Sunday, January 17, 2010

Andrew Landeryou Reality Tour

Team Slanderyou is branching out into the travel business.

Our first product offering is the “Andrew Landeryou Reality Tour”.

The tour will offer a unique insight into the life and times of Andrew Landeryou.

Highlights include:

Day 1: A visit to the Melbourne University Student Union. We also visit the IQ apartments, and reminisce on what could have been.

Day 2: We retrace Landeryou’s trip to Costa Rica, with a highlight being on return a visit to the gaol where Landeryou was held.

Day 3: We then visit the courtroom where Landeryou laughed off his bankruptcy.

Day4: We take a leisurely stroll through Parkville and gaze on the mansion that was sold from under him to partially recover outstanding debts. Later in the day we take in a view of the Fat Cave.

Day 5: Patriots’ choice. Patriots can add their choice of sights to see and experience. (Please let us know).

Each day Patriots will be guided to the nearest KFC for breakfast, morning snack, lunch, afternoon snack, dinner, late supper, and midnight snack.

122 Truth On Comments:

The Birth of the Blues said...

It all started yonks ago when Andrew was being baptised. He managed to pick the Rabbi's pockets.

And as a Patriot mentioned on a recent blog, his mother had to keep breatfeeding him until he was 19!

An auspicious beginning said...

An earlier Patriot last year revealed that Landeryou ran a protection racket at his primary school, robbed the tuckshop four times, made lewd suggestions to the matron and threatened the Principal.

Why Victoria is going down the drain said...

Vexnews and its slippery editor-in-chief Andrew does not update on weekends (104 days per annum) and takes 21 days off for Xmas.

For nearly a third of each year soused Andrew lays about NOT updating his revolting hate blog.

His laughable efforts at investigative journalism, when he finds time to do them, are excruciatingly inept, hard to understand and misleading.

His original mission was to defend allegations against him flowing from the MUSU and IQ frauds. But The OC and Vexnews expanded and developed into a ludicrous libels site against achieveing Aussies in general.

Andrew has devoted not one single word in defence of the many allegations against him, on The OC or Vexnews, as he originally promised. He has not explained the million bucks from MUSU exported to Hong Kong and thence to Cyprus - nor what became of the IQ millions (it's not rocket science).

It is hard to fathom how a person accused of so many fraudulent activities over several years, is running an internet hate blog, albeit occasionally, and defaming decent Australians like Les Twentyman and hundreds of others.

Given Andrew's extensive ALP past, John Brumby should be answering these questions. But as Age readers now know, the Premier and most of his ministers are 'too busy' to answer any questions about anything despite their vast army of idle bureaucrats.

Anonymous said...

You forgot to mention that the idle bureaucratic mandarins enjoy vastly excessive salaries and huge bonuses for doing next to nothing.

Those are your's and my taxpayers' dollars.

I'll post a link here soon to my new website about the seven month wait for a Kosky reply to a ministerial. I doubt there will ever be a meaningful reply. One memorable feature will be the haughty reply from an acting director of one of her departments.

Brutus Beefcake said...

Surely the final stop of the tour should be here at Barwon Jail!

Dr Kinsey said...

I have a question for the patriotic: Should Landeryou be referred to as a transvestite or a transsexual?

Anonymous said...

Andrew Landeryou is a transsexual. A transvestite is simply a man who wears women's clothing. Andrew would like to go the whole hog (or sow, as the case might be) and have a full gender reassignment but the doctors are unable to reach his genitals as they have been entirely covered by massive quantities of flab since Andrew was 12. This is a source of great anguish for him-her. He-she cannot have a full sex change without losing significant amounts of weight.

Vexnews is dead said...

Oh dear! Mr Victorian Politics Insider Andrew Landeryou was too busy cutting and pasting items from the web about Germans staging a Barack Obama musical to write anything on Lynne Kosky resigning!

Rita Randles said...

Vexnews is great. Vexnews is far from dead. Before anyone else it published the news that Kosky had resigned. Andrew is a great journalist, despite attempts by Slanderyou to replace the word journalist with the word blogger on Andrew's Wikipedia entry.

Read on:

KOSKY OUTSKI: Victoria’s Public Transport Minister pulls pin to spend more time with family
By VEXNEWS ⋅ January 18, 2010

koskygoner Victorian Public Transport Minister Lynne Kosky has quit from the ministry and Parliament in a surprise move after a horror summer of dealing with late trains and the premature introduction of the new hi-tech ticketing system Myki.

A member of the Socialist Left faction, mostly seen as aligned with Senator Kim Carr’s grouping, Kosky has occupied the biggest portfolios in government, is considered a trusted ally of John Brumby and has an internal reputation for smarts, competence and discretion way beyond her public reputation as the woman responsible for every possible snafu in Victoria’s public transport system. Every time VEXNEWS went digging for muck on the Minister, we could never find much, across the Labor factions she’s reasonably well regarded. Compare that with the caning she got from the Herald Sun and you have some insight into just how tough the Public Transport job can be.

The government is planning on calling a snap by-election, at the earliest possibly opportunity in her traditionally safe Labor seat of Altona. The by-election could held very soon, meaning Labor’s preselection process will have to be very quick.

The seat is allocated to the Socialist Left faction under the stability deal between the Left and Labor Unity groups, the SL will be meeting as early as today to pick Kosky’s successor.

Here is a copy of Kosky’s email sent to caucus colleagues at 11 o’clock.

Some believe the Left’s Brian Tee could replace Kosky in the ministry, with rumours circulating that Tim Pallas would be given the poisioned chalice of Public Transport. Lucky him.

Cait Catt said...

Below is Kosky's letter on Vexnews. Never read such detailed news on Slanderyou. Great comment Rita. Read below for a great read:

To: Caucus – ALL
Subject: Message from Lynne Kosky
Dear Caucus Members,
As some of you know, there have been significant health issues in my family over several months. During this time, I have tried to manage my responsibilities to my family whilst providing the proper attention to my demanding role as Minister for Public Transport and the Arts. However, the needs of my family have often come second, and I have come to the conclusion that it is not possible for me to fulfil both
responsibilities properly.

I have therefore tendered my resignation as both a Minister and Member of Parliament to the Premier.

The decision I have come to is not made lightly and is something I have agonised over for some time. It is however, the right decision and I leave with sadness, but with no regrets. I have thoroughly enjoyed my time as a Member of the Victorian Parliament and as a member of 3 cabinets that have made an enormous contribution to improving the lives of so many Victorians. I am immensely proud to have served as a Minister in the Bracks and Brumbcaitcatt@lycos.comy Governments, having worked under 2 Premiers whom I greatly respect and can also call friends and mentors. I thank them both for the trust they have shown in me.

I have also had the privilege to work along side cabinet and caucus colleagues who are incredibly hard working, professional and compassionate.

I want to thank you for the support you have always given me, but particularly over the past few months. A more dedicated team would be
hard to find.

I feel very privileged to have overseen some significant change in my portfolios in the time I have been Minister and I have been very fortunate to do this with a fantastic team in my ministerial and electorate offices along with many great public servants and stakeholders.

I particularly wish to thank the Premier for his leadership of our Government and his unconditional support of me in carrying out my Ministerial duties.

John’s vision and compassion for Victorians is clear for all to see. I thank you all for your support, friendship and encouragement – together we have achieved great outcomes. I wish you all the best for the busy year ahead culminating in a successful outcome.

Yours sincerely
Lynne Kosky

Vexnews is dead said...

Oh dear! Landeryou is having to come here for readers yet again!

Bugger Off Lynne said...

Kosky: A slothful minister who, if there were health issues in her family, should have resigned long ago. Noone is irreplaceable. She is easily replaced. Brutus Beefcake could fix the Transport portfolio pronto!

YUK said...

I have just set off my Mortein pest bomb. Too many fake Landeryous hereabouts.

Anonymous said...

Something like this must have happened to Rita Randles and allowed Landeryou to re-animate her corpse.

Voodoo priests object to mass burials

Posted 2 hours 20 minutes ago

Haiti's voodoo priests say anonymous mass burials are an improper way to handle the tens of thousands of dead from the earthquake, and have taken their complaint to President Rene Preval.

Dumping the dead in hurriedly excavated mass graves without proper rites is seen as desecration in a country where many believe in zombies - dead bodies brought back to life by supernatural forces who could persecute the living...

Papa Doc said...

A huge mass grave would be needed to bury all of Landeryou's fake commenters.

Anonymous said...

Interesting to see Landeryou leaving a big dirty fingerprint behind with his ramblings on this reputable site.

Look at Cait's comment above and you'll see this email address appear in it -

What sleaze and criminality Landeryou use this false name account for?

Fraud squad said...

Haiti reminds us of MUSU after Landeryou and his spivs and shonks were ran the show.

Brutus Beefcake said...

Bugger Off Lynne (above) suggests that I fix the Transport portfolio. I accept the challenge.

The first thing I will do is institute a bus route from the Fat Cave to the front door of Barwon Jail.

A specially reinforced bus will collect Landeryou and deliver him here. Me and my Hot Rodding men will then take over.

The Barwon Jail Hot Rodders said...

We'll meet him at the front door and go to work on his back door

Mrs Alice Idris said...

If it is all right with the Tour Co-ordinator, I would rather not visit the factory where Andrew substituted chicken with pork meat in his chicken halal sausages.

Ancients of Mu Mu said...

How long will it be before people will describe failures like Kosky as 'having done a Landeryou'?

Vexnews is dead said...

And failures like Myki as "as successful as Vexnews"?

Cait Catt said...

Since Slanderyou found out my email address from one of my so called friends, a former member of the Legislative Assembly, I have been getting a lot of emails trying to sell me pornography, penis enlargers, viagra and all sorts of things no decent Catholic girl is ever going to buy.

Thanks Slanderyou.

Your site is evil and you contribute to spammers.

You Slanderyou are like the EPA. A Stasi operation if ever there was one.

From little things big things said...

If fake commenter Cait indeed received emails about penis enlargement, I hope she has passed them on to the needy - like little Theo and and little Andy!

A giant cork said...

I undertand that Landeryou has a problem with the EPA which he likens to Stasis (Huh?) - but when his loo was blocked several times a few years ago he kept dumping (pardon the pun) his effluveum in public places. The EPA was only doing its job.

Worse to come said...

Jenkins might get the Transport Gig...

Geez, come to think of it, there aren't many ministers in the Brumby government that could run a good Teddy Bears' Picnic.

Cait Catt said...

The EPA Stasi, run by hospitalised Socialist Leftista Comrade Jennings, formerly run by Quambatook grain handlers son and friend of Lawrence Money Comrade Mick Bourke, and now run by the husband of Comrade Maxine Morand, has never done anything other than send out fraudulent infringement notices resulting from so called community reports. That is, community dob ins. The EPA is a Stasi operation like the East German secret police, and it employs former Stasi operatives. Ask Brutus Beefcake what warders there at Barwon think of the EPA. A well known gangland lawyer, female, employed a private detective to get the registration numbers of warders cars. All then received EPA infringement notices. You are guilty until proven innocent and it was only union pressure that resulted in the infringement notices being withdrawn.

Ask Lyle Allan what he thinks of the EPA Stasi. They sent him an infringement notice and he fought it, according to the Sunday Age, and won, but did he get an apology?

Kosky's super parliamentary Super said...

Brutus Beefcake should recruit Mick Gatto when he takes over the Transport Portfolio. Mick says that he makes problems disappear.

Even the Auschwitz cattle wagons were less crowded than the current Melbourne sardine-can train system.

It's a frotteurs paradise, where you get to smell strangers' armpits while it feels as though several people are trying to root you at once.

Melbourne transport - road, rail, tram and bus - has been significantly deteriotating for years and making Melbourne increasingly unliveable.

Terry Mulder said...

I finally got my head on Seven News tonight. Ted has recently tsken over all media grabs. He said us shadow ministers were almost as useless as Brumby government ministers. I thought that was going a bit far.

Poor old Lynne couldn't run a decent pub raffle, let alone a public transport system for zillions of Indians, Chinks, and the occasional Aussie.

I guess I could be the new Transport Minister after the next election!


Ton Ton Macoutes said...

Us Haitian bogeymen have noted that Australia has many layers of politicians, most of whom are unwanted, cause they cause endless problems or are regarded as parasites.

Plase send us all your unloved politicians. We will make them quickly disappear forever from earthly eyes, while being consumed by fire and Baron Samedi.

Tony Abbott was sent to us last year. But he is proof that the living dead can still walk among you.

We though he was a complete twat, but he managed to escape from his crypt and, with the aid of the Austalian consulate in Costa Rica, made good his escape.

But believe us, he is Voodoo and among the Living Dead!

Anonymous said...

The 800 kilogram booze addled sex obsessive Landeryou writes using one of his many transsexual personae, Cait Catt "Since Slanderyou found out my email address from one of my so called friends, a former member of the Legislative Assembly, I have been getting a lot of emails trying to sell me pornography, penis enlargers, viagra and all sorts of things no decent Catholic girl is ever going to buy."

Landeryou never buys anything. He thieves it instead.

Cait Catt said...

Slanderyou changes the goalposts. He criticises someone I am not, and then says that person is a thief and by impllication suggests I am.

Will Slanderyou support the EPA Stasi if he or she is the victim of a fraudulent infringement notice, like the former ALP bigwig I mentioned was?

Fraud squad said...

"By impllication."

Cait, you have just proved that you are the dyslexic Andrew Landeryou, the man who misspelt the name of his brother in law Mat Mason when he forged his signature on legal forms as one of his many frauds, the man who could not spell the word "Walkley" when he dishonestly claimed to have won a Walkley Award and the man who constantly misspells the name "Hanson" when he indulges in his unwholesome sexual fantasy that he is Pauline Hanson's daughter.

Mr Kurutz said...

So, Andrew adds Croatians to his hate list.

Anonymous said...

Don't forget Fraud Squad that Landeryou has also misspelt the name of his retard gimp, Sgt Sascha.

Anonymous said...

Landeryou is getting excited by trouble at the tennis, yet Sergeant Sasha has stalked tennis stars.

The obese criminal and hypocrite is also plagiarises the Herald Sun and attacks the behaviour of Croatian tennis fans, yet the Sergeant spent much of the 1990s fanning the flames of hatred in the Balkans under a Landeryou-like series of different names.

MUSU creditor said...

Gov't moves too late to get Andy???

Insolvent trading law reform
Posted: 18 Jan 2010 04:02 PM PST
The Minister for Financial Services, Superannuation and Corporate Law, Chris Bowen MP, has announced a package of reforms to Australia’s corporate insolvency laws consisting of:
 reform of insolvency administrations which will include the adoption of substantially all of the recommendations made by CAMAC in its Issues in external administration report;
 amendment of the Corporations Act to reverse the effect of the High Court’s decision in Sons of Gwalia v Margaretic which determined that, in a corporate winding up, certain compensation claims by shareholders against the company were not subordinated below the claims of other creditors;
 a discussion paper on the operation of Australia’s insolvent trading laws in the context of attempts at business rescue outside of external administration (”safe harbour”). The paper discusses three possible options: to maintain the status quo; to adopt a modified business judgement rule in respect of the director’s duty to avoid insolvent trading; and to adopt a mechanism for invoking a moratorium from the insolvent trading prohibition while work-outs are attempted. Submissions close on 2 March 2010.

The Insolvency reform package will:
 facilitate the electronic provision to creditors of creditor lists and align the relevant provisions for most kinds of corporate insolvency administration;
 provide certain information to owners of property in the possession of a company in external administration;
 streamline creditor meeting procedures;
 introduce voting on certain proposals without the need to hold creditors’ meetings;
 mandate the requirement to notifying creditors of material breaches of Deeds of Company Arrangement;
 streamline the approval of provisional liquidator remuneration and the appointment of replacement external administrators in the event of a vacancy;
 empower the Australian Securities and Investment Commission (ASIC) to take and transfer possession of records in the event of a vacancy in external administrator;
 facilitate the future development of alternative methods of publication of certain insolvency related events;
 align the rules regarding disclosure of former names of a company between the different kinds of external administration; and
reduce the regulatory burden upon insolvency administrations in relation to the provision of notices to creditors.

I am Henderon Ross. said...

Vexnews' forensic investigative reporting of Lily D'Ambrosio and her appointment to Cabinet was outstanding. Well done Vexnews. You bring great credit to the journalistic profession. I am Henderon Ross.

Anonymous said...

Well said Henderson. I expect Brumby will read Vexnews' commentary and he will no doubt change his mind.

Ben Mohammed said...

Too busy reading the jihadist how to manual called The Age to worry about such things.

Captain Dragan said...

Anonymous (January 19, 2010 5:23:00 PM) brought up a vital point. Sasha Uzunov - like thousands of so-called Australians with Balkan backgrounds - went back 'home' during the sickening recent Balkan wars. There, in the cases of many, to commit barbarous crimes against humanity (as they have been doing for centuries).

A poster to the OC pointed out that Albania, Croatia and Bosnia had provided Nazi SS regiments during WW2. That person also showed that former Balkans immigrants had infiltrated Australian politics. There was even a failed bomb plot against a royal visitor in the 1960s.

That poster, if I remember right, said the Croatian Club in Footscray, until its recent upgrade, had photos of famed Croation Nazi collaborators on its walls 60 years after WW2 - now thankfully removed.

The point of this comment is that the Dept of Immigration did as bad a job in the 1950s as it does today. Many of the Balkans immigrants were war criminals whose sons went back home later to try to finish the job. Unutterable peasant scum.

More of the same said...

Just went for a quick snoop at the 2010 version of Vexnews.

- Same shit, different year!

Thanks for nothing, Andy!

Human dregs said...

THE Rudd government has been urged to prosecute Dragan Vasiljkovic - the notorious "Captain Dragan" - on Australian soil if he cannot be extradited to Croatia after the NSW Supreme Court yesterday found the former Serbian paramilitary commander had committed the war crimes of torture and rape, and had admitted to a massacre.

Mr Vasiljkovic, who emigrated to Australia as a 14-year-old and served in the Australian army reserves, had returned to the former Yugoslavia in the early 1990s to take control of a Serbian paramilitary unit during the Balkans ethnic conflict.

Judge Megan Latham yesterday found Nationwide News had proven a raft of allegations made against him, including that he repeatedly raped a woman in Zvornik in 1992; that he had admitted committing a massacre in July 1991 to a journalist from London's The Times; and that he had personally committed the war crime of torture as well as condoning such crimes by troops under his command.

From Palookaville said...

Martin Pakula looks like he'll get the Transport gig. Just shows Landeryou got it 100% wrong AGAIN!

Jail the bum said...

This loathsome individual sounds just like Landeryou's type of politician:

Politician threatens to gang rape opponent

Posted 1 hour 36 minutes ago

The youth leader of Zambia's ruling party has threatened to "gang rape" a female politician unless she stopped criticising President Rupiah Banda's leadership ahead of next year's elections...

Anonymous said...

Does Martin Pakula know what a train or tram is? Doubt he has ridden one lately.

Anonymous said...

Have patriots seen this? It can't be coincidence that the surge in racist violence occurred after Landeryou returned from Costa Rica and was released from jail

VICTORIA'S top cop has admitted police realised two years ago there was a problem involving crime against Indians.

Indians are over-represented in robbery statistics and there is a racist element to some attacks, Police Commissioner Simon Overland says.

"There is no question, regardless of the motives, Indian students have to a degree been targeted in robberies and that is not okay,'' he told ABC radio on Wednesday.

"We recognised this problem a long time before it hit the public.

"We have known for two years that there has been this issue and we have been working away, at a number of levels around engaging with students, trying to make them understand the risks and how they keep themselves safe.''

I am Henderson Ross. said...

Vexnews was spot on as usual with its forecast about the Cabinet reshuffle.

Vexnews continues its 100% record. I am Henderson Ross.

Anonymous said...

Well said Henderson. Vexnews seems to be batting even better than 100%.

Shirley Morris said...

I have been Vexnews' greatest critic, but I have now changed my mind. Vexnews is superb.

Anonymous said...

Landeryou appears to be looking for food to fry other than chicken:

Police are investigating the shooting of a koala near Bacchus Marsh, west of Melbourne, in the second such incident this week.

They say a passer-by called them when she saw the animal fall to the ground at Hopetoun Park, just before 8:00pm (AEDT) yesterday...

I'd walk a mile for a Camel said...

Landeryou recently registered Halal Koala P/L and Halal Possum P/L. While these are designed to suck in new Aussie muslims, the likelihood is that these are new substitution rackets. Landeryou knows there a millions of camels in the outback - a virtually inexhaustable supply. When processed he knows few will be able to tell the diff.

The sound of one hand clapping said...

My quick peep at 2010 Vexnews (to avoid the notorious malware cookie that lurks there for unwary visitors) showed that nothing had changed on the Landeryou Nazi Blog of Hate. Nothing superb there - just old hat, hate rants and misleading nonsense.

I applauded with one hand (the other was hiding a derisory groan). What a waste of his time, and my time.

A new Landy fake commentator said...

Landeryou is not a complete imbecile after all. A wise Patriot here advised him on this blog that his fake comments from 'Pissy Chyrne' were forensically detectable and actionable.

Landeryou has changed to "C Pine-whine" which doesn't have the same ring, and is a bit childish. However, many of the comments are just as actionable as those of "Pissy Chryne"

Anonymous said...

Poor old Byron in Wahroonga, now that he has been outed as a long-time Vexnews fake commenter, has suddenly become a raving poove.

"C.Pine-whine you should have a meeting with Alan and myself in the far cubicle in the Wahroonga Gentlemens Public Lavatory"?

Posted by Byron in Wahroonga | January 20, 2010, 11:20

Is Don, is good said...

Don Nardella is unusual among ALP pollies by being active for his Melton area constituents (except on the new water charges). He deserves elevation - but don't let it go to your head, Don!

Crime Scene Investigator said...

Yikes, Landeryou's DNA is all over the rash of fake comments on Vexnews tonite.

Dokkoon's baby Hefalump said...

Justin Madden, the dodgy minister who lets all controversial planning decisions trickle through, is now also Minister for the Respect Agenda.

What the F*ck is that?

Years ago, in Brisbane, I gazed down from my hotel room over the Brisbane River at a few strange high-rise buildings dotting distant hillocks. So unusual was this sight, that I thought Queensland IS shonky big time after all.

Leaving the future of Melbourne and its planning to a brain-dead ex-footie great is appalling malfeasance.

Pakula is a Loosa said...

Pakula must be an utter nutter. He has been suckered. The transport system is an abyss of failure (thanks originally to Kennett) and now beyond repair (thanks to Kosky) unless further billions are hurled at it. Even then, I wouldn't bet on it.

Send the Myki bill to recently retired millionaire parliamentary pensioner Lynne.

Ask the UK to send out the remains of Guy Fawkes in case he can wake up these lazy cruds who are ruining our State.

I am Henderson Ross. said...

Vexnews's coverage of Malcolm Turnbull is simply a revelation. Why is it that Vexnews - the only major news provider - is capable of this level of investigative reporting. I am Henderson Ross.

Anonymous said...

Well said Henderson. An important question.

Shirley Morris said...

I think Vexnews is simply outstanding.

I am Henderson Ross. said...

Vexnews' reporting on the new Hockey gaffe is sensational. The fact that coalition politicians feel comfortable speaking off the record to Vexnews says a lot about Vexnews' high moral standards and integrity. I am Henderson Ross.

Anonymous said...

Henderson, Vexnews is a news provider everyone trusts.

Shirley Morris said...

I wish I could trust my former leftard jihadist friends at The Age, like I trust Vexnews.

Vexnews is dead said...

Vexnews' hit rate must have fallen even lower if fat transvestite crook Landeryou has to go trawling for readers here. All the patriotic people who read the Slanderyou blog know Vexnews is nothing but lies, smears and bile and that the moment you land on the site it infects your computer with spyware and trojans.

Brutus Beefcake said...

Vexnews is dead and Landeryou will wish he was too when he comes to Barwon Jail.

Concerned said...

I fear Shirley is trying something similar.

Conman poses as female model to lure men

* From: NewsCore
* January 21, 2010 12:11PM

* Poses as female model for two years
* A string of fake online profiles
* Enticed rich suitors with nude photos

A CONMAN posed as a gorgeous female model on the internet to trick male admirers into sending him gifts and money...

Elle's Belles said...

If patriots hear from a gorgeous female model wanting cash and KFC, call the police. It will be Landeryou.

Anonymous said...

Cash, KFC and Aldi's own brand sweet sherry

Weight Watchers Australia said...

Next time Landeryou flees the country it will be on an Australian airline!

It’s good to know that while he might be stashing the proceeds of his thefts and frauds in exotic havens such as Cyprus and Hong Kong, at least some of the money will stay in this country.

Airlines reject policy for obese people to pay for two seats
By David Barbeler

Australia's main domestic airlines won't force obese people to pay for two seats despite a similar policy being adopted by international air giant Air France-KLM.

Air France-KLM says due to ``safety'' reasons large passengers will have to pay an additional 75 per cent of their original ticket price (excluding tax and surcharges) to purchase an adjacent seat.

People unable to fit in a single seat will have to slot the belt buckle into the plug of the next - stretching over both seats.

The new measure will apply for people who book tickets on Air France-KLM flights from February 1 for all flights after April 1.

Customers will then be refunded if their flight is not sold out.

However Qantas and Virgin have confirmed they will not be adopting the policy.

A spokeswoman for Virgin Blue said most overweight people are aware if they don't fit into one seat and will often purchase two seats to ensure their own comfort.

``There is no formal policy, however if a guest does not fit into a seat on a full flight they will be moved to the next available flight and we have no plans to follow the example of Air France-KLM,'' she said.

A spokeswoman for Qantas said the airline did everything it could to meet the needs of customers.

``Should a customer require extra space on a flight we seat them next to an empty seat where possible,'' she said.

``However the only way for a customer to guarantee extra space is to either purchase two economy seats or fly business or first class.

``But we have no plans to implement anything that would force them to do so.''

An average plane seat is 43cm wide.

Anonymous said...

It was informative to discover thanks to the patriots of Weight Watchers Australia in the article above that the average airplane seat is 43 cm wide.

Another patriot in the last comments thread calculated from their own weight and girth that Landeryou's waistline was 300 inches or a massive 25 feet around. This is 7.62 metres. As the calculations were done last week it may well have increased, but that is by the by.

A charitable division of 7.62 m by four to discover the width Landeryou needs to sit in comes up with 1.9 metres.

In other words Landeryou takes up almost five airplane seats.

This means he can only fly in the middle seating section of wide-bodied aircraft and only fit in there if the two rows ahead of him have been pulled out.

Anonymous said...

Andrew Landeryou is not only an obese transsexual thief with a major credibility problem.

No one reads his hate site either because it is full of shite.

John Batman said...

Why won't John Brumby protect the people of our state from morbidly obese men dressed in female attire who want to steal their money? Has he been bribed or blackmailed by Landeryou?

Cait Catt said...

I received an email from my namesake in Geeveston, Tasmania. She asked me to thank Slanderyou for providing her with my email address. The Tassie Cait complained to me about Slanderyou influence on her local newspaper, the Mercury. She said she made some on line comments criticising Tasmania's EPA and its Minister, Socialist Leftista Michelle O'Byrne. Her comments were not used. Shame Slanderyou Shame. The EPA in both Tassie and Melbourne are dob in stasi operations. Tassie Cait and Melbourne Cait both know that to be true. Wait until you get an infringement notice for littering when you didn't do it Mr Slanderyou.

Dr John Watson said...

JEEZ Cait (Landeryou fake commenter), you are dumber than a thousand tonnes of shit. Don't worry about Stasi dobbers: Worry about this site!

We are here to bear witness to your many malefactions; to dob you as often as possible; to remind poliies, detectives, ATO, company liquidators, etc., that you are still untried, still free, still unpunished.

We also monitor your vile nazi hate blog for obviously misleading and illegal rubbish. Memorably, your personal interference in the Kororoit election where you destroyed candidate Les Twentyman's campaign was low, undemocratic, dirty tricks. You are one helluva nasty prick!

Having said all that, I am not associated with this site - and the blogger(s) may disagree with what I just said. But those are my motives and why Holmes and I will continually pursue you.

Doctors fighting criminal lunacy said...

We echo your sentiments, Dr John.

Landeryou is obviously a very complicated case, which we have discussed at length here several times previously.

Indeed, modern trick-cyclists have commented freely on this blog that Landeryou is a tres weird individual.

Most of us have been much struck by the legions of fake personalities that Landeryou uses to voice his own wacky opinions on Vexnews, here, and all over the internet.

Dr S. Freud, Dr C. Jung, Dr Josef Mengele, Dr M'Abuse, Dr Who, Dr Phil, Dr Seuss, and Dr Dolittle.

Inspector Clousseau said...

I am proud to be in your growing band implacably opposed to Landeryou and the criminality he represents!

Ghost of the Voodoo Priestess – Marie Laveau said...

Monsieur Landeryou,

I have come to collect the stolen bones of our beloved novice Priestess Rita Randles. You has misused and abused her since you stole her memory in 2007.

Many of us have cursed you and Vexnews. I mention Baron Samedi along with the Baron's numerous other incarnations Baron Cimetière, Baron La Croix, and Baron Kriminel. The last mentioned is anxious to include Landeryou into the realm of the living dead because of Landeryou's dark past and stalking abilities.

Baron Kriminel through magic has copies of nearly all of the IQ Corp company papers.

We think Landeryou is a dead man walking.

Brutus Beefcake said...

Which will it be Andrew: the voodoo cultists or the Hot Rodding men? Flee to South America and land in their hands or stay in Melbourne and get sent to Barwon Jail and into our clutches?

Xaviera Holland said...

I hear that Landeryou is making money by offering an erotic massage service from seedy premises in Brunswick. The fat crim apparently advertises himself as "busty fuller figured lovely lady Shirley" and promises happy endings.

Landeryou gets the Sergeant to smother him all over with depilatory cream morning and night to remove his thick body hair. His genitals are completely covered by folds of flab and invisible, so that is not an issue. And such is his obesity that he has massive (man)boobs.

Landeryou wears an op-shop wig to cover his bald spot and look more feminine and inhales helium before each client arrives to get rid of his deep voice.

Anonymous said...

That contemptible and disgusting man has no shame

Jail the bum said...

This really got my hopes up:

A man has been charged over allegedly trying to steal more than $20 million from a university...

Unfortunately it was some crook in Adelaide, not the fat man.

Vexnews is dead said...

Oh dear! Nothing on the Poxnews hate blog about Mark Latham's right hand man Michael Cooney getting the nod for the seat of Canberra.

Anonymous said...

Vexnews may be of interest to online security experts wishing to test the strength of their latest anti-spyware defences. I cannot see why anyone else would ever visit it.

Shirley Morris' sister said...

Never liked Michael Cooney - a real shifty prick.

Michael is currently the Chief of Staff to Andrew Barr MLA, ACT Minister for Education and Training. Michael was the founding Policy Director at Per Capita from March 2007 to December 2008. Prior to this, Michael worked on the staff of the Federal Parliamentary Labor Party for five years, including three years as Principal Policy Adviser to Federal Labor Leaders Kim Beazley and Mark Latham. Before this Michael worked in the Department of Defence in strategic policy and intelligence. Michael has two degrees from the Australian National University. His Masters of Arts (International Relations) degree included a thesis on responsible power ethics in Australia's diplomacy over Portuguese Timor in 1974. His undergraduate degree was in English and Philosophy, and he was awarded first-class honours for his thesis on parody and satire in the poetry of the Ern Malley hoax.

Baron Samedi said...

Mon Cher Brutus,

We think the punishment of zombification will be inflicted on criminal Monsieur Landeryou whether he is here with us in Haiti, or with you at Barwon.

Baron is a judge and himself will send spirits of the dead into the body of the evildoer Landeryou.

Yeller Custard Cocktail said...

The spirits entering Landeryou's body at this very moment come from Aldi sherries and port.

I don't think the spirits sent by the Baron will mix well with that firewater!

Donald the Werribee Duck said...

Sounds as if Landy is in far more shit than even me!

Trinny and Susannah said...

We're watching Rafa Nadal on the tennis who, when not making a shot, is digging his jocks out of his butt crack. This is very disconcerting. Thankfully, when serving, Channel Nine cameramen only film him from in front.

But this got us to thinking about Shirl Landeryou who has Rafa's problems and hundreds more. Rafa isn't fat like Shirl, but his jocks are abviously ill-fitting and too tight. Shirl is basically a man which makes fitting him into ladies clothes a bit difficult.

However, we are planning a program that will help 'Shirl' blend into modern society a lot better.

Old McDonald said...

Furstly, you cannie pour two tonnes of ugly fat into a one tonne dress!

And, so far as Vexnews is concerned: It is impassible to turn sheep shite into marmalade.

Anne Frank said...

Many things about Vexnews in 2010 haven't changed from its earlier versions.

I tried to post a comment tonight but was blocked and banned.

I know Landeryou was still up and about, because he kept posting silly 'Pissy Chyrne' comments even at this late hour.

There are a couple of lost unionists and young liberals on Vexnews. Poor things, I hope the malware cookie can be somehow removed.

Censorship, which is what Vexnews does so well, is Nazi in outlook. Those in the know realise Andrew is a complete asshole. The lamebrains that venture to Vexnews probably deserve their fate. We can't warn them, because our comments there are blocked.

Let Freedom Ring, you Piss Weak crim, and post ALL comments. Until then, Vexnews's street cred is still sub zero.

Trustees are accountable too said...

The BIGGEST QUESTION for 2010 is, of course, can Landeryou now be gainfully sued for his libels, malicious fake posts and deliberately misleading blogs?

Something tells me that Landeryou intends to keeps his protected status BUT, if he enjoys a luxurious lifestyle well above the average, he should demonstrate where these privileges come from...

The ghost of Jack Pacholli said...

I fancy that Andrew Landeryou wants to become me:

"Because Pacholli was bankrupt and had not registered his businesses, ruined investors or people defamed in his scurrilous publications had difficulty finding anyone to sue.

"He was bankrupted in NSW in October 1957 and remained undischarged for decades.

"People lent him money because he offered them up to 35 per cent interest for "partnerships" in his suburban newspapers. He used to say The Toorak Times was going national.

"The myth that his company was run by his dog Oscar arose from a joke that took on the cloak of fact".

Anonymous said...

But is Landeryou REALLY bankrupt?

He wants everyone to think he is for the obvious reasons, but Andrew also wants people to think he is an accomplished man.

Ronnie said...

I have often heard Andrew telling the Sarge that I ran IQ Corp. He even had forged documents with my paw print on them.

As if!

Overheard at a Brunswick Bistro said...

"Bill, what is young Andy doing these days"?

"He is working for The Age".

"Did he get a journalist job there after all"?

"No, he is a senior sanitory engineer. He is sort of cleaning up after the vile excesses of the journos".

Baron Samedi said...

I have convened my court, and Baron Kriminel has entered his copies of the IQ Corp company papers into evidence. Monsieur Landeryou is of course obviously guilty of this gross fraud. So far as his criminal libels are concerned, I heard evidence from more than a hundred men and women. These, among many eminent Australians, included Monsieurs Ted Bailleau and Robert Doyle. Again I found him completely guilty.

I have asked Baron Kriminel to provide evidence about the disgraceful MUSU fraud so that the zombiefication of Monsieur Landeryou can begin at once. He assures me that much evidence exists - but that "there are far too many crooked MUSU Presidents, all of whom were busily looting the students, Melbourne Uni, and stealing anything that was not screwed down".

In the meantime, I have placed several powerful curses on Vexnews.

little Theo said...


All this talk about zombiefication and the living dead scares the shit out of me.

You were accused many times late in your career of being a lazy, do nothing, sort of Minister. But noone claimed you were dead.

But now the Voodoo hordes of Haiti and New Orleans, thanks to Landeryou's usual provocative posturings, have declared that the Brumby government itself is dead and that most ministers, if not already dead, are completely useless.

Isn't it lucky we were on leave and in court when all this was happening!

There is much female unemployment in Haiti, Theo. Perhaps we should venture there next!

Trinny and Susannah said...

We noticed before that Rafa Nadal frequently digs his jocks out of his butt crack BUT THEN wipes his nose with his fingers. On TV, this looks as if he is having a good sniff. Of course, he isn't - well we think he isn't.

Our makeover for Shirl Landeryou is prgressing fine. We have made a fine Burqa for her. But Shirl has many sickening habits too.

We had a very quick look at Vexnews but were repulsed by its vulgarity and lack of citations. The site seems to lack any credible sources and made us wince. It looked like the TeleTubbies V Humphrey the Bear!

Anonymous said...


Landeryou is a Trannie Tubby.

Gloria Soame said...

Landeryou is so enormously large he needs one of the home makeover people to improve the way he looks, not Trinny and Susannah.

Opening the floodgates said...

Patriots may have spotted this fascinating line in the Sunday Herald Sun in a family law story "Law Institute of Victoria chief executive Michael Brett Young said private criminal prosecutions were rare, but not unheard of."

The state government might be too compromised to take on Landeryou, but public spirited citizens still can.

Bubba said...

Is it possible to undertake a class private prosecution?

Anonymous said...

Vexnews took a month's holiday over Xmas, while real journos worked overtime.

What's wrong with this saggy Coq, Landeryou. He/she just doesn't get it. Media works 24/7; doesn't take weekends and Xmas holidays; and doesn't libel the punters.

Vexnews is a miserable excuse for a news blog.

Anonymous said...

Vexnews took a month's holiday over Xmas, while real journos worked overtime.

What's wrong with this saggy Coq, Landeryou. He/she just doesn't get it. Media works 24/7; doesn't take weekends and Xmas holidays; and doesn't libel the punters.

Vexnews is a miserable excuse for a news blog.

Jail the bum said...

This really got my hopes up:

A man has been charged over allegedly trying to steal more than $20 million from a university...

Unfortunately it was some crook in Adelaide, not the fat man.

Anonymous said...

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Kumarxmqs said...

Mon Cher Brutus, We think the punishment of zombification will be inflicted on criminal Monsieur Landeryou whether he is here with us in Haiti, or with you at Barwon. Baron is a judge and himself will send spirits of the dead into the body of the evildoer Landeryou.

Anonymous said...

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