Monday, April 28, 2008

Andrew Landeryou “You Bastard”

Andrew Landeryou takes a peculiar pleasure in ridiculing, from behind his veil of bankruptcy protection, a range of public and successful people. One in particular is Solomon Lew. Sollie is a big boy and can defend himself. But it does seem strange to patriots that Landeryou didn’t seem to have any concerns or doubts about Lew when he gladly took the corporate raider’s money to capitalise his now defunct IQ Corp. And, his recent moral righteousness has precluded him from handing back Lew’s $3 million dollar investment. The only return on that investment was Landeryou’s own bankruptcy of a mere $13,000 – an amount Landeryou has laughed off.

Also, while running IQ Corp into insolvency, Landeryou also gladly took Fairfax’s money (through an arrangement with The Age newspaper). That business relationship too fell apart when Landeryou failed to comply with the terms of the contract. So like Lew, Fairfax/The Age has incurred Landeryou’s wrath not because of anything they did; but rather because of what he didn’t do.

Landeryou continues to be at war with everyone. No one is immune it seems from his paranoia: Tim Blair, past colleagues, your Blog of Truth, and now Bastards Inc.

Andrew Landeryou has a history of trying to and occasionally succeeding in shutting down opposing blogs, including our predecessor Slandersyou, Tim Blair’s, and of course your Blog of Truth. Some would suggest this is akin to cyber terrorism. His links to terrorism have been noted elsewhere. In addition, his online gaming spivery has attracted the attention of WIPO, the Internet police.

New revelations have emerged that in May 2006, Landeryou harassed a far right, gun totting, extremist blog, Bastards Inc. This harassment occurred while he was squatting in his apartment with millionaire views.

“I'll out you.
I've outed a number of bloggers, and you will be the next on my list.
Anonymity is for cowards (just like you) ... I will have the last laugh”

Posted by: Andrew Landeryou | Monday, May 01, 2006 at 09:24 PM

I am completing my famous Monday Madness column that will expose you (to) the full public glare.
Posted by:
Andrew Landeryou | Sunday, May 07, 2006 at 10:24 AM

The owner of Bastards Inc responded:

“Stay tuned folks, this should be a hoot ... Seems Andrew has one rule for his email list and another for the rest of the rabble.

Landers has also claimed under oath some interesting points about privacy.

"But Andrew Landeryou wasn't publicly associated with Marbaine and once again he was asked why not.He said the truth was he was planning to run for office one day and he believed that his involvement in business dealings would have made that difficult. He said he was also preoccupied with his privacy."

Hypocritical oaf.

Posted by Chief Bastard on Saturday, April 29, 2006 at 06:45 PM in Another thing I don't give a shit about | Permalink

Supporters of Bastard’s Inc came to its defence:


Look I'm sure if one dredges deep enough CB's identity may be found but what will you have achieved? Will you have made one little dent in the logical argument of the right and will you have convinced anybody that socialism is the answer to all the worlds problems? NO.
Such a touching crusade to embark upon on this annual celebratory day of the worldwide left wing. You and your latte sipping idiots must really feel you're on the edge of a major breakthrough. Who knows you might implicate CB in the Kennedy assassination.

Posted by: Intellectual Gladiator | Monday, May 01, 2006 at 11:29 PM

Just clicked your link Andrew and it seems I assumed you were a lefty. Nice that you're not but why should everybody put their personal details up on the web just because you choose to?

Posted by: Intellectual Gladiator | Tuesday, May 02, 2006 at 12:00 AM

I've had some experience with internet stalkers -
I've had to take out an APV order on one nasty unit who was hassling me-
I've taken the time to find out your stalker's 'details', only cos I hate this kind of crap.
I'd be inclined to let things rest for the moment, but if you need the info let me know -
My email addy is provided.

Posted by: Hotman Tightpants | Wednesday, May 03, 2006 at 07:53 PM

Why Landeryou would have it in for Bastards Inc is not known.

Speculation centres on the fact that Landeryou is overly sensitive to accurate, well structured and delivered criticism. So much so that he implores critics to “Eat Shit”. We assume that this is because he wants to horde KFC all to himself.

Thursday, April 24, 2008

Weekend Munchies

While the nation remembers the fallen on ANZAC day, patriots will not forget Andrew Landeryou (unfortunately).

Tune in Monday, when we disclose what a "Bastard" really is.

Wednesday, April 23, 2008

Andrew Landeryou anonymously speaks out, fat fingers and all

Last Friday was a bad day for Andrew Landeryou.

His fat fingers started to severely affect his typing, causing him to inflict a range of typos on his declining readership.

However, the affliction didn’t seem to affect him too greatly, with him commenting on your Blog of Truth here and here and here about the MUSU affair.

As usual, patriots were quick to hold Andrew “fat fingers” Landeryou to account.

Friday, April 18, 2008

Weekend Munchies

It promises to be an interesting time for the nation over the weekend.

In light that TS staff will be especially busy over this time and into the early part of next week, we have brought forward our weekend coverage.

And it seems that Andy is up to his old tricks, stalking people, this time around King St.

As one correspondent noted, the Oyster Bar is known for fried fish. Perhaps Landeryou was innocently at the restaurant extending his food tastes from a constant diet of KFC. But King St is a bit far, from his Fat Cave, for Andy to be lurking.

In other developments, the term Blog of Sleaze has been preserved on behalf of patriots.

Wednesday, April 16, 2008

Buckets of KFC and Porn

While your Blog of Truth suffers under the weight of discarded KFC being thrown at it, and being a victim to porn attacks, patriots remain alert.

Our attention was drawn to this story. Like commentator Kevin, we agree that "Tim (Blair) isn't too bad. Andrew Landeryou is the worry. His new scandal involving interns is outrageous."

Blair in the past devoted precious bandwith to highlighting Team Slanderyou for special mention for its monitoring of Andrew Landeryou.

No wonder Blair no longer links through to Landeryou.

Tuesday, April 15, 2008

Blog of Truth under attack

Patriots informed Team Slanderyou that during the course of yesterday your Blog of Truth was under a porn-attack.

Investigations are continuing.

A hint to the perpetrator can be fond here.

Monday, April 14, 2008

Andrew Landeryou: Interngate Scandal – fair minded patriots shocked

Scandal prone bankrupt and Liberal Party blogger Andrew Landeryou has been implicated in a developing imbroglio involving questionable employment practices.

Landeryou has advertised on his Bog of Sleaze, for an “intern” to join him on his Sleazy Blog endeavours.

The advert raises a number of significant questions.

Is Landeryou so lonely that the needs to advertise for ‘friends’ with mutual benefits?

Where is Freedom Freddy?

Where is Joe Klein?

Where is Cait Catt or Catter8 for that matter?

If all of the above are real, why not just appoint them?

And how can an unemployed bankrupt pay the intern for services rendered?

The picture of Monica Lewinski accompanying the advert clearly reveals his real motivations for the intern. As identified by reader Anna:

“If you notice the Landeryou's accompanying picture, it's of Monica Lewinski. Landeryou clearly wants an intern who will give him head. Isn't there some sort of law against that? I for one am sickened. This goes to the very heart of Landeryou's loneliness' complex.”

Andrew Landeryou is not new to sexual scandal. He has a history of heavily featuring photographs of footballer’s penises and those of political candidates. Though with the second example, the jury of public opinion is still out on whether the photographs were actually of Landeryou himself masquerading as a half naked Family First candidate.

Patriots have recently raised the issue of Landeryou’s loneliness.

Suggestions are that Landeryou’s search for a female intern and his loneliness are connected.

Landeryou ‘s most recent Facebook escapades suggest his is very lonely; but resorting to employing people so they will be your friends has shocked fair minded patriots.

Thursday, April 10, 2008

Letter to the Editor: So Lonely

Dear Team Slanderyou

“Landeryou is advertising a sleazy Russian bride come escort service from his blog.

I was on the comments section at 1:30 pm Sunday and found an ad for the "Anastasia" service.

This is the link
I visited the site. It says "Chose your bride from thousands of Beautiful Russian Girls" but then goes on to call itself a "Quality international dating service".

So what is it? Russian brides?

Whatever the case, it's sleazy, even by Landeryou standards.

Here's hoping you can publicise it, Team Slanderyou!

All power to your patriot blog!”

TS readers are reminded that Landeryou runs a bankrupt blog, and has previously attempted to advertise all kinds of notorious ‘loneliness easing’ schemes.

He is after all the Lonely Liberal Party Blogger.

Wednesday, April 09, 2008

Vale John Button

John Button, Australia's greatest Industry Minister, passed away yesterday.

Monday, April 07, 2008

Balding Andrew Landeryou talks to sock puppet on bad hair day – not an April Fools Day Joke

In September ‘07 we featured an exclusive on Andrew Landeryou’s express, chronic, hair-shedding baldness. In fact at one point we had to apologise for his comb-over.

Medical evidence suggests it is not related to anal-leakage, though the court system’s anal-probe of Landeryou may be a significant contributor.

However, we were nonetheless surprised to read that on the 1st of April, that the renowned Celebrity Hair Care website had featured Landeryou.

The website said that Andy has “...reputation of providing reliable and awe-inspiring information”. But to our relief we soon realised that the comment was posted on April Fools Day. Also, Andrew is a celebrity of sorts. He is a celebrity failure at most things, MUSU, IQ Corp, his bankrupt blog, his Liberal Party blogging.

In other developments, another blog has been established inquiring into Andy Landy’s records. Landeryou Files joins very credible Coalition of Truth web based resources, including Landeryou & Company, Make Landeryou Pay, Charge Landeryou, Landeryou Watch, and we trust Team Slanderyou as well.

PS: to those that emailed us over the past week, we will reply shortly. And NYC & LDN was, as always, great. Though we didn’t salute anyone!