Tuesday, July 10, 2007

And we keep coming back to money

Andrew Landeryou has been bankrupt since February last year. The question remains: where is Landeryou drawing an income? Is he on unemployment benefits? Has he other income streams.

Is he earning an income from being a faux journalist? His blog is insolvent. But that hasn't stopped people asking relevant questions.

Take for example the following observations.
"For a start, he is not a businessman. Do a Google search and you will see he is a full-time journalist and publisher." If he is a fulltime journalist, where does his journalism appear? If he is a publisher, what has he published? Running a blog is neither journalism nor publishing, it is blogging. If he makes his living through revenue from the blog, that is a business and makes him a businessman, not a journalist. I am not privy to his personal affairs but as far as I know he has made his living in recent years solely as some kind of businessman. At present he may be an unemployed or self-employed businessman, but businessman still seems to be the best description.

A "fulltime journalist" is a person who makes their living from fulltime journalism - being paid to write for a media organisation of some kind. Landeryou does not get paid to write for his own blog, or anywhere else so far as I know. Even if his blog was pure news (which of course it isn't, it's 80% opinion and satire), that wouldn't make him a journalist, and certainly not a fulltime one. As a self-supporting blogger he is in a different category to someone like Margo Kingston, who is paid by the SMH to write her webdiary.

A self-employed (or freelance) journalist is one who makes their living selling articles to media outlets. That is not what Landeryou does. I presume he makes a bit of money selling advertising space on his blog, but he does not sell his writing to anyone, which is what journalists do. He is no more a journalist because he owns a blog than Kerry Packer was a journalist because he owned the Bulletin. I have no idea what AL's current income source is, so "businessman" is the politest term to use.

We are arguing in the dark here because I don't know what AL's current source of income is, and I don't expect you to disclose it here. I suspect at the moment he is not anything in an occupational sense. Of course it is not necessary to be currently employed as something to be described as being that thing in a general sense. A doctor who is not currently working as a doctor is still a doctor. But AL so far I know has never worked as a journalist (correct me if I'm wrong). He has made a living as a businessman in the past. As I recall he was in Costa Rica looking for investment opportunities, yes? That is what businessmen do. The only public activity he currently undertakes is his blog, which is a business of sorts. Therefore I think he should be described as a businessman until he acquires a new occupation. Any other description will be seen as a euphemism, and to some extent that would be true."

More on Landeryou's Costa Rican adventure here.

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Anonymous said...

Slanderyou should use its talents to concentrate on the failures of the Bracks government. How many people are really interested in whether or not the author of a rival blog ought or ought not to be called a journalist? We in the Liberal Party feel that a subject of more relevance to many Victorians is getting enough money to pay their rent. Why is the greedy Bracks government being so heartless and increasing the rents of public housing tenants, some of the most vulnerable in Victoria? Let's get rid of this government. Read our media release:

Author : Wendy Lovell MLC
Steve Bracks' heartless rent increase that targets public housing tenants with children begins on July 1.

Shadow Minister for Housing Wendy Lovell said from Sunday public housing tenants with children will pay a minimum of $156 per annum extra in rent.

The increase was part of the Bracks Government's May budget.

"A single parent with five children may pay an extra $260 per year," Ms Lovell said.

The rents will continue to rise over the next four years.

"By 2011 they will be paying around $624 and a single parent with five children will be paying around $1040 extra each year."

These heartless rent increases have been targeted directly at tenants with children because the Bracks Government's plan is to increase the portion of the Family Tax Benefit considered as income for rent calculation from 11% to 15% over four years.

"By recalculating the Family Tax Benefit the Bracks Government has singled out public housing tenants with children to be hit by these rent increases.

"Families in public housing are some of the most disadvantaged Victorians.

"The Federal Government provides the Family Tax Benefit to help families with the cost of raising their children.

"The money is used to provide healthy food, clothes, shoes, and to assist with little extras like school camps.

"This rent increase could mean that children may miss out on some of these vital essentials," Ms Lovell said.

"The Family Tax Benefit should not have to be used to pay rent to a greedy State Government."

Labor should not be taking $6 million from parents, provided by the Federal Government to help raise children, when State Government revenues from taxes, charges and fines are at record levels.

"This is a heartless move by the Bracks Government which is awash with money," said Ms Lovell.

"Labor should not be attacking some of the most vulnerable families in Victoria."

Media: Wendy Lovell 0419 511 164

Anonymous said...

I am interested in whether or not the author of a rival blog ought or ought not to be called a journalist.

And I couldn't care less how the Liberal Party feels!

Anonymous said...

The Liberals should really spend more time on investigating one of their own, ie Landeryou "How many people are really interested in whether or not the author of a rival blog ought or ought not to be called a journalist?"

Anonymous said...

Can't resist posting this. It's all about one Diane Anderson, also known as the Queen of Higgins. It's a review of her publication Higgins News, which Liberal headquarters are known to receive every month. Supposedly passed on from Pete Costello's office. It's also passed on to Landeryou, who seems to delight in writing about Diane. Could it be the publicity seeking Race Mathews, or Evan Thornley also? Both are said to be infatuated with Diane.

Read below and it will save you a trip to the Landeryou blog. You can read it all here (but there is a picture of Diane dressed up like a witch on the Landeryou blog so you might want to look at that). Happy reading:

Monday, 9 July 2007
HIGGIN SNOOZE: Diane and Racey Goin’ At It Full Pelt

Our Higgins OC investigator has read the most recent Higgins ALP Diane Anderson newsletter so you don't have to.

For this s/he should win a medal, which no doubt the publisher, Comrade Diane Anderson would regard as a symbol of ultra-imperialism.

Here goes:

Branch officers in Higgins. Main interest is the fact that Tooronga branch, Diane's branch that is, does not have a treasurer and is really operating with two office bearers, long time Diane accolade Barry Pond and witch's apprentice Rolf Sorensen. Also the Tooronga branch is not meeting for its winter recess. In other words they can't get someone to speak at their meeting.

Returning Officer's report. Anne Cox is ill (get well Anne, a loved and decent Higgins stalwart, although Diane doesn't like her but that's a compliment) and has resigned as a conference delegate and her place has been filled by patriot Pippy Watson.

Brian Costar spoke at the last Tooronga branch meeting. Don't think he's even an ALP member but that doesn't stop him from being a guest speaker. Brian says the reason the DLP and FF got elected to the upper house in Victoria and into the Senate was because most people vote above the line and their parties determine how their preferences go. If 400 people, according to Costar, had voted for Carbines instead of Kavanagh the ALP would have had another member in the upper house. Also speculates that the mad woman's election in Western Metropolitan region for the Greens could also be used as an example. She got in by a similar small margin. He also claimed the National Party in Victoria, but not federally, is the ALP's best friend. Brian isn't mad, but his talk was too technical for most people although Rolf Sorensen tried at least to simplify it.

Dr Rodney Syme, he's actually a leading Victorian specialist in urology, submitted an article on his pet topic of euthanasia. Unsure about his ALP credentials but that doesn't stop Diane publishing. Diane doesn't get too many articles submitted. Ken Coghill told a friend at a dinner at Parliament House a few weeks ago that he submitted an article to Higgins News once when he lived in Higgins but Diane wouldn't publish it. She claimed lack of space but that's what editors always say when they reject something. Race Mathews always gets anything he submits to Diane published. I don't doubt their love. All patriots should submit one of their own if they can get the energy to write one and see if she keeps her word that Higgins News doesn't reject submitted articles.

Race Mathews replies to what he considered an unfair attack on him by Diane. He said Diane is confused about disinformation and it was really Rolf who initiated the exchange of letters to Higgins News and not Diane. I find most of Race's rantings to be totally inconsequential, but he fills up quite a bit of space. His main point seems to be he won't be apologising to Diane or Rolf over some criticism of him in a previous edition.

Diane then says again that Race did nothing in the Higgins FEA during his ten years of residence in the electorate, continues her attack on the Network group, and criticises the behaviour of Race at FEA executive meetings. Any attack on the Network is worth publishing in full so I hope you do. (OC: Yes, we will oblige this reasonable request)

Diane then writes her very own article "Whatever happened to the 'L' in the ALP? She says the rot in the ALP started when Hawke and Keating defied Conference determined policies, and she defended the late crook Bill Hartley who, according to Diane, was wrongfully expelled because he was simply following Conference determined policy. She says the initials ALP stand for nothing other than Alternative Liberal Party.

Here is the promised extract:


Ms Anderson is confused about disinformation. It was not I but my fellow Higgins FEA Executive member, Rolf Sorensen, who initiated the exchange of letters (Higgins News, May and June, 2007) of which she now complains. My response to Rolf has been confined wholly to correcting those of his statements which I believe to be mistaken, and there has been no resort on my part to the personal vilification and abuse in which he has been exposed recently as habitually engaging - and which many will see as bringing our party into disrepute(OC: An offence under party rules), and impairing its ability to retain current members and attract new ones. If any statement of mine about the former FEA Executive can be shown to be other than factual, I will willing acknowledge and genuinely regret what will have been an error in good faith.

As regards Ms Anderson's allegations of 'moving out of the shadows to begin a campaign of denigration against the FEA in the lead-up to the 2005 FEA elections', my decision to resume attending branch meetings in early 2005 was prompted by a despair over the outcome of the previous year's federal elections, which seems to me to have been widely felt. (OC: Hard to imagine how Race could have lived happily without attending branch meetings with Rolf & Diane) In so doing, there was no awareness on my part that FEA elections were to be held, much less any intention to be a candidate for them. My interest was simply in furthering the adoption of some ideas about support services for enabling branches and FEAs to function better and more effectively attract and retain members. Accordingly, I moved at an early Prahran branch meeting for the FEA Executive to be asked to organise a forum on party renewal such as had already been held by FEAs in several nearby electorates, and I believe that other branch members shared my disappointment and frustration when the branch's correspondence to this effect was ignored, and it emerged subsequently that the FEA Executive officer-bearers to whom our letters had been directed had not been appointed, nor had the Executive met other than on a single occasion immediately following its assumption of office a year and more earlier. (OC: Decoded, this means it was Evan Thornley's fault) It was on this basis that I then became critical of the Executive, and that my candidature at the FEA elections was undertaken, and nothing by way of defending the indefensible that either Rolf or Ms Anderson has written leads me to suppose that an apology is called for in either respect.

Yours fraternally, (OC: sexist language noted in Diane's book of Thoughtcrime)
Charles Race Thorson Mathews


I find it curious that just as last year, Race never seems capable of responding to simple questions. (OC: In Diane's workers' paradise, her interrogations would not be so freely ignored) Again I ask, why did Race contribute absolutely nothing to the Higgins FEA for over a decade of membership? (OC: Being sick of Diane is a perfectly valid defence) Why does he continue to embrace and defend the Labor Unity Faction that not only gave us the Economic Rationalist policy that is anathema to the mutualisation that Race embraces (OC: not necessarily true actually) but that made branch stacking an art form (OC: we can only hope) to shut down democracy in the ALP? Why does Race not write about the deconstruction of State Conference, the policy committees and the other one-time democratic forums that have led to the loss of membership (stacks aside) and the loss attendance at scores of branches as long time members realise that their opinions now count for nothing. I have been a member of a number of ALP reform groups over the years. At the end of the day they don't make much progress because LU stalwarts such as Race continue to remain mute about the sins of their faction and the notorious Network Group in particular. Until the rule of law is restored within the Victorian ALP, Race can hold as many "membership forums" as he wants wearing either his Fabian Society hat or his ALP hat but the rot will remain. Meanwhile, Race ought to look at the goings on within the current FEA Exec starting with his behaviour at the last FEA Exec Meeting.

Diane Anderson - Tooronga ALP
(Defender of the Bill Hartley Faith and Unquiet American)

She continues:

We have come a long way since the days when an engine driver could become Prime Minister. The rot in our democratic process in the ALP began during the Hawke-Keating era when both men made public statements denouncing Conference adopted policy and then daring the Party to defy them. (OC: All that reform and deregulation was the beginning of the end) The process came to its illogical conclusion when Hawke and Keating who were bound by the Rules to defend Party policy flaunted the Rules and then had Bill Hartley expelled for the crime of supporting Conference adopted policy as the Rules said he should have. (OC: Expelling a fanatic who regularly denounced the Labor PM and yet never criticised the notional Liberal opponents) It was at this time that Economic Rationalism was made bi-partisan policy. The progressive element of the Party resigned in droves (something like 10,000 of 15,000 members in Victoria) (OC: And yet so many more like Diane persist). They were replaced largely by stacks whose loyalty was to the factional warlords and not to the Party, its traditions and its policies. (OC: Like those loyal oldies who are bludgeoned into voting for Diane as State Conference delegate)

If genuine Party members (as opposed to the myriad stacks who occupy the membership rolls) do not make a stand, the Labor Party, the oldest labour party in the world, risks becoming nothing more than the democrats in the antipodes. The legacy of the generations who devoted their lives to this Party needs protecting. It will be a betrayal of the legacy of the Curtin, the Chifley and the Whitlam governments if the initials ALP come to stand for nothing more than the Alternative Liberal Party. (OC: Of course Diane's predecessors on the Left angrily denounced Curtin for selling out, for interring Japanese-Australians, Chifley for being anti-union, Whitlam for his tariff cuts and so much more. Political leadership always involves some degree of compromise, realism and common sense. Australian politics doesn't permit fanatics to lead our nation, which is why folks like Diane will never, ever be satisfied. Until the day she's expelled and martyred. For the benefit of all concerned, could we bring that day forward?)

Anonymous said...

Vote Jaci Hang in the Cotham Ward by election for the Boroondara Clowncil.

Anonymous said...

Sorry I meant Council not Clowncil. I've been reading Money and Carbone too much.

Anonymous said...

Could the Liberal Party please pray tell me what has happened to Cait Catt? You've admitted she's a friend of yours yet she no longer posts to this blog. I enjoyed the Catt. Also her soul mate catter8 who I think is one and the same person but who knows. Let's start an on line petition to bring back Cait Catt.

Anonymous said...

I'm really sick of the bitch claiming falsely that Andrew is the winner of the inaugural Walkley Blog Award when there isn't any.

Anonymous said...

Stop defaming the catt. I'm thinking of making a report about you to the RSPCA, but then again that body is pretty worthless.

Anonymous said...

I'm sick of reading all that worthless garbage on both the Landeryou and Slanderyou blogs. Don't some people have anything better to do, Liberal Party included.

Anonymous said...

Long live Diane Anderson

Anonymous said...

We do have some morons posting to this blog.

Anonymous said...

Anon Wednesday, July 11, 2007 12:01:00 PM wrote: " Anonymous said..." I'm sick of reading all that worthless garbage on both the Landeryou and Slanderyou blogs. Don't some people have anything better to do, Liberal Party included."

I for one am glad that Slanderyou is around. It gives us victims of Landeryou's sleazet libelous tactics, an avenue to put our view across, without the fear of having our comments edited, or deleted, or otherwise.

Well done Slanderyou

Anonymous said...

Anon 2:07:00 PM -I agree with you 100%.

Anonymous said...

Andy is at it again this time phoning up some no name Liberal candidate, and of course confusing her with someone else.

The pickle didn't even apologise to her for claiming she was a drunkard!

Anonymous said...

Vote Jaci Hang in the Cotham Ward by election for the Boroondara Clowncil.