Sunday, August 16, 2009

Vexnews: “media and online spivery road kill”

Independent website traffic measurement provider Site Analytics has revealed that only 467 people read Vexnews in July.

Respected media analysts approached for comment by Team Slanderyou have offered a range of views. One analyst said he was “…surprised the number was so high”. Another stated: “Vexnews is media and online spivery road kill”.

Team Slandeyrou has been tracking Vexnews’ rapidly dwindling readership levels since its establishment some 6 months ago. Click through the “Ratings” label below for coverage.

130 Truth On Comments:

Anonymous said...

Well researched Team Slanderyou! Now we also know why fat fraud and failure Landeryou updates Poxnews so rarely. He is too busy toggling between 467 different personas.

Concerned said...

So, that’s either 467 people who are very gullible, very stupid and completely blasé about internet security or 467 misdirections by Google.

Cait Catt said...

False False False

Filth Filth Filth

Slanderyou is wrong again.

Vexnews readership is in the thousands and growing. It is compulsory reading for MPs and their staffers. It is compulsory reading for Ministers.

Vexnews is Australia's greatest news site, and ought to be in line to win a Walkley. Its predecessor, the OC, won the inaugural Walkley Blog Award, a fantastic and well deserved achievment.

Vexnews is also the Australian news site of choice for both ASIO and the CIA.

Get your facts correct Comrade Slanderyou. Go back to the Stalinist state Democratic Republic of Korea (Ted Baillieu calls it North Korea), where factual distortions are a way of life.

And I forget. The ultimate compliment. As well as being banned in Iran Vexnews is also banned in North Korea.

Anonymous said...

Hey fat cunt!!!!!!!

Only lunatics like the Dear Leader and the Mad Mullahs ban Poxnews

No needs to because no one reads it!

Be a man. Kill yourself.

Cait Catt said...

6.41 please tone down your language. Slanderyou is living up to its reputation as the blog of filth.

The request that I kill myself is not very nice, to put it mildly.

Go back to Pyongyang or Tehran 6.41. Your language sounds very much like that of Mr Toeben, who spoke at a holocaust deniers conference in Tehran a couple of years ago. He's a nutter too.

Mrs Alice Idris said...

I guess it is only a matter of when, that Andrew closes down his Vexnews website.

Will that therefore mean he will revert to his original occupation of sausage maker, and substituting pork in his halal chicken sausages.

kevin of southbank said...

So Labour has parachuted KERRYN PHELPS into Wentworht. So I guess she is now ok with the party's opposition to gay marriage. Strange bedfellows indeed.

kevin of southbank said...

With these numbers, it's clear that it's over for Landeryou's Poxnews/Vexnews.

Goodbye Andy

Brutus Beefcake said...

Vexnews only has 467 readers? I know of more people than that who intend to bash and bugger Landeryou when he comes to join us here in Barwon Jail.

Bubba said...

I am one of them, Brutus.

Anonymous said...

I just logged onto this patriotic site as part of a Sunday even browse. Going by the discussion it is pretty clear it has more readers that Vexnews. No wonder Landeryou posts comments here all the time. It is the only way he can get an audience.

Spider Pig said...

Who thought Andy could ever be this successful!?!?!?!?

Australian Medical Institute said...

The Barwon Gaol Hot Rodders, by the sound of things, will need considerable help from us.

AMI treats premature ejaculation & erectile dysfunction via a nasal spray preparation. Yes, we know it sounds ridiculous--sticking something up your nose to pump up your dick. Laugh if you like, but it worked very nicely for Theo.

Brutus and Bubba will make excellent new Stiff and Stiffs.

Some of our salespeople are already in Barwon (or should be)...

Cait Catt said...

I'm already signed up with AMI's female dysfunctional program. Funnily enough it also involves a nasal spray. But sticking a nasal spray up your nose at a critical moment during coitus sure beats the weird mind games that Andrew plays. I love it when he whispers in my ear "Imagine you are Rita Randles, Darlin"!

For me. making love with Andrew is like a lesbian relationship, only better.

Sniffer said...

I was at an orgy at Steve Newham's place where there was far more nasal probing than rooting! The Labor right seems to enjoy nasal sprays more than sex.

Cash Converters said...

We were thinking of offering employment to Mr Newham and Mr Bumby when their jobs run out soon. We think they are both duplicitus and would fit in well here. No chauffers, no hordes of public servants. Get down here into the real world, newbies!

Cyprus Getaway said...

little Theo and I have been recovering from our recent traumas on 'sick leave' in Cyprus.

The funny thing is that the only females I've seen here are grannies or babies. Where are the hunks?

A friend of the family said that many people followed the recent case in Melbourne, and have hidden their wives and daughters away until we leave.

Are these wogs serious?

Dr Phil said...

To date I have only identified 34 Landeryou alter egos from postings on Slanderyou. These fictitious characters are fewer than the 467 identified by the respected Site Analytics website measurement tools. While it is possible that Andrew has up to 467 alter egos, it is also possible that other people do indeed read Vexnews. It is a very sick world out there. There is no doubt that many others share Andrew's cross dressing and multipersonality issues. Realistically 467 readers is a sad number and well below those of respectable and credible blogs.

Dr Phil said...

Is the inane "Henderson Ross" dead. Thankfully very quiet recently.

Anonymous said...

What incredible reporting by the patriots of Slanderyou.

First we get independent verification of what a catastrophic failure Vexnews has been, even by Landeryou standards.

Then the fat failure himself turns up in full Comical Ali mode. "Vexnews is read by millions, including all the staff of the CIA."

There is great news on the Slanderyou blog: clear proof that Vexnews is an utter failure and that Landeryou is deranged, deluded and deceitful, through and through.

No lies said...

I hear that Stephen Newnham has told El Gordo that if he doesn't get more readers the brown paper bags full of used notes passed on via Ed Dale will stop coming.

Concerned said...

Dear Mrs Idris

There was a food stall at the markets on the weekend staffed by an incredibly fat man wearing a dress who kept swigging from a flagon selling what was called "Mussaman chicken curry (bacon flavoured)". Was that Landeryou trying to flog his fake halal sausages?

Ancients of Mu Mu said...

Is putting in all this effort for just 400 readers a month worth it Andy?

May be its time you got a real job.

Jim The Anvil Neinhardt said...

Good point Ancients. It is clear that Buddha Boy no longer has his heart in it.

Vexnews is updated increasingly irregularly. Even he knows Vexnews has flopped, even if her can't admit it.

Anonymous said...

I never visit Poxnews as I don't want Landeryou to fill my computer with spywear and steal my internet banking and share portfolio details BUT what is the betting that he is madly posting comments all over the site today under a myriad of made up names to make it look he has more than a measly 467 readers.

Anonymous said...

Since no one reads Poxnews this is how fatso might be able to get an audience. People would come out on Spring Street and cheer.

Man attempts suicide outside Parliament

From correspondents in Tokyo, Japan | August 17, 2009
Article from: Agence France-Presse

A JAPANESE man stabbed himself in the stomach outside Japan's Parliament building today, police and ambulance services said, in an apparent suicide attempt by ritual seppuku disembowelment...

Anonymous said...

Vexnews has not been updated since last week.

Fat Cunt must have thrown in the towel.

Front Passage said...

I object to Landeryou being called a C*NT. C*nts are often useful, entertaining and a pleasure to be with.

Landeryou is none of those things!

Brutus Beefcake said...

Landeryou is an arsehole. I brutalise arseholes and I will brutalise Landeryou.

Mrs Alice Idris said...

Brutus, you might wish to tone down your language. No point in getting Mr Slanderyou into trouble.

But your point about bottoms is interesting. I have been investigating Andrew's pork substitution in his halal chicken sausages.

What is especially interesting is that the pork used by Andy appeared to consist almost entirely of pig's anuses.

The Barwon Jail Hot Rodders said...

We intend to violate a pig's anus, Mr Idris. The pig in question is called Andrew John Clyde Landeryou.

Anonymous said...

Those site analytics for Vexnews are yet more proof that crime doesn't pay.

Billy Bunter said...

I intend to nominate Mrs Alice Idris for an Erin Brockovich Internet Award. She has taken investigative journalism to new heights of courage and determination.

Landeryou's inclusion of pig nether regions as the sole ingredient of his halal chook products is a stunning revelation! That Landeryou is comsumed by hate and set on starting WW III now seems obvious.

This is becoming a serious national security issue. No wonder ASIO and the CIA and carefully perusing vexnews.

Offal recipes said...

Distributing offal is what Landeryou and vexnews do best.

Mrs Alice Idris said...

Thank you Billy, I have never been nominated for any award in my life. It is nice to know that one's work is making a worthwhile contribution.

My interest,however, in Andy's pork/halal chicken sausages stem from the fact I may have once eaten one. It left a very strange taste in the mouth, if you know what I mean.

Finger Lickin' Good said...

Landeryou is also marketing the pig anuses as 'Halal Calimari Rings' and 'Halal Mini Chewy Doughnuts'!

Landeryou's advertising is not subtle either: "Charming little rings that fit right on your finger. Now you can balance your glass and your hors d’ouevres, and look positively in control the whole time. Genius! One size fits most".

Landeryou is an unspeakable swine!

Anonymous said...

I guess we'll have to refer to Landeryou from now on as THE LORD OF THE RINGS!

Anonymous said...

I call Landerfat "that prize asshole"

Landy is a Ladyboy said...

Here is a tale that might help furtive cross-dresser Landeryou come out of the closet.

[Click above for full story]

ALAN Heart and Paul Bishop used to drink pints down the pub, cheer on the football and do DIY.

But now they love nothing more than shopping for floral dresses, putting on make-up and painting their nails.

The once manly pair, now named Elen, 66, and Jenny-Anne, 63, have been living as a female couple for four years, after meeting at a support group for transgender men...

Ancients of Mu Mu said...

Stephen Mayne wrote the folliwng in his newsletter. Blows Andy away.

Here are links to some of our Fairfax columns with the traffic figures for The Mayne Report on the day in question. An average day of traffic for us is around 2000 page views and 1000 unique visits and it is interesting that our six biggest days over the past two years have all coincided with the publication of Fairfax columns as follows:

How to make $75,000 in three months
May 19, 2009
A comprehensive look at the system of capital raisings in Australia.
21,912 page views and 11,043 unique visits

How to cash in
August 7, 2009
The unprecedented run of capital-raising windfalls is continuing for the vigilant investor and if the markets keep recovering the next wave will no doubt be a flood of new floats.
17,151 page views and 9496 unique visits

Easy money on the table
June 23, 2009
The odds are stacked against small investors as companies rush to raise billions. Here's how to get a fairer roll of the dice.
10,451 page views and 5,532 unique visits

How small investors miss out
June 16, 2009
Ripping into MacMahon, Asciano and the whole dodgy system of placements and scale backs
10,404 page views and 7,162 unique visits

Get rich quick - Part II
June 2, 2009
More advice for retail shareholders in capital raising deluge
7,319 page views and 3,580 unique visits

Biggest pay cuts in history
May 1, 2009
The Macquarie Group net profit is down 52% to $871 million, but the headline news today is the biggest pay cuts in Australian corporate history.
5,910 page views and 4,060 unique visits

Profiting at Leisure
June 29, 2009
There's still time to make some money off Macquarie Leisure - but you have to move today.
5,234 page views and 3,566 unique visits

Paris Hilton's $1m party tab for ANZ
April 28, 2009
Party excesses send warnings about company collapses. Pity the ANZ missed Paris Hilton's New Year frolic.
4,246 page views and 2,237 unique visits

AGM season of revolt
March 30, 2009
Stuck the neck out predicting the Westfield remuneration report will be defeated at next month's AGM, along with AMP director David Clarke who will be punished for his role as chief executive of Allco Finance Group.
3,383 page views and 2116 unique visits

New Rio chairman is a dud
April 21, 2009
The Rio Tinto board needs a comprehensive clean out and they should start with a few more Australians.
2,486 page views and 1,618 unique visits

In defence of greenmailer Nicholas Bolton
April 15, 2009
A defence of maverick BrisConnections greenmailer Nicholas Bolton for humbling another Nicholas almost twice his age - Macquarie CEO Nicholas Moore.
2,666 page views and 1,430 unique visits

Truth and fiction on executive pay
April 6, 2009
A comprehensive scene-setter ahead of the SBS program Insight which has assembled an interesting panel for a one hour debate on executive pay in Australia.
2,426 page views and 1,543 unique visits

Sir Rod in need of a rescue
March 24, 2009
Predicted that only the Chinese Government voting Chinalco's 9% stake in Rio Tinto will save the teflon knight from defeat at this month's Rio Tinto AGMs in London and Sydney.
2,308 page views and 1190 unique visits

Mr Stinky said...

The Age in 2006 said that "Landeryou has followed the sordid trail of dead defamer Jack Pacholli, using bankruptcy as protection against libel action. Now prematurely bald, obese and developing a peculiar body odour (something to do with his high-fat diet, say associates), Landeryou spends his lonely days fetching internet sticks for his political masters".

Here Boy! Here Boy!

Duong Dinh Do said...

I ruvved the Haral Caramari Lings marketed by Mr Landeryou. They were velly clunchy!

Those were the Days My Friend said...

ABC, 5 May 2005 stated: "Another contract involved a company known as Marbaine Proprietary Limited. Jointly owned once again by Ben Cass and Andrew Landeryou, Marbaine briefly leased the bar and food concessions at Melbourne University for nothing, before selling the leases for $1.2 million.

"But Andrew Landeryou wasn't publicly associated with Marbaine and once again he was asked why not.

"He said the truth was he was planning to run for office one day and he believed that his involvement in business dealings would have made that difficult".

Anonymous said...

Andrew, you were quite right.

You are unelectable even in Zimbabwe or Swaziland.

No wonder you get fat 'elections' when libelling all those innocent people on Vexnews!

But your nemesis Les Twentyman is gearing up to give you a right royal drubbing! Phil and Dean ordered an analysis of The OC and Vexnews. Embarrassing reading, I'm afraid Landy!

Les is going to give your tits one hell of a big tug next time! I think there is a legal action plan as well.

Metaphorically, He is going to stick his tongue in your ears, you repulsive piece of shit!

Forrmer CFA deputy group officer said...

It has never been the responsibility of the CFA to give local communities information to ensure their safety during an emergency wildfire situation.
Fire Trucks are too busy fighting the fire. In recent northeastern fires, we were able to warn farms and householders. But that was due to our sense of committment, and during a lull in the firestorm.

Unfortunately, unless you have had flames licking your face, it is easy to make daft pronouncements that anger firefighters. I retired on 30 June 2006 because of these and many other issues.

Anonymous said...

I'm another senior CFA member: Brigade and Group volunteer executives often find themselves squeezed by endless meetings, planning and training. All these costs in time and travel are borne by the volunteers. Turning out to an incident for firefighters costs petrol and time.

The Royal Commission has the audacity to criticise a very professional organisation already teetering because of the vile results of the fires - charred bodies are absolutely unforgetable. Dealing with traumatised people who have lost family members and homes is not something everyone can do. It is a scalding experience for all.

Of course CFA can be improved. But current criticism is disgusting in all the circumstances.

At the end of the day, you're stuck with us or nothing. Good luck if you choose the 'nothing' option!

Landy is a Ladyboy said...

Will Andrew move to Perth?

Two West Australian woman who have changed their gender have won the right to be legally considered men, despite still having female reproductive organs.

The transsexual men were previously denied legal recognition of their sex change and appealed against the decision.

The state's Attorney-General, Christian Porter, intervened, arguing that until they had hysterectomies they could not be considered men under the Gender Reassignment Act.

The State Administrative Tribunal found that because the legislation did not specify reproductive surgery as a requirement, the pair could be legally considered men even with female reproductive organs.

One of the men, whose identity is legally suppressed, says he is happy with the tribunal's decision.

"It means that it opens up lots of opportunities for lots of other people who until now have never tried to get their sex legally changed because they didn't think they'd be able to," he said.

"Now it means that rather than having an arbitrary set of surgeries that people have to have each case can be taken on its merits.

"[It's] a result that will make life easier for both myself and the other applicant and for lots of other transpeople."

Andy is a Snark said...

Andy with your track record, you should consider a career in residential real estate. You would be in fine company.

Brutus Beefcake said...

Cross-dressing won't save you, Landeryou!

Bruta Bulldyke said...

I'll say!

this is your life said...

This week it is Andrew Landeryou’s birthday. He turns 39. In coming days and weeks and as Andrew enters middle age we will highlight and examine some of the landmarks of his life to see just what made him the object of derision and contempt he is today.

Andrew John Clyde Landeryou was born on August 19 1979. His natural father is not the corrupt and failed politician and businessman Bill Landeryou but another ethically challenged Victorian Labor figure George Seitz. Bill Landeryou forced his wife into prostitution to raise money for his slush funds and a range of other activities in violation of Commonwealth and Victorian electoral laws and the constitution of the ALP. Root-rat George was one of his best customers.

When Seitz fathered a son with his wife Landeryou Snr thought it was best to raise the child as his own. Remarkably at around the same time Seitz also fathered a boy with a deeply disturbed homeless drug addicted St Kilda prostitute. This child would grow up to be the sadistic homosexual mass-murderer known as Brutus Beefcake. He and Andrew Landeryou’s lives would be strangely entwined.

When young Andrew turned five his father began pimping him to paedophiles as part of his prostitution fund-raising scams. In an effort to buy his son’s silence Landeryou senior would ply him with vast amounts of Kentucky Fried Chicken after encounters with clients. From that time onwards KFC has occupied an enormously significant psycho-sexual role in Andrew’s life.

Andrew was always a tubby child but by the age of seven he had become so fat from the KFC his father was finding it harder and harder to rent him out. Bill Landeryou turned to corrupt union contacts in the welfare system and procured a youngster from an orphanage he could use to keep his paedophilic rackets going. That unfortunate child was Brutus Beefcake.


The Age said...

Victorian ALP secretary and campaign chief Stephen Newnham has issued a writ for defamation against Liberal upper house leader David Davis.

Mr Newnham says Mr Davis has gravely injured his reputation and caused him distress, embarrassment and humiliation by accusing of being ''up to his neck in sleazy electoral rorts'' in the Labor heartland of Melbourne's western suburbs.

Anonymous said...

Dave Davis can do a Landeryou - and claim privilege! Game On!

Flatus said...

Wot reputation?

SN is on the skids, and wants a pension...

Anonymous said...

Has Mrs Alice Idris seen how Landeryou is spreading a killer disease with his halal pork products?

Killer sandwich: ham linked to cancer

Ham sandwiches might be a staple of the school lunchbox, but they now come with a cancer warning...

This could end in tears said...

Landeryou is a likely witness in the upcoming Newnham v. Davis - in fact almost certain to be!

The Age story continues: "The Ombudsman's criticism of ALP head office followed an electoral commission report to Parliament, which found that a Labor pamphlet distributed during the Kororoit campaign was likely to have misled voters. The pamphlet, authorised by Mr Newnham, said a vote for independent Les Twentyman was 'a vote for the Liberals'. In fact, Mr Twentyman directed his preferences to Labor".

And don't forget Landeryou's misleading Hypodermic Needles maildrop during Kororoit which HE SAID had also been OK'd by Newnham and Brumby.

The message for the ALP in all this is don't set your State Secretary adrift in a lifeboat equipped with guns and missiles!

Iceberg said...

Landeryou has been busily bagging David Davis on Vexnews for outspoken drunkenness in parliament, since the weekend.

Proof of drunkenness, I suppose, would at the least have to be positive police-administered breath tests or blood / urine analysis.

In the absence of those, Landeryou is in the pooh - although Davis is unlikely to want to chase after ALP minnows like landeryou, when he can easily get the scalp of the State Secretary!

Political Analyst to the Stars said...

My bet is that Newnham now will retain his job, and there will be a collective sigh of relief in Caucus, when he wisely withdraws his writ!

A courtcase would ruin the ALP and dynamite the minnows like Landeryou, and other undemocratic scabs.

Rob Richter said...


I am always available for courtroom romps.

The increasing cost of ciggies, through indexation of excise tax, is driving me daft and I cannot afford to retire AND chain-smoke all the time. No-one can!

But I draw the line at representing Mr Landeryou in any way, shape or form. He has a poor record of debt repayment - and I don't want any more guff from the Legal Services Commish!

Phil Clearly and Dean Migghell said...


Anonymous said...

Sooner or later, Kororoit HAD TO bob up and burn the ALP badly. Too many dirty tricks, too much corruption, too little democracy.

Burn, Baby, Burn!

Ancients of Mu Mu said...

So Newnham is serious?

What would stop Davis calling Brumby, Conroy, Shorten, Feeny, and for that matter Rudd and Swan to the stand to provide testimony under oath?

Chief Justice Barwick's number one fan said...

Ancient, would you count these guys as character witnesses for Stepho?

Plus I rediscovered this:

Bring on dirty tricks probe, says Newnham
Paul Austin
March 10, 2009

LABOR state secretary Stephen Newnham says he is keen to give evidence to a parliamentary inquiry into the party's so-called dirty tricks in election campaigns.

"Bring it on," Mr Newnham said yesterday. He was responding to the revelation in The Age that the Opposition and minor parties are expected to ask a parliamentary committee to investigate Labor's "lies" about youth worker and independent candidate Les Twentyman in last year's Kororoit byelection.

The Victorian Electoral Commission has ruled that voters in the June campaign were misled by a pamphlet authorised by Mr Newnham that said: "A vote for Les Twentyman is a vote for the Liberals." In fact, Mr Twentyman was directing his preferences to Labor (although the Liberals were giving their preferences to him).

Mr Newnham said the move by Liberal upper house leader David Davis for an inquiry was "further proof of the Liberal deal for Les".

Mr Twentyman is seriously ill in hospital after suffering a burst double hernia last month.

Chief Justice Barwick's number one fan said...

Also I just got this via email.

We could ask Bronwyn what she thinks about all this

Dear Fellow ALP Member,

I would like to invite you to join me online tomorrow for a live Q & A on the Premier’s website.

This is an opportunity to provide your questions and feedback during the online session about how education is working in your local community or to ask about the Government’s education policies.

The live session is available at from 11.30am tomorrow.

Yours in friendship

Bronwyn Pike
Member for Melbourne
Minister for Education

Concerned said...

We could ask "Is it true Newnham passed on $50 grand to Andrew Landeryou via his partner in online spivvery Ed Dale?"

Joe Pulitzer said...

Vexnews's contribution to the Newnham stoush is weird indeed. It's headed: 'FIZZER: David Davis demands inquiry into Kororoit then ducks it".

So does Landeryou. His 'story' is a convoluted, meandering, tortured voyage of nonsense.

Here is a sample: "Indeed, it wasn’t til the former barrister had asked the same question four times about whether failed Kororoit candidate Twentyman was wronged in some respect or another by allegedly misleading attack ads that we were reminded of a particularly scurrillous rumour that did the rounds about O’Brien from his student political days".


There is even a parting kick for Sue Lang, the VEC’s spin-doctor.


Too much plonk! Not enough nouse! No journalism skills!

Vexnews is a boring waste of time!

Anonymous said...

Unfortunately, Landeryou is a wanker with no dick!

Squeezed Taxpayer said...

ABC Lateline tonight showed that the pollies still have no idea! The Kev govt is funding schools for the wacko religious sect - the exclusive brethren. They are a bunch of loonies that specialise in splitting up families and a range of other weird perversions. None of them will read this, because they are banned from viewing TV, going on the internet, reading newspapers, etc., etc.

For GOD'S SAKE, why are taxpayers funding these corrupt loonies, and helping them to screw up generations of Australian kids?

Deport the lot (including the corrupted kids) to Afghanistan, they are all lost, deranged and potentially dangerous. They shouldn't be here. Australian taxpayers shouldn't be funding them.

Anonymous said...

Federal governments have been funding these whackers for years. Millions of taxpayer dollars have been spent on their nutty 'religion' and its criminal abuse of kids. It's a vast national scandal!

Turning children into vegetables said...

Protect those children you lazy, numb, crooked Pollies!

E. Coli said...

Landeryou meanwhile is busily slashing Les Twentyman, OAM and Victorian of the Year, on vexnews. Absolutely Sickening!

The back-stabbed Kororoit candidate is again in hospital, tis time with a double-hernia. And Landeryou is stabbing him! What a schmuck you are, Landeryou!

I plan to sh*t on your grave!

little Theo said...

I am sunbathing nude in balmy, sunny Cyprus, sipping an ouzo n' Coke and snacking on mezedes!

Rita keeps smacking me with a cold spoon when I'm not looking! But she has been very accomodating recently. I read the Karma Sutra when Theo is on the job. Yawn! Been there, done that!

Theo keeps saying he will have to cut short his 'sick leave' to go back home to 'Save Newnham who is completely farked'! Strangely, he is even worried about Landeryou despite Andy's half-hearted support during our recent failed committal.

My fat journal of Theo's conquests is being edited for publication in seven volumes as we speak. The red velvet sofa in Theo's office gets frequent mentions. There is a whole chapter devoted to 'Unemployed Sluts' although that was not my idea. Theo insisted on it.

Concerned said...

Roll on Newnham v Davis! We are bound to see Landeryou in the dock and another classic comedy performance from the fat man:

"Witness, please state your name for the court."

"Privilege! Privilege!"

Jim The Anvil Neinhardt said...

Eddy Groves sounds as if he has the same approach to doing business Landershonk. The big difference is that his wife was actually a woman, not a man dressed as one:

THE warring former wife of failed childcare entrepreneur Eddy Groves has stepped up her battle in the Supreme Court, insisting her signature was forged on eight loan documents...

Brutus Beefcake said...

Landeryou is attacking my friend Les again. I'm A-N-G-R-Y!

Prison visitor said...

Oh no! When Brutus Beefcake gets angry, rectums get ruptured.

Landy is a Ladyboy said...

This will no doubt come as a relief to Landeryou

Religious sect apologises to transgender, intersex people
Paul Carter
Aug 19

The Exclusive Brethren religious sect has publicly apologised for offending sexual minorities in Tasmania.

The apology, published on Wednesday in Tasmania's three daily newspapers, followed a conciliation suggested by the state's anti-discrimination tribunal following a complaint by Martine Delaney.

Exclusive Brethren members were involved in the publication of a 2006 state election advertisement attacking transgender and intersex people.

Ms Delaney said the ads stated that Greens support for transgender and intersex people would ``ruin families and society'' and she complained.

``It's hard enough being a transgender or intersex person in this society without your basic human rights being hatefully attacked'', Ms Delaney said on Wednesday.

``My wish has always been to ensure election debates are conducted without vulnerable minorities being unfairly targeted.''

Ms Delaney said she was pleased with the apology and accepted it.

The apology was issued by Exclusive Brethren members, Roger Unwin and Graham Lewis, and a shell company set up to pay for the ads, TradTas.

``The advertisements highlighted some policies of the Greens, including those with respect to transgender and intersex issues, and urged voters to consider these policies before casting their votes,'' the apology says.

``Although it was never our intention, we acknowledge some people may have been offended or hurt by the language used in the advertisements.

``We apologise sincerely to those people.''

Court reporter said...

What sort of frock do patriots think Landeryou will wear when he gives evidence in the matter of Newnham v Davis? Will he only front court if the summons is addressed to whatever woman's name he is going by that day? The address block could be interesting -

Ms Cait Catt/Ms Jenny Jensen-Hanson/the late Ms Rita Randles
Fat, drunk and eating KFC
Hiding behind a potted palm
Somewhere in Melbourne VIC 3000

(If undeliverable try Costa Rica)

Anonymous said...

Fascinating to see that there have been more comments on this one patriotic story than on all the lies and smears posted on Landeryou's failed hate blog all week. Poxnews is clearly dying in the arse.

Spider Pig said...

SMS dating spammers hit by injunctions
Australia's first federal court case involving SMS spam has resulted in injunctions against a group which was posting fake profiles on dating sites to lure people into joining a non existent mobile dating service.

Wonder if Vexnews was included.

Brutus Beefcake said...

Landeryou will die in the arse or die of injuries inflicted on his arse when I get my hands and other certain parts of my anatomy on him and in him and up him.

Anonymous said...

Headline on

"Toxic chicken traced to food firm"

Landeryou's halal pork strikes again

Patriotic lawyers said...

Is this how Andy runs his businesses - my remote control?

Is there a risk in attending board meetings remotely?
Posted: 18 Aug 2009 04:28 PM PDT
In recent years changes to electronic technology and the law (Section 248D Corporations Act) have allowed directors to attend board meetings by telephone, video conferencing or over the internet. But does that result in an effective meeting?
I suspect that the two James Hardie non-executive directors who attended the February 2001 board meeting,by telephone and video from the USA in hindsight would have preferred to be at the meeting in person. (That meeting is the subject of ASIC v MacDonald,)
Whilst urgent single issue meetings can be effectively dealt with remotely provided all relevant documents are circulated, other meetings may be more successful if they are "face to face". With all directors present in person there could be better board interaction and understanding of the issues and even what is actually agreed.
There is a risk that directors attending remotely can get distracted the longer the meeting takes even if they have all documents being discussed. What happens if the remote directors are disconnected? What if documents are tabled that the remote directors do not see?
The James Hardie penalty decision may have more to say on this issue.

Fat cunt lies said...

Landeryou invented the identities of the directors of his shonky companies and forged their details on the ASIC forms. All the documents are available online courtesy of the now retired patiots of Landeryou & Company (click above).

The Chinks are Coming said...

For many years, Japan had access to Australian LPG gas for 4 cents a litre while Australian motorists were screwed many times that amount at the bowsers thanks to the neglect of politicians NOT batting for Australia.

Who can say what the Chinks will be paying per litre for the $50 billion Gorgon gas deal boasted about today by the Rudd government. I bet they are not paying anything near the 45 cents a litre as are Aussie motorists.

The Smiling Assassin said...

Qantas has been mismanaged for years. Geoff Dixon and Margaret Jackson milked the airline for all it was worth. Nowadays, Geoff is in retirement counting his misbegotten millions, while his weird successor Allan Joyce, a new corporate millionaire himself, is busily trimming fat - not off his own wallet - but screwing Qantas staff who have been grossly misused and mistreated for many years.

An Irishman running Qantas - is this a joke?

Jeez, we're in trouble said...

There is anarchy on the streets of the Melbourne CBD most weekends. It reflects the political anarchy of parliament houses around Australia, the corporate anarchy of CEO millionaires and dodgy directors.

This World would Oh so better be said...

There should be a Hall of Fame for all the Allan Moss's, Geoff Dixon's and hordes of other white collar millionaire crims, and their political aiders, abettors and apologists.

I wish I lived in a much better Australia where scum like the above and Andrew Landeryou just didn't exist.

Far Beyond Blue said...

This World,

You forgot:

1. Criminal Biker gangs.
2. Theo.
3. The ALP.
4. The Liberals.
5. Motor Finance Wizard.
5. Cash Converters.
6. The Exclusive Brethren.
7. Real Estate crooks.
9. Indexed excise taxes.
10. TV Funeral insurance scams.
11. Local Council Rorts.
12. Supermarket price rises.
13. Stephen Newham.
14. 'Refugees' running riot.

Oh well, the list just goes on...

Gee, we need much bigger prisons, don't we?

Up Shit Creek said...

Federal, State and Local Council politicians are gradually sending us rural folk to the wall. If you don't have an income, how can you afford new taxes, higher council rates, higher fuel bills...

I am expecting to do jail time soon.

Anonymous said...

It is not named, but I gather Vexnews is the worst. Visit it and Fat Andrew will be able to empty all your internet banking accounts as soon as he regains consciousness.

Top 100 virus-infected websites exposed
August 20

The 100 websites most affected by viruses each have about 18,000 nasties to attack net users' computers, an internet security company says.

Simply visiting one of the ``Top 100 Dirtiest'' websites - without downloading or even clicking anything - could expose your computer to infection and put your personal information into the hands of criminals, anti-virus software company Norton Symantec says.

Company spokeswoman Natalie Connor says the list was compiled using global data collected on Norton Safe Web, a site which analyses websites' security risks and has 20 million users providing site reviews.

The top 100 infected sites had on average 18,000 threats and 40 per cent of the sites had more than 20,000 threats.

A staggering 75 per cent of websites on the list were found to be distributing ``malware'' for more than six months.

Malware is malicious software that can damage or compromise a computer system without the owner's consent.

Ms Connor said half of the websites on the list had adult content. Many have unprintable names indicating they contain hard core pornography.

Others, not so easy to spot as criminals' lures, include sites about ice-skating, deer-hunting, catering and legal services.

``What people don't realise is when you type in a website, you're bringing down information on a page and with it could be malware,'' she said.

Hackers could then obtain personal information using keystroke logging software maliciously installed on your computer.

Ms Connor said hackers were targeting vulnerabilities in website browsers and this affected both PCs and Mac computers.

``It's real,'' she said.

``The last thing we want to do is scare people, we want to educate them so they know how to protect themselves.'' Cyber criminals were becoming increasingly sophisticated and operating underground, Ms Connor said.

``It's not about the fame any more of creating viruses and getting in the media,'' she said.

``They're making money.''

Even if only one per cent of internet users fell for a scam and exposed their credit card details, their losses could add up to millions of dollars, Ms Connor said.

Square Eyes said...

Channel 10 has a program on tonight called “The 45 stone virgin” about a morbidly obese man in his thirties.

As sodomising yourself with KFC drumsticks doesn’t count as sex I though it might be about Fat “He’s Fat!” Andrew Landeryou, until I did the maths.

45 stone is just 285 kilos. Landeryou now weighs around 420 kilos. That’s 66 stone, almost another 50 percent more than the subject of tonight's program.

There is a chance some oddball indie film maker might be interesting in doing a documentary on Landeryou, but it would never get shown on commercial TV as the sight of a grossly obese drunken, deluded and deranged cross-dressing criminal discussing sex would disturb too many viewers.

ABC 2002 said...

Today the High Court of Australia answered one of those questions. It ruled if you live in Australia, and you believe you have been defamed in an Internet article published anywhere in the world, you can take action against that publisher in your local court.

This case involved high-profile Melbourne businessman, Joseph Gutnick, who claims he was defamed in a "Barron's" magazine article which appeared on a website belonging to its publisher, Dow Jones, last year. Mr Gutnick began legal proceedings against Dow Jones in the Supreme Court of Victoria, seeking damages because he believed he'd been defamed in Victoria.

But Dow Jones, an international media heavyweight, claimed the article wasn't published in Victoria, only in New Jersey. The Victorian Supreme Court disagreed, so Dow Jones went to the High Court.

And it brought in the big guns. Clive Robertson QC argued the case for Dow Jones, and a long list of high profile media organisations, like News Limited, Reuters and joined in.

The High Court today unanimously dismissed the Dow Jones appeal, ruling even though the website may be based in New Jersey, the article most definitely was published in Mr Gutnick's home town of Melbourne.

Recent Internet Defamations said...

Looks like Landeryou's fake commenters on vewnews could be in trouble in future:

A model described as being among "The Skankiest in NYC" by a user of Google's Blogger service has won a court battle to obtain the anonymous poster's identity.

Liskula Cohen, who has posed for the cover of Vogue, told ABC News that she's willing to forgive the blogger -- an acquaintance, but not someone close -- but Cohen's attorney says they plan to file a defamation suit.

Google initially fought to keep the blogger's identity secret. A judge ordered Google to hand over an IP address, rejecting the blogger's claim that the writing consisted of "personal opinions, including invective and ranting," rather than factual assertions.

Oh dearie me said...

Landeryou is keeping very quiet about that defamation writ issued by a "boutigue" Sydney legal firm recently and "Glamourpuss lawyer" Sheridan Levy, on behalf of a Liberal MP.

this is your life said...

Chapter two in the life of Andrew Landeryou as told by Patriots.

1982 was an exciting year for Victorian ALP MPs, and no one was more excited that Bill Landeryou. He had become Labor leader in the Legislative Council not through bribery as many thought but blackmail. “Never waste your money on bribes,” he told the obese lad he was raising as his own son, Andrew Landeryou. “Always try to blackmail them first.”

Landeryou Snr was beside himself with glee at the thought of the first Labor government in Victoria for a generation and a ministerial position for himself. The opportunities for graft and corruption seemed endless. “We’ll be rich beyond our wildest dreams” he told the adoring young Andrew, too blinded by the though of ill-gotten wealth to notice the 11 year old now weighed over 100 kilos and was wearing one of his mother’s dresses.

Young Andrew snacked obsessively on KFC. His intake of fried chicken was funded by various criminal enterprises he had set up at school with Bill’s assistance. His weight had ballooned. He wore his mother’s dresses whenever he could, claiming they were “less constricting” than trousers. He displayed other signs of strange behaviour. He preferred to be addressed as “Cait”

The election came and Labor won. Bill Landeryou was a minister. Premier John Cain and other new ministers conducted themselves with the utmost integrity, well aware of the scrutiny the first Labor government in 27 years would be subjected to. But not Bill. Soon he was the subject of all kinds of allegations of unethical and illegal conduct. In 1983 he was forced to resign. His desperate efforts to keep his portfolio, first through blackmail, then bribery, then threats of extreme violence, failed. His family were destroyed.

A second trauma hit young Andrew at the same time. As puberty approached, he had obsessively played with himself while eating KFC. Now he became so fat that his genitals vanished beneath folds of flab. He could not reach or find them. With his penis as good as gone he wore dresses more and more. He asked people to call him “Rita” and “Jenny” as well as Cait. At this time he started sneaking port from the family liquor cabinet.

1983 was also a time of change for the young Brutus Beefcake. Bill Landeryou had sold him to a paedophile who kept him as a sex slave locked in a rabbit hutch at the end of his backyard when he was not subjecting him to the most ghastly abuse. Young Brutus was growing up big and strong. One day he overcame his tormentor. He then tied him up and tortured him to death over a period of days. He then burnt the house to the ground and went to live on the streets. There he encountered a youth worker who recognised the deep distress of the lad. For the first time ever another human being showed the young Brutus kindness. The name of this youth worker was Les Twentyman.


NASA said...

Landeryou can be seen from space as an ugly blob in Docklands.

Star Wars technology regularly targets him when he waddles outside his luxury apartment taking Ronnie for a walk.

The Queen of the Netherlands dredger has been ordered to do a last job. It is to clear up the area where Landeryou has been secretly dumping three tonnes of KFC rubbish per week. In recent times, this has become a shipping hazard.

Anonymous said...

Geez, that's the first I've heard of the Les Twentyman connection in the ghastly Landeryou / Beefcake saga. Trust Les, who has a 50 carat golden heart, to take pity on brutalised Brutus.

CHOOk CHOOk said...

Landeryou is struggling on vexnews to make a case for broken down loco 'Terry Mulder' as opposition leader AGAIN!

It's perennial vexnews claptrap, which Landeryou drags out whenever there is a news drought at vexnews.

Anonymous said...

I saw the headline "She-he takes world title" at and thought it might be about El Gordo getting voted "Fattest Criminal in the World" or "Blogger with Fewest Readers" and clicked through but it turned out to be about some African runner.

Banana Bender said...

I had no idea Landeryou had moved to Brisbane.....

Crane brought in to lift man into ambulance

Emergency services have brought in a crane to lift an obese man from his apartment on a Brisbane bridge into an ambulance.

The Walter Taylor Bridge, between Indooroopilly and Chelmer in Brisbane's west, has two towers that accommodate a number of residents.

One of the residents - a man reported to weigh more than 300kg - called for an ambulance on Thursday afternoon.

``He can't get down by normal means and requires transport to hospital,'' an emergency services spokeswoman said.

The crane has been parked at the side of the road to enable traffic to cross the bridge.

Spider Pig said...

Record traffic for The Mayne Report

August 2009 was our biggest month yet for The Mayne Report. We had 137,261 page views and 87,679 unique visitors which equates to nearly 3000 visits a day. This is a big jump over our 2009 average of just over 50,000 visits per month at 1,648 per day.

August 7 was our biggest day with 17,151 page views and 9,496 visits. This can be directly attributed to this Fairfax article which was the seventh instalment of a series for Fairfax websites about how retail investors should play capital raisings.

Moreover, the Mayne Report video blog attracted 30,893 visitors in August. There was a spike of over 7,000 visitors on Friday, August 7 which relates to the Fairfax article on SPP plays, but it has grown to almost 1000 viewers a day.

Since we began recording stats for our videos beginning March 17, 2009, we have had 58,115 Absolute Unique Visitors and 233,481 pageviews. Our biggest day was May 19, 2009 with nearly 9,000 visitors, which can be attributed to this Fairfax article How to make $75,000 in three months.

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Anonymous said...

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Anonymous said...

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Anonymous said...

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Anonymous said...

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abass said...

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Jeez, we're in trouble said...

There is anarchy on the streets of the Melbourne CBD most weekends. It reflects the political anarchy of parliament houses around Australia, the corporate anarchy of CEO millionaires and dodgy directors.

Phil Clearly and Dean Migghell said...


Mr Stinky said...

The Age in 2006 said that "Landeryou has followed the sordid trail of dead defamer Jack Pacholli, using bankruptcy as protection against libel action. Now prematurely bald, obese and developing a peculiar body odour (something to do with his high-fat diet, say associates), Landeryou spends his lonely days fetching internet sticks for his political masters".

Here Boy! Here Boy!

Anonymous said...

Since no one reads Poxnews this is how fatso might be able to get an audience. People would come out on Spring Street and cheer.

Man attempts suicide outside Parliament

From correspondents in Tokyo, Japan | August 17, 2009
Article from: Agence France-Presse

A JAPANESE man stabbed himself in the stomach outside Japan's Parliament building today, police and ambulance services said, in an apparent suicide attempt by ritual seppuku disembowelment...

Bubba said...

I am one of them, Brutus.

Anonymous said...

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