Thursday, July 12, 2007

(UPDATE x 3) Paul Keating criticises nationalist Andrew Landeryou

It's Saturday morning, and Andrew Landeryou has still yet to comment on Keating's comments. We continue to wonder why?

It's Friday afternoon, and Andrew Landeryou has still yet to comment on Keating's comments. We continue to wonder why?


It is now Friday morning, and Andrew Landeryou has still yet to comment on Keating's comments. We wonder why?

In a landmark speech, Paul Keeting while critical of John Howard may well have been talking about Andrew Landeryou.

Landeryou loves nothing more than throwing the term "patriot" about like it was confetti at a wedding between a Klu Klux Klan member and a Hitler Youth try hard.

Over night, Keating debunked the Liberal Party Blogger's claims, referring to people like Landeryou as nothing more than insolvent nationalists.
"A cornerstone of nationalism is the propensity to call into question the motives or to attack the attitudes of other members of the national family.

Indeed, Adolf Hitler, perhaps the exemplar populist, wrote explicitly on the subject in his Mein Kampf: 'I was a nationalist but not a patriot'."

13 Truth On Comments:

Anonymous said...

Paul Keating has not been Prime Minister for over eleven years, yet Slanderyou cites him with the authority that he still is. Keating ran a government that is no match for the government of Mr Howard, Australia's greatest Prime Minister.

Slanderyou should be concerned with local issues. About getting rid of our own incompetent government in this state. About promoting Ted Baillieu, our next Premier.

Slanderyou should be concerned with incompetent ministers in the Bracks government, like our current ministers concerned with rail safety. How much longer are we going to tolerate Labor lies. Read our latest media release:

Author : Terry Mulder MLA
"Acting Minister for Public Transport, Tim Pallas, must ensure that government-owned V/Line's inspection procedures for signals on the rural broad gauge rail network are immediately independently audited", Shadow Minister for Public Transport, Terry Mulder, said today.

Mr Mulder said that the discovery a fortnight ago of a vandalised signal near Werribee giving train drivers an incorrect impression that the track ahead was clear of other trains was one of the most dangerous safety breaches that could occur on any rail network.

"One Geelong line signal at Werribee was found a fortnight ago to have a cracked casing, with water having found its way into the signal. It shows train drivers a 'green' indication (or 'proceed') when there may be other trains ahead on the same track.

"Labor's V/Line assumed the lease of Victoria's rural rail tracks in May. Why is its inspection procedure so deficient that cracking of this vital infrastructure goes undetected on repeated days before a problem is eventually discovered?"

Mr Mulder said that Minister for Public Transport Lynne Kosky had covered up the problem, even though freight trains were banned a fortnight ago from operating whenever V/Line passenger trains are running between Melbourne and Geelong, which is about 20 hours a day.

"Victoria's freight locomotives are not fitted with the 'B-class' Train Protection and Warning System (TPWS) that was criticised in England and introduced in Victoria on V/Line locomotives and railcars that operate passenger services.

"How many signals have been vandalised on the Geelong, Ballarat, Bendigo and Traralgon lines and had water enter their casing, giving false indications to train drivers?

"The VLocity railcars operate at up to 160 kilometres an hour between Werribee and Corio or North Shore, Deer Park West and Ballarat, Sunbury and Bendigo, and Pakenham and Traralgon. The consequences of one train ploughing into another would be horrendous.

"Public Transport Safety Victoria is in the same building as Ministers Kosky and Pallas. Its lack of independence shows.

"Victoria's travelling public must have independent confirmation of the safety of our railway signalling system. V/Line's inspection regime must be independently audited by a contractor who can report to the Bracks Government without fear or favour", Mr Mulder said.

Contact: Terry Mulder 0408 377 316/ 9651 8394

Anonymous said...

Slanderyou's role is to prick the conscience of Andrew Landeryou by providing evidence of Buddha Boy's blogging bias, reminding the world of that "unsavoury character's" shady past and cataloguing Debt Man Walking's current misadventures.
Nothing more, nothing less.

Anonymous said...

Well, then, let's hear a round up of the shitman's current daily routine.

Give us some insight into how he spends a day, Slanderyou!

Anonymous said...

How unexpected, that the serial Liberal Party poster would rally around in support of Landeryou.

Why am I not surprised!

Anonymous said...

Keating and Landeryou are side issues. The sad and sorry state of Victoria are not. It gets worse. Look at the misuse of taxpayer money by Bracks government ministers. Stop the rot and vote Liberal. Read a full expose in our media release below from David Davis:

Date : Wednesday, 11 July 2007
Author : David Davis MLC
Freedom of Information documents obtained by the Liberal Party show Bracks Government Minister Rob Hulls spent $2048 on luxury limousines while in London in December 2005 as part of a wider European jaunt.

On the same trip Mr Hulls spent $729 on a translator and $3,700 on a Parisian lunch which he sped to and from on fast rail tickets valued at $6,000.

Just one car trip, from Heathrow Airport to Mr Hulls' swank apartment in London, cost $453.

Victorians who have traveled to London will be aware that transport can be expensive. They will also be aware that $453 for a trip in from the airport is an outrageous expenditure of their tax dollars.

Rob Hulls and his Labor State Government colleagues keep telling everyone else to catch public transport while they ride in limousines at our expense.

During Opposition Hulls criticised the expenditure of Ministers on travel and entertainment. Now, his snout is deep in the taxpayers' trough.

It is a long time since Opposition for Victoria's Attorney General who has now grown very comfortable with the trappings of office.

Media: David Davis: 9888 6244 or mobile 0419 000 212

Anonymous said...

Vote Jaci Hang for Cotham ward in the Boroondara Council by-election. Second prefernce Katherine Walsh. Two good Liberals and whoever wins will be an asset to Boroondara Council.

Anonymous said...

Jaci Hang. A good Young Lib.

Katherine Walsh. A good Young Lib.

Paul Keating. John Howard beat him. He's a blast from the past and no one ought to take any notice of him.

Cait Catt. Where are you? Where is your cattery friend catter8?

Slanderyou. How about more information about the Bracks government. Did you know son Nick got caught being over the blood alcohol limit? It's all over the news tonight and on the front page of the free city giveaway newspaper.

Anonymous said...

who cares if Nick Bracks stacks?

readers of Slanderyou come here to read what fat boy is up to - not what a serial liberal party poster or the liberal candidates in Booroondara have got to say

Anonymous said...

Please 4.54. I too am interested in Mr Landeryou, and a I think the by-election in Boroondara ought to be considered in the light of the fact that Mr Landeryou devoted considerable space to it. Also the comments suggest a lot of people read that item. Why is Mr Landeryou interested in Boroondara? There is no Labor candidate, as far as I know, in the by-election, and Boroondara is contained almost wholly in the federal electorate of Kooyong, one of the Liberal Party's safest, and Opposition Leader Mr Baillieu represents part of Boroondara in the state parliament.Please tell me how you can possibly account for Mr Landeryou's interest in what is just fighting among various factions of the Liberal Party.

Anonymous said...

landeryou is posting about boroondara because he is a liberal party blogger. he wants the libs to win in the by election and that's why he is promoting them.

Anonymous said...

also i miss landeryou posting as cait catt and catter8. too many people have recognised his style and the bigwigs in the liberal party who now control him have told him to stop it. just like stephen conroy used to only the libs are much nicer in the way they tell people off. now landeryou is posting as a liberal and all the postings bag only the socialist left faction in the alp and they never bag the right. has john brumby ever been criticised by the serial liberal poster? I don't think so. and he so promotes sophie if i were her i'd be very embarassed to see my name in his awful fat person's blog. if i were sophie i'd just about commit sewerside. i can only think of one thing worse then being named on the landeryou blog and that's to go on big brother. still the big brother contestants are no more moronic than most young members of the labour party. that so andy landy?

Anonymous said...

This is important information. It reveals Andy Landy is correct to support Brian Burke, an honest man who never gave money to Labor's opponents. Read on:

Rudd's brother forced to quit ALP

By Glenn Milne

July 15, 2007 12:05am
Article from: The Sunday Telegraph


* Documents reveal Greg Rudd donated to rival parties
* Claims information leaked by unions
* Leak designed to embarrass Opposition Leader

THE high-profile brother of Opposition Leader Kevin Rudd has quit the ALP after leaked documents revealed he was giving rival parties thousands of dollars.

Greg Rudd, an influential Brisbane lobbyist and former Keating government staffer quit the Labor Party on Friday after he was confronted with documents showing he had donated thousands of dollars to both the Liberal and National Parties.

Bankrolling other parties is strictly prohibited under Labor Party rules and a breach results in automatic expulsion.

The leak of the damaging information came from within the ALP and was designed to embarrass the Opposition Leader into having to confront his own brother.

It is seen as retribution for Mr Rudd expelling rogue unionists - such as the Electrical Trades Union's Dean Mighell and Construction Forestry, Mining and Energy Union boss Joe McDonald - from the Labor Party.

The fact the leak was targeted personally at Mr Rudd through his brother suggests that Labor is not as unified as it appears over the Opposition Leader's tough stance against union leaders who step out of line.

Union message

The leak is seen as a message from the union movement to Mr Rudd to back off.

It's likely to be seized on by the Government as evidence that union powerbrokers have the capacity to yank Mr Rudd's chain - even if it involves sacrificing his own brother.

The documents shown to Greg Rudd detail donations of more than $10,000 made to the Liberal and National Parties in Queensland since 2001.

Greg Rudd is the principal and founder of the Brisbane- based firm, Open Door Consulting.

After reading the documents presented to him, Greg Rudd said: "Number one, I'm a political realist. Number two, it's Friday the 13th and number three I like to keep things simple."

"I am therefore formally resigning from the ALP from today. The rules are the rules."

Rudd 'expected repercussions'

The Opposition Leader's brother admitted he expected "someone to come after him" after reading that Perth-based lobbyist Julian Grill, an associate of disgraced former WA premier Brian Burke, had recently been expelled from the Labor Party under similar circumstances.

Greg Rudd has already paid a high personal price for his brother's tilt at the prime ministership.

The Opposition Leader had previously announced that his brother, and his firm, would be banned from lobbying a future Labor Government in order to avoid charges of conflict of interest.

Queensland Labor Premier Peter Beattie has followed suit declaring: "There's no mates' rates in my government just because you may know somebody."

The Beattie ban is widely seen as payback for Greg Rudd's lobbying on behalf of councils opposed to Mr Beattie's proposed - and unpopular - local government amalgamations.

Kevin Rudd has announced that he too is opposed to the amalgamation plans.

As John Howard cranks up a campaign to portray the federal Labor leader as a lackey of the ACTU, Mr Rudd has gone out of his way to put public distance between himself and rogue unionists.

Anonymous said...

Landeryou has still to say anything about Keating calling him a facist!