Monday, December 14, 2009

All Andrew Landeryou wants for Christmas is....readers

Siteanalytics, the independent website audience measurement provider, has revealed that only 142 people were bothered to read Vexnews in November.

It seems the only thing that 'Editor in Chief' Andrew Landeryou really wants for Christmas is readers.

While Vexnews slips away into obscurity, everyone at Team Slanderyou wishes Patriots everywhere a safe holiday season, and all the best for 2010. We will return from mid January.

Saturday, December 12, 2009

Vexnews should come with a health warning

Patriots have long commented that Vexnews should come with a health warning.

The reasons are self evident.

Now we can reveal video evidence of what prolonged reading of Vexnews (usually symptoms become immediately evident) can do to an innocent reader's health.

Beware, the video features foul language (the primary symptom suffered after reading Vexnews).

Wednesday, December 09, 2009

The Vexnews "startup" fails to "startup"!

The Startup Australia website discusses Vexnews.

Well, its not so much a discussion, as much as it says a thousand words without saying anything at all.

Vexnews' "timeline" - blank
Vexnews' "funding" - blank.

Thursday, December 03, 2009

UPDATED: Lets indeed discuss......."My financial situation - temporary I assure you"


The correspondence below was written after Andy returned from Costa Rica. Photos reveal the flight back.


Dear Young Mr Justin or is it Simon,

I am advised by one of your associates that you have claimed that I was successfully sued in relation to the liquidation of the Melbourne University Student Union Inc.

That is utterly false.

My financial situation - temporary I assure you - relate to my business dealings with the big bad Mr Solomon Lew and have nothing at all to do with the MUSU.

While it is true that there were a number of patriots were sued by a Socialist Left appointed Liquidator in nuisance lawsuits for massive amounts and settled for small payments (in the thousands of dollars against spectacular claims for millions), I believe most of the parties (including me) absolutely refused to agree to pay up anything to a fraudulent process of the kind instigated by our socialist friends.

You will find - and I encourage you to research the matter further - that no trial has yet or is ever likely to occur for the very good reason that there was no basis whatsoever to the claims made. So yes there was a lawsuit filed, and some amazingly high legal expenses on the Liquidator's part, but no trial let alone the result you imply. We vigorously defended every step of his bogus lawsuit and tormented the fucker as much as we could. A Supreme Court judge agreed we did rather a good job. He grew so upset he attempted to obtain court bans on our vigorous defence of his scandalous lawsuit. Poor fuck didn't have a clue.

For your reference: (note the Judge essentially endorsed our claim that the Liquidator was pursuing the claim for non-commercial reasons)

Indeed, as even the left-wing rag The Age partly correctly observed, we threatened to "do slowly" the corrupt Liquidator, a threat I believe we have, so far fulfilled with much more to come. He is and was a complete crook, attempting to use the political situation there to make himself a fortune. He got the fortune but also got a pretty big dose of grief from us which will continue until I am able to piss on his grave.(Apologies for the crude language, but as you are an engie of some kind I thought it might make it easier to follow for you)

Further, the Socialist Left appointed Liquidator will - when his final report is lodged - have to account for his expenditure of some $8 million, while recovering practically nothing from the "targets" he so publicly announced and denounced. Some of this money came from MUSU members which is bad enough, but it now appears most of it came from taxpayers via the University. If you seek a scandal, it is that, he trousered many millions and recovered essentially nothing.

Happy to discuss with you further should you wish. It saddens me that socialist propaganda of this kind has been accepted and repeated by a patriot such as yourself. Clearly this is because you are a dickhead rather than malevolent per se, so I'll forgive you this once providing you withdraw your false claims and apologise.

If it happens again, I suppose you know what happens next.


PS Feel free to call me should you wish on 0415 99 33 26