Monday, January 25, 2010

Vexnews scores 0.4% for clout

Vexnews, the malware and spyware hub website continues its steady tortured decline into ignominy.
Twitalyzer, an independent Twitter analysis rating provider, has supplied Team Slanderyou with exclusive results per application of its methodology to Vexnews.
The results are not unexpected.
For ‘Impact’ Vexnews scored 0.6% out possible score of 100%.
For ‘Engagement’ Vexnews scored a remarkably high 0.0%.
For ‘Influence’, Vexnews scored 0.2%.
For ‘Generosity’, it scored 0.0%.
For ‘Clout’, it scored 0.4%.
The results can be put into context by the comments received from one senior media analyst who in response from a request from TS to comment on these ratings said: “Vexnews. What’s that?”

Sunday, January 17, 2010

Andrew Landeryou Reality Tour

Team Slanderyou is branching out into the travel business.

Our first product offering is the “Andrew Landeryou Reality Tour”.

The tour will offer a unique insight into the life and times of Andrew Landeryou.

Highlights include:

Day 1: A visit to the Melbourne University Student Union. We also visit the IQ apartments, and reminisce on what could have been.

Day 2: We retrace Landeryou’s trip to Costa Rica, with a highlight being on return a visit to the gaol where Landeryou was held.

Day 3: We then visit the courtroom where Landeryou laughed off his bankruptcy.

Day4: We take a leisurely stroll through Parkville and gaze on the mansion that was sold from under him to partially recover outstanding debts. Later in the day we take in a view of the Fat Cave.

Day 5: Patriots’ choice. Patriots can add their choice of sights to see and experience. (Please let us know).

Each day Patriots will be guided to the nearest KFC for breakfast, morning snack, lunch, afternoon snack, dinner, late supper, and midnight snack.