Wednesday, October 18, 2006

Andy Landy congratulates himself on Stephen Mayne

Click this link to read how Andy Landy self-posts to his own blog, congratulating himself on his insignficant effort to unseat Stephen Mayne's political ambitions.

Funny how the first ten posts are all so supportive of Andy!

The clinical term for this behaviour is psychotic narcissism.

4 Truth On Comments:

Anonymous said...

What a shit site.

A Pontian said...

I disagre - give it time, show patience, nurture it but continue to feed the beast

Anonymous said...

This is hardly new. Everybody knows that Baldy does the majority of his own posts. Some shrink student is doing a PhD on bloggers who feel so insecure they constantly anonymously praise themselves and Baldy will be Exhibit A.

Anonymous said...

Andrew Landeryou is a great bloke. I always read his blog. He is first with the latest news. Read the OC. It's an experience and its a great source of news. Andy Landy is the world's best blogger.