Saturday, October 28, 2006

Bankrupt Andrew Landeryou attends PBL AGM: but how?

On Thursday 26 October, convicted bankrupt Andrew Landeryou attended the PBL AGM to ambush and infringe on the personal privacy of Stephen Mayne.

Landeryou admitted his attendance at the AGM, which is only open to shareholders of the company, and pre-accredited 'guests' such as the media and financial analysts.

Questions that are immediately raised:

1. If Landeryou is indeed a bankrupt, why and how does he still own shares in PBL? If he does, has he ever revealed his financial conflict of interest when he attacks Fairfax and its stable of mastheads?

2. Surely, PBL would not have allowed Landeryou access otherwise as a member of the 'press'?

3. Landeryou could have attended the meeting legitimately as a proxy for an existing shareholder. However, would you trust three time business failure Landeryou with management of your shares?

8 Truth On Comments:

Anonymous said...

1) He is not bankrupt.

2) Absolutely not.

3) I have more trust for Michael Jackson with my children.

Anonymous said...

Hey dickhead has Andy upset you so much that you have to set up a site dedicated to attacking him. Amazing how influencial he has become. Try not to let your sources leak to Andy who you are again like that last goose - Eric Locke. It was a little embarrasing for him.

They say that "all publicity is good publicity." I am not sure if that is correct however in this situation I think it applies.

Anonymous said...

Anon 6pm - landeryou influential?


the guy is a notorious self promoter - most of the posts on his blog of shit, he has written

looks like the dickhead is you if you believe Landeryou

Anonymous said...

Andrew Landeryou is a thief, plain and simple.

He must be charged for bankrupting MUSU.

He stole 1.2m with Marbain, and is living off the money now.

Prosecute Andrew Landeryou.

PS He's a former prisoner who was possibly penetrated in prison.

Anonymous said...

If the bald fat bloke really had a proxy, why the hell didn't he use it and take to the microphone to give that self-promoter Mayne some real curry during the actual meeting.

What a waste of stolen MUSU funds to go to Sydney just to take a few photographs.

Anonymous said...

Andrew Landeryou is a great bloke. I always read his blog. He is first with the latest news. Read the OC. It's an experience and its a great source of news. Andy Landy is the world's best blogger.

Anonymous said...

Andrew Landeryou is a mentally ill thief who went to prison.

Andrew Landeryou stole 1.2m from Melbourne University, and now (finally) is facing likely fraud charges.

Andrew Landeryou wont tell us whether he was penetrated in prison- obviously we can't comment on that but can make the observation that such activities are very common on prisoners such as Landeryou.

People are advised to be very careful when approaching him.

The Dark Rider said...

Congratulations on the first reasoned if somewhat heavily biased post to appear on this site. As someone who long responded to Landeryou’s posts and came to understand how he really operates, I’ve been hoping someone else would pick up the Slandersyou ‘standard’.

After watching my comments being edited and deleted, I realised unless I was willing to set up a blog and devote a lot of time to making it work, I wouldn’t be able to achieve the level of debate and closer scrutiny I think a lot of his ‘reports’ deserve. If nothing else, a forum where dissenting views to Landeryou’s can be put forward without being sabotaged would be a great start.

Obviously, there’s an agenda with this blog, but I’d rather focus on what rapidly became apparent to me reading Landeryou’s blog, which ironically enough, I originally discovered through a reference of Crikey.

Of course, watching Landeryou's hypocritical, slanderous, self-serving rants was almost as illuminating as watching people's responses to him.

Quite frankly, The Age's gossip columnists have played right into his hands, with these 'fatty' references. As has Stephen Mayne's remarkably clumsy attempts to paint him as Delia Delegate, something which can only damage him with ALP insiders if they believe it.

I'm not in the ALP and I don't believe it. It just doesn't gel.

What I find difficult to believe is all of these people will sink down to his level when the biggest frustration for Landeryou was the perception they had credibility and he didn't.

The one thing Landeryou can't fight is detached, clinical, analysis of his activities. There is more information required. But so far, no-one's really bothered to properly investigate.

Here's hoping that changes.

The Dark Rider