Thursday, July 31, 2008

Andrew Landeryou: no little ray of Sunshine

The Sunshine Magistrates Court was filled with drama this morning. Patriots have been flooding Team Slanderyou with emails expressing their disappointment at events.

A Patriot who attended proceedings filed the following photo of Landeryou rolling out of the Court.

More to follow.

Wednesday, July 30, 2008

D Day for Andrew Landeryou

Tomorrow, is D Day for Andrew Landeryou. He is facing another appointment in the courts, this time concerning an intervention order.

Of course this is not the first time that Landeryou has been before the courts on such matters.

As recently as 2005, he was "...ordered to stay away from the liquidator of Melbourne University's student union".

Landeryou was last before the court system in January 2008. And in December, the same court found that: "
On other developments, it looks as if the Court agrees with patriots everywhere that Landeryou must be anal-probed:“…they have obtained a court order - at least on an interim basis - to access the back-end of the OC”. What could he ever be hiding in there?"

Landeryou finds the court system comical.

Landeryou is also alleged to have:
"...consistently (and) definitely (been) violating the NPOV policy of undue weight. Landeryou is of course too heavy for words.

Sunday, July 27, 2008

Who Knew?

Who knew Andy had relatives?

May explain why Andy was missing this weekend.

Another busy week ahead for Team Slanderyou. So, play amongst yourselves patriots.

Ps: A patriot has advised us this was Andy recently undertaking research for his Blog of Sleaze.

Friday, July 25, 2008

Landeryou’s interest in East Timor KFC Franchise

Andrew Landeryou has expressed an interest in a new KFC franchise in East Timor.

Though Patriot Kevin has asked “Hopefully KFC hasn’t made it there yet!”

Andrew did express an interest in Costa Rica, some time back. But we guess it involved too much running around what with the need to provide HOME DELIVERY . All that running around can be tiring! See here for more..

Happy weekend.

Tuesday, July 22, 2008

Andrew Landeryou & Wikipedia

Andrew Landeryou is running a story about MPs and staffers scrubbing clean their bios on Wikipedia.

Interesting story. Well it is until you look back to August 28, 2007 when it was revealed that Landeryou's own entry on Wikipedia itself was scrubbed clean.

"In recent days, there have been many reports of people tampering with Wikipedia articles.

In June we reported that at the beginning of that month that Landeryou’s biography on Wikipedia was vigorously scrubbed clean of anything remotely critical of Andy.

A case in point was the deletion of the many links to serious critics of Landeryou, including this humble blog.

But it seems, the ‘scrubber’ left their indelible fingerprints all over their nefarious activity."

And once wasn't enough: it happened again.

Saturday, July 19, 2008

Kororoit By Election - there's more!

"The Landeryou web site is a scum site that ran a vile campaign against Les."

And this.

But then, it looks as if it has reignited! Wonder if there was any call on the Costa Rican community?

Have a great weekend.

Thursday, July 17, 2008

The words "sin" and "smear" and "Andrew Landeryou" in the same article - not unusual

The Herald Sun writes:


by Alan Howe

POLICE seldom become involved in the political process, but they are rightly taking keen interest in events around the failed campaign by Les Twentyman for the Kororoit by-election.

Because of the margin by which Labor won, it is perhaps hard to see the Court of Disputed Returns agreeing that Labor's mischievous pamphlet saying a vote for Twentyman was a vote for the Liberals might have swayed the result.

And that's a shame, because had the result been closer, the devious pamphlet would almost certainly lead to the by-election result being annulled.

But the Electoral Commission might yet bring a prosecution against ALP figures on the basis that the pamphlet was designed to mislead voters - and the commission takes the issue of doing so quite seriously.

Already, Twentyman has obtained an intervention order against political blogger Andrew Landeryou, who published pictures of the youth worker's house on his website, along with detailed descriptions of the rooms inside, and even art on the walls.

There were also apparent threats of more revelations about the Twentyman house and his lifestyle.

Magistrate Noreen Toohey was obviously convinced Twentyman and his wife had a right to fear the ramifications of the publication of the pictures and she ordered the website not reveal the location of the house or Twentyman's wife's identity, and she ordered Landeryou not go within 200m of the place.

As it turns out, apparently Landeryou has never been inside the Twentyman marital home, but other state Labor figures have.

And if other information was to be supplied about it to Landeryou for publication on the controversial site, Victoria Police will be very interested.

Sunday, July 13, 2008

Andrew Landeryou in cookie frenzied suppression of free speech scandal

Over the past few days, Patriots commenting on this Blog of Truth have revealed that Blog of Sleaze author Andrew Landeryou has not only been censoring comments to his blog, but further has been secretly monitoring and recording commentators IP addresses and in many cases blocking Patriots from presenting the truth.

Patriots were the first to note:

- Landy's blog of sleeze sends out cookies to people surfing his site.

- Nutcase Andrew began exposing the IP addresses of posters to his blog yesterday. This is on top of his sending browser tracking cookies to the computers of his readers. Guess what? Everyone online suddenly vanished.

- Someone on the Landeryou blog posted this interesting question when Andrew started exposing poster's IP addresses on his blog yesterday: "Right Said Fred": To give readers here a fuller picture of what's really happening here, I challenge you to publish the IP addresses of Andrew, Byron in Wahroonga | Right Said Fred | Twentytonman | SuzAnne | Abused | Go get 'em Landy | What is he thinking? | Giovanni knows all | PPV | - on my system, they are all showing up as originating from Andy's IP address. Weird, Huh? IP: | 07.11.08 - 7:51 pm | # Needless to say, nothing happened. Just the usual silence. Andrew has b*ggered his own blogsite by being even nastier and devious than usual.

- The Blog of Sleeze is deserted today after yesterday's exposure of posters IP addresses, and warnings about Andrew's use of browser tracking cookies. And he is still up to old tricks. This is an example of out and out forgery: And if she doesn't get him, he's sure due for a big kicking from the Footscray market boys. IP: | 07.11.08 - 3:05 am | # Andrew posted that himself, but has substituted the IP address of a poster who was critical of his Twentyman debacle. I should know, I used that proxy server address myself for a short while yesterday. Luckily, I've kept a log of my posts. The message (above) is nt among them...

- Despite the fact his blog is all but deserted (except for the many personas that Andrew uses - 'Anna Cleves' reappeared tonight), Andrew is still exposing posters' IP addresses tonight. Nearly all the addresses are fakes. Maybe posters have wised up to the endless tricks on Landy's site and are playing him for a fool. Several of the IP addresses have routed through Dallas, Texas, and others from Japan.

This looks like being another busy week Patriots. So posts may be a little thin this week; but keep up the good fight by posting your cookie-free and uncensored thoughts, views and truths here.

Friday, July 11, 2008

Landeryou is BANNED - Truth On! (UPDATED x2)


Even the footy forums are talking about it.

" good on Les Twentyman for getting some defence against this serial piece of absolute #### garbage.

Andrew Landeryou is a disgrace to the labor party, and probably the human species.

he is nothing more than a pissant bully, its about time the media again turned the blow torch on andy landy's own disgraceful past to show up this bully for what he is."


Landeryou believes that a message from a (real!) Herald Sun journalist is more that it is.

Also, did Landeryou ask the journalist's permission to air the message?


YOUTH worker Les Twentyman's family has obtained an intervention order against political blogger Andrew Landeryou after photographs of their house appeared on his site The Other Cheek.

Mr Twentyman's wife -- who doesn't want her name published -- sought the intervention order last week and was yesterday granted an interim order at Sunshine Magistrates' Court.

It forbids Mr Landeryou -- a favourite son of the Premier's own faction -- from going within 200m of their house and from publishing any material on his blog that would reveal the house's location or Mr Twentyman's wife's identity.

It also prevents him from being within 10m of Mr Twentyman's wife.

Magistrate Noreen Toohey adjourned the hearing until July 31 to allow Mr Landeryou to get legal representation.

The stoush erupted last month when Mr Twentyman ran as an independent candidate in the Kororoit by-election -- which Labor won -- and Mr Landeryou ran a long campaign against the Lower House hopeful.

Mr Twentyman said last night his wife was worried about the photos of their house that had been published on The Other Cheek, and was concerned for her safety.

Last night Mr Landeryou told the Herald Sun that he was confident the interim intervention order against him would be dropped.

"I will be vigorously defending this and it's extremely unlikely it will be granted," he said.

Solicitor James Dowsley said he was seeking a permanent intervention order against Mr Landeryou for Mr Twentyman's wife.

Mr Twentyman has also filed a complaint with the Victorian Electoral Commission about a pamphlet the Labor Party distributed during the by-election campaign that stated a vote for Les Twentyman was a vote for the Liberals.

Mr Twentyman's lawyer, Dennis Galimberti, said a prominent QC had advised him they had a good chance of proving there had been a breach of the Electoral Act.

They claim the pamphlet misled the electorate and will be asking electoral commissioner Steven Tully to charge ALP state secretary Stephen Newnham and the ALP.

Mr Tully is not expected to make any decision on the matter until at least early August.

Source: The Herald Sun

Thursday, July 10, 2008

Andrew Landeryou’s “conflicted” about young students

Landeryou’s story about drunken young Liberal students has been revealed to be totally conflicted.

Not unusual.

Monday, July 07, 2008

Show us the money Andy.

Having devoted nearly two years to tracking Andrew Landeryou, we are left with the same series of unanswered questions. These questions can be aggregated into one: how does he do it?

He is after all a bankrupt, unemployed, works full time on a financially insolvent blog, and lives in very expensive accommodation.

Show us the money Andy.

Friday, July 04, 2008

Wednesday, July 02, 2008

Landeryou admits to another debt

The human debt magnet, Andrew Landeryou, has today revealed another debtor - Ian Hanke.

Landeryou was not forthcoming on whether the debt was organised after he started to write his Liberal Party blog.

And of course, no new news on when and how Landeryou will pay off his debts. Landeryou is doing it rather tough living the cafe latte inner city lifestyle, and not having to work.

Tuesday, July 01, 2008

An intervention order against Andrew Landeryou (UPDATE x2)

Landeryou claims: "The OC has drafted many a speech, press release and talking points"

When and for whom Andy?


And Andy's associates are turning on him, describing his Blog of Sleaze as "lawsuit-bait" and "... shameless propaganda."

Looks like Les Twentyman will seek an intervention order against Andrew Landeryou.

Not surprising really, given Landeryou's fondness for stalking.