Saturday, August 01, 2009

SHAME: Andrew Landeryou launches into Nazi occupation survivor

Legal documentation has revealed how Andrew Landeryou has been caught out on a vicious defamatory attack on a victim of Nazi occupation in World War 2.

Unfortunately, this will come as no surprise to Patriots.

In May, it was reported that Vexnews, the financially strapped pet project of serial wealth destroyer and professional bankrupt Andrew Landeryou, was embroiled in another fascist controversy, involving StormFront.

StormFront is a fascist internet talk shop for race haters.

StormFront participants have pinpointed Vexnews as a primary source for hate information.

The relationship between StormFront and Vexnews was established some months ago.

The disturbing developments have been compounded by the 50,000 plus readership of the StormFront website.

A range of independent, fair minded patriotic commentators have stated that this is a huge “shitstorm” for Vexnews.

Given that Vexnews’ readership ratings have collapsed, forging an alliance with 50,000 fascists is a worrying development.

(Right click images into new tab to read the legal documentation)

72 Truth On Comments:

Joe Pulitzer said...

Armchair 'reporter' and 'editor' Landeryou is up to his ears in shit again.

The lazy bugger should attend meetings, and not rely on defamatory whispers from people he doesn't know.

As usual, Landeryou is trying to turn it all into an attack on HIS liberties!

Judge Roy Bean said...

I look forward to reading Landeryou's craven offer of amends on Vexnews shortly. It must also offer to publish a correction and apology and must,where relevant, include an offer to take steps as to notify others that it is defamatory.

(Of course, it goes without saying that if it is in Vexnews it probably is defamatory)

Anne Frank said...

Landeryou is censoring comments to his Vexnews blogs AGAIN!

He is the Nazi, not Ficcara in this matter.

Perry Mason said...

It is really rich when an abominable crim, stalker and libeller makes pronouncements on moral matters.

He says in his Vexnews blog that "Ficarra is a public official and lawmaker who has done much to discredit herself through her own actions. She must and will be held to account for her actions".

A moral crusader you ain't, Mr Landeryou. I can't wait to see you squirming in the NSW Supreme Court, muttering 'Privilege', and generally making an ass of yourself!

Madame Defarge said...

Will Sheridan Levy be able to locate Landeryou's millions in time for a decent settlement for his latest foul calumnies?

And will Sgt. Sasha Uzunov drive Lardarse Lord Landeryou to Sydney for his appointment with destiny?

Anonymous said...

"The attempt to silence VEXNEWS will be vigorously contested and defended... We look forward to meeting and beating her in court, where the full extent of her threatening conduct will be revealed".

Where did Landeryou get the money to brief Richter?

Sheridan Levy should sue Landeryou for defamation too. He has uploaded a photo of a woman in a bra and photoshopped her name thereto. Not nice.

Japes not Rapes said...

Landeryou's Liberal beatup blog on Vexnews is beginning to look and sound a lot like an elaborate UNSW student prank has been played on him. He is being fed a lot of stuff including recordings said to be from a meeting the following evening.

If I were Landeryou (Lord, thank you so much for not doing that to me!), I would at this stage be triple checking everything.

But either way, whether it is a hoax of not, Landeryou is in a mighty big heap of Do-do.

Adam Shandy said...

Dear Andrew,

It always wise to check your sources. This is one of the first things real journalists learn. Your 'story' is now getting further away from the original meeting, from which you were fed photos and a commentary from a third-party. It seems you have interpreted one photo as showing agression. But if you were not there, how can you be sure it was not a joke? The recordings made, you say, the next night, are not recordings of the original meeting about which you complain.

I think you have been a bit of an idiot - and I'm being polite too!

Landy Monsters Italian Midget said...

The woman Landeryou accuses of trying to intimidate a Liberals meeting in Sydney is 4' 10".

It does pay to actually attend meetings after all. Landeryou would have seen for himself that she is tiny and no threat even to a flea!

What a complete schmuck!

Fools Rush In said...

This is like the final scene in the original Pink Panther movie. There is a car chase around a square with people in monkey suits. A villager watches, then gets a chair to sit down and see everything.

This is going to play out slow. Landeryou is going to quake as it all plays out to the usual sad conclusion.

Ms Ficarra and Ms Levy would be ultra smart to obtain AVOs to head off any stalking activities Landeryou might be planning.

Spider Pig said...

What is interesting, if not also concerning, is that the legal firm hasn't seemed to have proceeded with its threat to take Landeryou straight to the Supreme Court.

Hurry up!

Spider Pig said...

What is interesting, if not also concerning, is that the legal firm hasn't seemed to have proceeded with its threat to take Landeryou straight to the Supreme Court.

Hurry up!

kevin of southbank said...

I expect Andy is packing his bags as we speak - probably on Webjet right now, looking for flights to Costa Rica

Anonymous said...

I'm watching 'The Fugitive' on TV. Landeryou will probably blame his Ficarra defamations on one-armed man 'Henderson Ross' who (because he is imaginary) has access to the Great Man's PC. Landeryou is also one handed. He can type his blog with one hand, and jerk off with the other.

But next week I will settle back to enjoy the Vexnews Show. By then, thicko Landeryou may have realised he is in deep trouble and made a public apology. That I want to read.

Patriotic lawyers said...

Here you will find the website of these patriotic lawyers.

brown sausage said...

Viruses get into the body by breathing it in, because it goes directly into our blood stream. If it goes via the intestines, it comes out as the brown sausage, just like fibre, because it wasn't designed to enter our bodies from the intestines. And no, don't blame the government for not being educated. Everyone in Year 10 is taught that, hence either ask your kids or a local GP about it. And get back to reality and not a whinge fest.

Andy is a Snark said...

Something I've known and believed for a long time....pigs aren't filthy, Andy is!!

Now, this is REALLY weird said...

I've been snooping on the appalling Ficarra blog on Vexnews all day, especially the comments. The following comment has been recently INSERTED into the comments out of order:

"This site, run by a Labor Party jew, should be shut down".

Posted by Anonymous | August 1, 2009, 15:52

This is very weird stuff. I'm trying to figure it out. Landeryou is the ONLY person who could have inserted it. Is anti-semitism a defamation defence? Fat Boy is up to no good as usual. He is as cunning as a dunny rat.

Anonymous said...

Every so often, Landeryou cuts his own throat for no apparent reason. It happened a lot on The OC, but less so these days. And now, another fraudulent comment inserted later among other faked and genuine comments.

He needs emergency, psychiatric help now!

Anonymous said...

Father Bill used to expose anti-semites in the ALP. I cannot believe Andrew is of a different mind-set.

Mrs Alice Idris said...

Andrew you should be ashamed with yourself.

I can't help but think this is related to your production of halal pork sausages which you marketed as halal chicken.

Concerned said...

Once again the true Fat Andrew Landeryou is revealed.

Everyone always knew his philosemetism was a fraud.

He has made his racist views plain before with his campaign to keep Asians out of the Melbourne Town Hall and the shocking comments he put in the threads of his hate site when President Obama was inaugurated.

Now Landeryou has been caught exacerbating the suffering of victims of the Shoa.

VEXNEWS - the censorship hub said...

The greatest crime of vexnews is not its revolting libels against eminent Australians, nor its stalking activities by the weird Madman, nor even its undemocratic antics. The greatest crime of Vexnews is the unending CENSORSHIP of comments that human offal Landeryou doesn't like.

Landeryou digitally fingerprinted my ISP during The OC days, and doesn't allow me a say years later. I'm not that worried, of course, because the few genuine commenters on Vexnews are responsible for their own internet safety, not me.

Vexnews is a Crime Blog by a serial corporate asset-stripper, stalker and libeller.

Punitive damages. Jail. Throw away the key.

Criminal Libel said...

A particularly revolting and un-moderated comment on the Vexnews Ficarra splurge:

"Advice for first year Liberals - If Christopher Pyne asks to meet you in a Darlinghurst Steam Room to talk “policy”, Stay away! Walk home now and keep your self respect (and rectum) intact!!!!"

Posted by Simon C | August 2, 2009, 3:57

Mr Pyne, who is constantly libelled on Vexnews, should make a complaint and seek access to Landeryou's hard-drive. Many, many libels against him lurk there.

I personally can't post on Vexnews because I am banned, but Landeryou can libel people like Chris Pyne ad infinitum.

Isn't it time Landeryou was tried for criminal libel?

Good Luck said...

That censorship comment earlier is what Landeryou and vexnews is all about.

Disgusting libels every day and no comeback from people who know Landeryou's criminal background and what he is up to, because he bans their comments. Not exactly open and democratic is it? Criminal, yes. Democratic, no!

But the NSW Defamation Act is significantly different to Victoria's. Good luck Landy, you fat crook!

This I Gotta See said...

Corpulent giant feral pig Landeryou versus a 4' 10" old Italian midget in Sydney.

My money is on Ms Ficarra!

You are an A-grade dumbell, Landeryou!

Brutus Beefcake said...

Wait to see what I do to Andrew's rectum.

Bubba said...

And me!

The Barwon Jail Hot Rodders said...

Let alone the rest of us.

Anonymous said...

Landeryou hangs out on anti Semetic sites where he leaves comments using yet another female identityt: Eva Braun.

Concerned said...

Racist Andrew Landeryou wants lebensraum because he is so fat.

Anonymous said...

It is now more than three years since Landeryou was made bankrupt.

Bankruptcy is usually only for three years, yet Landeryou wants everyone to think he still is bankrupt to avoid being sued for his lies and calumnies.

Is he? Perhaps some NSW Liberals are checking?

Anonymous said...

"Advice for first year Liberals - If Christopher Pyne asks to meet you in a Darlinghurst Steam Room to talk “policy”, Stay away! Walk home now and keep your self respect (and rectum) intact!!!!"

Landeryou's rectum will be a mess after his first week behind bars. So will his face.

Brutus Beefcake said...

Landeryou indeed will get his face and his rectum messed up. It is impossible to tell them apart. Those stories about Sergeant Sasha pleasuring the Fat Man by inserting KFC in his ass only complicate the matter further.

Health reporter said...

Does this sad case explain El Gordo's conduct? Was he also brain damaged by KFC?

THE family of a Sydney girl is suing Kentucky Fried Chicken, claiming she became brain damaged and crippled from salmonella poisoning after eating a twister wrap from a restaurant in the city's west

In an opening address in the NSW Supreme Court, the family's barrister, Anthony Bartley SC, said the chicken twister was bought from the Villawood KFC on October 24, 2005, when Monika Samaan was aged seven.

He told Justice Stephen Rothman he would hear "disturbing and quite unsettling" evidence about the practices in KFC kitchens, including the one at Villawood.

The now 11-year-old Monika, who was present in court in a wheelchair, is suing through her father.

Mr Bartley said there was no doubt Monika developed salmonella poisoning.

"And there is little or no doubt that chicken was reported by all scientists, at the time of these unhappy events occurring, as being the source of that salmonella," he said.

The trial is continuing.

Ancients of Mu Mu said...

Some email spam, which I accidentally clicked, took me through to Vexnews.

And I noticed that Andy hasn't posted anything today.

Where is he?

Anonymous said...

No Poxnews today. Has someone checked to make sure fat cunt isn't hiding behind the pot plants.

Spider Pig said...

I can't provide an answer explaining Landeryou's whereabouts.

However, I noticed something really odd today. There were no new comments on Vexnews. Not one.

Either Andy has blocked all comments, or there are no readers. My money is on the latter.

A patriot said...

Buddha Boy is too busy preparing his defence in the Ficcara matter to make up any new lies on Poxnews or post any fake comments (he has no readers to make real one).

Buddha Boy is working up a new variation of the "Twinkie" defence. He will allege ongoing mental impairment thanks to excessive quantities of KFC.

Anonymous said...

Hard-working, law-abiding, sober-living patriots not given furtive transvestitism will be delighted that Landeryou is planning to use the "Twinkie Defense" against charges of defamation, theft, fraud and stalking.

Dan White, the man who first benefited from the "Twinkie Defense" committed suicide.

Mr Seaman said...

Andy's absence today is explained by his Colon Polyps. He has found them to be more itchy than usual lately.

Mr Stains said...

All that spicy KFC?

Joe Pulitzer said...

Nothing on Vexnews about the renewed Utegate fake email scandal, despite Landeryou's latest insights into the inner thinking of minor modern Liberals.

This is the great problem with Vexnews. It is about minutiae and not the big picture. It is village pump politics and not the grand overview that real news organisations, with real journalists provide.

Landeryou's amateur posturings as a journo are just hugely embarrassing.

But I think he could get a paying journo job doing an annual newsletter for Hottentot tribesmen in South Africa.

Stick It Up Him said...

More importantly, has the Ficarra writ been lodged in the NSW Supreme Court yet?

Sheridan Levy, don't forget to Google to get a glimpse of your humble, podgy opponent. He talks big; he has libelled hundreds of eminent Aussies; he is a stalker and a crim; he interferes with elections and democracy.

He is one nasty piece of work.

Anonymous said...

Vexnews is indeed moribund again tonight...

Anonymous said...

"This is the great problem with Vexnews. It is about minutiae and not the big picture."

It is about student politics and low level suburban sleaze, you mean!

Minutuae matters. Landeryou offers nothing but big lies and bigger beat-ups.

Anna F said...

Fatso is now hacking into Glenn Milne.

Fair enough I suppose, but what point is there in mentioning that he was married 3 times?

Of course, Landeryou was only married once, and ran out on his wife, leaving her homeless and destitute. Mention that Landeryou.

Anonymous said...

Glenn Milne might have been married three times, but on each occasion it has been to a woman.

Landeryou went through a mockery of the sacrament of marriage with a man dressed as a woman in a bid to distract the extreme right wing homophobes in the ALP from his deep transvestite obsession.

Brutus Beefcake said...

When Andrew comes to Barwon he will be my bride.

Bubba said...

Landeryou might become known as "the Barwon bigamist".

The Barwon Jail Hot Rodders said...

Andrew can look forward to jailhouse polygamy with lots of husbands all with strong manly desires

Anonymous said...

Whats happening patriots? I heard there were terror raids in Melbourne yet Andy seems to still be blogging away

A physician said...

I have just read this news story:

"A father has told a judge he believed his seven-year-old daughter was going to die two days after eating a KFC chicken twister.

"Giving evidence in the NSW Supreme Court on Tuesday, Amanwial Samaan said he, his wife and son also had a bite of the twister and also fell ill, with vomiting and diarrhoea."

Fat Andrew Landeryou's Poxnews hate blog consists entirely of vomiting and diarrhoea from too much KFC.

Anonymous said...

On the hour, every hour, Andrew Landeryou eats five cubic metres of KFC washed down with glass after glass from a 100 litre bulk-buy cask of cheap but potent Rutherglen Rotgut port. The vomiting and diarrhoea this produces is spectacular to see.

Anonymous said...

KFC? i reckon you have to suck on a crack pipe to come up with vexnews

Anna F said...

Just two comments on Landeryou's Milne story.

Even Landeryou is bored with posting fake comments

Brutus Beefcake said...

I will bore Landeryou, bore as in "to make a hole in or through something with or as if with a drill". I will bore Landeryou up the arse, hard and fast and unrelentingly, no matter how much he bleeds.

Anonymous said...

This headline is running on a number of newspaper websites - Dad 'saw girl dying after KFC poisoning'.

Big Bent Bill has seen his hopes for a financially secure old age die after his morbidly obese son went mad rotted from an excess of KFC and plunged him into bankruptcy.

Anonymous said...

The Milne comments on vexnews sure are weird. Landeryou must have had a bucket of cheap shiraz!

Anna F said...

Just two comments on Landeryou's Milne story.

Even Landeryou is bored with posting fake comments

Anonymous said...

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