Tuesday, April 15, 2008

Blog of Truth under attack

Patriots informed Team Slanderyou that during the course of yesterday your Blog of Truth was under a porn-attack.

Investigations are continuing.

A hint to the perpetrator can be fond here.

6 Truth On Comments:

Cait Catt said...

Blog of Truth?

No, Slanderyou is the BLOG OF FILTH.

The OC is a porn free blog. Not like Slanderyou. Filthy porn all the time.

My Net Nanny censors Slanderyou, and I need to disable it before I can read the vile contents of the Slanderyou blog.

Print something decent for a change Comrade Slanderyou.

Anonymous said...

Shut up, Fat Boy, you compulsive liar. You run the Blog of Sleaze. You hacked the Blog of Truth.

You are obsessed with smut, sex, perversion and pornography. We all remember your many posts about footballers' cocks, Family First candidates gone wild and sex change Greens.

You are involved with a Russian escort service and beg for blowjobs from young students on your own sleazy site.

You are always visiting and posting on this patriotic site. You no doubt added the porn so you could have a little hand relief while you are here.


Anonymous said...

Yeah, Landeryou I was severely reprimanded at work for what you did to the Slanderyou blog.

I don't want to end up structurally unemployable like you.

Anonymous said...

Hmmm. Lets just think about this. A malicious and anonymous attack on the Blog of Truth by a tech-savvy someone obsessed by smut and sleaze. Jeez. Who could that be?You can almost smell the stale KFC grease from here.

Reverend Barrister Willy Bayo said...

This is deplorable censorship by Landeryou. You've been caught out. I will pray for him, though it is probably too late.

Anonymous said...

If your interested in fried foods maybe you should check out