Wednesday, January 23, 2008

Why did IQ Corp fail?

Photographic evidence just in explaining why IQ Corp failed.

And isn't great that a former colleague of Andrew Landeryou at Crikey, Christian Kerr, has continued to find gainful employment in the journalism trade. Landeryou, on the other hand... well... you know the story.

See you next Wednesday.

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Anonymous said...

Fat Andy's going DOWN!

catter8 said...

Best wishes to Christian Kerr now that he has left Nameless and has gone to work for a real newspaper.

He has more sense than to seek work at the Aged. That newspaper doesn't have any real journalists. Only scum like Carbone Money and Wood. And of course the Aged always publishes articles favorable to that corporate crook Solomon Lew.

Cait Catt said...

Below is the full article on the OC blog. Hope Slanderyou doesn't censor it this time. There are no expletives in it. Read on:

Wednesday, 23 January 2008
DEFECTION: Christian Kerr Comes In From The Cold

Christian Kerr has abandoned the sinking ship SS Nameless to accept an appointment at The Australian to work in the press gallery.

In a move not conceptually different from scrambling across the Berlin Wall to freedom, Kerr has escaped the insidious leftard Nameless junta of Eric Beecher and Guy Dribble. With minions including the likes of anarchist Jeff Sparrow and Guy " pronounced Gee" Rundle, Nameless is believed to have suffered a marked decline in subscriptions in the last twelve months.

Little wonder the ostensibly right-wing scribe was troubled by what Nameless had become. The creation of Liberal wets, it has evolved into a sinister and corrupt left-wing propaganda project. Even the shameless Stephen Mayne is said to be embarrassed by the situation and occasionally muses about "buying it back cheap" when Beecher gets sick and tired of subsidising the loss-making venture.

For Kerr's part, it's certainly a vindication of his tireless campaign of obsequiousness directed at a number of prospective media employers and referees. Some thought his flattery for Michelle Grattan was such that he possibly had the hots for her. Shudder.

On a serious note though, we wish Kerr well and trust he will no longer have to dress to the latte left now that he's escaped the foul Beecher/Green/Dribble regime.

We'll be watching with keen interest and ready to bring out the bath shots as appropriate.

Game on.

Anonymous said...

In the Age's favour, Catter 8, it also publishes articles highlighting Landeryou's (your) unethical and contemptible behaviour. Cite privilege now, you hypocritical twit.

Anonymous said...

The Australian has been very good in its coverage of Landeryou, too.

Louise Perry's and Michael Batchelard's The Big Man on Campus from 2004 is the best expose of the Melbourne Uni scandal ever done.

Perhaps Kerr can nail the shonk once and for all in its pages. That would be ironic; Hillary Bray getting Delia Delegate.

neighbourhood watch said...

Here is just some of the fine reporting the Australian has done on Landershonk. These examples are from 2004-5.

The Australian is the paper that first used the line "the overweight, balding figure of ALP activist and runaway businessman Andrew Landeryou."

The big man on campus
By Louise Perry and Michael Bachelard

The son of a former Labor powerbroker is on the run amid allegations of missing millions. Louise Perry and Michael Bachelard trace his story

IN Victorian Labor's Right faction circles, there was just one table to be at last March for the pre-election fundraising dinner at Collingwood Football Club.

Deputy Senate leader Stephen Conroy was there to hear Mark Latham speak, as was Bill Shorten, the Australian Workers Union secretary sometimes touted as a future PM, and Steve Bracks's strategy director David Feeney.

Also in this powerful and impeccably credentialled group were Andrew Landeryou and his wife, then Melbourne city councillor Kimberley Kitching. A Labor scion, Andrew is the son of Bill Landeryou -- a minister famously ousted from the Cain government's cabinet over conflict of interest allegations. The son played hard in student politics, then rode the tech boom to millions, bought a Victorian mansion in swish Parkville and associated with the rich and politically powerful.

While keeping himself in the background, he introduced business to politicians, politicians to business, and he peddled influence internally, allegedly funding union takeover attempts and branch stacking.

Nine months later, though, it has all come crashing to earth. Andrew Landeryou has a warrant out for his arrest and he appears to have fled the country, though sources are divided on whether he has gone to China or Los Angeles. Kitching's whereabouts are likewise unknown.

At 35, he suffers from painful gout, and he is being pursued by the courts after failing to show up to liquidators' hearings into the collapsed Melbourne University Student Union.

This extraordinary story starts in 1991 when Landeryou defeated the entrenched left-wing leadership to become president of the student union.

The Left never forgot and did not forgive his move to commercialise aspects of the union's service delivery. Rumours quickly began about vote-rigging and other misbehaviour, and a group called Students Against Corruption launched a fierce battle against him. In May of that year, a referendum of students voted overwhelmingly to sack him. But he did not go without a fight.

``He changed the locks on the returning officer's office on the night of the referendum, he used a loophole in the constitution to call off a student general meeting that was called to discuss his sacking, and he hid under pot plants and in the basement when he was finally sacked,'' one former student politician says.

After that experience, Landeryou retreated to the business world. He helped his father with some of his business dealings, which included forays into the rough-and-ready post-communist Russian Federation. The younger Landeryou set up some software companies in which his partner Ed Dale was the technical expert and he, according to a former business associate, was salesman-businessman. ``He turns it on when he wants to turn it on. He is charming,'' the the former business associate says.

But according to some who did business with him, he took a similar approach to them as he had to his enemies in student politics: ``Either you are with him or against him. And if you are against him you are an enemy.''

Another former associate says that when he tried to sever ties with Landeryou's company, Andrew, backed by Bill, went ``completely feral'': ``They made bizarre demands, called my investors in New York.''

This associate says he was told to come, alone, to a meeting, then taken to a darkened room and threatened.

In the mid-1990s, Andrew Landeryou made a return to the Labor Party, trading on his success, touting himself as a business connection for the party and acting as a mentor to young, Right faction men who wanted to do business and peddle influence.

He made good money in small-time property development and sold part of a software company, IQ Education, to an internet business for $3 million during the technology boom.

But the trouble with business associates continued. One senior Labor member recalls somebody trying to serve a writ on Landeryou at a meeting of the Labor Unity faction. Landeryou ran away.

Earlier this year, though, Landeryou took on a big fish. Retail tycoon Solomon Lew began chasing Landeryou in court for a missing $4 million. In 2000, Lew had pumped $4 million into a Landeryou company, IQ Corporation, and plans were afoot to use the money to build a sports statistics and online gaming group.

Investors from Britain and Switzerland had contributed another $4 million, and Landeryou and Dale planned to float the company. No one knows how the $8 million was spent because -- as the IQ liquidator pointed out in court -- most of the books and records appear to have vanished.

On the stand in the Federal Court, Landeryou, Kitching, who was briefly company secretary, Bill Landeryou, who was also on the board, and Andrew Landeryou's sister Anne-Marie Landeryou-Mason, bookkeeper and personal assistant, could remember little about the $8 million.

Andrew Landeryou and his wife were particularly indignant, with Landeryou saying it was ``contempt, utter contempt'' that his wife had been dragged into the liquidators' examination. The two had declined to turn up for summons and fronted only when counsel for the liquidator asked the court to consider issuing arrest warrants.

(In avoidance tactics, the son appears to follow the father. Wanted by creditors for an unpaid credit card bill in 1996, process servers pursued Bill Landeryou to the doors of the parliamentary library, where they were stopped because it was not a public place. Bill Landeryou refused to come out.)

In Andrew Landeryou's fight with Lew, the liquidators ceased their inquiries after a closed-door deal was reached. It is believed Lew secured a caveat over the impressive Parkville house owned by Kitching. Lew, through his representative on that company, Michael McLeod, declined to comment to Inquirer.

But in 2002, Landeryou made the play that was to become his undoing. At 33, he returned to his training ground -- the Melbourne University Student Union. He knew he could make big money from the privatisation of student union-owned property. His dealings with MUSU are now under the spotlight in the Victorian Supreme Court as liquidators of the defunct $14 million union begin the arduous task of tracking down the missing cash of at least $1 million.

The liquidators' investigation into MUSU has unearthed a tale of shelf companies, stooge directors, allegedly forged signatures, missing cash, a Hong Kong bank account and nonexistent tendering processes. A common thread among all of the players is the ALP Right faction, Labor Unity.

Melbourne liquidator Foremans and its team of QCs, investigators and lawyers has been attempting without success to get Landeryou into the witness box since October. They have now issued a warrant for his arrest and documents they have received in the course of their examinations have been handed to Victoria police for a criminal investigation.

Also regulars in the witness box in the Victorian Supreme Court have been Darren Kenneth Ray, MUSU president in 2002, and Benjamin Cass, MUSU president in 2000. Both are members of the ALP Right and both are described by various sources as connected to Landeryou. Cass co-controlled at least one company with Landeryou, Marbain, which was given the lease to the student bar for a minimal amount of money with what appears to be a nonexistent tendering process. The lease was 10 to 15 years, even though five years was the maximum allowed. Marbain quickly sublet the bar for $1 million, which was then paid into a Hong Kong bank account. The money was removed after 24 hours and not seen again.

At about the same time in 2002, Landeryou had lent office space to another Labor Unity associate, Nick Church, to launch an expensive campaign to take over a key left-wing union, the Liquor, Hospitality and Miscellaneous Union. The office space was at the headquarters of the IQ company and reports of Landeryou's involvement in the campaign vary.

LHMU secretary Brian Daley believes Landeryou bankrolled the campaign to the tune of about $500,000 in an effort to get his hands on the bloc of party votes the LHMU controls. Taking over a union, especially a large left-wing union, and redirecting its vote to the Right could have changed the entire factional balance of the Labor Party. Had it succeeded, the plotters would have been heroes to their faction and villains forever within the Left.

``We always knew that Church was closely involved in companies associated with Andrew Landeryou and we have no reason to believe that funding for his campaign could have come from anywhere else,'' says Daley.

Church worked on the LHMU campaign with another ALP member, Andrew Rigby. Rigby says that in return for lending them office space, Landeryou asked him for a favour: to be a stooge director of Optima, the property development company that won a $46 million contract from MUSU to build student housing.

That contract relied on 265 apartments being at full occupancy at $165 per bedroom -- something described in court as ``ridiculous'' and ``highly unlikely''. Auditors of MUSU in mid-2003 reported that the deal could send the union broke.

Rigby told the court that the signature above his name was not his and that it had been forged. ``People warned me to be careful in business dealings with [Landeryou]. They said with him, nothing was for free, and they were right,'' Rigby told Inquirer.

Shortly after the auditor's report, a liquidator's report was released that recommended police investigate the union over the falsification of records, awarding of contracts, election rigging and travel rorts. Nobody has yet been charged with any offences.

``I feel a little bit used,'' Rigby says. ``My trust was betrayed. He took advantage of me helping him out. There was nothing in return at all, just silence, and the next I thing I know I've got summons and I'm in court.''

Rigby was informed by Inquirer that he was also listed as a director of another company, Citizens Against Poverty. While Landeryou is not a director, it was based at his office and his accountant set up the company.

Citizens Against Poverty's objective was to combat poverty through means including property development, share trading and the receipt of donations. Among the directors is John Eren, an upper house Right faction MP renowned for his energy in recruiting new ALP members.

Rigby says he can't remember being asked by Landeryou to be a director of the company. ``I certainly never signed anything on behalf of the company,'' he says.
Landeryou is an elusive character. There is scant information about him and few photos available from the past 10 years. But a former associate from student politics says he is ``not the kind of bloke you would want to cross''.

``Andrew is a complex person,'' the former associate says. ``He can be absolutely charming when he wants to be. He is driven by a strong sense of resentment about his father being dumped and about him being dumped as president in 1991. He has a desire for revenge and a belief in entitlement. He believes that he deserves and is entitled to all sorts of things and if anyone gets in his way, woe betide them.''

ALP figure `set up' relative
By Louise Perry

LABOR Party apparatchik Andrew Landeryou falsely named his brother-in-law as a director of a company without telling him, as part of a pattern of using other people as fronts for his business interests, a court has been told.

Matthew Mason told the Victorian Supreme Court yesterday that he had never consented to being a director of the Landeryou company Invest with Integrity, and his signature on company documents was forged.

Mr Mason said he had ``put two and two together'' and contacted his brother-in-law after he received a letter from Australian Securities and Investments Commission in relation to the company.

``What were the two and two that made you add this up?'' asked Master Ewan Evans, who is presiding over the examination.

``I don't associate with anyone else who is likely to have done it,'' Mr Mason replied.

Mr Mason, who is married to Mr Landeryou's sister Anne-Marie, said he was sure his signature had been forged on the ASIC change of company name document because the short version of his name had been spelt incorrectly -- Matt instead of Mat.

The court also heard that Mr Mason had been named as director of another company secretly controlled by Mr Landeryou -- Turning Point Debt Solutions -- again, without his knowledge or consent.

During the past six months the court has been hearing a liquidator's examination into the now defunct $14million Melbourne University Student Union.

The union was placed in liquidation early last year after a damning liquidator's report recommended police investigate the union over the falsification of records, awarding of contracts, election rigging and travel rorts. No one has yet been charged with any offences.

The court has heard that Mr Landeryou, son of one-time ALP heavyweight and former Victorian minister Bill Landeryou, had been secretly behind companies involved in several deals with the student union, including a $44million property deal.

Mr Landeryou was president of the student union in 1991.

He is believed to have left Australia the night before he was due to appear in court for the liquidator's hearing into the student union. A warrant has been issued for his arrest.

His wife, Kimberley Kitching, who is still in Melbourne, has filed for bankruptcy after a legal stoush with tycoon Solomon Lew.

ALP uni boss asks to stay in custody
By Louise Perry

A MELBOURNE courtroom fell silent yesterday when the overweight, balding figure of ALP activist and runaway businessman Andrew Landeryou shuffled in and announced that he did not wish to be released from custody.

Mr Landeryou, the son of a former minister in the Cain government and Labor heavyweight Bill Landeryou, was arrested early yesterday after arriving in Melbourne on a flight from Los Angeles.

Mr Landeryou, 35, was arrested on a warrant issued last December when, the night before he was due to appear in court to answer questions about the collapse of Melbourne University Student Union Inc, he caught a plane to the US.

He left a trail of debt behind him and an unhappy wife who last week filed for bankruptcy. Mr Landeryou was linked to multi-million-dollar deals signed by the student union before its collapse in 2003.

Appearing for the MUSU liquidator Dean McVeigh, Gary Bigmore QC yesterday told the Victorian Supreme Court he did not oppose Mr Landeryou's release from custody. But Mr Landeryou said he was content to remain in custody and did not want legal representation.

However, The Australian understands that his father has approached high-profile Melbourne lawyer Rob Stary to represent his son.

Bill Landeryou yesterday said he would not comment on his son's ``situation'', saying only that it was very ``delicate''. ``He hasn't been charged with anything. All he has to do is hand in his passport and say, `I want to go home','' he said. Andrew Landeryou told the court he had not been aware of the subpoena to appear at the December examination by the MUSU liquidator.

``I became aware of the arrest warrant when I was overseas and read it in the newspapers,'' he said.

``Contrary to press reports ... I have received no phone calls, no letters and no emails on this summons.'' In court yesterday was Mr Landeryou's sister Anne-Marie Mason, whose husband Matthew told an MUSU liquidators hearing this week that Mr Landeryou had falsely named him as a director of a company without him knowing and said his signature had been forged on company documents.

The liquidator is investigating companies believed to be secretly controlled by Mr Landeryou that entered into multi-million-dollar agreements with the union.

The MUSU was placed into liquidation last year after a damning liquidators report recommended police investigate falsification of records, the awarding of contracts, election rigging and travel rorts.

Mr Landeryou's wife, former Melbourne city councillor Kimberley Kitching, filed for bankruptcy last week after retail tycoon Solomon Lew won a court order giving him possession of the couple's heritage-listed Melbourne property to cover a $3million debt.

The row relates to the failure of IQ Corporation, an online gaming and statistics company that was controlled by Mr Landeryou and in which Mr Lew invested $4million.

Mr Landeryou will return to court on Thursday.

Runaway activist in search of release
By Louise Perry

RUNAWAY businessman and ALP activist Andrew Landeryou spent his third night behind bars after a Supreme Court judge cancelled a special Sunday bail hearing to be held at her house.

Mr Landeryou had been given the opportunity to apply for his release in the Victorian Supreme Court on Friday after he was arrested at Melbourne airport earlier that day, but at the time, he told judge Julie Dodds-Streeton he did not want a lawyer and did not want to be released.

He is being pursued by the liquidator of the $14million Melbourne University Student Union and also faces a legal battle with retail tycoon Solomon Lew over a $4million investment.

High-profile Melbourne lawyer Rob Stary is representing Mr Landeryou, son of former Cain government minister Bill Landeryou.

Mr Stary said yesterday that Mr Landeryou would apply for bail this morning and said he was ``philosophical'' about being thwarted in his effort yesterday to be released.

He said when Mr Landeryou refused the opportunity to be released, he had not had professional legal advice.

``He had also been in transit (from Los Angeles) for 48 hours so he was physically exhausted and a little bit overwhelmed at being arrested,'' Mr Stary said.

``He's had a chance to compose himself and now wants to be released. He has not been charged with anything.''

A warrant for Mr Landeryou's arrest was issued last December after he failed to give evidence at a liquidator's hearing into the collapsed Melbourne University Student Union in the Victorian Supreme Court.

He allegedly flew to Los Angeles the night before he was due in court.

But he told the court on Friday that he had not been aware of the summons, which was served via fax and email to his wife, former Melbourne City councillor Kimberley Kitching.

He said he had flown back when he read about the arrest warrant in a newspaper.

Ms Kitching filed for bankruptcy two weeks ago after Mr Lew won a court order giving him possession of the couple's heritage-listed Melbourne property, to cover a $3million debt.

The row relates to the failed IQ Corporation, controlled by Mr Landeryou, in which Mr Lew invested $4million.

The liquidator of Melbourne University Student Union is investigating companies believed to be secretly controlled by Mr Landeryou that entered into million-dollar agreements with the union.

The union was placed into liquidation last year after a damning liquidator's report recommended police investigate falsification of records, awarding of contracts, election rigging and travel rorts.

Mr Landeryou will also appear in the Victorian Supreme Court on May 5.

ALP figure slips away again as Lew comes calling
By Louise Perry

ELUSIVE Melbourne businessman Andrew Landeryou slipped away again yesterday, this time from the media and a process server acting for Solomon Lew, rather than an angry wife and a liquidator.

The ALP activist and son of former Cain government minister Bill Landeryou was released on bail after a three-night stay behind bars that began when he was arrested at Melbourne airport on Friday.

Mr Landeryou left Australia in December, shortly before he was due to appear before a liquidator's hearing into the collapse of the $14million Melbourne University Student Union.

He told the Victorian Supreme Court on Friday that he was not aware of the summons, which was served to him via his wife's email and fax, and when he read that a warrant had been issued for his arrest he flew back to Australia.

In an affidavit to the court yesterday, Mr Landeryou said he had travelled to San Jose in Costa Rica via Los Angeles on December 8.

``My marriage at this time was strained and communication between my wife and myself was poor. This matter and other personal and business difficulties have caused me substantial distress,'' he said.

Mr Lew is also pursuing Mr Landeryou and his wife, Kimberley Kitching, for $3million after a business partnership between the ALP activist and the retail tycoon soured.

Yesterday, a process server waited outside Melbourne Assessment Prison with the media, ready to serve Mr Landeryou with a writ on behalf of Mr Lew's lawyers in relation to the $3million.

Ms Kitching declared herself bankrupt two weeks ago after Mr Lew won a court order giving him possession of the couple's heritage-listed Melbourne property to cover the unpaid debt.

The MUSU liquidator wants to question him about a number of companies he allegedly controlled that entered into multi-million-dollar contracts with the union.

Mr Landeryou has not been charged with any offence and was held in jail over the weekend because he told the Supreme Court on Friday that he did not wish to be released and did not want a lawyer.

He has since hired high-profile lawyer Rob Stary.

Judge Julie Dodds-Streeton released Mr Landeryou on bail yesterday on the condition that he hand in his passport and give a residential address and telephone number.

Union liquidator seeks $4m
By Ebru Yaman, Additional reporting by Natasha Robinson

THE liquidator acting on behalf of the collapsed Melbourne University Student Union Inc has issued a writ seeking to recover more than $4 million from eight men, including ALP activist and runaway businessman Andrew Landeryou.

Liquidator Dean McVeigh yesterday lodged a writ with the Victorian Supreme Court seeking damages amounting to $3.4million from former MUSU presidents Mr Landeryou, Ben Cass, Darren Ray and Scott Crawford and former MUSU employees Dean Sherriff and John Gunn.

Mr Landeryou last night described the action as ``bluff and bluster'' and said the liquidator would have a hard time recovering any money from him.

``My net asset position is virtually zero,'' Mr Landeryou said. ``If he's able to recover $3million, then I'll be able to walk up and down on the Yarra.''

The other defendants were in a similar position, many of them unemployed, he said.

Mr Landeryou, 35, was arrested in April on a warrant issued last December when, the night before he was due to appear in court to answer questions about the collapse of MUSU, he caught a plane to the US. Mr Landeryou was linked to multi-million-dollar deals signed by the student union before its collapse in 2003.

In a statement, Mr McVeigh said the damages were being sought ``for conspiracy in relation to the alleged diversion of profit from the union bar and food outlets to Landeryou and Cass'' through various firms.

At least another $450,000 will be sought from Mr Cass and Mr Ray and former MUSU acting general secretaries Peter Marczenko and Tim Lisle-Williams. Mr McVeigh said the men were ``allegedly overpaid'' for outsourcing election functions. A further $50,000 from Mr Marczenko and $70,000 from Mr Crawford and Mr Gunn were sought over the ``allegedly overgenerous terms'' of Mr Gunn's hiring and firing as general manager and chief executive of MUSU.

Mr McVeigh also seeks $95,000 from Mr Ray, Mr Crawford and Mr Lisle-Williams, claiming they were overpaid for the outsourcing of market survey functions to the company BV SachsenGroup.

Another $215,000 is being sought from Mr Landeryou, Mr Ray, Mr Crawford and Mr Lisle-Williams for the ``allegedly improper appointment of Institutional Services''.

Anonymous said...

"He suffers from painful gout..."

El Gordo will soon be going back to prison for a long, long time. Here's hoping he doesn't also suffer from painful piles.

Anonymous said...

Sour grapes from El Gordo. Christian Kerr goes from Crikey contributor Hillary Bray to a regular job, then to the press gallery with The Australian. Buddha Boy's Delia Delegate contributions dried up when he fled to Costa Rica.

Anonymous said...

Cait, so what did you say last time that cause you to be censored?

You say above "There are no expletives in it" so you admit that your last rant was expletive laden?

What would your god say about that - sinner!

Anonymous said...

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Anonymous said...
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Jeff Mowatt said...

Time to "flush out" the cell in Ukraine. A once crusading publication reduced to rubbish by accusations of anti-semitism (at a jewish man), Nazism (to a hispanic man), fraud (at two people who spend their own money to help Ukrainian children in care) and child abuse at two of the above.

Yes It's Landeryou's blogmeister, "electoral wizard" and "savant",45934

Liberty Larry said...

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Cait Catt said...

7.28 and 7.30, removed by the blog administrator, were not posted by me.

Liberty Larry said...

You have form Cait on this matter.

Anonymous said...

I saw Stephen Mayne on the tube last night giving expert opinion on matters relating to share transactions.
I don't see fat boy getting interviewed anywhere.
The only expertise he has is sending companies bankrupt.

Anonymous said...

After his disastrous episodes on local ABC radio, El Gordo is unlikely to become a media commentator.
On what could a bankrupt, ex-online gaming spiv possibly make critical judgment on?
Running a successful business or political campaign, objective journalism, marriage counselling, dieting, hygiene or mental health.
Perhaps he could be a Getaway piece on Costa Rica or comment about sock puppetry, stalking or cross dressing.

Anonymous said...

With the Societe General issue, does Landeryou have competition?,23636,23106165-462,00.html

Liberty Larry said...

So where is Landeryou today.

Friday afternoon and no update to his Blog of Sleaze.

has he taken a long weekend the poor dear, after his week of heavy lifting - KFC that is!

Or is it the start of another mysterious vanishing period!

Anonymous said...

Wasn't there a guy called Clinton Carey involved in IQ with Landeryou

I wonder whether there is any connection:

"Why look for a wife in Russia"
by Clinton Carey

Anonymous said...

Just so everyone is aware, the ABS has released data on the Overwight and Obese situation in Australia.

I'm only part way through the report, but I am sure that Landeryou gets a mention.

Anonymous said...
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Commercial Energy said...

Often we forget the little guy, the SMB, in our discussions of the comings and goings of the Internet marketing industry. Sure there are times like this when a report surfaces talking about their issues and concerns but, for the most part, we like to talk about big brands and how they do the Internet marketing thing well or not so well.

Anonymous said...

I have to hear what Aurora will do with that!?!


Anonymous said...

Why do journalists have any contact with vexnews???

Its corrupt and not a credible news source


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