Tuesday, October 31, 2006

The Dark Rider said...

We feature the comments of a valued reader, The Dark Rider who said...

Congratulations on the first reasoned if somewhat heavily biased post to appear on this site. As someone who long responded to Landeryou’s posts and came to understand how he really operates, I’ve been hoping someone else would pick up the Slandersyou ‘standard’.

After watching my comments being edited and deleted, I realised unless I was willing to set up a blog and devote a lot of time to making it work, I wouldn’t be able to achieve the level of debate and closer scrutiny I think a lot of his ‘reports’ deserve. If nothing else, a forum where dissenting views to Landeryou’s can be put forward without being sabotaged would be a great start.

Obviously, there’s an agenda with this blog, but I’d rather focus on what rapidly became apparent to me reading Landeryou’s blog, which ironically enough, I originally discovered through a reference of Crikey.

Of course, watching Landeryou's hypocritical, slanderous, self-serving rants was almost as illuminating as watching people's responses to him.

Quite frankly, The Age's gossip columnists have played right into his hands, with these 'fatty' references. As has Stephen Mayne's remarkably clumsy attempts to paint him as Delia Delegate, something which can only damage him with ALP insiders if they believe it.

I'm not in the ALP and I don't believe it. It just doesn't gel.

What I find difficult to believe is all of these people will sink down to his level when the biggest frustration for Landeryou was the perception they had credibility and he didn't.

The one thing Landeryou can't fight is detached, clinical, analysis of his activities. There is more information required. But so far, no-one's really bothered to properly investigate.

Here's hoping that changes.

The Dark Rider

Andrew Landeryou installs new tracking device on Blog of Shame

Andrew Landeryou has installed a new tracking device on his Blog of Shame.

The new comments feature, Haloscan, enables the 'pro-comment cancelling' Fuhrer to:

- View, edit or delete comments from the members section or the comment page·
- Ban commenters by single IP or an IP range·

The recording of commentator's IP addresses is a worrying development, as Landeryou actively records IP addresses in order to track down opponents.

Big Brother Landeryou is watching you!

Monday, October 30, 2006

Scott Gavens: the rebuttal you won't find on Andrew Landeryou's Blog

The rebuttal you won't find on Andrew Landeryou's blog.

Andrew Landeryou suffering from severe case of the 'fats'

A close family member intimate with Andrew Landeryou's physical condition, has exclusively revealed to Team Slanderyou that Landeryou is fighting 'fatness'.

Exhibit A: this is how Landeryou currently looks like, crouched helpessly over his pc, pumping out nonsense on his blog. He credits his 'new look' to eating all the 'health sustaining' Big Macs that he can eat. There is no proof that McDonald's Australian profits are reliant on Landeryou eating 25% of Macca's daily production. Landeryou advertises Maccas on his blog.

Exhibit B: this was how Landeryou looked in May 2005, fresh from eating all the 'health sustaining' gruel in Victoria's prison system. He could then only do up 1 button on his jacket.

Saturday, October 28, 2006

Bankrupt Andrew Landeryou attends PBL AGM: but how?

On Thursday 26 October, convicted bankrupt Andrew Landeryou attended the PBL AGM to ambush and infringe on the personal privacy of Stephen Mayne.

Landeryou admitted his attendance at the AGM, which is only open to shareholders of the company, and pre-accredited 'guests' such as the media and financial analysts.

Questions that are immediately raised:

1. If Landeryou is indeed a bankrupt, why and how does he still own shares in PBL? If he does, has he ever revealed his financial conflict of interest when he attacks Fairfax and its stable of mastheads?

2. Surely, PBL would not have allowed Landeryou access otherwise as a member of the 'press'?

3. Landeryou could have attended the meeting legitimately as a proxy for an existing shareholder. However, would you trust three time business failure Landeryou with management of your shares?

Did Andrew (Fats) Landeryou crack a 'fat' in public?

The Age reports:

"Whale of a time
LAST reported blubbering into a white hanky after embarrassing revelations on bracksed.com, pudgy bankrupt Andy Landeryou flounced up to the PBL AGM in Sydney yesterday then spent most of the time hissing at, and taking photos of, bracksed author Stephen Mayne. "He must be sadly obsessed with bracksed to waste scarce bankrupt-constrained funds on a return flight to get pictures of lil' old me," Mayne trilled to Diary. Meanwhile, we hear Expanding Andy has cut back on fats in his diet since sunbaking at Brighton beach recently — three people tried to push him back into the water. And four others tried to push him under."

Thursday, October 26, 2006

Landeryou's bed time reading

Landeryou's bed time reading. Don't let the bed bugs bite!

Wednesday, October 25, 2006

Soon to be deleted from Andrew Landeryou's blog comments (2)

Anonymous said...

"He'll bring down the neighborhood" say crims.

MELBOURNE APRIL 2005 AAP. Prisoners at Melbourne Remand Prison are in lockdown after rioting against the presence of Andrew Landeryou, the portly Melbourne Uni fvraudster."Its just not fair!" said one prisoner. "Sure I've got multiple murder convictions, but sharing a cell with Landeryou?. Thats just disgusting'.Due to Landeryou's weight and smell, guards were forced to establish his own reinforced floored holding cell, after hosing him down.'I dont know what to do' said a frantic prison governor. 'We have to take him, after all we're a prison, but the place is in uproar. Jesus, even the paedophiles wont accept him'.But the punchy paunchy politicians progeny with a penchant for puerile postings was unperturbed by the prisoners protests. 'They're all a bunch of lefty trots' he said, while munching on a triple whopper with cheese, and gave that answer to all questions about how he set up a company called marbain, which got a cheap lease from musu, onsold it at a profit of 1.2m, which was placed overseas and is now used by Landeryou to fund his lifestyle while official 'bankrupt'.

Soon to be deleted from Andrew Landeryou's blog comments

Scott Crawford to defect?

The heats on the MUSU crowd: Landeryou Ray Cass etc.

The fuzz are starting to investigate, and there might be some trips to the Big House.But many have been pondering the fate of Scott Crawford.

Scott never benefited personally from any of the goings on at MUSU. So why should he carry the can?

Scotts a bright young guy, and many people have been urging Scott to come forward to the Carlton Police to tell all, in the hope of an indemnity. Why should a promising young man like Scott go to Jail for the crimes of others.

Scott could yet have a career in parliament.Scott needs to hurry up. Time is running out: one of the other MUSU crowd could spill the beans for an indemnity at any time. But if Scott gets down there quickly , he could get himself out of this mess quick smart.


Tuesday, October 24, 2006

Why Landeryou hates Wikipedia

Read here how Landeryou and his ever decreasing circle of cronies attempted to corrupt Wikipedia!

Saturday, October 21, 2006

Landeryou caught out

Again, Andrew Landeryou has been caught out castigating the SMH for its coverage of the Alan Jones bio, and the biographer's disclosure on Jones' homosexuality.

The problem is that in July Landeryou in an unprovoked slur called Antony Lowenstein gay!

Does Andrew Landeryou still like to dress up in period costume as one of the three Musketeers?

Does Andrew Landeryou still like to dress up in period costume as one of the three Musketeers?

Some right wing demagogue wannabee called Andrew Landeryou

Is Andrew Landeryou a right wing demagogue wannabee?

Some good news at last

"LET'S have some good news for the week's end. Melbourne businesswoman Kimberley Kitching, left bankrupt after low-dog hubby Andrew Landeryou skipped town and left her to pay his debts, has had her bankruptcy annulled.

Diary understands the deal was done with the legal team of voracious tycoon Solly Lew who seized and sold the couple's home (Kitching's "wedding present" from Landeryou) two years ago. It leaves Kitching (below), a former Melbourne city councillor and canny political operator, clear to re-enter politics in future. Meanwhile, she has blossomed in her management role at giant multinational Drake, holding court at the after-show of Thoroughly Modern Millie the other night as rep of the major sponsor.

In contrast, Landeryou has deteriorated into a bankrupt internet grub who insiders say has been "near tears" lately as Crikey founder Steve Mayne smacks him around on the new bracksed.com website.

Mayne, who is running for State Parliament, has dubbed Landeryou a "disgraced gaming spiv", a fitting epithet for a spineless twerp who specialises in attacking single women on the web (he screened a photo of one woman's home, broadcast lies about office affairs and pregnancy with another). Latest bracksed.com emails tell of his dirty dealings at the Melbourne University student union in the 1990s. Landeryou has followed the sordid trail of dead defamer Jack Pacholli, using bankruptcy as protection against libel action. Now prematurely bald, obese and developing a peculiar body odour (something to do with his high-fat diet, say associates), Landeryou spends his lonely days fetching internet sticks for his political masters."

Wednesday, October 18, 2006

Andy Landy congratulates himself on Stephen Mayne

Click this link to read how Andy Landy self-posts to his own blog, congratulating himself on his insignficant effort to unseat Stephen Mayne's political ambitions.

Funny how the first ten posts are all so supportive of Andy!

The clinical term for this behaviour is psychotic narcissism.

Dark Rider asks...............

Dark Rider asks.......

I like the idea of the site, it's just a shame you're going for the lowest common denominator.

Why don't you start by analysing his habit of posting rants about people who mention him in their publications?

Dissect his methods of perverting the concept of 'truth' he preaches as part of his website mantra is also another good option.

Also his habit of posting inflammatory emails himself and passing them off as other people's opinion (while deploring them, but not deleting them as he does with so many other posts).

This bullshit 'Andy's a child molester' is just petulant name calling that reflects more on the idiot factor posting here, rather than on Landeryou's site. Hmmmm.

Of course, with a complete lack of credible information on his site at the momrent, maybe Landeryou has decided he needs another slanderyou to pique interest. Is that what this site is?Curious.

Dear reader, your help is needed!

Sunday, October 15, 2006

Landeryou - problem with his sexuality?

Does Andrew Landeryou have a problem with his sexuality?

Nothing wrong with that.

Delia afterall is a very pretty name Andy Landy. Get that name in gaol?

Landeryou – flight risk?

Andrew Landeryou has apparently moved suburbs.

He has had to forego his luxury apartment in affluent South Bank, for the cheaper confines of working class Brunswick.

Convicted bankrupt, persistent business failure, wife-leaver, Costa Rican tourist, Landeryou is yet to explain how as a bankrupt he could afford his South Bank digs.

For that matter, he is yet to explain his Brunswick residency. We are sure he hasn’t moved into a boarding house! Pity he doesn't, as it might bring this paranoid to his senses.

Friday, October 13, 2006


Welcome to the new Slanderyou.

We will confront the lies, deception, and madness that is Andrew Landeryou.

We are not of the ALP Left faction. But we find Landeryou's deceptive behaviour, his misrepresentation and fraud unnacceptable.

Spread the message and comment freely.