Wednesday, January 30, 2008

"...notorious internet blogger Andrew Landeryou"

We have commented in the past about Andrew Landeryou's loneliness.

But to our surprise, the Geelong Advertiser has found some friends for Andy - Facebook friends mind you.

The newspaper credits Landeryou as a "...notorious internet blogger". Obviously the newspaper was being extremely polite.

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Cait Catt said...

A very good story from the Geelong Addy. To save patriots the trouble of clicking on the link it is reproduced below. Read on:

Geelong politicians' Facebook friends

Jeff Whalley


WHEN it comes to developing super-charged networks of thousands of adoring fans on Facebook, most of the region's pollies are yet to plug in their computers.

With online innovators like Barack Obama and Kevin Rudd jumping onboard the online social network craze, only Corangamite MP Darren Cheeseman and Geelong councillor David Saunderson have joined the site locally.

Mr Cheeseman, the first labor MP for Corangamite since 1931, has 175 friends on his site.

These include NSW Premier Morris Iemma and fellow MPs Robert McClelland, Kelvin Thomson, Bob McMullan, Brendan O'Connor, Tanya Plibersek and Lindsay Tanner.

The 31-year-old made a point of emphasising the launch of his site during the election to underscore the poor broadband available in the seat.

``The online world is another way of campaigning which is being embraced by most major parties, unfortunately in Corangamite the broadband is so appalling that not everyone can get online and have a look,'' he said at the time.

Cr Saunderson, a staunch member of the ALP right, also counts Labor notables among his friends, including Kelvin Thomson, Andre Haermeyer and Don Nardella.

The Cowie Ward councillor also lists notorious internet blogger Andrew Landeryou as a friend.

The federal MP for Corio Richard Marles does not have a site, although his name is mentioned in the `Kevin 07-Jobs for the Boys' site, which lists its contact as the Nationals website.

There is also a ``Richard Marles appreciation society group'', but this is for some young guy in the United Kingdom.

catter8 said...

Fran Bailey, regarded by some Liberal Party members as a bitch, is having her narrow victory at last year's federal election challenged in the Court of Disputed Returns.

Who told you first?

The OC of course. The best blog on the net. Winner of the Inaugural Walkley Blog Award. Refused to make the short list for the second Walkley Blog Award after representations from Slanderyou, Money, Carbone, Wood and Lew. Such filth. The OC was denied a second award it so richly deserves.

Read what the OC says tonight:

GAME ON: McEwen Result To Be Challenged

As OC sources had told us last year, the ALP will be challenging the result of the election in the Melbourne northern suburbs seat of McEwen.

Liberal sources say Fran Bailey wouldn't be heart-broken about losing her seat and is - according to one Liberal insider - "in a reasonably advanced state of pre-retirement anyway."

Game on.

Anonymous said...

who told us first?
not the OC that's for sure.

the Age had this on it's website earlier today, and it's been common knowledge amongst all and sundry for a while that the ALP would push for the disputed votes to be re-examined

Lame on.

Anonymous said...

Landeryou was once a left wing extremist, who because of his own incompetence was thrown out of his political party; and is now just using extreme left wing tactics and smears he learnt to get his payback in.

He's just a sad lonely person.

Anonymous said...

It's a conspiracy! I tell U. Slanderyou, Money, Carbone, Wood and Lew denied El Gordo his second Walkley Blog Award! Behind the scenes Evan Thornley and Stephen Mayne were also made representations! Or was it just because Buddha Boy was too lazy to update his dodgy web page.

Liberty Larry said...


What conspiracy, when there is no such award.

Anonymous said...

I saw it on the interweb thingy.
There's a Walkley (not an official one, mind U) awarded in 2006 for balding, bankrupt, online gambling spiv bloggers.
Then they mysteriously stopped.

Anonymous said...
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Anonymous said...
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more landeryou scandal said...

An Australia Post worker delivered a nasty surprise to an elderly Brisbane grandmother, exposing his erect penis while handing over her mail, a court has heard.

Raymond Toa Vaele (aka Andrew Landeryou), 46, was this morning sentenced to three years' probation over the October 23, 2006 incident inside the 62 year-old woman's Acacia Ridge home.

The court heard Landeryou, a father of four who worked as a sub contractor for Australia Post, had been delivering a parcel to the woman when she invited him inside to put it down.

As he handed her a clipboard to sign for the item, Crown prosecutor Amanda Meisenhelter said the woman noticed Vaele's erect penis poking 1cm out of his shorts.

"He does admit that the shorts he was wearing were too short to be inside the house," Ms Meisenhelter said of Landeryou, who pleaded guilty to one count of doing an indecent act.

The court heard the woman, who had been looking after her three young grandchildren at the time, waited until Landeryou continued on his rounds before making a complaint.

He was eventually identified through delivery records and a photographic line-up of his small device.

Landeryou defence counsel, John Edwards, could offer no explanation for his client's behaviour, however a committal hearing over the matter has previously heard the incident may have been an accident.

"He didn't deny that it had happened," Mr Edwards said of the erection.

"He is ashamed and he is sorry."

Judge Charles Brabazon was less forgiving, however, after it was revealed Landeryou - a devout Mormon - had been on bail at the time for attempting to kiss a 13 year-old girl and breaking into her home to leave lewd magazines for her to read.

In a victim impact statement tendered to the court, the elderly woman said she had felt humiliated, violated and was now left with a deep distrust of postmen.

"It may be embarrassing for you, but it is disturbing for the people who are affected by it," the judge told Vaele.

"She was a widow at home alone.

"This was no passing event. It is something that has had a permanent affect on her."

Landeryou may be ordered to undergo psychiatric treatment and counselling as part of his punishment. Community vigilants plan on direct action against him.