Thursday, March 15, 2007

Team Slanderyou is on
and will report back on 10 April 2007.

In the mean time, avail yourselves of the other stories on this blog, comment away. Also make use of the Labels function.

Costa Rica and Landeryou

Members of the Team Slanderyou Special Investigation Unit will be absent for a few weeks, as they fly off to Costa Rica.

As keen readers would be aware, Costa Rica is one of Andrew Landeryou’s favourite destinations.

It is such a favourite destination that according to Landeryou’s favourite politician Sophie Panopoulos, Landeryou, “…fled to Costa Rica”. (see page 39 of Hansard)

However, others argue he “…disappeared on business”.

We reported last December that members of Australia’s gambling and wagering community had significant concerns, raising unanswered questions such as:

- "If he is in CR (Costa Rica) I am sure he not using the name Andrew Landeryou".
- "He disappeared in CR for five months while every was looking for him. He started a gaming software company and was soliciting business in CR."
- "BTW, hearing his (Andy's) blog is called the Other Cheek .... does not bring pleasant images to mind. "

So the Team Slanderyou Special Investigation Unit is going to Costa Rica to find out what was the real reason.

We will report back on 10 April 2007.

In the mean time, avail yourselves of the other stories on this blog, comment away. Also make use of the Labels function.

We will be posting other stories from time to time in the interim.

Hasta la vista

Wednesday, March 14, 2007

Andrew Landeryou and Snitch

Only on Wednesday last week did The Australian confirm that Andrew Landeryou was a Liberal blogger.

Now, The Australian Snitch columnist has put in a retraction: "Snitch last week described Andrew Landeryou as a Liberal blogger. In fact, he snipes from a parapet on the opposite side."

Interesting use of words.

According to our thesaurus, synonyms for parapet include 'stockade'. Did Snitch really mean this?

Tuesday, March 13, 2007

Reference please Mr Landeryou

Kevlin Thomson's reference for Tony Mokbel got members of Team Slanderyou thinking.

Given Andrew Landeryou's previous involvement in ALP affairs, (he is now a Liberal Party Blogger) before successfully running into insolvency a number of businesses, Landeryou would have no doubt received references from a number of ALP MPs.

Could those references be rolling around like hand grenades with the pin taken out in various MPs filing cabinets?

Monday, March 12, 2007


On February 12 we revealed that Liberal Party blogger Andrew Landeryou lives in multi-millionaire luxury.

And today we can reveal that Andrew Landeryou is currently embroiled in a real estate scandal.

Sources have revealed that the body corporate that manages the Sentinel building – the palatial residential building with million dollar views – is closely monitoring its most infamous resident, Andrew Landeryou, for unauthorized rebranding of the building as the ‘Tower of Power’.

A resident, who asked to have their identity hidden, told Team Slanderyou that residents have been worried for some time about the smell emanating from Landeryou’s lavish apartment. The resident said the smell of KFC was often overwhelming, and regularly was so intense that it frightened little children and frail old pensioners and patriotic war veterans.

Story developing….

Friday, March 09, 2007

Kelvin is gone: but who was the anonymous source?

Kelvin Thomson, the rather boring and ineffectual member for Wills, has resigned owing to a reference he wrote for notorious fugitive Tony Mokbel.

An interesting side issue to the story is that the 'reference' only came to light owing to an"...anonymous tip-off to his (Kevin Rudd's) office led to the discovery of the reference for Mr Mokbel."

So who was Mr, Ms or Mrs Anonymous?

Liberal Party blogger Andrew Landeryou: Breacher criticises! (UPDATED)

Andrew Landeryou has firmly pressed down on the hyperbole button. He is now using the term 'faux-journalist' to criticise a real journalist. An issue for Team Slanderyou is that we used the term, rather successfully, to describe Andy on 1 December 2006.

No need to link to us Andy, this time, but it is usual blog etiquette to do so.

Liberal Party blogger, Andrew Landeryou, is running a non-story criticising Stephen Mayne for breaching the AJA's code of ethics.

How does Landeryou's criticisms stack up with his own significant breaches of the code? Landeryou's history with the AJA is recorded here and here.

Thursday, March 08, 2007

Fundraising...road rage....fainting disorders

A patriotic reader forwarded a link to a story that simply has it all: fundraising, road rage, fainting disorders, and all manner of other things.

Some background is available here and here.

Wednesday, March 07, 2007

Andrew Landeryou has an excuse?

Perhaps Andrew has an excuse afterall? Or does he?

Maybe it's a result from Landeryou hearing voices! Not content with inventing people such as Freedom Freddy (which is an infringement of international copyright, it also infringes on the Australian and US Free Trade Agreement) Landeryou is now forced to have conversations with himself: Andy 2 responds to Andy 1.

Anyway, on equally disturbing news, The Australian records Landeryou as a 'Liberal blogger'.

Monday, March 05, 2007


Today, Paul Keating come out strongly defending Kevin Rudd, and by default dismissing the influence and political signficance of Brian Burke.

Interesting, that Keating did not offer the same defence of Landeryou! Maybe, its because Landeryou is after all politically insignificant too?

Also interesting, Keating referred to Brian Burke and his lobbying partner as Arthur Daley and Terry.

Which comic character does Landeryou remind you of?

The Team Slanderyou Special Investigations Unit can exclusively reveal that Andrew Landeryou has been linked to the developing scandal involving Brian Burke and the ALP.

The scandal is ever deepening.

Burke’s lobbying of senior politicians has accounted for the political death of a number of WA ALP Government Ministers, plus one Federal Liberal Minister, and pressure is growing on Kevin Rudd.

Significant attention is now focusing on Andrew Landeryou.

Last year, Andrew Landeryou confidently asserted, based on a very red hot tip he exclusively received from a senior anonymous West Australian source, that Alan Carpenter was to become the succeeding WA Premier.

Given the scandal involving Burke, will Landeryou come clean and disclose who was the source for his original tip? Senior investigators have yet to reveal who provided the tip.

It’s not as if Landeryou and Burke don’t have a relationship of sorts!

Team Slanderyou calls on Landeryou to come clean, and reveal what he knows. Given the speed with which events are unraveling, it is patently clear that Landeryou must now provide full disclosure and resign his fake Walkleys award winning blog to the rubbish bin of history.

Thursday, March 01, 2007

Andrew Landeryou's shares in tailspin?

Yesterday marked one of the most turbulent trading days in the equities markets since 9/11.

We wondered how Landeryou's portfolio of prestigious blue chips performed.

Landeryou loves nothing more than attending interstate AGMs of companies like Publishing and Broadcasting Ltd, run by the Packer family.

To check out PBL's performance go here.