Thursday, July 12, 2007

Tell the truth Andy

We are always thinking how best to service our readers.

Hence our new initiative.

Every Monday, we will be posting a column called “Tell the truth Andy”.

The column will last for a week, where we will invite you to post your comments, corrections, opinions and viewpoints on any of Andy’s editorial articles. (His postings are editorials and opinion pieces – not based on fact.)

Feel free to comment on any piece Andy runs throughout the week, free from any deletions, and unauthorized edits and changes Andy often makes to his readers comments.

Let’s start with this Andy special, where he has yet to apologise to Katherine Walsh. (Hat tip to a Slanderyou reader.) According to Andy’s owning reporting he phoned her, provoking an understandable concern on Walsh’s part, especially considering Landeryou’s like for approaching women late at night with a digital camera.

6 Truth On Comments:

Anonymous said...

Why is Slanderyou so concerned with Katherine Walsh? We in the Liberal Party think she's a great asset to our party and we think she'll make an outstanding Boroondara councillor. She's a candidate for the Cotham Ward by-election presently being conducted in that municipality. Of course there are other Liberals contesting the by-election and our party does not endorse one party member over another, but we do think Katherine is great and commend her to Cotham Ward voters.

Of more concern to the greater readership of Slanderyou should be Labor sleaze. Like Minister Thwaites, who takes advantage of undisclosed taxpayer funded holidays. Read our media release by our Leader and Victoria's next Premier, Ted Baillieu:

Author : Ted Baillieu MLA
Deputy Premier John Thwaites' acceptance of undisclosed taxpayer funded holidays at Falls Creek has severely compromised his integrity and the oversight of the resort's management, Opposition Leader Ted Baillieu said today.

The revelations in today's Age confirm why Mr Thwaites has been compromised and should resign.

It has been revealed that union leader and Labor recruit Bill Shorten sought to have the Falls Creek Board of Management sacked in a letter sent to John Thwaites in July last year.

Mr Thwaites failed to act on his Labor colleague's claims of serious mismanagement by the resort's Board.

Mr Shorten's letter follows recent revelations that the Minister's appointed Chair of the Falls Creek Board of Management inappropriately claimed $1100 in expenses for a Labor political fund-raiser.

"The question that must be asked is whether John Thwaites' judgment on the management of Falls Creek has been coloured by his regular acceptance of taxpayer funded holidays at the resort.

"This is exactly why Ministers shouldn't accept benefits from people they've appointed - it is perceived as compromising their judgement, " Mr Baillieu said.

This issue highlights Premier Bracks' failure to uphold standards of disclosure from his Ministers. Steve Bracks has consistently refused to discipline any of his Ministers.

The Opposition has already called for John Thwaites to be sacked over abuse of the privileges of his office. Today's developments are further evidence that the Premier must take decisive action.

Following reporting of Mr Thwaites' abuse of privileges, Steve Bracks defended his Minister saying he is doing a "great job" and "acted correctly and appropriately" regarding the free trips. What will the response be to his Deputy ignoring the mismanagement at Falls Creek revealed by a star Labor insider?

"Not only did John Thwaites fail to disclose his regular holidays to Falls Creek and other Government owned facilities, he kept Bill Shorten's damning indictment of Falls Creek management secret in the lead-up to last year's State election and more recently during his explanation over abuse of privileges.

"If Mr Bracks continues to refuse to discipline his Minister it confirms the view that this is becoming a Government accountable to no-one," Mr Baillieu said.

Media: Paul Price 0400 507 023

Anonymous said...

Jaci Hang is being touted on the Landeryou blog comments for the Cotham Ward by-election in Boroondara. Complete with a denial that young Jaci is a hooker.

Seriously, who gives a f___ about Boroondara. Most Slanderyou readers couldn't afford to live there.

Anonymous said...

Jaci Hang is a good Young Liberal.

Anonymous said...

Dear Liberal serial poster,

you write "Why is Slanderyou so concerned with Katherine Walsh? We in the Liberal Party think she's a great asset to our party and we think she'll make an outstanding Boroondara councillor."

Slanderyou wasn;t having a go at her, rather defending her from the prying camera lense forced upon her by Landeryou!

Why don't you criticise Landeryou?

Oh, I forgot, he is a Liberal party Blogger!

Anonymous said...

Posting Liberal Party media releases here and party function photos on his own blog shows Landeryou convertion to the Dark Side is complete. No wonder Andy's father is so disappointed.

Anonymous said...

Here's the thing.

Landeryou's blog adds nothing positive to any debate. Publishing bilious, slanderous statements about members of the Liberal Party does nothing to improve their image or even add value to any issue debates.

Unlike the ALP however, the Liberal Party usually attempts to keep their internal bickering out of the spotlight. Landeryou's funnelling of this crap can only be seen to detract from their attempts, much as his longstanding praise of Sophie Mirabella, which given the way he couches phrases, he can easily justify as 'tongue in cheek' to any of the ALP comrades who still dictate his little tirades.

I notice he's eased right off on his old ALP left wing targets.

Given he takes most of his leads from the Slanderyou site, you can bet there'll be a fresh round of comments on buckets of KFC and prominent Victorian Left Wing members.

Such a rich and fulfilling role for him.