Wednesday, July 25, 2007

Plagiarist: "...the attention-seeking, loathsome windbag"

Earlier this month, we brought to you one colourful description of Andy Landy: "Disgusting web filth".

It seems that colourful accurate descriptions of Landeryou follow him all over the blogosphere.

This blogger calls Landeryou an "...attention-seeking, loathsome windbag".

Be careful dear readers, as Landeryou may indeed sit on you.

Alternatively, he could call you a plagiarist, when in fact Landeryou has been caught out on at least two occasions on plagiarist charges. And let's not discuss his fake Walkley.

14 Truth On Comments:

Anonymous said...

Landeryou an attention seeking windbag?

SOunds true to me, so how is this at all controversial?

Cait Catt said...

This posting is complete nonsense. Andrew Landeryou did win the inaugural Walkley blog award, and there is proof of this on the internet. Slanderyou you are just jealous because you will never win one.

Anonymous said...

Cait - why would anyone be jealous of NOT winning a faked award?

Anonymous said...

Has anyone else noticed that Andy has stopped offering a KFC bucket as a reward to his snitchers?

And whatever happened to his $1000 bounty? Did anyone take it up? How can a bankrupt even make that offer?

Anonymous said...

Andy-Cait-Catter9-Delia, you didn't win a Walkley Award and you're not in the running either. You're not even a real journalist.

Anonymous said...

Interesting advertsing Slanderyou. Today an ad for Sicko appeared on your blog. Intersting this adsense advertising. It obviously picked up all the references to Landeryou. Interesting.

Yarra Ranger said...

Can someone exaplain this to me.

Landeryou is critical to some public servant about public disclosure of some funding arrangement.

However, Brunswick Villa residing Landeryou, won't come clean on his own finances, given he is a bankrupt, which was based on his mishandling of public monies, ie MUSU for starters.

Anonymous said...

Stop your bitching about the great man Yarra Ranger.

Andrew is Australia's best blogger.

Anonymous said...

Andrew stole a million dollars from MUSU in a crooked deal, illegally set up by his cronies for his personal benefit. He was aware of the illegality, so he bounced it Hong Kong and then it disappear to Cypress. That money has never been recovered. He attempted to steal even more in the Optima racket which involved MUSU guarantees on property linked to the fat one. The University shut down the Union as a result. He ripped off $3 million from Solly Lew and shredded the records, but Solly is a tough bastard and took the fat one's Parkville mansion. The fat one lost his wife ("labor rat left me" reported the papers). Andy will steal from anyone, whether union or so-called business partner. He is a crooked little twat. He deserves jail for life. Instead he is condemned to friendlessness, KFC, and paranoid slander. No one will defend the crook, so he invents friends to write on his behalf. Slanderyou readers should vote on whether he deserves this paranoid, self induced state of eternal sadness or whether we whack him in the slammer. We deserve a poll on this key issue! Over to you Slanderyou!

Anonymous said...

Choices should be:

a) Andy is innocent. Leave him alone.

b) Andy is a slimy crook, all charges are true, but the life he has created for himself is miserable, degenerate, self defeating and generally sad. Let him rot amidst the slime until he implodes in an orgy of self pity and paranoia. His existence is punishment enough.

c) Point b) is all true, but let's jail him and restore justice to the world. His sad state is his own business and I am more concerned with revenge on the stupid criminal twat. Punishment is more important than self-induced wretchedness!

Anonymous said...

Agree, we need a poll! Slanderyou, do we jail him or not. Let your readers decide!

Anonymous said...

Anon, Thurs, 12:52 am
How can you describe Landeryou as "great" and "Australia's best blogger"?
All he does is provide links to newspaper websites with a bit of juvenile comment. Big FN deal.
His last piece of investigative was stalking a suburban journalist on a Saturday night and getting beat up by a bunch of women.

Anonymous said...

With rental properties at a premium, how can an unemployed bankrupt afford to live in a rental house in inner city Melbourne?

How can Landeryou do it, while millions of Australians can't!

Anonymous said...

Oh, Cait (Andy) trotting out that old line about your Walkley blog award again.
Why don't you award yourself a knighthood or Congressional Medal of Honor as well? They're just as believeable.