Wednesday, July 04, 2007

Landeryou publishes press release on his stalking activities

Landeryou publishes press release on his stalking activities.

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Anonymous said...

A press release indeed!

Landeryou's flights of fancy know no bounds.

Anonymous said...

Landeryou knows no shame; stalks a woman, gets beaten up, brags about it on his blog and issues a media release. He has some serious issues with women.

Anonymous said...

Not a terribly well-written or professional looking press release at that.

Anonymous said...

Wonder how he went when the police came knocking.

Charges pending???

Anonymous said...

Where are Andy's sock puppets Cait Catt and twin Catter8 to defend to indefensible?

Anonymous said...

How very droll. Landeryou righteously bleating about copyright infringement.

Remember the OC shared with you the good news of the departure of Age Editor-in-Chief Andrew Jaspan and reported that Mark Baker, the editor of the Canberra Times is likely to get the job with current 2IC Paul "Rambo" Ramadge desperately seeking it. We had the story last Thursday, on the 28th of June.

What story? Speculation? And quite frankly, if you've got it Landeryou, then it must be circulating through Melbourne's soup kitchens and potential sex offenders support groups (stalking is viewed as a potential early stage of a sex offender).

Nearly a week later, without attribution, yesterday's Nameless:
Whether the concerns about Jaspan will have any effect, given the healthy circulation and readership figures at The Age, remains to be seen, but there is well-informed speculation that Jaspan may move on soon.

Possibly because Landeryou is not considered a good or well-informed source of information. I'd be reluctant to report anything solely on Landeryou's say-so.

Who would replace him? There are no hot tips, although the editor of the Canberra Times, former Age senior journalist Mark Baker, is mentioned in speculation as is Jaspan’s deputy Paul Ramadge.

No hot tips. I believe Landeryou was touting him as the new editor? Well.

Accordingly, we have issued an invoice for $200 (ex GST) to Private Media Partners for this use of OC copyright, our normal fee for those republishing OC material without acknowledgement who are not within our circle of trust.

This cracked me up. It really did. Naturally, I'm sure Landeryou will happily pay royalties to the Australian Financial Review for reprinting their material without permission. Not once, but frequently this week.

And the Age. Attribution, or no attribution, it's a clear violation of copyright. One which Landeryou loftily ignores when it suits him. Much like many of the other facts he frequently ignores or discounts in his 'reporting'.

At least he's not covering anything important. And if he wants to spend his Saturday nights haranguing women on city streets for imagined slights, good luck to him.

It's a huge improvement on him trying to run a Student Union, or major metropolitan city council, which he reportedly (or should I say allegedly) tried to run dummy candidates for, something he (and others) threatened to sue this blog's predecessor for.

Shame that story hasn't been reposted...

Anonymous said...

Dean Sherriff seems to be back into it.

The supposedly "broke" Councillor has been buying up purchase options on property about 1 1/2 hours from Tokyo. Those who know the town/suburb "Narita" will know that this is where the main airport for Tokyo is.

He has been purchasing on behalf of Pacific Insight Pty Ltd which we know is his company but also Tochu Corporation Pty Ltd which seems to be a Japanese Company involved in some dodgy mining lease in Western Australia.

Can anyone inform us of what he is up to?

Anonymous said...

Is he still "tracking" with his Japanese girlfiend?

Anonymous said...

Dean Sherriff is cleaning up graffitti and clearing blackberry bracken from the Plenty River as part of his Community based punshment for his 'road rage' crimes.

Anonymous said...

Blackberry bracken? Is that one of those genetically modified foods?

Anonymous said...

Leftist? Melissa Heagney might be a socialist but what is a leftist anyway?