Landeryou is honest and ethical.“

Mythical Cait then ended his/her/its commentary with “Go back to Sleazeland Slanderyou. Stop publishing dishonest lies.”

Let’s see:
· Trustworthy?
· justifiably the winner of the inaugural Walkley Blog Award?
· Andrew Landeryou is honest and ethical?
· Stop publishing dishonest lies?

Maybe Landeryou was wearing his extra tight hip high leather boots when he wrote this, restricting blood flow!

Friday, November 30, 2007

Bankrupt Blogger Blues

By Liberty Larry

Who says Buddha Boy will be out of bankruptcy next year? Look at the Insolvency & Trustee Service Australia webpage (

It says that "an objection to discharge will extend the bankruptcy to either 5 years or 8 years". Buddha Boy has scarcely been open and frank about his financial affairs.

The guy lives the life of Reilly even though he has no job. He still faces civil and criminal actions.

These will uncover the location of his stashed funds and reveal his lies over his financial arrangements.Buddha Boy's bankruptcy trustee is certain to demand an extension. I forecast that Buddha Boy will be bankrupt at the next two federal elections.

He will also be in prison. Both of these considerations will rule him out of running for parliament.

Sunday, November 25, 2007

Australia wins: Landeryou loses (again)

Its been a long night fellow patriots.

Australia has voted and put its faith in the ALP to govern this great country.

And on the same night, Andrew Landeryou, who backed the Coalition with $100 wagers, maintains his record run of failure (MUSU, IQ Corp, Bankruptcy, his blog, political forecasting).

It’s going to be a busy week for TS staff, so please bear with us as our articles on Landeryou are a bit thin this week.

In the meantime, comment at will here, and else where, on this blog.

Also, on Thursday, SBS is broadcasting at 10 am the 2007 Walkley Awards. Tune in to celebrate some great journalism, and pay special attention to the thorough disregard and unacknowledgement shown to the non-Award winning bankrupt blogger, Andrew Landeryou.

Tuesday, November 20, 2007

Andrew Landeryou vs. Slanderyou: YOU DECIDE!

Apparently, the nation is going to an election this weekend.

So, TS thought why not have our own election.

See above - we are running a poll. Who do you want?

The two candidates are ourselves, and Costa Rican Andrew “the Rat” Landeryou.

(There is some doubt whether Landeryou’s Costa Rican residency excludes him from running in Australian elections – let alone the bankruptcy – but let’s put that aside for now.)

It is a simple two horse race, first past the post, with no sordid preference deals to worry about, for example remember how associates close to Landeryou in the immediate past Senate election orchestrated a murky preference deal to elect Family First to the Senate, displacing an ALP Senator.

Vote NOW.

We are campaigning on freedom of speech, corporate governance, patriotism, and improved funding for mental health so Landeryou can get some much needed help.

Landeryou is campaigning on … well… ask him/her/it/them.

The poll closes Monday.

Monday, November 19, 2007

Andrew Landeryou = Investors’ ‘kiss of death’

TS has commented previously about Landeryou’s paucity of success with business: MUSU, IQ Corp, Optima, Online Gaming Spivery Inc (Costa Rica).

His “success rate” has also extended to his officially bankrupt blog.

Now his patented ‘kiss of death’ has extended to newspapers.

New figures reveal that The Age newspaper has increased its readership; while the Herald Sun has fallen.

Since his court ordered return from Costa Rica, Landeryou has made it a personal (deluded) ambition to see the collapse of The Age; meanwhile promoting the Herald Sun at every opportunity.

Alarmed by the recent readership stats, it is no surprise that the Herald Sun has come out so strongly disassociating itself from Landeryou, slamming him as a goady gadfly.

Contrarian philosophy would suggest that if Landeryou wanted to damage The Age (given his poor business record) he would publicly endorse and support the newspaper, and like his blog, readership levels would indeed collapse.

Rene Rivkin once said (paraphrasing) if you want to make money, find an idiot, and do the opposite. Investors would be wise to do the opposite of whatever Landeryou advises. Rupert Murdoch, with the Herald Sun, appears to be now (belatedly) following that advice.

And on a related issue. Landeryou still hasn’t explained how many PBL shares he has. Obviously, enough to attend the company’s AGM in Sydney.

Thursday, November 15, 2007

Blogging Rat promises to “…tell all”! But when? (UPDATE 2)


Add another illness to the list - this time its an STD.


It looks as if the Herald Sun is finally over Landeryou, slamming him as a gadfly, defined as:
  1. A persistent irritating critic; a nuisance.
  2. One that acts as a provocative stimulus; a goad.

Though, of course, Landeryou is too large an animal to be described as "Any of various flies, especially of the family Tabanidae, that bite or annoy livestock and other animals."


Andrew “the Rat” Landeryou has made a number of public promises, concerning his viral blog of sleaze, about revealing all about MUSU, IQ Corporation, Optima etc etc.

Of course, TS patriots are still waiting and waiting and waiting.

What Landeryou has primarily concentrated on is soft gay porn, and operating as a social networking forum for connoisseurs of deformed fried chicken fetishists.

Have we missed something?

See you all Monday.

Wednesday, November 14, 2007

Costa Rican has multiple personalities

It is not only the Left that has bloggers suffering multiple personalities or Dissociative Identity Disorder (DID).

“Darryl Mason, who has hidden behind the names Stan Lorne, Max Dreswell, Sam Lowry, Ferris Fremont, PitchMaster, and Leftie Latte Lover, claims that he is not DM or commenter Tabmow. Those last two are, if Darryl is to be believed, the work of some other lying idiots. Not him.”

The far Right too has one.

Andrew Landeryou suffers from this ailment. His personalities, all but one (Freedom Freddy) share female personalities: Cait, Catter8, his most famous Delia Delegate and now a new one has reared its head – Rita.

TS is especially worried for Landeryou's health. It was not long ago reported that Landeryou suffers various health problems, such as cranial gigantism, antisocial personality disorder (abbreviated APD or ASPD), delusions, and narcissism.

Hopefully, after the election whoever wins will allocate sufficient resources to mental health, and help Landeryou.

Tuesday, November 13, 2007

Costa Rican Andrew Landeryou & Terror Link

(Source: Community of Patriots)

Startling news circulated through the blogosphere yesterday when a Terror Link was discovered involving former Costa Rican resident Andrew “the Rat” Landeryou.

The link involves Rob Stary who is performing a valued civil liberties function providing the legal defence to alleged terrorists.

The link with Landeryou is that Stary provided legal counsel to Landeryou throughout his bail hearings, just after he was extracted from Costa Rica.

There is no suggestion that Landeryou’s bail hearings and later court appearances had anything to do with terrorism. However, a forensic accountant said that Landeryou’s mismanagement of MUSU and IQ Corporation could be labeled “financial terrorism”, if he wasn’t so incompetent.


Monday, November 12, 2007

Andrew Landeryou’s “cut and run”

The Herald Sun newspaper, which Andrew Landeryou has himself rated highly, wrote the following about Landeryou’s “cut and run” to Costa Rica, and the associated fall out.

The only issue that the Herald Sun got wrong with its analysis is that Landeryou was not a Labor rat. He is in fact a Liberal Party rat, as he writes exclusively for the Liberal Party, as The Australian has reported.

For those time poor TS readers, we have provided a complementary Readers Digest version – reading the large font text provides a more than useful summary.

Rat left me bankrupt

FORMER city councillor Kimberley Kitching is bankrupt and set to lose her Parkville mansion over $3 million owed to retail tycoon Solomon Lew.

Ms Kitching blamed her financial collapse on her missing husband, Labor Party powerbroker Andrew Landeryou, who has skipped town leaving a trail of debt.

The son of former Cain government minister Bill Landeryou vanished in December and has not been seen since.

There is a warrant out for his arrest for failing to give evidence over the collapse of the Melbourne University Student Union.

Ms Kitching revealed yesterday she had filed for voluntary bankruptcy ahead of a scheduled court appearance today over the debt to Mr Lew.

She now stands to lose her heritage-listed Parkville mansion -- a wedding present from her husband -- to repay her creditors.

Breaking a long-standing silence, Ms Kitching told the Herald Sun she hadn't seen her husband since December 6, and wasn't sure if she ever would again.

"My husband told me he was going to Sydney on a business trip. He has not returned. I have not seen him since," she wrote in a statement.

"Over the last couple of months, I have been forced to accept that my husband has gone. I have no indication of his whereabouts or whether he intends to return.

"I fully trusted my husband and accepted his word that he would meet the financial commitments he had asked and advised me to enter into."

The $3 million debt relates to a failed company, IQ Corporation, controlled by Mr Landeryou and in which Mr Lew was a major investor.

Andrew Landeryou, his wife and his father Bill all signed documents agreeing to cover the debt.

An instalment due on December 22 wasn't paid, triggering the court battle over the funds.

Ms Kitching said in her statement that her attempts to reach a settlement with Mr Lew over the matter had failed.

Her bankruptcy trustee, Jim Downey, said apart from the debt to Mr Lew, Ms Kitching owed $600,000 to the Adelaide Bank, $35,000 to her father, and smaller amounts to about a dozen other creditors.

The Supreme Court this month heard claims that Andrew Landeryou transferred about $1 million to Hong Kong before he went missing. Liquidators believe some of the money has since been moved to Cyprus.

Ms Kitching served as a Melbourne city councillor until last year and was touted as a future mayor.

Friday, November 09, 2007

Happy weekend

Happy weekend readers.

Tune in Monday when we do some ratting of our own on Andy.

Thursday, November 08, 2007

Boring balding fat sloth

Is Landeryou approaching child endengerment? "Tragic publicity addict Nameless scribe Christian Kerr is milking the birth of his child (pictured above) for all its worth. The OC delights in sledging Kerr who anonymously and viciously slagged hundreds of people in the early days".

Apparently "sledging anonymously and viciously slagged(ing) hundreds of people" as Delia Delegate doesn't count!

Andrew Landeryou has written about people shopping. "Tis hard work being a Nameless national affairs correspondent. Christian Kerr, a recovering cocaine addict, was seen strolling through Myer Melbourne yesterday around 3pm with heavily pregnant wifey in tow."

Read on dear TS reader. What is wrong with Andy Landy's analysis?

1. Landeryou is supposed to be officially unemployed, so what does he know about "...hard work"?

2. Didn't Andy Landy leave his wife, not for shopping, but for the online gaming spivery mecca that is Costa Rica.

Please add your own analysis.

Wednesday, November 07, 2007

The early days of Andrew Landeryou

Let’s go back in time………………….. Click here for the original

Undergrad Reflections: Student Politics 2002

This is my personal account of a few experiences I had with the Melb Uni Student Union in 2002. For a more general overview of what was going on at the time, you might be interested in the blogs of Brent Houghton or the early days of Andrew Landeryou. My encounter with the mysterious SimplySensational654 has left me wanting to find out more. The details on this one sit toward the bottom of the post.

Student political battles are usually of little consequence. Not so those battles which occurred in 2002 at Unimelb. The events of 2002 would have existential consequences for the student union, which was driven into liquidation, and would confirm the worst suspicions that cynical students have toward their self-interested representatives.

At the time only those on the inner-clique of the student union knew what was going on - most of us watching from the outside knew little. It's remarkable to think that as we were looking on, the Union entered into the deal that would ultimately lead to its liquidation, and engaged in the sort of corrupt practices that would make third-world tinpot generals whince.

In 2002, I tried to change things - and failed spectacularly. Aware of the disenchantment most students had with the ruling Labor Right faction, and the ongoing chasm between the politics of the Loony Left with students generally, Brent Houghton and I decided to seize the moment. With the elections approaching in September, we decided that we would form a ticket which would take the moderate ground between the two major factions and capitalise on student dissatisfaction. In short, we would run the Australia Democrats 2001 "Change Politics" campaign in our very own backyard.

Brent was a friend of a year or two, also a member of the Democrats (incidentally, Brent's excellent account of these events was published a couple of years back). The previous year, he had been persuaded by Labor Right to stand for them as the House and Services Officer. He was instinctively suspicious of Labor Party politics, and had been convinced to run by Darren Ray, a former school friend of his and the Labor Right candidate for President. With the farcical elections of 2001, with most non-Labor Right candidates failing to nominate, Labor Right swept the board, and so Darren and Brent both assumed their positions as office bearers. During the year, though, Brent felt that he was being treated badly by the Labor Right machine. Part way through the year he quit the faction, and continued as an office bearer as an independent. For this he would be further bullied.

Brent and I got on well personally, and so we set about building a group of students who could run a serious campaign. We approached some Democrats members on campus, some of whom joined us. We also approached other students who we'd had personal contact with, and we knew would be sympathetic to our cause. As word spread of our existance we were even approached by a few students who wanted to be a part of it. Whilst we were flattered at the time, the correct response ought to have been suspicion rather than flattery. Our openness may have ultimately lead to our downfall. Anyhow, within a couple of weeks we'd found a group of twenty or so students, a critical mass threshold that meant we ought to be taken seriously.

Union rules at the time meant that unless we had a registered student union club, our ticket name would need to simply be the name of one of the candidates, followed by the word Ticket. We soon became The Sharp Ticket. We also needed a them for our campaign. The motif of Bob the Builder appealled to us. Though he was perhaps a little juvenile, the image of a non-nonsense character who took a can-do attitude was just the image that we were seeking to project. We planned to have our candidate photos taken with builders caps, and to base our slogan on Bob's "Can we fix it? Yes we can!" The ideas kept flowing.

Late one Tuesday night (August 20 for those who love detail) Brent and I were working late in his student office-bearer office. We'd put out a call on our email list to supporters to join us, but for this eye-glazing task, none did. We were editting candidate statements on Brent's computer, and using the whiteboard to draw up a list of names of candidates who we wished to slot into particular positions. Strictly speaking, we were in breach of electoral regulations, since the use of an OB's resources for campaign activity is forbidden. Despite this, most tickets did just that, although they did so clandestinely. Late into the night, Brent went home, and I left just a few minutes later, closing his office-bearer door behind me.

The next morning I received a call from Brent (paraphrased, but pretty close to the mark):
"Ari, what the hell have you done?"
"What do you mean?"
"I've been hauled before the Returning Officer. They're going to exclude us from the election. This morning Darren (Labor Right president) wandered by the office and the door was open. He saw all our campaign stuff on the whiteboard and reported us. Did you lock the door after you left?"

It was something I had to think about closely. I was very certain that I had closed the door behind me. I wasn't so sure that I'd locked it. Still, the idea that I had left the door open seemed absurd. If I had just closed it without locking it, then in order to see what was on the whiteboard, the door needed to be opened, in breach of privacy rules and office protocol. We'd been stitched up. Regardless, our campaign was over before it even began.

It only emerged two years later, but the Returning Officer who made the decision to exclude us from the election was from Global Tertiary Solutions, a firm appointed by, and with strong links to, the Labor Right faction who were the beneficiaries of our exclusion from the race. This was far from a level playing field.

Despite all this, what we said at the time is still correct: in a technical way, we did breach the regulations, and our exclusion was a just punishment. However the method by which this was discovered was questionable, and the likelihood of others breaching the same regulation was high.

As to just how we were exposed, things seemed all too strange. To this day, I've never been able to confirm it for sure, but the theory that those of us involved have is that we were done in by a mole. The twenty or so supporters on our email list were aware that we were doing campaign work in the office. This information was innocuous amongst supporters, but fatal in the hands of an opponent. It seems likely that this information was leaked from our list to Darren, who then either entered Brent's office on his own, or with the assistance of the Union House security guard, with whom he was on good terms and who possessed a master key for all offices.

Once we had been expelled from the elections, I started recieving some mysterious emails. The exchange started when I sent out an email to our list of campaign supporters:

Ah well, you win some, you lose some.

Thanks to everyone that worked their guts out these past few weeks to try and achieve real change in the Melbourne Uni Student Union. Your passion and determination has shown that there can be a better way to do things in this place, and that eventually these values will prevail.

By order of the Returning Officer, I am unable to campaign in any way for the student elections. I understand the reasons for the decision, and I will not be attempting to breach this order.

Soon after I recieved this response:

From : -- --
Sent : Friday, August 23, 2002 12:32 AM
To :
Subject : [sharpticket] A final Sharpticket farewell

The Sharp Ticket has finally finished.

Politics is a tough game. Those who are right always win.

And to your friends that 'jumped left' well, 'good luck' they too should have understood the difficulties that lay ahead.

Well done, you did at one stage pose a threat to the power allocation of Union House.

My response:

From: "Ari Sharp"
Subject: Re: [sharpticket] A final Sharpticket farewell
Date: Fri, 23 Aug 2002 01:32:25 +1000

Hmmmm, just who is our mole??

Regardless of which anonymous hack I'm dealing with, I can't let the statement that those who are right always win. Those with strength, resources, contacts, genetics and a bit of sheer bloody-mindedness usually win. Are these people always right? I doubt it.


Their response:

From : -- --
Sent : Friday, 23 August 2002 1:44:02 AM
To :
Subject : Re: [sharpticket] A final Sharpticket farewell

These 'hacks' outsmatered you.
These 'hacks' have not had their group shut down.
These 'hacks' are not hacks at all.

It is the collective opinion here that you have no idea what you're talking about.

All I can say to you is, that your ticket was the first to fall from grace. Those who inadvertantly escaped from the returning officer and ran to your lefty buddies will soon also be the subject of a sudden fall from grace.

The right always does win. We beat you, and your 'candidates' who ran from disaster are next.

And to you - thank you. What a clever idea building an email list. The emails proved quite interesting.

My reponse:

From: "Ari Sharp"
Subject: Re: [sharpticket] A final Sharpticket farewell
Date: Fri, 23 Aug 2002 01:51:32 +1000

> These 'hacks' outsmatered you.

I think this sentence says more than I ever could.


Their reponse:

From : -- --
Sent : Friday, 23 August 2002 1:57:26 AM
To :
Subject : Re: [sharpticket] A final Sharpticket farewell

Hilarious. A typo.

We're not the ones who are not allowed to run.
We're not the ones who knowlingly breached the regulations.
We're not the ones who deceived the students of the uni.

The Sharp Ticket acted disgracefully. And those who have run away from the Sharp Ticket can never run away from the fact that they are corrupt and disloyal. They will be found out. Their names will become remembered as the 'sharp ticket' disgrace. We will do what is morally right. We will inform the students of WHO this Sharp Ticket was and the fact it rortered the system - knowingly. The ticket is gone and ALL of its initial candidates soon will be.

They ran away from a ticket that stole from students. A ticke whose leaders, admitted to being guilty of breaching regulations.

Shame, Shame, Shame.

See you in Student Council 2003.... Actually no we wont will we??

And again from them:

From : -- --
Sent : Friday, 23 August 2002 1:59:19 AM
To :

We were all very moved by the final farewell.

> Ah well, you win some, you lose some.

But you didn't win 'any' did you....

And again:

From : -- --
Sent : Friday, 23 August 2002 7:04:42 PM
To :
Subject : speeches

Your welfare candidate managed to make a good deal. A jump from the ship that had been hit and was sinking.

But did he jump to a stable and safe ship? Or will he fall from grace just like the rest of YOU hacks?

Hmmmm.... Let us think.... Oh yes... I remember - he WILL fall... How you ask?

Well, the "sharp" ticket fell - it fell on it's own 'sword' and it cut itself up... This falling requires skill, courage and determination. The three things required to achieve anything...

It fell because people like you are in this game only for 'representative' purposes. You have no idea how the union runs. No idea about the reality of it all. You live in a little world where everything is ok...


The Welfare Officer candidate in question is Nick Demiris, a candidate who approached us out of the blue a few weeks earlier and expressed his interest in getting involved. Once our ticket dissolved he joined the Labor Right ticket, and not long after that, the Liberals. Given what we now know about Nick, this seems to be where he belonged all along. Just how genuine his commitment was to us - or Labor Right - seems highly highly questionable:

From : -- --
Sent : Friday, 23 August 2002 7:28:40 PM
To :
Subject : Re:

Let us talk pragmatically Mr. Sharp.

Your little friend who is still a candidate for welfare ob is likely to succeed. But of course, I am sure we can come to an arrangement that is mutually beneficial in terms of future elections at the union.

If you were to provide us with an 'insight' into your former candidate, who did, by the way DEFECT, we would ensure you secured a place on Student Council at the next possible opportunity.

All we require is some background material, some contact details and some insight into him.

Simply reply with this information and you shall be on Student Council at the next election.

Remember - do we want this guy to be welfare OB? Have you seen hi spolicy speech?

> I will work for the students - the position is about the rights of
>students and the protection of these rights. The position is about
>assisting those who are disabled and culturally diverse. I will work
>'above' the disgusting plague that is student politics to bring you
>accountability, and a broader range of improved services.

I mean - come on - above student politics? Does he think he is above democratically elected peers?

We need to stop him. He has too much support and he will adversely affect the powe in MUSU. He is one who would not cooperate with poltiical interests and deals, but rather 'work' for the office.

He must be stopped.

Your friends (who can provide you with support and a spot on a sure thing next time)...

Without any intention of taking up the offer, I thought I'd push things a little to find out what I could about my mysterious correspondant:

From: "Ari Sharp"
Subject: Re:
Date: Sat, 24 Aug 2002 21:57:24 +1000

Before I talk to anyone, I want to know the following:
1. Who are you?
2. Who do you represent?
3. Do you have the power from within your organisation to offer such a deal?
4. Who was the mole?

And SS654's response:

From : -- --
Sent : Sunday, 25 August 2002 2:05:13 AM
To :
Subject : Deal

Thanks for the response.

I am in a position to offer such a deal - this I can assure you. In terms of your other questions, I can't answer those just yet.

Your former candidate jumped/defected from the sinking ship and ran to a different ticket - is this loyalty or what? All we need is an insight - some background info and some contact details.

If you can provide us with this information YOU will be the person to gain. You will be the winner out of the 'deal.' A position on Student Council is what is on the table for offer.

We are not stuffing you around - be assured. Provide the requested information by Sunday 25/8 via an email to this address and we will reply by 6pm with a contact name and phone number as well as information pertaining to the agreement.

This is the only way the deal can work - otherwise, we can not be sure if you will expose us, and as such we require the information first. Again, once received, we shall email you contact details so as to set up a meeting to discuss how the agreement of you getting a Student Council place will be implemented at next years elections.

Hear from you soon.

Sadly, I can't find my response to this email. The gist of it was that I had no interest in doing a deal with a shady anonymous figure and that I found the whole thing rather tawdry.

This was the SS654 response:

From : -- --
Sent : Thursday, 29 August 2002 2:59:15 AM
To :
Subject : Re: Deal

The thing is 'mate' you wont see me round and I wont see you round. You still have no idea do you? The only clue you are now going to get is that we have had a mutual acquaintance.

And now, Mr. Sharp you fell for our little trap. You ticket was crushed.

We must thank your friend Andrew, for his fantastic posters. Their designs will do doubt prove a great addition to our material. Notably, it was interesting to read your Environment Candidates speeches, Michael and Lauren.

"A greener university - fight the issues on campus before fighting abroad" - again would these people have any idea as to how to be student politicians? NO NO NO. They would have no idea.

In response to a seperate question - the mole was not a male...

And with that, my contact with SimplySenational654 ceased. I tried emailing them a while later, but Hotmail informed me that the address was no longer active.

Over four years on, I have no great personal stake in the politics of Union House. I do, however, want to get to the bottom of just who was SS654. This has become my own personal Deep Throat (think Mark Felt, not Linda Lovelace). I have my suspicions, but I've never been able to confirm them. I was hoping the blogosphere might be able to shed some light on it. Those who were involved in the 2002 campaign know who they are, and would no doubt know something about the identity of this person. Others might have also been receiving emails from them. Of the people on the email list - of whom one was the mole - I am sure of the bona fides of most of them. There are a few, though, who I'm doubtful about.

SS654, if you're out there, drop me a line. Anyone else, a comment or email would be appreciated

Friday, November 02, 2007

Leonie Wood & Andrew Landeryou

Leonie Wood has recently published a book on Steven Vizard, titled Funny Business.
"The definitive story of disgraced high-flying businessman Steve Vizard, one-time comedian and two-time Gold Logie winner. Age journalist Leonie Wood has covered the Vizard story since he first appeared before ASIC in 2005, admitting to insider trading. More recently she reported on the trial of Vizard's former accountant, Roy Hilliard, who is alleged to have swindled Vizard of $3 million. During that trial, Hilliard portrayed Vizard as a master of deception whose public persona was a charade. In this engaging examination of Vizard's fall from grace, Wood seeks to uncover the man behind the mask, and asks, why did he do it? Was it greed, audacity or sheer stupidity? And what do we really know about Steve Vizard?"
Leonie Wood has also written extensively on Andrew Landeryou. What should Wood call her book on Landeryou?

See you all next Wednesday, with a story about MUSU.

Thursday, November 01, 2007

Andrew Landeryou "Offline"

Andrew Landeryou is having a busy week, what with Federal Court appearances and "cocking it up".

Meanwhile Crikey is left to subsidise Landeryou's officially bankrupt blog.

Wednesday, October 31, 2007

Andrew Landeryou & Andrew Quah

The Andrew Landeryou and Andrew Quah story exploded on Monday. Now we can reveal the real pic that Andy Landy didn't want you to see. Rather explains everything.

We apologise for Andy's comb-over.

Monday, October 29, 2007

Andrew Landeryou Cocks It Up, Again!

Andrew Landeryou has made the outlandish claim that on Andrew Quah, he was ‘working’ (OK! We know he doesn’t work) on the story that the Herald Sun “…exclusively ran which by remarkable coincidence was published just as an investigation by the OC Investigations Unit was occurring”.

So now, Landeryou is labeling the Herald Sun with plagiarism claims?

In addition, he has spent an inordinate amount of attention on guess what? Landeryou writes: “We have obscured Andrew Quah's genitalia from the photographs here but the non-worksafe versions are available by clicking the images.”

Reading this, a patriotic reader would ask themselves:

  1. Who is Landeryou referring to as “We”? Freedom Freddy, Delia Delegate, etc are just some of Landeryou’s pseudonyms. Does he think they are real?
  2. Why does Landeryou love blog-fiddling with male genitalia? Is it just a case of penis envy? It’s not the first time he has been fixated with that part of the male anatomy (not that there is anything wrong with it!). But this fixation is rivaling his fetish for deformed chicken.
  3. Why is Landeryou so porn fixated?

So it’s not only patriotic readers of this humble blog who have concerns over Landeryou’s deteriorating mental health and interests in fetishes; concerns have been raised in other quarters.

It is no wonder Landeryou’s blog of sleaze has been rated R for Restricted.

Thursday, October 25, 2007

Nearly the weekend

Its near the end of another long week of toil. Patriotic readers of this blog will know what that means: unlike Mr Blobby who spends his time... doing nothing at all it seems. We are prompted by this astute assessment from one of our over 14,500 readers:

"...why does Fat Boy rant and rave against The Age and Crikey yet clearly read every word in the two publications? Why does he while away so much time here? We know he doesn't have a job and doesn't have any friends and needs to fill in the time he doesn't spend in meetings with his legal aid lawyer preparing for his court case but still what a weirdo!"

Lots of questions that Andy Blobby still has yet to answer.

See you all Monday.

Wednesday, October 24, 2007

We are back

Apologies patriots, but we had a number of not so pleasant technical difficulties. We will be publishing again shortly.

Keep up the good work.

Wednesday, October 17, 2007

Landeryou's chicken fetish

We have previously reported that Landeryou has a fondness for deformed chicken.

His fetish for chicken has again caused public outrage.

TS is especially worried for Landeryou's health. It was not long ago reported that Landeryou suffers various health problems, such as cranial gigantism, antisocial personality disorder (abbreviated APD or ASPD), delusions, and narcissism.

On other matters, we were going to release the new happy snaps of Landeryou enjoying his freedom. But on second thoughts we decided to delay publication - this will drive Andy nuts.

Monday, October 15, 2007

"A few questions for Andy Landeryou."

Lucky Nutsacks asks: "A few questions for Andy Landeryou. I saw a picture of you in the paper the other day and I was wondering which of your three chins is your actual chin? And secondly has anyone ever called you Mr Potato-head? Thanks."

While David Crawford asks: "In that story from the Age:

Mr Landeryou, who does not face any charges, was released this week from the Melbourne Assessment Prison ...” Assessment prison, what the heck is that? Is that debtor’s prison, or is it just regular old county jail?

Plus why is Landeryou interested in "plugging dykes" and "belt(ing) the Sudanese"?

On other matters we have received an updated pic of Landeryou, from a reader, showing Landeryou scurrying about Brunswick. We will post in the next day or so.

Saturday, October 13, 2007

Vale Kim Beazley senior

Kim Beazley senior, the father of former opposition leader Kim Beazley, has died.

Friday, October 12, 2007

That Burke does it again

Andrew Landeryou, putting aside shrieking about online gaming spivery or real estate, has returned to familiar territory defending Brian Burke.

This is not unusual for the Brian Burke wannabe – but hopelessly incompetent – Landeryou.

As we pointed out in in March:

"...Andrew Landeryou has been linked to the developing scandal involving Brian Burke and the ALP. The scandal is ever deepening. Burke’s lobbying of senior politicians has accounted for the political death of a number of WA ALP Government Ministers, plus one Federal Liberal Minister, and pressure is growing on Kevin Rudd. Significant attention is now focusing on Andrew Landeryou. Last year, Andrew Landeryou confidently asserted, based on a very red hot tip he exclusively received from a senior anonymous West Australian source, that Alan Carpenter was to become the succeeding WA Premier. Given the scandal involving Burke, will Landeryou come clean and disclose who was the source for his original tip? Senior investigators have yet to reveal who provided the tip.It’s not as if Landeryou and Burke don’t have a relationship of sorts! Team Slanderyou calls on Landeryou to come clean, and reveal what he knows. Given the speed with which events are unraveling, it is patently clear that Landeryou must now provide full disclosure and resign his fake Walkleys award winning blog to the rubbish bin of history."

At least The Australian continues to identify Landeryou as a Liberal party blogger.

Wednesday, October 10, 2007

Andrew Landeryou talking real estate

Andrew Landeryou has been talking real estate again.

He has criticized someone for selling their family home, and one would expect, at a profit – profit is something Landeryou struggles to understand given his management of MUSU, IQ Corp and his bankrupt blog would suggest.

The criticism, as is per usual from Landeryou, is wrong.

However, Landeryou does maintain an interest in real estate.

He, of course, had up until recently lived in a luxurious apartment building, well known for its millionaire views, before moving to his Brunswick villa.

He once lived in the exclusive suburb of Parkville, before running to Costa Rica to pursue online gaming spivery activities, and before his Parkville Mansion was placed under forced sale to recover outstanding debts.

Monday, October 08, 2007


Given our 1 year birthday, we thought that we would consider how people who have come into close contact with Andrew Landeryou have faired.

We especially thought that it was appropriate as Landeryou has an amazing record of failure: MUSU, IQ Corp, Optima, and his insolvent blog.

But let’s look at the unfortunate people that have come into contact with Landeryou, and see how they have progressed in trying to put aside their former tawdry association with Landeryou.

- Evan Thornley (who sacked Landeryou) is now a successful backbencher in the Victorian state Parliament.

- Darren (disgustingly dirty) Ray is a successful realtor.

- Kimberly Kitchen found a job with Drake personnel, and has since moved onto be an adviser to Theo Theophanous.

- Even Landeryou’s dog Ronnie (named after Ronald Reagan) has gone on to find fame.

However, alas, Landeryou has made no progress at all, remaining a lonely, unemployed, bankrupt, “crap”, Liberal Party blogger.

Life can be so just sometimes.

Friday, October 05, 2007

Have a good weekend Mr Blobby

Have a great weekend!

Tune in Monday 10 a.m, when we look at "who has won" and "who has lost" concerning you know who.

All explained Monday.

Meanwhile, who does Mr Blobby remind us of?

Wednesday, October 03, 2007


Its our one year birthday. Since we began publishing, we've been read by over 14,500 people and received over 2000 comments.

In celebration, we are taking an Andrew Landeryou free day to cleanse the soul.

Monday, October 01, 2007


Andrew Landeryou recently has written at length about the private lives of politicians, in particular their sexual orientation. It was a sad, tawdry smear.

Landeryou uses people’s gay orientation as a reference of abuse.

It seems that as per usual, Landeryou has used the claims about a Federal Liberal Parl Secs orientation in his ongoing internal Liberal Party factional positioning.

But this not a one off: Landeryou has form.

In October last year, Landeryou initiated an unprovoked slur calling Antony Lowenstein gay!

In other news, Landeryou has been advertising on his bankrupt blog a link to a job search website. It is rather interesting that he hasn’t used the website himself. Or perhaps, it not surprising after all.

Sunday, September 23, 2007

Life is too short

Life is too short to be worrying about Andy this week.

No doubt, Andy is printing "gay" affirming smears and denouncing the story about the NSW "Trannies" and their slush fund.

We will be back in a week. In the meantime, use this space to monitor Andy's nonsense, and as per usual set the record straight. Let Andy, the Liberal Party blogger, know how you feel.

Friday, September 21, 2007

Meanwhile, Andrew Landeryou names names.....

Andrew Landeryou is really good at breaching ethic standards, in particular the AJA Code of Ethics.

In a new low, the Essendon supporter names a Hawthorn footballer as a drug cheat.

Andrew Landeryou has been previously indicted for offences including:

- claiming to have won a Walkeys Blog Award, when no such award exists
- claiming to be a journalist, when in fact that is a blatant misrepresentation
- for services to ‘bankrupt online gaming spivery’
- being a tireless promoter of KFC family buckets and single-handedly causing the obesity epidemic
- for services to creative defamation and sleaze
- for services as a clinical case study of narcissism, and
- attempting to shut down blogs.

A charge of vicious and malicious parking is still to be determined.

Thursday, September 20, 2007

Did Andrew Landeryou disclose any of this?

More questions left unanswered.
Hate The Age

Australia’s best daily, The Age, attracts much scorn from most right wing blogs. Why? Because it’s left-wing, and there is no comparable right-wing paper. The Herald Sun is a joke. The Age has superior news coverage, a fact reflected in the right-wing blogs linkage to their website. In the case of Andrew Landeryou, however, the agenda is slightly murkier.

You see, Landeryou’s company IQ (which eventually went broke) was contracted to deliver sports statistics to The Age. They didn’t deliver, and The Age went elsewhere. Subsequently, Landeryou spends his life trying to pick fights with Age writers, claiming it’s a “vile, leftist rag” when in reality, his beef lies with the fact they fired him and his company.

Does he disclose any of this? No.

Wednesday, September 19, 2007

President Landeryou's response

Andrew Landeryou was once President of the once thriving University of Melbourne Student Union. When his term ended, it was no longer thriving!

Here is a You Tube reminder of his Presidential style.

And this is Andy now!

Tuesday, September 18, 2007


And the story about Andrew Landeryou scrubbing Wikipedia just won't go away.

New evidence has emerged that the reference to the Slanderyou blog has been removed, again.

Monday, September 17, 2007

Andrew Landeryou caught out

Andrew Landeryou caught out: "In the meantime, I am left to think that there is someone out there who thinks OC has overstepped the mark and convinced AL that he should withdraw the post".

As one of many readers has noted: "Ooops. Poor little Landy's banned me for the following post (which he edited a couple of times). Good to see he's refreshingly predictable...And calling me 'Alex White' of all things...'And again, you've edited the post. What would you know about being a 'decent Australian'? Most 'decent Australians' don't flee overseas leaving their families to deal with their extensive debts. Nor do they stalk women in the inner suburbs (as you've gleefully admitted to). No amount of deletion on Halo Scan, nor an attempt to rebadge your blog (through what's laughably been described as a 'hacking incident') as something other than an ALP shit-sheet will cause anyone to forget your lack of ethical credibility. Although it's nice to see you finally realising the swamp you've created for yourself...'

Our readers also make a number of other important points in the same commentary space.

Friday, September 14, 2007

UPDATED: How will Andrew Landeryou get around this?

As predicted by a Slanderyou reader, Landeryou has responded.

While Andrew Landeryou is not worth listing as a serious blogger, it will be interesting to see how he spins his way out of this given his strong ties to the preference designer!

Thursday, September 13, 2007

Andrew Landeryou has no game (webgame that is)

While Andrew Landeryou is busy with Liberal Party leadership concerns, we can look at Andy's business record. Andrew Landeryou has a tremendous record of corporate failure, from MUSU, IQ Corp, and Optima.

In the meantime, shareholder activists are busily creating wealth.

Andy can’t even pay his Diners credit card bill. And his sleazey, Liberal Party blog is insolvent.

So, is Andy living totally in the cash economy?

Monday, September 10, 2007

Delia Landeryou – hairdressing tips

Andrew Landeryou has a history of hiding behind aliases. Freedom Freddy, Joe Klein, Andy Landy, Cait and Catter8 are but some examples. He’s had lots of practice.

His most famous creation (personality?) however is Delia Delegate (nee Landeryou).

Having been publicly exposed as Delia Delegate by the magazine editor that published his willfully destructive and defamatory anti-Labor Unity pieces, Andrew Landeryou continues to deny all knowledge.

However, his denial hasn’t extended to returning the payments he received for the submissions to Crikey.

Why won’t this story go away? Why won’t Landeryou admit the truth? Why does Landeryou enjoy ‘dressing up’ as a female commentator?

Ps: is it time that Landeryou invested in a comb over?

Wednesday, September 05, 2007

Technical problems-slagged!?!?

We've had a few technical problems, which has meant no updates to the blog. We are still trying to understand the technical issues, but it looks like we have been

Friday, August 31, 2007


On Monday we reveal that the founder of blog the Awful Cheek, Andrew Landeryou has been accused by a former investor of "ruthlessly shafting" him. Preferring to remain anonymous, the investor told Team Slanderyou that he was "extremely disappointed" with his investment ..."

More to come on Monday.

In the meantime, and over the weekend, you might want to consider how Landeryou, an unemployed bankrupt, can afford to be a subscriber of Foxtel. Obviously, he needs to do something else than surf the net for porn. But, how can he afford Foxtel?

Tuesday, August 28, 2007

Monday, August 27, 2007

Oh dear. Another day in hypocrisy land

Andrew Landeryou is advertising the Fairfax website. The faux journalist has truly flicked the switch to hypocrisy.

Sunday, August 26, 2007

Happy Birthday Landeryou - would have loved to have been there

It was Andrew Landeryou's birthday last Sunday. Sorry we missed it. We would have loved to have been there.

Interesting oddity. The number one song on the Australian charts on that day in 1970 was "Up Around The Bend" by Creedence Clearwater Revival. Spooky or what!

Anyway, all the best.

Please pass on your best wishes to Andy.

Wednesday, August 22, 2007

Fat Andy uses the F word

Fresh from finding a new friend in fellow court house groupie, Helen Darville, successful anorexia survivor Andrew Landeryou has resorted to using the F word regarding Albert Park preselections.

Andrew Landeryou has a new friend

Andrew Landeryou has a new friend. We no longer have to be concerned about his loneliness.

His new friend is skepticlawyer Helen Dale (nee Darville). Now a country lawyer, she has been a novelist, martial arts instructor, shelf-filler, graphic artist and physical education teacher. Long ago she won lots of literary awards and lots of academic awards, although these days she can be seen hanging around law courts in suspiciously goth-like clothing. She is the author of one novel, The Hand that Signed the Paper, many short stories and much journalism.

Both are fakes, and love "...hanging around law courts". Interesting.

Most recently, the skepticlawyer wrote favourably of Landeryou's editorial photochopping. THe only difference is that Skeptic is a memeber of something called the Liberal Democratic Party, while Landeryou writes for and on behalf of the Liberal Party.

Tuesday, August 21, 2007

This may well explain Andrew Landeryou

This picture explains Andrew Landeryou's commentary. Add your own caption.

Monday, August 20, 2007


Kathleen Clothier LLB MBA, of firm Governance 4 Pty Ltd, made a presentation titled ‘Non-Profit Governance for the 21st Century’ in 2005.

In the various examples of poor corporate governance in the not for profit sector, Andrew Landeryou featured prominently.

Landeryou of course was instrumental in managing a range of not for profit firms, including MUSU and IQ Corp. He was so successful that he led both organizations into insolvency.

Clothier said that:

  • Governance is about integrity, values and ethics
  • Governance is about skills and competence – as individuals, as a team and as an organisation
  • Governance is also about good governance ‘bones’ – structure and systems.

Clotheir wrote of Landeryou:

Melbourne University Student Union Inc & Andrew Landeryou

  • “Over 16 days of hearings, the court heard that Mr Landeryou was behind at least five deals struck between the union and companies that were associated with Mr Landeryou, who was MUSU president in 1991, and other former union presidents.
  • The deals included a $46 million agreement that committed MUSU to leasing student accommodation for 20 years.
  • Mr McVeigh (the liquidator) said he had referred to Victoria Police, matters including allegations of conspiracy to defraud, forgery, and obtaining an advantage by deception.
  • He told the Court that his investigations had uncovered contracts being awarded without appropriate approvals, falsification of records, conflicts of interest, and possible impropriety in student elections.
  • He also said this week that he had concerns about possible breaches of the Corporations Act relating to the use of phoney directors and forged signatures”.
  • "This insolvency has been difficult because what has been done has been systematic," he said. "It's almost a cultural corruption of the organisation, so we don't have one single person coming along and going, 'I will rip some money out of this'.
  • "It has required the co-operation of a large number of people.“

Now, test what we know of Landeryou against Clotheir’s statements about corporate governance.

Thursday, August 16, 2007

The Pippos mess

The Angela Pippos mess has left a significant bad taste in the mouth. What are your thoughts on the matter. Landeryou is claiming he was in the know! But how much, looks doutbful.

What's with elements of the ALP wanting to populate Parliament with journalists? Is that Landeryou's way into Parliament?

Spot the Similarity - the game is back

We have not had a ‘Spot the Similarity’ game for some time. And here is the sixth edition.

What is the similarity between Hamish Jones and Andrew Landeryou?

Hamish has been in a spot of trouble. He’s been caught out ranting and raving on his personal blog, ‘Ranting and Rambling’. Examples are here.

And he has since been dumped by Andrew Landeryou’s Liberals as a candidate for election.

So far, we’ve given away the two obvious clues as to Hamy and Andy’s similarity.

But what is really spooky, is that they are not just Liberal Party bloggers, and rant and ramble on blogs, but …. wait for it…. they look so similar!

Could Hamy and Andy be the same person? Slanderyou readers are well aware that Landeryou possesses a number of personalities – Freedom Freddy, Delia Delegate, Cait and Catter8.

So, given that the Liberals have punished Hamy, one Liberal Party blogger, when will it discipline Andy? (No jokes please that Andy is into that!)

Tuesday, August 14, 2007

Andrew Landeryou writes and writes and writes: but still doesn’t come clean (PART 2)

In July we wrote:

"Andrew Landeryou promised (a non-core promise it turned out) that he would use his blog to answer the many questions surrounding MUSU, IQ, his bankruptcy, and his penchant for blog sleazery.

If you pass your eyes over the labels on Landeryou’s porn blog, you will notice that Landeryou has been silent on MUSU, IQ, his bankruptcy, and his penchant for blog sleazery."

Well, Pickle has still yet to come clean.

Rex was the first to record his thoughts on Pickle in May 2005. Rex wrote:

We though it was about time to take another look at the Blog of Andrew Landeryou. Scion of the ALP family who the Age reported on yesterday, and who you will recall, famously disappeared to America leaving his wife ALP councilor Kimberly Kitching in the lurch, and serious questions being asked about his handling of companies and monies relating to various failed Melbourne University ventures.

Mr. Landeryou, you may recall, promised dirt, and lots of it, so we’ve been over to Mr. Landeryou’s place in an attempt to separate the dirt from the bitchy backbiting, the scuttlebutt from the polemic, the piss from the wind, so as to get a sense of what Mr. Landeryou has achieved so far.

So let’s start at the start: What does Mr. Landeryou promise to reveal?

Day 1: Tuesday May 3rd 2005 – A big day

Promises: a “warts and all account”, a “no-holds barred extravaganza of truth, justice and [his] way”.

Promises: to “[expose] yet untold tales about the King Solomon Lew and his court jester highly secretive ..Michael McLeod”, to reveal all about “[manipulation of] Coles Myer AGM’s to financing branch stacking”.

Promises: that “Evan Thornley a former business partner of [his] ..will also find a great deal of old memories to ponder as he enjoys his retirement”

Asserts: That the Age gets its facts wrong, and that a company called IQ Corporation (one of Landeryou’s companies) and other Landeryou vehicles gave lots of money to the ALP over the years.

Brings a new, and seemingly unrelated player into the tale: A Dean McVeigh. The liquidator of the failed Melbourne University Student Union, with the implication that Mr. Veigh’s fees are possibly excessive and a request that they be revealed. It doesn’t seem that Mr. McVeigh has much connection with Mr. Landeryou’s past, but Mr. Landeryou is now interested in Mr. McVeigh

Day 2

Paints The Age and journalist Leonie Wood as inner city latte lefties, who get their facts wrong and don’t understand business.

Clarifies that Evan Thornley is not a target actually, but just didn’t run his company Looksmart well. The same company that turned Mr. Thornley into a multi-millionaire.

Unearths a connection between Mr McVeigh, the Liquidator and Solomon Lew.

Introduces for the first time The Wardlow Transaction, and rails at a comment in an ABC report by Michael McLeod (Sol Lew’s jester see above). Mr. Landeryou asserts that he, his wife and his father were effectively “blackmailed” into buying $3 Million worth of shares in IQ Corporation by Sol Lew. According to Mr. Landeryou, it was a “shakedown”, “a transaction as notorious and as corrupt as possibly any other in [Sol Lew’s] career”. (more on this later)

Day 3

Discusses money laundering by Unions, and Alleges that Brian Daley – A Union boss, The President of the ALP in Victoria and a key member of THE LEFT, effectively taxes his union members to create a slush fund which is then drawn on to finance election campaign activities

Has several more goes at The Age and reporter Leonie Wood

Reveals where he was all that time when people were looking for him: Namely Costa Rica, Honduras and the US – But doesn’t reveal what he did, just gives a little pitch for a future role on ‘Getaway’.

Day 4

More about the Liquidator McVeigh, which Mr Landeryou seems to be quite obsessed with now. He commits to probe Mr. McVeigh further. His request that McVeigh’s fees are investigated is not unreasonable.

Allegations in court that Mr. Landeryou forged signatures and enquiries over missing millions.

Digresses with stories about his dog and The Age. Seems to hate The Age.

Day 5

More of the same on McVeigh and his Fees.

Day 6

Nothing important

Day 7

Details The Wardlow Transaction . Explains that IQ corporation was an Internet startup. The company’s purpose was to ride the internet bubble, and that Sol Lew’s investment was an attempt to profit from that. The bubble burst before the profits could be made, and Landeryou alleges that Sol Lew’s minders forced him and his wife to sign over her house (called Wardlow) under threat of a barrage of negative publicity which would ruin his and her political careers. The house worth $3 Million was exchange for Sol Lew’s shares in the already failed IQ Corporation. Commenters on his blog quite rightly ask why he signed. He reaffirms it was all about wanting to avoid Sol Lew’s bad publicity threat.

Claims that Solomon Lew is spying on him. Has photos to prove it, and provides additional details. Implies that Somolon Lew’s law firm is involved in the surveillance also.

Day 8

Makes a spurious and irrelevant connection between Sol Lew and Evan Thornley.

In one massive post, takes issue with another Fairfax paper the Financial Review for being biased. Promises to tell more about Evan Thornley if he runs for office. And accuses the Fin Review Journalist of having an ALP factional barrow to push.

Counts Ronald Reagan as a great man.

Day 9

Introduces a new story about Solomon Lew and a meat-pie company. He claims the pies were dodgy.

Plans to create a catalogue of complaints from people who hold a grudge against Sol Lew.

Day 10 – May 12th A busy day.

Accuses the ABC of getting it wrong.

Has a dig at various people on THE LEFT. Pretty much seems to despise THE LEFT from what I can see.

Suggests that the campaign being run by The Age against ALP branch stacking is a result of THE LEFT calling in favours. Once again mentions Brian Daley, and his alleged slush funds used to achieve political aims.

Again mentions McVeigh and an apparent reluctance to reveal his liquidators fees, and has a dig at liquidators in general.

Further digs at the professionalism of The Age’s Leonie Wood

Gushes about Liberal MP Sophie Panopolous, who is one of the Victorian Liberals putting pressure on Mr. Howard to cut taxes back to 30%, and is backing Voluntary Student Unionism legislation.

Give political advice to Kim Beazley.

Day 11

Repeats himself on McVeigh, The Age, and Leonie Wood

Discusses Coles-Myer profit results and suggests that Sol Lew is not happy that they are doing so well without him.

Alleges branch stacking by THE LEFT

Touches on some incident relating to child porn and ALP people. Difficult to follow.

Day 12

Decides to get stuck into Leonie Wood again, and the way she writes her articles.

Takes a swipe at another Fairfax journalist Alan Ramsay for poor journalism

Comments on Sol Lew’s general business philosophy as cited in the Fin.

More on the child porn incident and some resultant sackings, and the ALP connection.

Day 13

More of the same on The Age and lefty bias.

Photos of McVeigh and his Rolls Royce

Day 14 Monday 16th

More reports on McVeigh and his car collection.

An ABC interview with Jon Faine. Faine gets high marks for niceness, but is marked down for lack of research.

Complains about pervasive Left Wing bias at the ABC.

Reports that McVeigh’s neighbors are not happy wth McVeighs neigbourliness.

A Promise that the next day an exiting story about Sol Lew will be given

Day 15

Applauds the Herald Sun for fair and balanced journalism in reporting the child porn incident, and the ALP factional connection.

Once again gushes over Liberal Party MP Sophie Panolopous, and her backing of Voluntary Student Unionism (VSU) legislation.

Alleges that Sol Lew used his position in Coles Myer and access to its resources to secure a lucrative personal deal with American fashion brand Nine West, effectively dudding Coles Myer shareholders.


What does it all mean? Does Mr Landeryou deliver on his promises? Here’s our take:


- Fails (so far) to mentions anything about the manipulation of the Coles Myer AGM
- Fails to identify any rorts in the ALP Right, (only the Left) despite promising to reveal all about financial branch stacking – It looks like there some things he’s not willing to divulge.
- Lets Evan Thornley off the hook quite early after initially promising much
- Hasn’t adequately explained his movements overseas, and what all the bank transactions were about.
- Harps on far too much about the Age, Fairfax,the ABC and left bias.