Monday, July 27, 2009

Thank you Patriots

It's over.

Life is too short to worry about a fat, balding, morally and ethically bankrupt blogger.

Thanks Patriots for bothering to care, by reading this blog.

He was got!

63 Truth On Comments:

Anonymous said...


Are you saying us patriotic people need to start a new site?

Ancients of Mu Mu said...

is this the end?

Concerned said...

Here’s hoping fat freak, fraud and failure Andrew Landeryou follows his friend, source and supporter’s example and takes down his hate sites, admits his crimes and turns himself in to the authorities to face the full force of the law:

Theophanous to quit politics after cleared of rape charge Theophanous
July 27

Victorian state MP Theo Theophanous will retire from politics at the next state election after being cleared of a rape charge last Friday.

The former cabinet minister was accused of raping a woman on a couch at parliament house in September 1998.

In exonerating the 61-year-old, magistrate Peter Reardon said little credence could be placed on the complainant's evidence.

Mr Theophanous resigned from cabinet after he was charged late last year but he remained a member of the upper house and had nominated for Labor pre-selection.

He has described the case as an emotional rollercoaster.

Anonymous said...

Ta Ta, Theo!

And don't come back you horrible little drut!

Running out of Mates said...

Theo thought he had the preselection numbers - but only one person turned up to support the little weasel - Stephen Conroy, another Landeryou mate (how embarrassing)!

Conroy is cleaning up the internet, but has done nothing about the toxic hateblog Vexnews.

Even Bill Shorten (another former Landeryou mate) was noticeable by his absence of support of Theo.

Confucius said...

When up to ears in dung, keep mouth shut.

Bemused said...

Witness tampering? The earlier $10 million lawsuit to shut the victim up? Theo and Rita's media campaign in 2008 and 2009 that the victim was a gold-digging madwoman? Menacing behaviour during the committal hearing?

What was the Beak thinking?

More to come I suspect.

Stinky Finger said...

Crim and Hate Blogger Landeryou currently is busily knifing everyone on his weird Vexnews defence of sicko and parliamentary dropout Theo. The Age, the ABC, prosecutor "mouthy" Michelle William are among those he venomously attacks. If only Landeryou was sane...

Ludicrously, Landeryou thinks Theo was vindicated.

This is still breaking news with more horrid headlines to come.

Landeryou still owes democracy a debt for his month-long hate campaign against candidate Les Twentyman during the Kororoit election last year. His disgusting lies against the rape victim in the present, unfolding proceedings must one day be fully prosecuted.

You need jail time to reconsider your misspent life, Landeryou!

Conroy said...


You told me there would be heaps of Theo supporters at the preselection stuff for Theo yesterday. You lied! There was noone there but Moi, you insufferable anus! Noone wants to be the last official supporter of a absolute crud like Theo.

Shorten, Rudd, Gillard said...

We weren't there!

Theo who?

Scum buckets said...

Is there any room in modern politics for verminous people like Theo or Conroy?

Shush! Don't put Vexnew's Landeryou in this political mix. Landeryou is a crim, corporate asset-stripper, stalker and hate-blogger. He is not a politician's breakfast.

But long ago, he was a mate of Theo, Conroy and Shorten.

Today, they are tainted by their earlier association with the Prince of Thieves.

Mrs Alice Idris said...

Andrew is just a lonely cyber bully.

Concerned said...

Slanderyou, please answer: Is it over?

catter8 said...

I will miss all the comments. The defence team feel down. The great man told us what we write is not suitable for Vexnews but superb for Slanderyou.

Anonymous said...

Fat Cunt! You've regained consciousness after your post-Theo trial Festival of Hate!

Pity his career career has ended up almost as badly as your, hey?

Dr Phil said...

A fat failure... Andrew's life was over many years ago! The relic of a multi-personality life that he leads, pretending to be anyone but Andrew, dressing and cross dressing at will, slipping between personalities whenever he feels pressured, is not a life. It's a disgrace. He is an abomination, a failure of a human being, friendless and forty. It will all be over soon.

Brutus Beefcake said...

Don't worry Andrew. I am waiting for you still.

Bubba said...

Me too!

The Barwon Jail Hot Rodders said...

Not to mention the rest of us.

Time Traveller said...

I watched stoney-faced Lib Peter Dutton on ABC Lateline tonite. He could talk the leg off a table. Last night, Lateline ventilated the new policies of the mad monk, bookish Tony Abbott.

What's going on?

The Libs in terminal disarray. Labor in Victoria self-destructing. All of a sudden, we face a new Australia where the pollies haven't a clue. A tsunami of Indians and Indo-Chinese are posing community questions no-one could ever have imagined five years ago.

My family is looking to depart for Swaziland in Africa where there is no GST.

Anonymous said...

My family was planning to go to NZ, but we found Auckland awash with chinks, WTF are pollies doing?

Anonymous said...

Vexnews is busily trying to protect former accused rapist Theo, and shafting The Age, in two continuing blogs tonight.

Two more reasons to leave Australia and get away from all this shit.

I object to Landeryou getting access to oxygen that normal, non-criminal people, need.

Why can't he move to Indo-Chinese New Zealand?

Ordinary Aussie said...

I am moving my family to a tent on Mt Erebus in Antarctica to get away from the hordes of Indians in Melbourne. The only thing we have to fear there is another Air New Zealand crash. Weirdly, The Chief Navigator who programmed that flight is still employed. But I will be tipped off by radio if another similar flight is ever planned.

Blind Freddie said...

Theo is still farting around and disputing claims he is a dreadful little weasel in The Age.

Methinks. he doth protest too much!

It was rather obvious that some witnesses in the case were not telling the truth. Did Theo get to them? I don't know. Maybe that's what the coppers are investigating.

Theo, get off the case. You have interfered disgracefully in this matter.

I for one think you are guilty!

Bubba said...

Me too!

and so say all of us said...

97.92% of Western Suburbs voters say "and so say all of us"!

F*ck off Theo, and don't dare show your horrible face here ever again!

Anonymous said...

No more Cait Catt.

No more Catter8.

No more Rita Randles.

No more Jenny Jensen-Hansen.

No more alternate personalities.

We will all miss you so.

Concerned said...

This looks like yet more protection of a notorious obese cross-dressing criminal by the Brumby government:

Politicians could soon not only make Victoria's laws, but also decide on the guilt or innocence of people charged with breaches of those laws.

Attorney-General Rob Hulls said the state government plans to release a discussion paper by the end of the year on broadening the jury pool.

Currently, judges, police officers and politicians are among those banned from serving on juries.

``There is an argument that some of these professions could be considered eligible for jury duty to ensure our juries are as broadly representative as possible,'' Mr Hulls said on Wednesday.

Meanwhile, a Victorian Law Reform Commission report released on Wednesday has recommended the directions judges give juries be made simpler to understand.

Mr Hulls said the government would consider changing the law surrounding directions judges give to juries in criminal trials to avoid retrials and appeals.

``Victims of crime can be further traumatised by court retrials and it is important we reduce court delays and appeals to reduce unnecessary hardship for victims,'' he said.

Commission chairman Neil Rees said the law governing the directions judges give to juries should be reformed.

``Because the law regarding jury directions is so complex it threatens to undermine the right to a fair trial which lies at the heart of the criminal justice system,'' he said in a statement.

He said one piece of legislation should set out directions judges give juries because currently it was spread across various legislation and common law.

``The statute (law) would require all jury directions to be as clear, brief and comprehensible as possible, making it simpler for judges to give directions and easier for juries to understand them,'' Professor Rees said.

Between July 2000 and June 2007, the Court of Appeal ordered 137 retrials.

More than one in 10 convictions was overturned on appeal and almost one third of people convicted at trial launched appeals against their conviction.

Anonymous said...

Theo is going to have a lot of spare time soon. And Landeryou is, ahem, unemployed. But neither would make good jurors, both being of ill repute.

I wish the pollies would shut up and keep their silly ideas to themselves. As a group, they are universally loathed by all. The two-party system is divisive and represents nobody.

OZ is a vile place to live said...

Australia has slowly turned to shit, thanks to "refugees" that have placed Islam on the national agenda, Indian students being targeted for theft and bashing, and Indo-Chinese busily murdering each other. Let's not mention Somalis.

Our politicians are mad. What were they thinking? The Deapartment of Immigratrion is run by richly paid bureaucratic oafs. You don't deserve indemnity - you turned Australia into muck! You may want to live in a mad, hate nation. I don't.

Al Grassby said...

I left one hell of a legacy, didn't I?

I wanted a lot more wogs here, but didn't intend all those darkies, Muslims and African crooks.

You'll have to look beyond me to blame for Australia's current immigration disaster...

A patriot said...

Seen The Punch today patriots? Yet more proof Fat Andrew Landeryou is yesterday’s man.

Fall of the heavyweights: how the salad set took over Labor

Richard Marles

King Taufa’ahau Tupou IV had extraordinarily big hands. They were imposing and strong – they were safe. They were the kind of hands that could be relied upon to dispense justice and steer the ship of state.

As the King of Tonga he made it into the Guinness Book of Records as the heaviest monarch ever, topping the scales at 209kg. To be big in Tonga was to be important and in a land of big people the King was clearly the biggest.

As a Labor child of the eighties the King confirmed my own observations of power.

This was an era of big chiefs in Australia. Robert Ray and Graham Richardson roamed the political landscape with untrammelled authority. Preselections and ministries were dispensed with unquestioned efficiency. While there were others who made decisions, these men made the hard decisions.

And they were also big in a Tongan sense.

They were the kind of blokes who looked like they enjoyed a feed. Doing the numbers and doing Chinese went hand in hand.

Their imposing physiques got results. If a stray chicken, in the wrong place at the wrong time, could be swallowed whole, then it could only be a parliamentary fool that dared cross their paths.

So as a young aspirant at Melbourne Uni I headed straight for Lygon Street. With purpose and determination I began a campaign of eating pizzas and scoffing souvlaki.

I grazed upon carbonara. I breathed in gelato. With abandon I drank Italian hot chocolates that were so thick they must have breached World Health Organisation conventions. If accumulating power was based on accumulating kilos then I was on the way to world domination.

But then the world was turned on its head.

Buried deep in the international section of the paper was an article heralding the news that the King of Tonga was on a diet. Why the hell would he do that? Weighing 209kg would have taken years. Why would he throw it all away?

Worse to come was the news that Robert Ray was on a diet. And Richo was quitting politics altogether saying that he intended to focus on his health.

Simultaneously we witnessed the rise of Steve Conroy. This new political “heavyweight” had played underage representative volleyball for Australia and was a teetotaller. He couldn’t have weighed more than 75kg ringing wet: hardly the kind of fella who would be taken seriously in Tonga. Yet here in Australia Steve got himself elected to the Senate and started throwing his weight – what little of it he had – around.

What was going on?

This reckless disregard for the sanctity of mass seemed akin to erecting a scarecrow at the Tower of London. With the turn of the millennium it was as if the ALP was merging with Jenny Craig…

As we enter the 45th ALP National Conference the fundamentals of our party have been radically altered.

The movers and shakers this week are people like Mark Arbib. Fit and toned, with a BMI of less than 22, this would have ruled him out of politics just a few short years ago. Now Mark is a key decision-maker. And Mark Butler – a vegetarian who keeps an exercise bike in his office to ward off excess pounds – pounds his fist and people listen.

Politicians everywhere are out of the pubs and into the gyms. The pre 8.00am activities at Parliament resemble the pre-dawn drill at the USMC. A generation of politicians who sat in those same Lygon Street pizza shops back in the eighties can now be spotted jogging around Parliament House in a desperate attempt to become lightweights.

As for me I have been left high and heavy. At my most recent medical check-up I was told to shape up and given a dietary regimen fit for a mouse.

As I suck on my lettuce and sip from my water bottle I am left thinking wistfully of Whitlam and Beazley and Henry VIII.

Political heavyweights are just not what they used be … unless, of course, you live in Tonga.

Anonymous said...

The rambling late night drunken racist comments appearing on this blog -- yet more from Landeryou?

Twentyman Rules, Ok said...

Landeryou's mad hate campaign against Les Twentyman continues on the hate blog Vexnews. Landeryou now accuses Twentyman, who he says has decided against campaigning in Footscray, has blamed Vexnews for his decision. As if! Landeryou presents not one iota of evidence for his claims.

Once again, the dunce is interferring in democracy, shafting a worthwhile individual who is worth a million Landeryous!

So much hate! Creepy; weird; sick!

Anonymous said...

A million Landeryous!

One is bad enough!

He is a one-man crime wave and now the interweb's most libellous, lying blogger.

A black-hearted thug who thrives on criticism.

Vexnews is the internet portal to hell.

Vexnews the blog from hell said...

A few wankers visit vexnews, however, there to compete with the hundreds of fake comments that blogger Landeryou sprinkles throughout his sickening blogs.

Landeryou should concentrate on his fake comments and forget the boring, contorted, painful blogs that no-one understands.

The latest blog, seething with hate against Les Twentyman, is one of the nuttiest I've seen. It was almost completely meaningless. I have no idea what it was about.

Anonymous said...

In several of Landeryou's recent lame defences of Theo, his fake comments far outnumbered the few real comments on vexnews.

Theo, if real comments are considered, is as popular as bubonic plague. Landeryou's fake comments transformed Theo into a tasty, performing pollie. Don't make us laugh!

The power of Urine said...


One day, hopefully soon, hundreds of people will piss copiously on your grave.

I've been saving up for a fortnight!

You are such a public disgrace, words fail me.

Anonymous said...

Fat failure Andrew Landeryou has used his Blog of Sleaze today to report a salacious bonking story that everyone in politics has known about for months.

It is as newsworthy as saying "Fat Andrew Landeryou would like to have a relationship with Mrs Palm and her five daughters but is so fat he has had to settle for Mr Fist."

Brutus Beefcake said...

I can give Andrew some love.

Bubba said...

So can I

The Barwon Jail Hot Rodders said...

We can all give Andrew lots of loving, hard and fast and up the jacksy

Prison visitor said...

The last person to get just a little loving from the Hot Rodder crew almost died of shock and needed most of their large intestine removed.

Landeryou Dreaming said...

Last night I woke up in a lather of excitement. I had been dreaming that Landeryou, Theo, Stephen Newnham and John Brumby were all in jail.

In my dream, the Telecommunications Ombudsman had finally acted and taken Vexnews off the internet.

In my dream Landeryou's imprisonment had been sub-contracted to a jail in Afghanistan where he is whipped several times everyday for his halal 'jokes'.

Isn't life a bitch?

Anonymous said...

I had a dream a bit like that, but in my dream Landeryou's palacial apartment hade been located and a large number of people who had been libelled on vexnews fronted up to bash the living bejesus out of the slimy, fat crim.

But I knew it was a dream when the Rudd government then eschewed its excessive excise taxes on alcohol, fags and petrol. Julia Gillord started to do a strip, which was when I woke up screaming.

Mr Seaman said...

Mmmmmm. You are sexy Andy.

Mr Stains said...

it smells like somebody just fucked a clown in here!

Anonymous said...

On a day when the Minister for Defence Personnel was patriotically paying tribute to a dead digger killed by towelhead Taleban, he was susbject to smutty, sleazy, schoolboy attack by obese criminal Andrew Landeryou. It is clear that the fat man is on the side of ther terrorists.

Guinness World Records said...

Vexnews has managed to libel Greg Combet, Melissa Parke, Bob Hawke,
Dr Craig Emerson, Julia Gillard, Glenn Milne and (via fake comments) Gareth Evans and Cheryl Kernot, John Brumby and Lyn Kosky all in the one hate blog.

Landeryou is the most verminous mass hate libeller of all time. How does he do it?

He hates everyone including himself!

My dream said...

Landeryou is lying in a drunken stupor, snoring loudly with his mouth wide open...

Flogger from Barwon said...

At Barwon Gaol, Landeryou will learn to sleep with his fat mouth closed.

I'm going to fill him up with air from the prison workshop air compressor. So, when we jump on his head, he will fart uncontrollably--maybe even out of his ears!

We were expecting a visit from Theo and little Theo, and had prepared a grand "My Big Greek Wedding" night. From what we've heard in here, Theo might be visiting us soon anyway!

Anonymous said...

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