Tuesday, August 28, 2007


In recent days, there have been many reports of people tampering with Wikipedia articles.

In June we reported that at the beginning of that month that Landeryou’s biography on Wikipedia was vigorously scrubbed clean of anything remotely critical of Andy.

A case in point was the deletion of the many links to serious critics of Landeryou, including this humble blog.

But it seems, the ‘scrubber’ left their indelible fingerprints all over their nefarious activity.

4 Truth On Comments:

Anonymous said...

have you checked http://wikiscanner.virgil.gr/ Slanderyou? Might be a good clue

Anonymous said...

Hey Slanderyou - keep up the good work - alot of us out there that are very supportive of what you/you guys are up too!

Anonymous said...

This blog has gone downhill. It is no longer interesting.

slanderyou said...

Anon, apologies that you no longer find Andrew Landeryou interesting! He is rather dull.