Monday, July 30, 2007


It will be no surprise to patriotic (in its correct sense) Slanderyou readers that Landeryou has been described as “crap”.

What is surprising is that the description has been used by Landeryou’s political bed fellows, the far extremist right, who have viciously turned on Landeryou.

What is surprising is that the description has been used by Landeryou’s political bed fellows, the far extremist right, who have viciously turned on Landeryou.

Slanderyou has previously devoted attention to how the far right has tried to distance themselves from Landeryou’s paranoid delusions.

Examples include Neozionoid and the Right Call who said"Now, normally there would be many sites defending Landeryou, but like The Right Call, they seem to think that this time is different. Where is Tim Blair, Andrew Bolt or any of the others? Oh, wait, I know. The Right Call believes that making up false charges against others based on the scarcest possible evidence is wrong. Tim Blair believes that false charges are wrong and seems to believe that even based on the falsest of evidence that Landeryou is wrong, and Andrew Bolt is on holidays, but he's a big fan of actual facts, not whispers of fact." (red emphasis added)”

And now, in recent days, Landeryou has been described by speed merchant extremists as “Crap”. As one commentator wrote (Nedloh) “Please, oh please leave it off. Landeryou has about as much credibility as me starting to believe that there really is a greater being (God) out there! And I am an athiest! (sic)”

Clearly, the Liberal Party - for whom Landeryou writes his blog of sleaze – will seriously need to consider their association with the bankrupt, sleazy, porn blogger.

What has been reaffirmed is that Landeryou’s political migration to the far right has blown up in his face. Landeryou’s credibility (if it ever existed) has been decimated.

No wonder, in far right circles, the once proud name of “Landeryou” has become a synonym for “crap”.

Landeryou’s blog appears to be fast approaching its final death roll.

Friday, July 27, 2007

Sleazer alleges sleaze

Blog of Sleaze author, Andrew Landeryou, has accused a real journalistic internet news provider of sleaze.

Andrew, after all, should know.

Happy weekend.

Wednesday, July 25, 2007

Plagiarist: "...the attention-seeking, loathsome windbag"

Earlier this month, we brought to you one colourful description of Andy Landy: "Disgusting web filth".

It seems that colourful accurate descriptions of Landeryou follow him all over the blogosphere.

This blogger calls Landeryou an "...attention-seeking, loathsome windbag".

Be careful dear readers, as Landeryou may indeed sit on you.

Alternatively, he could call you a plagiarist, when in fact Landeryou has been caught out on at least two occasions on plagiarist charges. And let's not discuss his fake Walkley.

Tuesday, July 24, 2007

Andrew Landeryou writes and writes and writes: but still doesn’t come clean

Andrew Landeryou promised (a non-core promise it turned out) that he would use his blog to answer the many questions surrounding MUSU, IQ, his bankruptcy, and his penchant for blog sleazery.

If you pass your eyes over the labels on Landeryou’s porn blog, you will notice that Landeryou has been silent on MUSU, IQ, his bankruptcy, and his penchant for blog sleazery.

Andy's Labels

Thursday, July 19, 2007

Andrew Landeryou wrote: "WE WILL ALWAYS LOVE HER"

Andrew Landeryou wrote a curious, worrying if not outright disturbing article titled: "WE WILL ALWAYS LOVE HER".

Landeryou writes: "A meeebo using patriot asked: [18:14] Freedom Fighter: Would you take a bullet for Mrs Mirabella? In the name of freedom ... / [18:16] Freedom Fighter: Your silence says it all, you're a patriot".

Bullets? Politicians? Fighters? Is Landeryou serious?

Monday, July 16, 2007

Australian Newspaper demotes Andrew Landeryou

The Australian newspaper was the first to accurately report that Andrew Landeryou is a Liberal Party blogger.

The Australian has now dismissed Landeryou’s blog of sleaze as a mere gossip blog, focusing as it does on Andy’s preoccupation with the penises of AFL footballers.

Tell the truth Andy

Use this space to write your comments, concerns, criticisms of what Andy may write this week on his blog of sleaze, free from Andy's comment deletion or editing.

Thursday, July 12, 2007

(UPDATE x 3) Paul Keating criticises nationalist Andrew Landeryou

It's Saturday morning, and Andrew Landeryou has still yet to comment on Keating's comments. We continue to wonder why?

It's Friday afternoon, and Andrew Landeryou has still yet to comment on Keating's comments. We continue to wonder why?


It is now Friday morning, and Andrew Landeryou has still yet to comment on Keating's comments. We wonder why?

In a landmark speech, Paul Keeting while critical of John Howard may well have been talking about Andrew Landeryou.

Landeryou loves nothing more than throwing the term "patriot" about like it was confetti at a wedding between a Klu Klux Klan member and a Hitler Youth try hard.

Over night, Keating debunked the Liberal Party Blogger's claims, referring to people like Landeryou as nothing more than insolvent nationalists.
"A cornerstone of nationalism is the propensity to call into question the motives or to attack the attitudes of other members of the national family.

Indeed, Adolf Hitler, perhaps the exemplar populist, wrote explicitly on the subject in his Mein Kampf: 'I was a nationalist but not a patriot'."

Tell the truth Andy

We are always thinking how best to service our readers.

Hence our new initiative.

Every Monday, we will be posting a column called “Tell the truth Andy”.

The column will last for a week, where we will invite you to post your comments, corrections, opinions and viewpoints on any of Andy’s editorial articles. (His postings are editorials and opinion pieces – not based on fact.)

Feel free to comment on any piece Andy runs throughout the week, free from any deletions, and unauthorized edits and changes Andy often makes to his readers comments.

Let’s start with this Andy special, where he has yet to apologise to Katherine Walsh. (Hat tip to a Slanderyou reader.) According to Andy’s owning reporting he phoned her, provoking an understandable concern on Walsh’s part, especially considering Landeryou’s like for approaching women late at night with a digital camera.

Tuesday, July 10, 2007

And we keep coming back to money

Andrew Landeryou has been bankrupt since February last year. The question remains: where is Landeryou drawing an income? Is he on unemployment benefits? Has he other income streams.

Is he earning an income from being a faux journalist? His blog is insolvent. But that hasn't stopped people asking relevant questions.

Take for example the following observations.
"For a start, he is not a businessman. Do a Google search and you will see he is a full-time journalist and publisher." If he is a fulltime journalist, where does his journalism appear? If he is a publisher, what has he published? Running a blog is neither journalism nor publishing, it is blogging. If he makes his living through revenue from the blog, that is a business and makes him a businessman, not a journalist. I am not privy to his personal affairs but as far as I know he has made his living in recent years solely as some kind of businessman. At present he may be an unemployed or self-employed businessman, but businessman still seems to be the best description.

A "fulltime journalist" is a person who makes their living from fulltime journalism - being paid to write for a media organisation of some kind. Landeryou does not get paid to write for his own blog, or anywhere else so far as I know. Even if his blog was pure news (which of course it isn't, it's 80% opinion and satire), that wouldn't make him a journalist, and certainly not a fulltime one. As a self-supporting blogger he is in a different category to someone like Margo Kingston, who is paid by the SMH to write her webdiary.

A self-employed (or freelance) journalist is one who makes their living selling articles to media outlets. That is not what Landeryou does. I presume he makes a bit of money selling advertising space on his blog, but he does not sell his writing to anyone, which is what journalists do. He is no more a journalist because he owns a blog than Kerry Packer was a journalist because he owned the Bulletin. I have no idea what AL's current income source is, so "businessman" is the politest term to use.

We are arguing in the dark here because I don't know what AL's current source of income is, and I don't expect you to disclose it here. I suspect at the moment he is not anything in an occupational sense. Of course it is not necessary to be currently employed as something to be described as being that thing in a general sense. A doctor who is not currently working as a doctor is still a doctor. But AL so far I know has never worked as a journalist (correct me if I'm wrong). He has made a living as a businessman in the past. As I recall he was in Costa Rica looking for investment opportunities, yes? That is what businessmen do. The only public activity he currently undertakes is his blog, which is a business of sorts. Therefore I think he should be described as a businessman until he acquires a new occupation. Any other description will be seen as a euphemism, and to some extent that would be true."

More on Landeryou's Costa Rican adventure here.

Monday, July 09, 2007

Why was Andrew Landeryou so excited by a footballer’s penis? And bodybuilding?

Last week, Andrew Landeryou was exhaustively effusive about noticing that a newspaper had printed a photograph of a footballer’s penis.

Andy seemed to be the only one to have noticed.

We asked ourselves, why was that?

It’s not as if Andy is a Collingwood supporter.

Perhaps Andy was interested in Didak’s nocturnal activities? Landeryou and Didak do seem to both enjoy wild nightlives.

As Andy is running an insolvent blog, perhaps he is turning his blog into a ‘porn-blog’. It’s a blog of sleaze as it is.

And who thought Andy was into bodybuilding? Perhaps he has a confused understanding of what is body building, especially confusing “eating” with “exercise”!

Friday, July 06, 2007

"Disgusting web filth Andrew Landeryou"

And we thought we were tough on Andrew Landeryou!

Dead Roo wrote: "Disgusting web filth Andrew Landeryou used to break the big gossip stories ...or more accurately, he did so on one occasion. Then, naturally, everyone stayed well clear of the declared bankrupt and one time fugitive. The completely unemployable Landeryou is now left pursuing imagined enemies".

Happy weekend everyone. Though we are sure Melbourne women will want to stay indoors this weekend, especially given Andy Landy's recent nocturnal activities.

Wednesday, July 04, 2007

Landeryou publishes press release on his stalking activities

Landeryou publishes press release on his stalking activities.

Click here for the real story.

More on MUSU

While females across greater Melbourne dare not go out at night, in case they are confronted by a camera loaded Andrew Landeryou, they might consider spending a night in and reading up on the MUSU story.

Click here for the orginal.

It was actually interesting how I went from really not caring and just running for a joke to caring too much and not finding it enjoyable. When I started in Student Politics, I was basically one of the few to stand up and be counted. The election in 2001 should never have been allowed to stand. The result of that election lead directly to the fall of the Union mainly because there were suddenly no checks and balances.

I feel that my whole time in student politics was actually a waste of time. Nothing positive happened in my time there. I mean I made some very good friends and had some fun times, but seriously the Student body got nothing out of those years. Most of this was due to the fact that Student Unity, under the leadership of DR and SC placed their personal interests first before that of the student body, which they were supposed to serve.

MUSU was placed into adminstration at the start of 2004. I personally felt this should have been done much earlier and did once or twice advocate this path of action. If it had been done before the election in 2003, it is likely that farce would not have occurred. Yet, it didn't and hindsight will add nothing to what has already been done.

The actions of DR and SC may not have been illegal, but certainly they were amoral, if not immoral, and unethical. The way in which they attempted to block and hamper information about the Optima deal getting out shows they clearly do not believe in open government. Likewise the ways in which they attempted to adjust the electoral processes to reduce the ability of the opposition to fight against them shows that to them democracy is something that just gets in the way. The way they seemed to use people is troubling as well. There must be dozens out there. Only the other day, I ran into someone who felt they had been used by them in 2001.

The Young Liberals should not really escape blame completely for what happen. Although none of them signed any of the questionable contracts, they were quiet happy to sit back and allow MUSU to fall apart around them. I know that they don't believe in Unions but to allow any organisation to get into deep trouble on your watch because you don't believe in it is a bit poor.

The fact that SC is running for a local council at the moment worries me in the sense that I am concerned about who at the moment is running every level of government. It is a great shame that people like DR and SC maybe operating within mainstream political parties. This one of the main reason I have never join a political party in real life. To quote Bob Dylan "I am willing to give it my heart, but it wanted my soul"*.

Monday, July 02, 2007

(UPDATED) NEWSFLASH! Andrew Landeryou admits to stalking female journalist

A number of law and order patriots have raised anumber of important questions. One patriot writes:
"So how is it Landeryou can post a $1000 reward? Where is his cash coming from?

Or will he stiff the 'informant'? Not quite sure where he gets a 'false imprisonement' charge from.

I also note there were no good samaritans to jump in and help him. After two recent stories of bravery, could it be we haven't heard the whole story?"

Isn't Landeryou supposed to be a bankrupt?

Andrew Landeryou has admitted to stalking a female journalist.

To frighten off the unwelcomed Landeryou, the journalist was forced to ward off the culprit in langauge similar to that used by the patriotic Australian RAN officers in the Arab Gulf when they saw off the Iranian Republican Guard.

""Get the c*** Get the c***",... "You f***in' fat c***", "Filthy c***", "How dare you, c***", "You're gone when we catch you c***"

Concerned, law and order patroits, were the first to advise the world of this fact, here.

Team Slanderyou has for sometime worried about Landeryou's loneliness. Click the link immediately below for more.

Andrew Landeryou news bumped

Andrew Landeryou loves nothing more than whine about The Age newspaper.

What is even more concerning is that while he whines about The Age, he more often than not directly links to their stories and commentary. Irony is rather lost on Andy.

But in related events, in 2006 Landeryou displayed another example of his lack of business skill and forecasting ability, when he trumpeted a website that he claimed would soon rival The Age.

That site was NewsBump. Don’t worry, if the link doesn’t work; the website no longer is operational. NewsBump was a website which enabled readers to vote for stories according to whether they like them; similar to Google News Australia, but with voting. A registration page though still exists for NewsBump.

Of course, as soon as Landeryou gave NewsBump the “Landeryou seal of approval”, the website site began to struggle, and is now extinct.

Team Slanderyou is no adding News Bump to the long catalogue of Landeryou business failures that include MUSU, IQ Corp, and Landeryou’s own insolvent blog.

Meanwhile, a blogger asks, “Seriously, how long can a Labor Student Union Hack stay in his position for?” Obviously, Andy is not on the same work-for-the-dole arrangements as others are on!