Friday, April 18, 2008

Weekend Munchies

It promises to be an interesting time for the nation over the weekend.

In light that TS staff will be especially busy over this time and into the early part of next week, we have brought forward our weekend coverage.

And it seems that Andy is up to his old tricks, stalking people, this time around King St.

As one correspondent noted, the Oyster Bar is known for fried fish. Perhaps Landeryou was innocently at the restaurant extending his food tastes from a constant diet of KFC. But King St is a bit far, from his Fat Cave, for Andy to be lurking.

In other developments, the term Blog of Sleaze has been preserved on behalf of patriots.

42 Truth On Comments:

Anonymous said...

Still no Cait Landeryou! Where are you? How was the fish?

Cait Catt said...

I object to Slanderyou employing private dicks to stalk me. Yesterday who was that woman in the black car with an ACT number plate outside my apartment taking copious notes?

It's not fair Slanderyou. You can give. You can't take.

Stop your slimy activities and sack your private dicks.

Rita Randles said...

A scoop for the OC Investigations Unit in Gippsland. The Nats are ahead. Read on:

NATS AHEAD: Ryan's Boy Heavily Backed Favourite To Claim Gippsland Handicap

Kudos to the members of the OC Investigations Unit who correctly predicted that Darren McCubbin would prevail for ALP preselection in Gippsland.

Although if the Herald Sun is right, ALP polling in the seat shows that the Nationals are in a strong position to retain it despite the controversy over former Minister Peter McGauran leaving the seat months after a federal election. This would be a huge boost in clout for Nats state Leader Peter Ryan who has long lusted for more clout of their federal representatives.

Ryan was instrumental in securing support for his chief of staff, now Gippsland candidate and probably 2 to 1 favourite to win Darren Chester (pictured above lookin' all Shannon Noall). The state leader is understood to have long considered the McGaurans to be a blight, questioning Peter McGauran's interest in protecting the farmers and suspecting Julian to have a fondness for frilly pink undergarments. So re-claiming the seat is a top priority for Ryan and the federal Nats leadership who are struggling to figure out whether to merge with the Liberal party, at least in Queensland where to do so would be a huge electoral advantage because of their voting system.

Sources friendly with local Liberal powerlord, the slim-line former upper house leader Phil Davis told the OC last night that they were hopeful of taking the seat and intended to put in a big effort. Although the polling referred to by Gerard McManus shows them 17 points behind the Nats at this stage.

It will be the last campaign directed by outgoing Party director Julian Sheezel, so many are hoping for fireworks between the three campaigns.

We can only hope.

Game on.

Anonymous said...

Did the great man relent and make you an intern after all dear late Rita?

Anonymous said...

It's kinda odd how a misogynist like El Gordo posts under female pseudonyms. Too much self-abuse, I think is behind it. Perhaps it's too little love from real women or sexual identity issues?

Liberty Larry said...

Cait Landeryou - ACT numberplates? Really. Could be ASIC, ASIS, ASIO, The Federal Police, ACCC, DIO.

MMMMMM. Looks like it cold be the entire Federal police enforcement apparatus chasing you Landeryou.

Anonymous said...

A car with ACT number plates parked outside the Fat Cave?

It could be the Tax Office.

Anonymous said...

Landeryou should be very, very careful of cars with ACT number plates. He must be aware that the Commonwealth is in charge of matters relating to bankruptcy.

Thanks for also confirming that Landeryou lives in an apartment, Cait. The process servers will be lining up along the footpaths of Little Collins Street waiting for him.

Anonymous said...

Isn't it a sign of some type of mental health ailment when someone starts claiming they are being followed by strangers in cars? Sorry I can't be more precise.

Anonymous said...

The Fat cave dwellers fingers must be too fat for the keyboard - he can't spell -see the headline for his non story about the MUSU trial

Anonymous said...

"non story about the MUSU trial"

Um... non story? The Age thought it was pretty hot back in the day. Didn't McVeigh talk of recovering millions... Didn't he talk about uncovering fraud, conspiracy, theft, election rigging and corruption? Didn't he say there would be police charges?

And what did we get? No money recovered. A case so weak it never saw a day in court. 'MUSU trial' is somewhat misleading - there was no trial - it never even got that far. No claims proven. No police investigation, let alone charges.

Interestingly also: no Age coverage.

But best of all, McVeigh charged $8 million of student money for this circus.

And who do we have to thank for this God-awful mess? None other than the Socialist Left.

Keep re-writing history leftistas, the facts will catch up with you sooner or later.

Eat shit Slanderyou.

Anonymous said...

So where did the money go Landeryou?

Why did you fly to Costa Rica?

Anonymous said...

I meant to add that the only people who have been involved at MUSU in any misbehaviour or illegal conduct were people linked to Landeryou. To my knowledge, no member of the ALP left, or the left in general has committed any crime or been involved in any of the illegal activities at MUSU in 2002-03.

So how come the authorities were chasing you Landeryou? Mistaken identity?

Anonymous said...

I havent had time to read the papers properly this morning, but saw this lead in Landeryou's favourite paper, the Herald Sun. Is this what you are all talking about? Is it Andy?

A MAN considered too fat to be jailed has spoken out after escaping time behind bars because of his weight.

Anonymous said...

Seriously, you people are slow learners.

"I meant to add that the only people who have been involved at MUSU in any misbehaviour or illegal conduct were people linked to Landeryou."

First, prove it. After spending $8million trying to prove just that, the Liquidator gave up, with no money and very bid dent in his very big ego. Not one day of trial. No proven "misbehaviour" whatever that is. No proven "illegality". Just a bunch of unproven, untested claims made by a bunch of agrieved lefties and a dodgy liquidator who used these claims as cover to line his own pockets with millions.

"To my knowledge, no member of the ALP left, or the left in general has committed any crime or been involved in any of the illegal activities at MUSU in 2002-03."

Secondly, they are guilty of the crime of putting into Liquidation a Union that was solvent. They are guilty of appointing a dodgy and corrupt liquidator who has abused his office, and plundered millions of student money - on their watch. Wouldn't it be handy right now in the days of VSU for that money to be in student hands?

The left can continue to make allegation until the cows come home, but these allegations are getting a bit thin.

I would also like to mention a fact often missed: no member of the ALP right, or the right in general has been proven to have committed any crime or proven to have been involved in any illegeal activity at MUSU in 2002-03.

I know this is kind of a shock. Perhaps the left got to caught up in the mumbo jumbo preached in the Secret. No matter how much you visualise and ask the universe - MUSU is a shut case. Over. Done. Finished. The End.

Anonymous said...

Well there is the small problem of Darren Ray being sent to jail for tax fraud.

Anonymous said...

Landeryou, I repeat my earlier questions: So where did the money go Landeryou?

Why did you fly to Costa Rica?

Liberty Larry said...

Add these questions/issues to you list Andy while you are commenting on this Blog of Truth

But Didn't McVeigh justify having commenced litigation by asserting that $1 million had gone overseas through Marbain Pty Ltd, a company controlled by Mr Landeryou and Mr Cass

The original judgment doesn’t explain whether the liquidator alleges that this $1 million was unlawfully appropriated by Cass and Landeryou’s company from MUSU, or what happened to it after it was shipped overseas, or what prospects (if any) there might now be of recovery. We can’t therefore eliminate the possibility that Cass and Landeryou are indeed attempting to create an elaborate smokescreen to coerce or bluff the liquidator into settling so that efforts to trace the allegedly missing $1 million are discontinued.

Anonymous said...

Let's not forget the basics here: MUSU went down thanks to Andy and his mates.

IQ went down too, thanks to the Fat Boy's business skills. He fronted in court and responded with an excuse even more pathetic than "the dog ate my homework" when asked to produce the books. He told the judge he'd lost them.

The only thing Landeryou seems to have shown any talent for is being a bankrupt spreader of vindictive lies and distortions on the internet.

Anonymous said...

"Well there is the small problem of Darren Ray being sent to jail for tax fraud."

Was this MUSU related? No. Not one bit.

This was a frolic of Darren's own - and for which he is serving time for. See, our justice system works. It finds the guilty - and there weren't any at MUSU [unless you count the filthy lefties who appointed McVeigh and shut down the Union].

But here is the point: if there were matters of such illegality in MUSU - five years on, wouldn't they have come to some finality? The fact is, they have. The civil case couldn't even get to day one of trial. For all the millions spent on expensive QCs, Ernst & Young, Madgwicks sleazy solicitors, and McVeigh and his pals at Foremans, they couldn't make true their vast allegations - and neither can you.

Anonymous said...

The only judgement ever made in the entire God awful mess that is MUSU."2006%20VSC%20205")

Says it all really.

Anonymous said...

So I understand it Andy, you are washing your hands of Darren Ray?

Liberty Larry said...

Landeryou, the same judgment you site in clause 98 states "Mr McVeigh is a very experienced liquidator"

Anonymous said...

Lots of unanswered questions above Andy? When will you answer them?
Still waiting

Anonymous said...

Monday morning Andy. Wakey Wakey. Still waiting for your answers!

Stat man said...

hey Andy. The ABS has just released stats on Persons Not in the Labour Force, Australia (Additional Material - Datacubes), Sep 2007

How come you haven't found a job Andy? heaps of jobs about. Near a full employment economy.

Anonymous said...

Dear, oh dear, obviously hit a sore point there, Slanderyou.
I love it when El Gordo starts spluttering, foaming and all emotional - just like when he was on Jon Faine's show.
He get so worked up and forgets his Cait Catt and Rita Randles pen names. (Just happened to Catter8, who used to be minutes behind Cait's post and now has been replaced by Rita.)
Despite his limp defence and promises almost three years ago to tell the truth, Buddha Boy has never revealed where the money went and why he fled to Costa Rica.

Anonymous said...

hey Andy - it's late Monday afternoon - you must have gotten out of bed by now! Can you pretty please answer my questions?

Liberty Larry said...

When you are reading this blog in the early hours, as you often do Andy, can you answer the various questions put to you by patriots?

You don't want to let yourself down in the eyes of patriots do you?

You are skating on thin ice as it is.

Anonymous said...

a fat bastard skating on thin ice

thats very very dangerous

Kevin of Southbank said...

Here is a blast from the past:

Kim fires up as her ex festers

Suzanne Carbone and Lawrence Money
October 13, 2006

LET'S have some good news for the week's end. Melbourne businesswoman Kimberley Kitching, left bankrupt after low-dog hubby Andrew Landeryou skipped town and left her to pay his debts, has had her bankruptcy annulled.

Diary understands the deal was done with the legal team of voracious tycoon Solly Lew who seized and sold the couple's home (Kitching's "wedding present" from Landeryou) two years ago. It leaves Kitching (below), a former Melbourne city councillor and canny political operator, clear to re-enter politics in future. Meanwhile, she has blossomed in her management role at giant multinational Drake, holding court at the after-show of Thoroughly Modern Millie the other night as rep of the major sponsor.

In contrast, Landeryou has deteriorated into a bankrupt internet grub who insiders say has been "near tears" lately as Crikey founder Steve Mayne smacks him around on the new website.

Mayne, who is running for State Parliament, has dubbed Landeryou a "disgraced gaming spiv", a fitting epithet for a spineless twerp who specialises in attacking single women on the web (he screened a photo of one woman's home, broadcast lies about office affairs and pregnancy with another). Latest emails tell of his dirty dealings at the Melbourne University student union in the 1990s. Landeryou has followed the sordid trail of dead defamer Jack Pacholli, using bankruptcy as protection against libel action. Now prematurely bald, obese and developing a peculiar body odour (something to do with his high-fat diet, say associates), Landeryou spends his lonely days fetching internet sticks for his political masters.

Anonymous said...

Wakey Wakey Andy. It's Tuesday morning. Got some answers for us?

Anonymous said...

Nice work, patriot Kevin of Southbank, for reminding us that Landeryou is:

* A failure as a politician

* A failure as a business person

* A failure as a husband

The only thing he has shown any aptitude for is telling lies and spreading smears on the internet.

Anonymous said...

lets put landeryous failure as a politician into context

he didnt really fail as a politician

he failed as a student politician

thats much much worse

he failed before he could even begin to fail

landeryou is a failure at failure

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