Wednesday, February 28, 2007

WORLD EXCLUSIVE: The train wreck that is Landeryou

The Team Slanderyou Special Investigations Unit is currently working on a story revealing Landeryou’s involvement in a new scandal. We will publish this world exclusive story shortly. Remember we are always first with the news about Andy.

In its place we bring you this story.

Landeryou has been described as a train wreck.

In Melbourne, Connex has been involved in a number of difficulties concerning the mechanical integrity of their trains.

There is a rumour that many of the problems were due to driver error. Another strong rumour is that Landeryou was hired briefly as a train driver. The same rumour links all the Connex difficulties with Landeryou’s driving, and his constant overshooting (of platforms that is!).

Monday, February 26, 2007


We have previously listed the many offences committed by Andrew Landeryou.

But this time he has gone too far.

The offence this time is that he has championed Paul Keating, and through his famous twisted logic has somehow reclaimed Keating (as if he had to be reclaimed!)

Even Jason Soon, wannabe neocon and head of Landeryou’s fan club, has got into the act.

Paul Keating, we are sure, would be appalled by everything Landeryou stands for.

Landeryou is an outstanding party traitor; and Keating would hold him in utter contempt – that’s of course, if Keating knew who Landeryou was.

While Keating never uttered these words, the great Robert Ray referred to hacks like Landeryou as Daleks. We are sure Keating would agree.

However, we always thought calling Landeryou a Dalek was unfair to Daleks.

Thursday, February 22, 2007

Andrew Landeryou's hate list: add another one

Andrew Landeryou has one of the longest hate lists ever compiled by a bankrupt.

Even the theologically deformed Exclusive Breathren have had to distance themselves from Landeryou.
As we slowly crawl to the weekend, you might want to think about all of this.
And, if you haven't voted - VOTE!

Monday, February 19, 2007

Andrew Landeryou launches extraordinary attack on women (UPDATED)

And there is more from Landeryou here.

While we consider the opinions expressed by the patriotic, ethical and honest readers of this blog, we should point out that Landeryou has launched an extraordinary attack on women in general, women in sport, and on the game of soccer.

Landeryou’s misogynist assault will not sit well with his attempts to solve his often frequented loneliness problems.

Friday, February 16, 2007

Should we continue?

Over night, Jason Soon - a very close and dull colleague of Andrew Landeryou - instigated a public campaign to shut down this blog.

It's over to you now. Let us know in the comments section: should we or should we not continue?

Thursday, February 15, 2007

Andy lights up

We reported yesterday that Landeryou would have been severely rocked in his chair by the other Andrew, (Bolt that is) who chastised Andy L for his public and unadulterated love for Sophie.

Today, Andy didn't just light a cigarette, he lit the whole box, which would have made Selma from the Simpsons proud.

Wednesday, February 14, 2007

Landeryou in his chair (UPDATED TWICE)

Andy L is now in serious damage control: "The romantic Andrew Bolt joins the fun of Celebrating Sophie". He is now desperately trying to spin the story, given the 'slap' he received from Andy B.

This morning, Landeryou would have been severely rocked in his chair by the other Andrew, (Bolt that is) who chastised Andy L for his public and unadulterated love for Sophie.

Andy L, who shares a blog award with Andy B, has now a second reason to add Andy B to his long hate list.

Andrew Landeryou spent the afternoon busily writing about some obscure Victorian Parliamentary backbencher getting a 'chair'.

Unfortunately, Andy spends a lot of time on his 'chair' thinking of 'content' for his blog of sleaze.

From his 'throne', Andy can view his little empire, complete with millionaire dollar views, a tennis court, swimming pool, gym, (though he clearly has never used them) broadband internet, cable TV access & a concierge service (to organise late night deliveries of KFC).

Monday, February 12, 2007

EXCLUSIVE: At home with Andrew Landeryou

Andrew Landeryou has been described as Australia’s richest bankrupt.

He is also known as the man that turned $3.4 million into $13,053.25.

But let’s look at Landeryou’s private life.

Landeryou resides in one of Melbourne’s most prestigious apartment communities, where he writes his blog of sleaze and only leaves to attend interstate AGMs of Australia’s largest ASX listed companies.

Andrew lives in the renowned Sentinel building. His apartment is in walking distance of restaurants, Crown casino, the Yarra, Melbourne's Arts precinct and the CBD.

The building even has its own website!

Andrew is doing it very tough. As a resident, Andy has use of a tennis court, swimming pool, gym, (though he clearly has never used them) broadband internet, cable TV access & a concierge service (to organise late night deliveries of KFC).

Andy has still yet to answer how a bankrupt can afford to live in such luxury. It’s not like he has a job!

Perhaps, he is able to afford such luxurious living on the income earned from his lonely hearts dating advertisements that he runs on his blog.

Friday, February 09, 2007

Spend the weekend with Andrew (not!)

Proof that Andrew reads our blog first for news.

It's the weekend. Maybe give a thought to lonely Andy in his penthouse apartment, struggling to generate content for his blog of sleaze.

Perhaps he might want to look at his favourite pollie. There is a strange similarity regarding the circumstances don't you think?

Thursday, February 08, 2007

Game 4: Spot the similarity with Andrew Landeryou

It’s time for another round of our popular ‘spot the similarity’ game, or as this edition of the game is called: "Attack of the Clones".

This one had Team Slanderyou staff members seriously flummoxed.

See games 1 and 2 and 3.

Monday, February 05, 2007

Welcome to our threatened future: Let freedom ring indeed!

On sister blog, Landeryou Watch, this blog was threatened by Andy.

Why Andy wouldn't post his comment on this blog, we can only guess. Unlike with his blog, we wouldn't have deleted his comments.

Andy loves threatening people. Read the graphic: "..sustained attack", "...seized control", "...hostile takeover". No wonder Andy has developed a reputation as a perpetrator of blog-on-blog violence!

Of course, the graphic reminds us all, what readers of this blog - true patriots if you will - are fighting for:

- democracy,
- free speech,
- common decency, and
- the Australian way - a fair go for everyone.

Dear patriotic readers, if we soon go off the air, you will know why!

Pledge your support to our patriotic, freedom fighting cause. Post your support in the comments section. And help us spread the message by posting this blog's web address on other blogs and websites.

As stated in a less than famous proverb: "Lean Liberty is better than fat slavery".

Friday, February 02, 2007

Andrew Landeryou and being loved

We wondered. If Jesus does indeed love OBL, does Jesus love Landeryou too?

Have the weekend to think about it.