Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Jon Faine interrogates future Vexnews editor

Patriots might wish to cast their minds back to May 2005, when Patriot ABC Radio presenter Jon Faine, at great risk, interrogated Andrew Landeryou.

Patriots are reminded of Stephen Mayne’s in-depth coverage of the interview, which an independent media analyst described as Faine shooting fish in a barrel.

TS presents edited highlights of Mayne’s report.

Landeryou slugs it out with Jon Faine

By Stephen Mayne

“ABC Victoria’s Jon Faine took a risk this morning and invited fallen ALP powerbroker and failed businessman Andrew Landeryou into the studio for a vigorous 15-minute live exchange before an audience of almost 200,000. Faine was certainly a little apprehensive about defamation and Landeryou did manage to plug his blog and land a few blows on Solly Lew, Melbourne Uni Student Union (MUSU) liquidator Dean McVeigh, The Age’s Leonie Wood and a few other players in the soap opera that is his life.

Landeryou sailed close to the wind… Faine really put him through his paces about allegedly doing a runner, failed ventures and his credibility.

Landeryou then went to Costa Rica and attempted to pick up an online gaming business that he hoped to float on the ASX in an “arbitrage” play that would raise enough funds to clear the debt to Solly (Lew) – a debt that seems to have been incurred in very curious circumstances involving threats of more embarrassing public disclosures.

Landeryou said that his business associates knew where he was but he didn’t tell his wife as there were problems in his marriage that he wouldn’t be elaborating on publicly.”

Mayne concludes his report with: “We tried to call Landeryou this morning on the mobile number displayed on the home page of his blog (0415 993 326) but we just got the theme song from the original Spiderman.

Patriots will remember that Landeryou was last seen in mid 2008 in his Spiderman suit.

Mayne made no mention of Landeryou writing as Delia Delegate for Crikey.

This will be the last TS report for two weeks.

Monday, August 24, 2009

Peter van Onselen almost!

Peter van Onselen is becoming almost as inaccurate at political punditry as that other infamous Liberal Party blogger and online gamining spiver.

Friday, August 21, 2009

Real bacon sausage

Real bacon sausage retailers are experiencing some difficulties.

However, controversy remains with a halal chicken sausage supplier, who exclusively uses pork as the main ingredient.

(Thanks to Patriot Alice Idris)

Sunday, August 16, 2009

Vexnews: “media and online spivery road kill”

Independent website traffic measurement provider Site Analytics has revealed that only 467 people read Vexnews in July.

Respected media analysts approached for comment by Team Slanderyou have offered a range of views. One analyst said he was “…surprised the number was so high”. Another stated: “Vexnews is media and online spivery road kill”.

Team Slandeyrou has been tracking Vexnews’ rapidly dwindling readership levels since its establishment some 6 months ago. Click through the “Ratings” label below for coverage.

Saturday, August 08, 2009

Vexnews will expire in September

Vexnews, the financially insolvent news free blog, is set to expire on the 25th of September.

Registry data indicates that Vexnews' domain name registration will end in September.

The ratings for Vexnews continue to collapse. Ratings data shows:

Alexa Trend/Rank: Down Arrow 1 Month: 343,137 3 Month: 305,606
Page Views per Visit: Down Arrow 1 Month: 2.4 3 Month: 2.6.

Wednesday, August 05, 2009

Open Forum

Open forum Patriots so please discuss away.

Team Slanderyou is moving to a weekly publishing format which will begin next Monday.

Saturday, August 01, 2009

SHAME: Andrew Landeryou launches into Nazi occupation survivor

Legal documentation has revealed how Andrew Landeryou has been caught out on a vicious defamatory attack on a victim of Nazi occupation in World War 2.

Unfortunately, this will come as no surprise to Patriots.

In May, it was reported that Vexnews, the financially strapped pet project of serial wealth destroyer and professional bankrupt Andrew Landeryou, was embroiled in another fascist controversy, involving StormFront.

StormFront is a fascist internet talk shop for race haters.

StormFront participants have pinpointed Vexnews as a primary source for hate information.

The relationship between StormFront and Vexnews was established some months ago.

The disturbing developments have been compounded by the 50,000 plus readership of the StormFront website.

A range of independent, fair minded patriotic commentators have stated that this is a huge “shitstorm” for Vexnews.

Given that Vexnews’ readership ratings have collapsed, forging an alliance with 50,000 fascists is a worrying development.

(Right click images into new tab to read the legal documentation)