Wednesday, July 04, 2007

More on MUSU

While females across greater Melbourne dare not go out at night, in case they are confronted by a camera loaded Andrew Landeryou, they might consider spending a night in and reading up on the MUSU story.

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It was actually interesting how I went from really not caring and just running for a joke to caring too much and not finding it enjoyable. When I started in Student Politics, I was basically one of the few to stand up and be counted. The election in 2001 should never have been allowed to stand. The result of that election lead directly to the fall of the Union mainly because there were suddenly no checks and balances.

I feel that my whole time in student politics was actually a waste of time. Nothing positive happened in my time there. I mean I made some very good friends and had some fun times, but seriously the Student body got nothing out of those years. Most of this was due to the fact that Student Unity, under the leadership of DR and SC placed their personal interests first before that of the student body, which they were supposed to serve.

MUSU was placed into adminstration at the start of 2004. I personally felt this should have been done much earlier and did once or twice advocate this path of action. If it had been done before the election in 2003, it is likely that farce would not have occurred. Yet, it didn't and hindsight will add nothing to what has already been done.

The actions of DR and SC may not have been illegal, but certainly they were amoral, if not immoral, and unethical. The way in which they attempted to block and hamper information about the Optima deal getting out shows they clearly do not believe in open government. Likewise the ways in which they attempted to adjust the electoral processes to reduce the ability of the opposition to fight against them shows that to them democracy is something that just gets in the way. The way they seemed to use people is troubling as well. There must be dozens out there. Only the other day, I ran into someone who felt they had been used by them in 2001.

The Young Liberals should not really escape blame completely for what happen. Although none of them signed any of the questionable contracts, they were quiet happy to sit back and allow MUSU to fall apart around them. I know that they don't believe in Unions but to allow any organisation to get into deep trouble on your watch because you don't believe in it is a bit poor.

The fact that SC is running for a local council at the moment worries me in the sense that I am concerned about who at the moment is running every level of government. It is a great shame that people like DR and SC maybe operating within mainstream political parties. This one of the main reason I have never join a political party in real life. To quote Bob Dylan "I am willing to give it my heart, but it wanted my soul"*.

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Anonymous said...

Seems to me a very fair and balanced commentary.

This is typical of the very fair and balanced commentary you get on Slanderyou.

Well done!

Anonymous said...


The good people of that Council saw through the lies of SC and gave him the heave ho and told him not to come back. Local ALP heavyweights unable to get him across the line and he is seen by local ALP as a political liability.

Pity the students at MU didn't give him heave ho before he oversaw demise of MUSU.

Anonymous said...

"Davo" is a very credible source - well done Slanderyou.

Anonymous said...

Don't forget Optima

You should do a story on that too