Wednesday, May 30, 2007


Slanderyou readers have won a significant popular protest concerning Andrew Landeryou’s viral blog attaching itself to the National Library’s website archives.

Landeryou has been aggressively promoting his blog of sleaze’s inclusion in the National Library’s website archives for months.

In November, Team Slanderyou reported how Landeryou’s blog had infected the archives. Polling conducted by Team Slanderyou showed that 100% of patriots overwhelmingly disapproved of the inclusion of the viral blog into the archives.

Team Slanderyou’s polling proved that Landeryou’s inclusion in the archives would erode visitor numbers to the Library.

Team Slanderyou can report that owing to the popular protest movement lead by Team Slanderyou readers, Landeryou’s blog has not been updated in the archives since 30 November 2006, and looks unlikely to be updated.

Congratulations must go to Slanderyou readers for this success.

16 Truth On Comments:

Anonymous said...

The Landeryou blog and the National Library are certainly good subjects for Slanderyou to explore, but we think you should expolore the relationship between Landeryou and Bracks mate Languiller. Our David Davis says it all in this press release:

Author : David Davis MLC
The Minister for Industry, Theo Theophanous, will not rule out appointing the disgraced Labor Parliamentary Secretary, Telmo Languiller, as Chair of the Ethnic Enterprise Advisory Council (EEAC). This position was last held by the previous Parliamentary Secretary to the Premier for Multicultural Affairs, who has been replaced by Languiller.

In response to a question from the Shadow Minister for Industry and Small Business, Mr David Davis, in Parliament today, about who is chairing the EEAC, Mr Theophanous refused to answer the question. In recent days Languiller has been subject to allegations of fraudulently rorting ALP fundraising. This follows revelations that point the finger at Languiller for supplying references to identified drug dealers.

Mr Davis said "Mr Languiller should not be appointed to the position of Chair of the EEAC until it can be established with certainty that he has acted ethically and appropriately in the present situation."

"It is not good enough for the Premier and Mr Theophanous to appoint a man, to such a responsible position, who has such serious questions of honesty and truthfulness hanging over his head."

"The chair of the EEAC must be a person of unimpeachable reputation and quality - not a person of impeachable conduct and dubious practices."

"The appointment of Languiller to the position of Chair of the EEAC would severely compromise the role, work and reputation of the EEAC which is supposed to be facilitating business opportunities by leveraging off Victoria's great cultural diversity." "This must not happen. Theophanous and the Premier must rule out appointing Languiller Chair of the EEAC and they must do that now and publicly" said Mr Davis.

Media: David Davis: 9888 6244 or mobile 0419 000 212

Anonymous said...

Where are catter8 and cait catt when we need them? Now the Liberals are posting on the Slanderyou blog we need them urgently to provide some sanity to the Liberal debate. After all the only reason they post their press releases here is because nobody reads them. They are hoping the media who regularly read this blog will pick up and use their press releases. A compliment to Slanderyou but it doesn't say much for either lazy journos or the Liberal Party, who shouldn't need to post here.

Anonymous said...

Isn't the real reason Slanderyou readers won't visit the National Library in Canberra because they are fearful they might catch AIDS? 55 per cent of readers answering the blog quiz think so.

Cait Catt said...

One of my good friends told me last night that so many people are now reading my comments on the Slanderyou blog that the Liberals are now posting to it so that journalists will read their press releases. A very nice compliment. I hope they don't think I wrote them. The new excitement doesn't put Slanderyou in line for a Walkley Blog Award. Slanderyou just is not good enough.

The latest news on the Landeryou blog is about the Mexicans. Aren't they awful. They are carrying on like most of the contestants on Big Brother. Read on:

Wednesday, 30 May 2007
HORRID: Contemptible Mexicans Heckle Miss USA

Miss USA

Some Mexicans don't like the immigration policies of the United States so some in the crowd thought it appropriate to boo and heckle the brave young American woman Rachel Smith competing in the inane yet amusing Miss Universe beauty pageant. Ah, and yes the co-presenter is from that Saved by The Bell show, says it all really. It's really enough to make you Screech.

Game on.

catter8 said...

What a nice compliment Cait. I'm sure it's true. Why else would the Libs be posting on a blog people don't read. I know people only read Slanderyou for your comments Cait and the Libs are merely making capital out of that fact. The content on Slanderyou otherwise is the pits.

Anonymous said...

Busted! indeed Slandes.

Well done on this great bit of investigative journalism.

Landeryou has been shown to have misrepresented the thruth again!

Anonymous said...

DOn't be surprised that the Liberals are posting here!

And don;t be surprised that Cait/Catt/Landeryou is posting here as well.

Afterall, Ladneryou is writing a Liberal party blog afterall

Anonymous said...

Got to agree 100% with Anon 1:37:00 PM

Well done Slanderyou. Keep up the good, unbiased, independent work!

Anonymous said...

Buddha Boy is really clutching at straws when he resorts to posting commentary about Miss Universe.
At least Andy-Cait-Catter8 is trying to keep more sociable hours!

Anonymous said...

Thought I would follow up on the dark rider.

Landeryou continues to actively promote Ed Dale’s online activities.

Take a look at one of the sites Landeryou is promoting at

The person who writes this site calls himself John Morgan an ipod guru who says he has all the secrets of downloading ipod videos.

yeh right!

Listen to the you tube video link on the site and I bet you will find that John Morgan’s voice sounds an awful lot like this Ed Dale’s – you can listen to Dale here in person at

The site ‘John Morgan’ links to is apparently owned by Ed Dale’s company.

I for one will ask the authorities to investigate this further and would be very interested in Ed Dale and Andrew Landeryou’s response to this one.

Slanderys (either one) should do a feature on this racket.

Anonymous said...

You don't know half of the National Library of Australia Story.

The web archive people aren't updating their links to Landeryou because their supervisers pointed out to them in no uncertain terms that they were exposing the NLA to defamation action by republishing Landeryou's lies and sleaze.

The staff invovled were informally reprimanded and told to use their brains before linking to such disreputable sites.

Anonymous said...

sure Chris!

Anonymous said...

Chris? Who is Chris?

Anonymous said...

Brilliant Stuff

Anna F said...

Well done patriots. This a great public service.

kevin of southbank said...

I still won't set foot in the Library, in case I catch something.