Thursday, May 24, 2007

So why wasn't Stephen Conroy mentioned?

Fiona Richardson's replacement of Mary Delahunty for Northcote caused all sorts of controversy last year.

But what got us thinking about this issue again was this sentence: "Ms Richardson ... has spent the past 10 years working for MPs including Julia Gillard and Gareth Evans."

All perfectly OK, until one remembers she worked for at least two years for Senator Stephen Conroy, or at least in his office. Surely, working for the Deputy Leader of the Opposition in the Senate is worth mentioning?

And the link to Andrew Landeryou? Who was Crikey's anonymous tipster?

8 Truth On Comments:

Anonymous said...

so why hasn't Cait Catt/Catter8/Landershonk commented?

Anonymous said...

who was delia delegate?

Why would Stephen Mayne point the finger at Landeryou if it wasn't true.

Does Landeryou have an unhealthy obsession with labor pary identities and like to write about it?

You decide.

Anonymous said...

Anon writes: "so why hasn't Cait Catt/Catter8/Landershonk commented?"

its because Andy has been exposed as Catt, Catter8 and Delia

Anonymous said...

Mayne asserts Delia was Buddha Boy - no reason to doubt him and trust that "unsavoury" character's claims he wasn't - but Delia was a much better writer than Andy-Cait-Catter8. What changed? Did he benefit was a good sub-editor?

Anonymous said...

what changed?

too much KFC and a greasy keyboard!

also, that chip on his shoulder is getting bigger and bigger, cramping his arm, and making it harder and harder to type!

The Dark Rider said...

Here's something I thought might be worth a reflection, having had a (rare, these days) look at Landeryou's blog. His link to Theo's little rant in Parliament made me chuckle. As did Theo's pious cries of being wronged by 'unnamed sources'.

Landeryou's interpretation cracked me up. While I'm not a Bachelard fan, Landeryou's slightly shrill use of the word 'demolished' had me shaking my head and chuckling. Ah, sweet reality. How it eludes those desperately grasping at it.

My thoughts:


He hasn't issued proceedings against the Age, which any good politician with his (or her) snout in the trough is more than happy to do if they are confident they have been defamed, which he describes in his remarkably well-scripted response to that question as 'borderline'.

The Age is not unanswerable to legal recourse. If Theo believes these 'unnamed sources' don't exist or aren't credible, why doesn't he test them under a legal burden of proof? Financially speaking, money bags Theo would be more than capable of taking the Age on if he really believed he had been wronged.

You and your cronies thrive on going to court Landeryou, so his little tirade is as about as convincing as you claiming you're an 'upstanding citizen'.

Why don't you stick that in your KFC bucket and inhale it?

The Dark Rider
*who thought about posting on Landeryou's site, but decided to cut out the middle man and post it somewhere where it won't instantly be deleted*

Anonymous said...

Well said Dark RIder!

Anonymous said...

In 1991, Andrew hit the editors of Farrago at Melbourne Uni with writs for defamation. As well as a host of people associated with a group called Students Against Corruption. Of course, as President of Melbourne University Student Union at the time (prior to being sacked through a referendum by 89% of over 6000 voting union members), he was suing the organisation he worked for... But nothing ever stopped Andrew from a buck. He forgot to pay the lawyers and withdrew the writs... We know Andrew's legendary thirst for revenge, so 14 years later Andrew returns and sends MU Student Union broke, transferring a million of dollars of Union money from contracts that defrauded the Union to Hong Kong. The Uni stepped in when Andrew tried to make a fortune from a real estate scam... The site "Landeryou & company" documents it well.