Monday, July 16, 2007

Australian Newspaper demotes Andrew Landeryou

The Australian newspaper was the first to accurately report that Andrew Landeryou is a Liberal Party blogger.

The Australian has now dismissed Landeryou’s blog of sleaze as a mere gossip blog, focusing as it does on Andy’s preoccupation with the penises of AFL footballers.

16 Truth On Comments:

Anonymous said...

Why the concentration on sleaze Slanderyou? You should be concentrating on the Bracks government, and in particular the failure of the Bracks government to help Victoria's indigenous population. Vote Liberal. Read our latest media release:

Author : Andrea Coote MLC
While the Federal Government seeks to improve the lives of young Indigenous Australians through linking welfare payments to parental responsibility for truancy, the Bracks Government is not even monitoring Indigenous truancy.

Shadow Minister for Aboriginal Affairs Andrea Coote questioned the Minister for Aboriginal Affairs Gavin Jennings in Parliament about truancy among Indigenous school children.

Mr Jennings admitted that no such data existed.

Mrs Coote said the latest truancy figures for the state are more than a year old.

"This situation is indicative of the Bracks Government's overall lax attitude towards identifying problems in Victoria's Indigenous community," Mrs Coote said.

"This Victorian Labor Government obviously does not recognise the crucial impact education has on improving opportunities for Indigenous Victorians.

"I am dumbfounded that Mr Jennings and his army of bureaucrats have not taken a more responsible approach to monitoring absenteeism.

"How can we expect to maximise the opportunities for Indigenous children when the Victorian Government does not even care whether they are attending school?

"The Bracks Government must stop ignoring truancy within its schools.

"Mr Jennings must check roll-call figures, and then support the Federal Government's proactive approach, to ensure our Indigenous children are given every chance to succeed."

Media: Andrea Coote 9625 1398 (pager)

Anonymous said...

THe serial Liberal Party poster asks 'Why the concentration on sleaze Slanderyou?"

Well, Landeryou is a Liberal Prty blogger! - that explains evertything!

Anonymous said...

The serial liberal party poster is Landeryou.

Anonymous said...

What's the Liberal Party's stance on stalking bankrupts, female impersonators and failed student politicans?

Anonymous said...

I wonder if Andrea Coote MLC knows that Andy is posting her press releases here...

Anonymous said...

I hear that The Australian is tired of Andy stealing their stories, passing them of as his own, then relinking back to the Australian as some sort of confirmation!

Anonymous said...

Methinks 9.48 should send Andrea an email telling her about the wonderful publicity she's getting form 104 on the Slanderyou blog.

Anonymous said...

From 104 I said, not from Andy Landy.

Anonymous said...

Nor from 104's friend Cait Catt. Where are you Cait?

Anonymous said...

A link from the Landeryou blog today brings up this story in The Age. Landeryou is doing something good for a change.

Inspectors are 'like Gestapo'

Peter Ker
July 17, 2007
Latest related coverage

TICKET inspectors on Victoria's public transport system have been likened to the Gestapo in documents prepared to assist the State Government to set up the state's $500 million new myki ticketing system.

The system, which is set to become operational over the next six to 12 months, will replace tickets with a scannable smartcard system called myki.

The comments about inspectors were in documents prepared by a market research firm for the Transport Ticketing Authority, a Government off-shoot responsible for the new ticketing system.

The documents, obtained under freedom of information laws, warned that "among the majority" of Victorians, the "attitude and approach of current public transport inspectors was a sore point".

"Many had stories to tell about witnessing or being the subject of so-called 'Gestapo' inspection tactics" the documents said.

"Young persons in particular felt current ticket inspectors need to adopt a fairer, 'innocent until proven guilty' approach."

According to the Department of Infrastructure, 570 authorised officers — the official term for ticket inspectors — work on the network. They are entrusted with giving travel advice, improving security and deterring fare evasion.

The Sunday Age revealed last year that training manuals for ticket inspectors carried instructions on how to behave during "aggressive conflict".

Melbourne University transport lecturer Dr Paul Mees said commuters should not expect their relationship with ticket inspectors to improve when the myki system takes over.

"That unfortunately is a by-product of having a non-functional ticketing system … and myki will make it worse."

Under the myki system, commuters will scan their card when boarding and disembarking, leaving the technology to calculate the appropriate fare.

Dr Mees said travellers may not be sure whether their card has properly scanned.

While further checking devices will be available for commuters, Dr Mees said they may have to swipe three times to be certain they have paid.

"It has the potential to create far more hassle and angst than what we've got now."

Transport Ticketing Authority spokesman Bruce Atherton said myki was not expected to affect the number of ticket inspectors or their fundamental role, but there would be training to familiarise inspectors with the high-tech equipment.

Metlink said authorised officers had an important role, and its research of public transport users showed 64 per cent had either a positive or neutral attitude to them.

Anonymous said...

it's not surprising that Landeryou would link to a Gestapo reference

we all remember what Keating called him!

Anonymous said...

at first i was sceptical, but i have come around to Slanderyou's findings that Landeryou is indeed a blogger for the Liberal party.

How else do you explain his writings yesterday about the Liberal and the Greens trading perferences. he wouldn;t have known that unless he was linked in hard into the Liberals!

Anonymous said...

We send our media releases to Mr Landeryou and we are glad when he uses them, whether he attributes them to us or not. We hope he will make good use of our latest media release about Bracks government misuse of public money, hypocricy and unfitness to hold office. Read from David Davis, MLC and we're sure you'll vote Liberal next time. How much longer do we have to tolerate Mr Bracks? Read on:

Author : David Davis MLC
Documents obtained by the Opposition under the Freedom of Information Act show Steve Bracks and his Ministers like to pamper themselves at taxpayer-expense when representing Victoria abroad.

According to Shadow Minister for Industry and State Development, David Davis, there is an important and legitimate role for the Premier and his Ministers to play representing Victoria overseas. This must include modest and reasonable travel and entertainment expenses.

What was neither modest nor reasonable, Mr Davis said, was Rob Hulls' $10,000 daytrip from London to Paris in December 2005.

"Nor were all aspects of the Premier's visit to London and Europe in April 2005 modest and reasonable," Mr Davis said.

A morning tea at Australia House in London on April 18 for Mr Bracks cost Victorians £510 or $1,286 - that's a lot of cucumber sandwiches.

Limousine costs and preparations for the Premier's tour racked up a massive $21,575 bill for Victorian taxpayers.

And the Premier appears accustomed to dining in style while overseas, racking up $619 one night for dinner at Rules- London's oldest restaurant - and $1176 at the swanky La Trompette in Chiswick the next.

"Premier Bracks and his Ministers have clearly gone too far.

"Mr Bracks in opposition promised not to abuse the perks of office, but in government the Premier and his Ministers are treating themselves like royalty," Mr Davis said.

Supporting documentation is available on request.

Media: David Davis: 9888 6244 or mobile 0419 000 212

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