Thursday, July 02, 2009

Is Marilyn Manson doing an Andy?

Is rock shocker Marilyn Manson doing an fat focker Andy?

Looks like it Patriots.

Meanwhile, Andy explores the boundaries of eating, discovering a snack before breakfast.

Last post before 20 July.

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Ancients of Mu Mu said...

What is it with weirdos?

Anonymous said...

Morbidly obese alcohol addicted cross dressing criminal Andrew Landeryou is far scarier than Marilyn Manson.

Deep fat fryer said...

Congratulations where its due. Well done Andy for discovering this meal.

Jenny Craig said...

Patriots that should be aware that before the photo of Andy wearing his favourite zebra-striped dress having a pre-breakfast snack was taken he ate:

1. 14 Zinger burgers

2. 8 large serves of Popcorn chicken


3. 10 Family Feed tubs of KFC.

He also drank a six litre cask of Rutherglen Rotgut port and eight buckets of KFC gravy.

Only after than did he pronounce himself to be ready for a snack

Anonymous said...

What happened to Landeryou's bid for a career on the competitive eating circuit in the US? I presume Landeryou being Landeryou he was caught cheating.

Anonymous said...

"Is Marilyn Manson doing an Andy?"

Do you mean "Is Marilyn Manson about to bankrupt his wife, his father and himself?"

Cait Catt said...

Vexnews is living up to its reputation as the blog of filth. Comments by Brutus Beefcake about Viagra and its alleged uses are disgusting.

Comments by Slanderyou about Michael Jackson are equally vile and are offensive to many Australians.

If Slanderyou is not aware of the fact Jackson was a great anti-semite. A story in The Australian Jewish News today puts Jackson in context:

MJ's hit parade falls silent

Shmooze, The Australian Jewish News, 3 July 2009, p.2

WITH the recent pasing of the King of Pop, Shmooze thought it would be an appropriate time to re-visit some of the weird one's greatest hits - such as his virulently anti-Semitic answering machine message of 2003. "They suck ... they're like leeches ... It's a conspiracy. The Jews do it on purpose," he said on the message, which was played in court.

Shmooze has recorded several other examples of anti-semitism on the part of Jackson.

Slanderyou should be careful in his praise of the mad entertainer.

Dr Who said...


Daleks said...

The picture is missing two cans of Pepsi, a bottle of 7Up, and a litre of Dr Pepper.

Andy is a Snark said...

Is Pretty Woman Andy's favourite film?

kevin of southbank said...

Sollie Lew has just bought 3,000,000 million Premier Investments shares.

Andy invests that much on food.

SILENCED by vexnews said...

I tried to post a comment on vexnews regarding another comment about Robert Manne's criticism of CFA and DSE bureaucracy. I happen to be a former CFA member with over 20 years experience. Robert Manne, as I pointed out, among other things, is not a fireman. My comment, not critical of Landeryou, was blocked.

The Gestapo was much more open-minded than vexnews and its nasty censorship.

Beneath Contempt said...

Landeryou is giving a person called Christian Kerr a good kicking on vexnews! It is a reminder of Landeryou's criminal misconduct during the Kororoit election, Kerr is characterised as a coke sniffer. And to prove the point Landeryou has provided a photo shop pic of someone (perhaps himself) sniffing a line. These were the tactics that the abominable crim used to sink Les Twentyman's candidacy with the false heroin shooting rooms brochure with a similar photo shop image of a discarded needle.

You are beneath contempt, Landeryou!

Thumper said...

And ALP Right Landeryou keeps on forgetting to publish the physical address of his very occasional news blog (as required by law).

If he ever does so, I will be in the throng rushing there to give him a few hefty thumps!

Andy is a Snark said...

Looks like Andy has a friend in Terrie-Anne Verney.

Mrs Alice Idris said...

I noticed that Andy doesn't eat his pork halal sausages for his pre-breakfast snack.

Why would that be?

Deep fat fryer said...

But note Alice, Andy is eating a shit cake

Marie Claire said...

Well done to the patriot investigators of Slanderyou for finding documentary evidence of Fat Andrew's furtive and perverted life of drag.

I am told that along with the zebra striped number he is wearing in the photo Landeryou has a leopard spots and a tiger patterned dress.

Spider Pig said...

Andy has begun his weekend early - no nonsense on Poxnews today (Friday)

Spider Pig said...

Andy has begun his weekend early - no nonsense on Poxnews today (Friday)

Rita Randles said...

Andrew has never met Terri-Anne Verney. I asked him and he told me so. Another vile Slanderyou commentator untruth to suggest she is a friend of his. Read below for the statement from Griffith Radio 2MIA if you do not know who she is:

Terri-Anne Verney Sacked from Griffith Radio Station

Terri-Anne Verney Removed from 2MIA 95.1 Griffith Radio

Community Radio 2MIA has revealed that Terrie Anne Verney has been sacked from their station after her controversial and downright racist views were printed in the Sydney Morning Herald.

2MIA 95.1 Griffith released the following statement:

Statement Regarding Terrie-Anne Verney
Friday 3rd July 2009

The staff and Management of Griffith Community FM Association would like to reiterate their complete surprise and horror that an employee of the association has been involved in racial comments.

It is important that people understand the opinions of Ms Verney were never expressed on air at anytime and the newspaper article is dealing with comments made on a internet site not her activities at Griffith Community FM Association.

Griffith Community FM Association would like to reiterate that prior to this article the station had not received any complaints in regards to Ms Verney’s on-air involvement, her program content or the execution of her duties as a staff member.

Griffith Community FM Association is heavily involved with Ethnic Broadcasting in the Griffith area and is a staunch supporter of multiculturalism. We are proud of our ethnic presenters, their programs and achievements.

It is disappointing that this staff member’s actions could place a cloud over the integrity of this Association and all that it has achieved in Ethnic Broadcasting, multiculturalism and the community at large.

Ms Verney is no longer involved with Griffith Community FM Association in any way.
Griffith Community FM Association is a not-for profit organisation that over time has developed a good reputation within the entire community of Griffith and surrounds and remains committed to providing broadcasting services for and on behalf of that community.

Edna Wakley
Griffith Community FM Association

catter8 said...

Andy is a Snark is vile and untruthful. Good on you Rita.

Below is an exposure of Terrie-Anne Verney. Andrew is a cat lover and is in no way associated with animal bigots like Terrie-Anne. Read below for the latest on the racist bitch:

2MIA 95.1FM White Trash Racist Terrie Anne Verney
[2.7.09 | 38 comments ] general news, media, racism

Terrie-Anne Verney is a Racist Filthy White Trash Bogan

You may not have heard of Terrie Anne Verney - but she is a sometime radio presenter and sales representative for Griffith Radio 2MIA. She is also a disgusting racist and bigot.

It has been revealed that the Griffith radio station known for its multicultural broadcasting has reprimanded Verney for some of her filthy views. Reprimanded only? This little bitch should be sacked and run out of town.

Terrie-Anne (great white trailer trash name by the way), is the administrator on Facebook for the anti immigration group "F&%k Off Were Full". She is also a member of the groups "Stop the Islamisation of Australia while we still can", "Australian Conservative United Party", the "Australian Protectionist Party" and "Australians against Multiculturalism".

Thanks to the Sydney Morning Herald for finding these choice quotes from Terrie-Anne:

"If we allow the Islamic faith to continue to grow, sooner or later the Australian way of life will be destroyed"

"I can't even imagine where we start to fix the problems caused by the introduction of this *cough cough* religion and its invasion of our society, but something needs to be done. Before its too late."

Re Indian Students bashed in Melbourne: they are "playing the victim card" and "the shit around their head must do something to their brain. Maybe a gun to their head might help them get the hint that they are not wanted here!!".

Verney has also claimed that the Ku Klux Klan members she knew were very intelligent. Of course they are darling. When they live in the trailer next to yours and you get drunk together every night on moonshine, you would say that wouldn't you?

Griffith's 2MIA FM management should remove this little troll from their station. Or do they support racist behaviour?

If you are disgusted in this sort of behaviour, give Griffith Radio 2MIA 95.1FM a ring - they can be contacted on (02) 6964 1033 - or you might like to send them an email,

Anonymous said...

Lift ya game, El Gordo. Read story in yesterday's SMH.

Anonymous said...

8.15 the story has made The Hindu, a leading Indian English language newspaper. Basic humanity demands that we treat all people with dignity. Racists like Terrie-Anne should not be supported by any of us. Read below from The Hindu on the web:

Aussie radio jockey reprimanded for racial comments

Melbourne (PTI): An Australian radio jockey, who allegedly made racial slurs against the Indian students in the country, has been rebuked after it was revealed that she was an administrator of several racist and anti-immigration groups on Facebook, a popular social networking website.

Terrie-Anne Verney, a presenter and sales representative for Griffith FM radio station 2MIA, was the administrator of the group "F--- Off, We're Full" and had also joined several Facebook groups including "Stop the Islamisation of Australia while we still can", "Australian Conservative United Party", the "Australian Protectionist Party" and "Australians against Multiculturalism", Sydney Morning Herald reported.

She was reported to have written extremely rude comments about the recently attacked Indian students in Australia.

Cait Catt said...

For the benefit of 8.15 below is the SMH story. To suggest Andrew supports this woman is filth, but then this is the blog of filth. Read on:

Multicultural radio presenter linked to anti-immigration Facebook groups
Asher Moses
July 2, 2009
Terrie-Anne Verney.

Terrie-Anne Verney.

A presenter for a NSW community radio station that specialises in multicultural programming has been reprimanded after she was revealed to be an administrator of several racist, anti-immigration groups on Facebook.

Terrie-Anne Verney, a presenter and sales representative for Griffith FM radio station 2MIA, was the administrator of the group "F--- Off, We're Full" and had also joined several Facebook groups including "Stop the Islamisation of Australia while we still can", "Australian Conservative United Party", the "Australian Protectionist Party" and "Australians against Multiculturalism".

In posts on the site she ridiculed foreigners who did not have a good grasp of English, claimed the Islamic faith was destroying the Australian way of life and said that attacked Indian students should go back home to study.

She also wrote that groups of immigrants tended to develop a "mob mentality", claimed KKK members she knew were "intelligent" and that she did not want immigrants who did not speak English or assimilate into "the Australian life" to be allowed into the country.

"If we allow the Islamic faith to continue to grow, sooner or later the Australian way of life will be destroyed," Ms Verney wrote in one post.

"I can't even imagine where we start to fix the problems caused by the introduction of this *cough cough* religion and its invasion of our society, but something needs to be done. Before its (sic) too late."

Of bashed Indian students, she said they were "playing the victim card" and "the shit around their head must do something to their brain".

"Maybe a gun to their head might help them get the hint that they are not wanted here!!," she wrote.

Edna Wakley, president of the Griffith Community FM Association and station manager at 2MIA, said in a statement that she was "horrified" by Ms Verney's affiliations, and that she was unaware of until yesterday.

She said the station did "not condone in any way sites such as these" and would "take appropriate disciplinary action where necessary".

2MIA prides itself on "multicultural programming" and has several presenters from diverse backgrounds. Ms Verney works there as a sales representative and also presents a music show on Saturday afternoons.

"It is disappointing that this staff member's actions could place a cloud over the integrity of this Association and all that it has achieved in Ethnic Broadcasting, multiculturalism and the community at large," the statement said.

When Ms Verney was approached for comment over her Facebook posts, she said it was "unfortunate" patriotism was now regarded as racism.

"As a proud Aussie, I welcome new Australians in the hope and belief that they too, become proud Aussies," she said.

"This country is beautiful the way it is, and like most average citizens, [I] do not want our society to change to suit others' needs."

But after this website approached 2MIA for a comment yesterday, Ms Verney began removing some of her Facebook group affiliations and posts.

In April, a contractor for one of Australia's largest Defence Department-linked companies was suspended after she was alleged to have been involved as an administrator of the neo-Nazi web forum Blood & Honour.


Anonymous said...

Michael Jackson malware from the Vexnews site is dangerous. Don't let it infect your computer. Brutus Beefcake's outside boyfriend is the recipient of it today and has been screaming. Brutus said just wait and I'll get the bastard responsible.

Anonymous said...

I though Landeryou HATED the Fairfax newspapers. It is so weird that he stole the radio racist story from them and ever weirder that he claimed it as his own. Everyone knows he is a racist. He posts racist comments on his own blog all the time.

Mrs Alice Idris said...

I recently read the following, about halal chicken. We now what Andrew substituted chicken for pork.

But was that pork halal?

# What is Halal?
Halal refers to food that is prepared in a way that makes it fit for consumption by Muslims.

# Where can I purchase Halal chicken meat?
Specialty butchers, particularly in areas where there is a significant Muslim population, sell Halal certified chicken meat.

# What is required for chicken meat to be Halal?
The chicken must be processed in a manner that is consistent with the rules of the Muslim faith, which requires that:
1. a prayer is spoken at the beginning of the day;
2. the person supervising the slaughtering process must be of Muslim faith; and
3. the facility has to be accredited by the local Muslim cleric.

# How is this different from the non-Halal process?
The only differences are the three points listed above. A person observing the actual process would be unable to distinguish one from the other and staffing levels are identical.

# Is all Halal chicken meat sold as Halal certified chicken meat?
Because the physical process is the same for both Halal and non-Halal products and there is no additional cost involved, approved processing plants may process a whole day’s birds observing the Halal requirements, with only some of the product being required to be Halal certified.

# Why do Australian chicken meat processors produce Halal certified products?
There is demand from both the local community as well as from some export markets (and for example airline meals) that Australian processors meet by having some of their facilities accredited for Halal slaughter.

# Does the customer pay more because of the Halal requirements?
No. To meet Halal requirements imposes minimal additional costs on processors which are more than compensated for by the additional market that can be serviced. Consequently, neither the Muslim customer buying certified Halal products nor the customer buying product that is not certified Halal is paying any more for chicken meat.

Joseph Goebbels said...

My mind, tired after a tough week, is reeling after reading the posts of dead voodoo witch Rita Randles, madcap Cait Catt and camp follower Catter8. All of them are of course Landeryou faking comments here, as he does so impressively on vexnews.

It's tiresome, it's boring, it's misleading (since Landeryou hasn't the guts to speak for himself) and we suffer here endlesly from irrelevant posts.

Many Patriots here are banned from commenting on vexnews. Slanderyou keeps on showing it is a more tolerant, more liberty loving, and more democratic than vexnews with its Gestapo censorship policies.

Eddie Dale said...

Landeryou has found a way of breaking into Melbourne Zoo after hours, and is planning a new line of culinary products based on HALAL CHIMP and HALAL GIRAFFE.

These products will of course be sold under deceptive packaging as HALAL TURKEY. He is hoping that our new African chums will not notice the difference.

Anonymous said...

Thank God Landeryou didn't die this week, otherwise there would have been endless, wasteful hours expended on Channel Nine. He's not Whacko Jacko or Farrah's nether regions. Nor is he Jim Stynes. But Channel Nine News is on a death binge, and might have at least accorded him a moment as a failed businessman, corporate asset-stripper, stalker, internet libeller and anti-democratic phillistine.

Anonymous said...

Goethe had several comments on the type. "The Philistine not only ignores all conditions of life which are not his own but also demands that the rest of mankind should fashion its mode of existence after his own", and "What is a philistine? A hollow gut, full of fear and hope that God will have mercy!"

Ancients of Mu Mu said...

Landeryou does write very frequently about Higgins. It's as if he has a vested interested in the electorate. One would think he lives there????

Deep fat fryer said...

Andy, the least you could do was drink Diet Coke!

It's My Shout said...

I would love to shout the poxy crim a pot of arsenic!

Osama Bin Ludin said...

Nowadays, when relaxing in my bat cave in the Tora Bora Mountains, I often check into my favourite laptop news source vexnews. It is all about small-time Western village-pump decadence and tells me what is, or more probably, isn't happening at groundroots level in decadent Australia.

Owing to recent Taliban and Al Qaeda losses in Afghanistan, I am trying to reach Editor-in-Chief Landeryou who seems to have several Arabic followers. Perhaps Ben Mohammed, and the others, would be willing to aid my holy war?

I am going to risk contacting Mr Landeryou by fax tomorrow even if it results in an immediate air attack on certain Southbank luxury apartments.

Lord Mayor of Melbourne said...

OMG. Don't tell me Cait Catt (Landeryou) is going to be proved right that ASIO, CIA and MI6 are now all reading vexnews carefully.

Luckily, they will quickly see that vexnews is just a local criminal libel blog of no international significance.

But, if a laser-guided bomb happened to penetrate the Fat Cave, there would be no complaints from me.

I am Henderson Ross. said...

Unlike Slanderyou, Vexnews is a family friendly newsportal.

The Tasmanian Green's leader Nick McKim bedding fellow Green Casey O'Connor is a social outrage. At least Vexnews is the only news source to point out this anti-family behaviour by leftards. I am Henderson Ross.

Anonymous said...

Vexnews has applies the blow torch of social decency, Henderson.

Anonymous said...

This wouldn't happen in Islam.

Breaking News said...

Murdoch CEO Labels Bloggers “Political Extremists”

A stinging attack by John Hartigan, the CEO of Rupert Murdoch’s News Limited, labels bloggers and alternative media outlets as “political extremists”. Hartigan implies that bloggers should be jailed as they are in oppressive police states like China and Burma.

In a speech to the National Press Club, Hartigan savagely dismissed blogs as, “Something of such little intellectual value as to be barely discernible from massive ignorance.”

“Bloggers don’t go to jail for their work. They simply aren’t held accountable like real reporters….It could be said the blogosphere is all eyeballs and no insights,” barked Hartigan.

“In the blogosphere, of course, the mainstream media is always found wanting. It really is time this myth was blown apart.”

“Radical sweeping statements without evidence are common.”

Anonymous said...

So many reasons for Landy the shonk to be in jail...

Anonymous said...

Henderson Ross referred to a posting on Vexnews about the Greens sexual scandal on the Apple Isle. I had to have a look and found this gem of a comment:


The Social Credit Party in New Zealand went kaput after its leaders were found having a fling. Will the same thing happen to the Tasmanian Greens?

Remember Tasmania is the land of Sydney Sparkes Orr, the sacked Philosophy Professor at UTAS who had a fling with a student young enough to be his granddaughter. Naughty behaviour seems par for the course in Tasmania. Thank you Vexnews for this scoop. As always Vexnews is first with the latest news.

Posted by Anonymous | July 6, 2009, 16:03

Next I'll need to look at Wikipedia to see what the Social Credit scandal was in New Zealand.

Anonymous said...

Any news yet on whether Stephen Newnham has been forced to resign and charged with criminal offences after handing over $50,000 of ALP members and supporters money for Landeryou's upkeep?

Someday a rain's gonna come said...

Note the emphasis. What a piece of shit! No wonder he is such a friend and protector to fat crook Landercunty;

Alleged rape victim testifies against Theophanous

June 6 2009

A committal hearing has heard a graphic account of the alleged sexual assault of a woman by Victorian MP Theo Theophanous.

Prosecutors told the court the alleged victim was a sheltered 34-year-old who had befriended Theophanous and trusted him.

The alleged victim gave evidence via video link in a closed court session this afternoon.

The Melbourne Magistrates Court heard she met the MP at a Bourke Street bar in September 1998 before agreeing to join him on an after-hours tour of Parliament House.

It is alleged Theophanous, 61, attacked the woman on a couch inside his chambers and later threatened to have her parents' pension cut.

Robert Richter QC described the woman as a manipulative fabricator who was a self-confessed drug addict and completely unreliable.

Mr Theophanous has denied the rape allegation and remains a member of the Upper House.

The former industry minister resigned from cabinet last December shortly after he was charged.

The committal hearing is scheduled to last seven days.

Madame Defarge said...

It was appaling to see Theophanous on TV news today going to court with his wife and crying DAUGHTER.

Wasn't Brian Dixon the former Liberal sports minister who had the astonishing gall to take his baby for sympathy into the dock of a Magistrates Court in Melbourne?

Date Rape said...

Time to Resign, and take the golden parachute option Theo!

Bubba said...

Can anyone please donate a red velvet couch to us Hot Rodders here in Barwon. We're planning a very special welcome for .... when he finally gets here?


Anonymous said...

A pregnant silence on Vexnews.

Pro Bono Publico said...

I do hope that Victorian taxpayers aren't funding Theophanous's extravagent, star-studded defence team.

Lawyers are ambulance chasers,
and highly professional human misery parasites.

Anonymous said...

Hmmnn. Theo's bid to shut her down with the $10 mill lawsuit - illegal as it may have been - obviously didn't work.

The whole repugnant story is of a steamroller trying to run over a ant.

Anonymous said...

Landeryou has precluded ANY comments on vexnews about his former mentor T.... Tonight (6 July) anything and everything is blocked. Andrew could have taught the Nazis a thing or two about censorship.

Landeryou's ugly, fat snout has sniffed the wind, and realised his pal is buggered whatever the outcome.

Guiness Book of World Records said...

It's a parliamentary FIRST!

Ancients of Mu Mu said...

Andy's WTF moment! Today he wrote "Liberal tough guy Tony Smith has a handshake only Bruno could love. We explore the implications."

Deep fat fryer said...

hey Ancient, Andy's real WTF moment will be when he goes on a diet!

Jennifer said...

I am trying to find out some more information on a web site called Vexnews. Very few people seem to know about it but I think it should be investigated and I gather that that is what this blog is about, although I do not understand who this Cait Catt is.

My friend Ross and I are worried about political corruption in Victoria so we Googled the subject on my computer. We were taken to this Vexnews site that much to our surprise seems to be in favour of political corruption. It said “The greatest heroes of the ALP are Bill Landeryou, George Seitz, the blokes who bashed Peter Baldwin and Graeme Campbell.” I have never heard of them but when I looked them up they all seemed like crooks and thugs or oddballs.

We decided Vexnews was an evil site and left it but within an hour of my visit I started getting bizarre, disturbing and threatening emails. My internet bank account was cleared out less than 12 hours later. What is Vexnews? Who is behind it? Can anybody help.

Andy is a Snark said...

Turnbull has launched his debt truck. Hopefully, it will be parked outside Landeryou's luxury apartment.

72 ugly Virgins said...

Is it true Landeryou is thinking of becoming a jihadist?

There is hope for us yet.

Dr Phil said...

Landeryou is a very sick individual. His abuse of diet pills and on-going consumption of excessive KFC herbs & spices has fragmented his personalities. 7-8 times a day he changes character, often within minutes of each other. At times he fantasises that he is Pauline Hansen's daughter, at other times he dresses as his ex-wife in her cast off clothing. All too repulsive.

Cait Catt said...

I and Catter8, Rita Randles and Jenny resent being called ugly virgins.

I may be a good catholic, a virgin I ain't!

Anna F said...

So Andy is now pushing Kathleen Matthews-Ward against Fiona Richardson. I have no time for Richardson, but Kathleen needs Andy's support like a hole in the head.

Spider Pig said...

Landeryou, slow news day today is it?

Deep fat fryer said...

Who knew that Michael Jackson loved KFC

Anonymous said...

The fat man loves Graeme Campbell

Anonymous said...

I hear Andrew has been sitting in the public gallery day in, day out during Theo's trial - but dressed in a burqua so no one recognises him. He kept throwing roses at Theo until the judge threatened to not only have him removed, but done for contempt as well.

Anonymous said...

I was told that Theo ordered Fat Boy Landeryou to stay away from the court.

"I'll cop an extra 10 years if they see you're with me," he told Landeryou .

little Theo said...


Total amnesia in court today. The Landeryou defence seems to be working rather well. None of the defence witnesses could remember anything.

I'm so small that none of the witnesses would ever be able to identify me in a line up.

Theo, assure me that Bubba won't ever get a look in.

Dismissed Parliamentary cleaner said...

I saw what I saw!

Choo Choo said...

The Theo Train is on the comeback trail.

He will make a great Premier.

Parliamentary sign-in book said...

Signatures all there.


Three Blind Mice said...

We live inside the red velvet couch and don't suffer from amnesia. We remember everything.

All we can say is that the couch got a regular workout several times a month. It was sort of Porkorama! Sorry, Soph!

Police and prosecutors have never examined our detailed diaries.

Spider Pig said...

Hey Andy - given the GFC etc, have you taken a pay cut????

Ancients of Mu Mu said...

Does the unemployment figure of 5.8% consider contribution by weight? Surely, Andy is a couple of percentage points alone on that measure.

Prison visitor said...

Terrible goings-on at Barwon!

A fat prisoner called Andrew arrived on Tuesday evening. Brutus, Bubba and the Hot Rodders thought he was Landeryou. By Wednesday night he was on life support in hospital.

Doctors have had to remove much of his large intestine. They have performed major reconstructive surgery on his bowel, but say he will always use a colostomy bag and must follow a strict diet for the rest of his days.

Barwon Prison Padre said...

Oh, dear! I'll have to cram up on Jewish Funereal practices then.

I was planning to give Mr Landeryou a Hindi funeral - to burn his bloated body on a pyre - and get rid of all the hazardous fat that way.

Oh well, back to the drawing board.

Ronin Qc said...

In the important case presently in committal, I was pleased to see that the Age reported that one of the defence witnesses, who could not remember receiving 'phone calls or emails from the alleged victim, is also a friend of the defendant.

This was the big question in my mind these past couple of days. How many of the forgetful friends of the victim were associated with the defendant? Perhaps others shared my concern?

There are very bizarre, serious and worrisome aspects of this matter. A lot of money and political nous has been chucked to silence the alleged victim.

The fact that Landeryou has been a proponent too, even if from left field, is a huge worry.

There is a quagmire of unsavoury behaviour here (not part of the present proceedings) that also needs further investigation.

Another Royal Commission?

Taxpayers' Seer said...

Although ALP support for a former Minister before the courts is invisable, that does not mean it is not there.

The present State government is lazy, corrupt and morally bankrupt.

Anonymous said...

Lazy, corrupt and morally bankrupt - sounds like Landerspew too.

Landeryou's vexnews continuing support of a certain former Minister is embarrassing nonsense.

I reckon the former Minister has a future in the Cronulla Sharks!

Dr Dettol said...

Vile human sewerage swamp Landeryou has fired his first hate broadside at Les Twentyman, OAM, Victorian of the Year, who may stand for Footscray in 2010.

And the usual 'Lord Twentytonneguts' comments are a giveaway that Landeryou is busy, as usual, fabricating his fake comments on Vexnews.

My comment, to remind Landy the AVO against him after his gross misbehaviour and stalking of the Twentyman family during the Kororoit dirty tricks is still in force, got BLOCKED and BANNED!

Landeryou wants to endlessly libel Twentyman, but he censors any reference to his own disgusting misbehaviour.

Crash and Burn Landeryou said...

The plane is crashing...

There are two passengers, asset-stripper and libeller Andrew Landeryou and Les Twentyman, OAM - and one parachute.

99.99% of Victorians award the parachute to honest, hard-working, deserving, caring LES!

Fraud squad said...

The ABC reports "A witness who is giving evidence in the rape case against Victorian MP Theo Theophanous has been accused of lying to the court."

I didn't know Landeryou was giving evidence.

Brian said...

The jealous, mad frenzy by Landeryou against Les Twentyman is quite remarkable...even for such an intemperate buffoon as Landeryou. The language on Vexnews is alarming, bizarre and loathsome - a lot like Landeryou himself!!!

Anonymous said...

That can't have been Landeryou giving evidence in the Theo case. The report would have said the witness was accused of perjury AND contempt of court.

Sasha Uzunov said...

Russel Gilbert is the other person in the now notorious Les Twentyman stolen photo that Landeryou keeps using on his blog. People keep warning him that Russel is a fun guy, but won't like this. He was formerly a well-known pugilist who will enjoy giving Landy a sound thrashing.

Anonymous said...

That can't have been Landeryou giving evidence in the Theo case. He is useless as a witness, because he keeps claiming Privilege!

It's impossible to get any sense out of the hopeless Dumbass!

Vexnews Court Reporter said...

Mr Landeryou croaked that he was unable to complete his evidence, claiming he had a chicken bone stuck in his throat. Theo rush to save his 'friend' and was seen vigourously grasping Landeryou's neck with both hands and kneeing him in the chest.

Incredulous Onlooker said...

The defendant was next seen trying to give mouth-to-mouth resusitation to struggling Landeryou who suddenly yelled out "Stop Tonguing me you Freak! I'm a bloke not a Shiela!

The Beak ordered Mr Landercrue, who was dressed in a large blue frock and grey cardigan, to leave the court immediately...

Ambulance Chaser said...

Human sponge, bio-hazard and bile secretor Landeryou has been spirited away from the court in an MFB Hazmat vehicle after threatening paramedics who tried to help him that he would "Do them slow"! On their orders, he was hosed down with disinfectant by MFB Rescue Crews before being bundled into the Hazmat Unit.

Stern Hu said...

Anyone, anyone! Please don't let Landeryou try and help me on his vexnews blog. I'm in enough shit as it is!

Sherlock Holmes said...

It's far from elementary, my dear Watson.

Someone isn't telling the truth.

Some remember getting calls from the victim and others don't. It's a damnable riddle!

Now, where is my copy of 'The Perjuror's Handbook' by Andrew Mugabeyou? Ah, here it is... chapter nine... 'Fiddling with electronic records, five fab fraudulent fixes'... Ah, here's the subheading I was looking for 'One click and it's all gone'...

kevin of southbank said...

There are always strange friendships and alliances in politics. The one between Danny Nalliah and Andrew Landeryou is one of the strangest.

Landeryou has broken all but a couple of the ten commandments, so why is Danny Nalliah allowing Landeryou to spruik his political agenda.


Mrs Alice Idris said...

Is Gluttony in the Ten commandments Kevin?

I know for a fact, passing off halal pork sausages as halal chicken sausages is not listed.

Saved by the Bell said...

Nine News said "She alleges the rape stopped when her phone rang and Theophanous stood up and walked behind a desk".

Horribilis coitus interruptus ab Telstra.

Special Investigations Unit said...

I heard a new story about Fat Andrew this week.

I was told that Fat Andrew had a lucrative little business in his early days at Melbourne Uni selling computers.

All good, except the computers weren't Fat Andrews' to sell!

Can any patriot provide more details?

Behind the Desk said...

Don't even ask. You just don't want to know what happened next!

A former MUSU staffer said...

Special Investigations Unit,

It wasn't just the computers. It was the printers, desks, furniture, heaters, tearoom fittings and hot water service.

Anything that wasn't nailed down disappeared!

Miss Flora Gloryhole said...

He was a stinking little kleptomaniac even at school. He couldn't keep his grubby little paws out of the tuckshop till. One of the male teachers told me he caught him wearing sequined knickers on at least two occasions. No wonder he had now turned into a middleaged failure and misfit.

Andy is a Snark said...

I went onto Vexnews today and posted a note complimenting Andy on "discovering a snack before breakfast".

He subsequently banned me. Why?

Is Andy being too modest?

Brutus Beefcake said...

Landeryou will sell his ass in prison!

Concerned said...

Landeryou is editorialising like crazy on the Theophanous matter on his hate blog.

That is contempt of court.

Anonymous said...

Andrew Landeryou has illegally obtained millions of dollars through theft, fraud and asset stripping and spent his ill-gotten gains on KFC, cheap but potent fortified wine and ultra-plus sized women's clothes that he drunkenly parades about in.

Anonymous said...

Theophanous should be jailed anyway for:

1. Being a Lazy Slob!
2. Interfering at Brimbank.
3. Undermining democracy.

Confucius said...

Choosing cases unwisely can quickly ruin eminent lawyers' careers...

This case really stinks of money, corrupt politics and stained testimony.

Dr Hu and the Daleks said...

We saw what we saw!

Red Velvet Couch said...

Defence tactics in rape cases are often rightly regarded as abhorrent and unjust. In this matter, even long before the present proceedings, the victim was paraded as mad, drug-addicted, grasping, vindictive (blah, blah, etc., etc.)

Really nasty stuff!

Landeryou, too, has played his usual obfuscatory and misleading role.

This was a big risk gamble. If there is an injustice, it is likely that other similar allegations will gradually emerge over time.

After all, I got a real workout over a long period of time. Good luck DNA crime investigators!

Victimology said...

The victim has been treated appallingly over a long period. Her punishment for fingering the defendant continues as the whole revolting thing unravels and a canny, overpaid QC patiently disects her. Revolting! Dollars not justice!

Mrs Alice Idris said...

I hope Andrew will not be selling his halal pork (chicken substitute) sausages at the walk for harmony today.

Anonymous said...

I thought Andy might have carked it when I read this headline: 'A TRANSVESTITE at the centre of a sex scandal last year involving Brazil's football star Ronaldo has died.'

No luck.

kevin of southbank said...

Looks like Andy is up to his old tricks (Kooroit eg)with backing UPPER House (Pembroke Tassie) Liberal wannabe Vanessa Goodwin has used a loophole in the state's Electoral Act to take over the world wide web.


see or click through my name

Joe Pulitzer said...

Hate campaigner, human sponge, bio-hazard, crim, stalker and bile secretor Landeryou is 'working' overtime this weekend adding defamatory fake comments about Les Twentyman, OAM, to his pathetic silly, evil-minded little blog.

Vexnews is a squalid cesspool of low-level, muck-raking junk. It's TOXIC!

Eric Hoffer said...

Passionate hatreds can give meaning and purpose to an empty life. These people haunted by the purposelessness of their lives try to find a new content not only by dedicating themselves to a holy cause but also by nursing a fanatical grievance.

So much hate - So little time said...

Three bottom dwelling blood suckers:
1) Les ‘Leech’ Twentyman
2) Dean ‘She-Male’ Mighell
3) Phil ‘Shit 4 Brains’ Cleary

Posted by anon | July 10, 2009, 14:44

Sir Lesley Twentytonneguts HRH has lined his dirty pockets living of marginalised young people, he is a fraud and gets off on self-promotion and publicity. He is a grossly fat pig with a major alcohol problem, as can be seen from his regular ‘odd’ outbursts at Walters Wine Bar. He is ONLY interested in Footscray so he can get some more media attention and viewing the streets of Footscray from his luxurious town house.

Posted by anon | July 10, 2009, 1:04

awesome, now we can finally have those heroin injecting rooms he promised…

Posted by the outsider | July 10, 2009, 9:21

Anonymous said...

A long, tiresome, rambling fake comment by Landeryou finishing with this criminal libel:

... "You’ve exposed just the tip of the iceberg here and on the OC. Please keep researching his past, particularly when he was a teacher. You’ll be shocked".

Posted by les's lies | July 10, 2009, 13:06

Don't hold your breath waiting for good research. Landeryou is only a lazy armchair investigator. He got a lot of mileage from Les Twentyman's biography during his month long hate tirade during Kororoit.

Bob Richter would have Hate Boy Landeryou sobbing in under 30 seconds.

The Dark Avenger said...

Landeryou may be only a lazy armchair investigator for vexnews.

But he is much more animated when he is out and about stalking some poor bugger, and photographing his or her home.

Vexnews - The Blog from Hell said...

By my humble analysis, of the 19 comments currently appended to the Les Twentyman blog on Vexnews - AT LEAST FIFTEEN have Landeryou's fingerprints all over them. Here's just one dead giveaway:

"At least Les has not been accused of serious criminal behaviour in Parliament like Julian Sheezel".

Posted by J-Rat Watcher | July 9, 2009, 23:12

Landeryou is the only user of Twentytonneguts in the fake comments. There are heaps of other obvious clues. Its all so childish and transparently faked. Why does he bother?

It crawled into my hand, honest said...

The only person I know of who has been accused of serious criminal behaviour in Parliament is Landeryou's mate Theo!

Anonymous said...

The Three Unwise Donkeys:

1) Hate peddler and thief Landeryou
2) The Phantom of the Parliament
3) Stephen 'Dirty Trix' Newnham

Theatre Reviewer to the Stars said...

(Plot of 'The Phantom of the Parliament')

A mysterious skirt-lifting phantom preys on female guests and parliamentary visitors. He inhabits one of the rarely visited dark basement offices. He is an elected official hints the script, but if so he is more of a thinker than a doer - except when it comes to vino and 'the temptations of Eve'. Centre stage is an impressive red velvet couch. It's often in the spotlight for unexpected, lingering, suspense-filled, passionate, dangerous liaisons. The ribald musical features rollicking songs like 'Off with your knickers, you unemployed tart', 'Its a Power Thing', 'Choo Choo' and the throbbing, raunchy new rock classic 'My little Tower of Power Rocks'!

Reviews have been mixed. Some critics say the musical brings great discredit on parliaments in general, and others that the central character is light-weight, off-key and a bit of a theatrical frotteur.

Rich Wilkins said...

My fave song in The Phantom of the Parliament is 'Rat up a drainpipe'.

Randy Macho Man Savage said...

Oh Yeah!

My Finishing and signature moves

* Diving elbow drop[1]
* Alternating jabs to the chest and head
* Atomic drop
* Diving crossbody
* Diving double axe handle, sometimes to an opponent outside the ring[4]
* Hair-pull hangman[4]
* High knee strike to back
* Jumping knee drop[4]
* Lariat takedown[4]
* Piledriver
* Running powerslam
* Scoop slam
* Snapmare
* Various elbow strikes
* Vertical suplex

Alert...Alert...Alert...Alert said...

Dunny Rat Landeryou could afford this nasty gadget (click the link). It would add whole new vistas to his stalking experience.

(Actually, with 'friends' like his, I would be running anti-malware on my mobile pronto!)

Flexispy said...

Hmmnn, I wonder if Newnham had an opportunity to download the necessary software onto Landeryou's mobile. He needs to keep a close eye on Landy who is a very dangerous loose cannon.

Tubby Internet Marketing Nerd Ed Dale, a former IQ business partner of tubby blog geek Landeryou, probably keeps tabs on Landy too.

Anonymous said...

Andrew puts Flexispy software onto the phones of everyone dumb enough to ring his mobile.

Ali Baba and the forty thieves said...

Lots of weird threads run through the story of crooked Landeryou and his mates.

On-line gaming, and other internet scams. The vanishing IQ records. Jobs for the boys, jobs for nearly the whole Landeryou family at IQ. Wholesale courtroom amnesia.

Most people will have read the click-through before, but it is of obvious continuing interest.

These days Ed "30 day challenge" Dale is also an internet link farmer. This is a deceitful practice most search engines discourage. It also allows for all kinds of manipulation including extinguishing adverse criticism.

Landeryou does that by making up stories and blocking comments he doesn't like.

Nothing has changed...

Laughing all the way to the bank said...

Ed Dale charges $247 a month for his 'smoke and mirrors' links. That's $2964 a year! Not sure, but I think these are US dollars. Wow!

If you do an "Ed Dale scam" on Google you will bring up lots of sites that PRAISE HIM.

How cool is that?!!

Anonymous said...

Ed Dale is Fat Andrew's bagman.

He received the $50,000 Stephen Newnham provided for Landeryou's upkeep. I bet he took 20 percent for "expenses"!

Phil Clearly (and 39 others) said...

Sounds like it might be a good time to sue the big schmuck!

Backlink said...

Shit! With a 100 customers, Ed Dale could earn nearly 300K a year. With 500, nearly $1.5M.

Big Business. I hope ATO is keeping fast Eddie's dealings under a microscope.

It's another lovely big Milch Cow like IQ - but nearly legal!

Inspector Clousseau said...

If Ed was funded initially or in any way by missing IQ dollars, the later internet scams are probably susceptible.

Oh, Drat! I forgot that the IQ company papers vanished inexplicably and there were lots of forged documents with fake signatures* all over the place.

Blunderbelly Landeryou as usual was especially unhelpful in the witness box.

Ed Dale, although founder of IQ, unless I'm wrong, escaped legal examination altogether. That was a major mistake, then and for forensic history.

He might have dived into the Landeryou family's amnesia funkhole. Or he might have proved himself a contrite crim. Who knows!
* A lot like all the fake comments on vexnews these days.

Cecil B. de Mille said...

It's a wonder no-one has written a book or movie script about the MUSU and IQ frauds.

There is a fantastic lineup of privileged young punks who turned to serious crime, thuggery, standover tactics, asset-stripping and fraud. And that was just MUSU!

Then there is Landeryou's flight overseas and comeuppance when he returned.

The IQ fraud was slightly more sophisticated. It involved almost the entirety of the Landeryous and shadowy figures like Ed Dale among others.

And then, there is Landeryou's more recent wacky venture into blogging, libel, stalking, political deception, etc., etc.

What an amazing plot!

I can see a movie or at least a TV mini-series about all this. What a storyline! It's got everything!

Count zeppelin said...

Sounds like a great block-buster! But who is going to play Landeryou - the Betfair Blimp at the Ashes?

Empty and full of hot air!

Anonymous said...

Another foul libel on Les Twentyman by vexnews:

"Is Les still running ‘those’ Boy’s Camps"?

Posted by anon | July 11, 2009, 23:23

Jeez, I'd pay big money to see Landeryou explaining these libels, and the one about the Girl's school in court.

He seems to forget that his hard drive tells the whole story. Every vile libel is there. He would be dead meat.

Concerned said...

The front page of the Sunday Telegraph today reads "You owe $1 million".

I thought it might be about Fat Andy then realised that $1 million is small compared to the scale of his thefts and frauds and losses through incompetence.

Baa-Baa-Raa said...

Censorious crim blogger Landeryou is having heaps of childish fun with his new Kiwi fake comments. Here's an example:

"Uxcellent. I plan to assust the Luberals wuth their ulection campaign".

Posted by Murray from New Zealand | July 4, 2009, 12:51

Like all Landeryou 'jokes', the fun never, ever ends. It just goes on, and on, and on... YAWN!

Rita Randles said...

That Landeryou guy just kills me! "Uxcellent!" Ha Ha Ha Ha Ha!

Ooops, I forgot I am already dead

Mrs Alice Idris said...

Hang on. Pork is a red meat; chicken is a white meat.

Did Andrew really think he could get away with substituting halal chicken with pork for his sausages?

Anonymous said...

If I were Solly Lew I would get Stephen Newnham and Ed Dale into the witness box ASAP.

Fat crim Landeryou is already going to jail but those two might think twice about perjury.

Deep fat fryer said...

Mrs Alice Idris you seem to be pursing the Landeryou sausage-gate scandal.

Keep up the good work.

Anonymous said...

I hear that Landeryou tried to organise what he called the Disharmony Waddle today; a rally by morbidly obese inciters of racial hatred. Not even he turned up. He was too lazy.

Anonymous said...

Walking down Little Collins Street yesterday I saw what I thought was a large pile of rags dumped on the footpath.

As I got closer I saw that it was the deranged and deluded thief, fraud and failure Fat Andrew Landeryou, passed out on the footpath near the Fat Cave in a drunken stupor wearing what looked like a hand-me-down from Amanda Vanstone.

He had soiled himself in his digusting, drunken state. The stench was appaling.

Mr Mulder said...

Does anyone have spare tickets for The Phantom of the Parliament? I am hoping there will be a followup about me called Caspar: The Invisable, silent Shadow Minister of Transport. I am retiring soon, although some Liberals think I have already done so.

Choo Choo said...

Big Ted is going to breeze home at the next election because the ALP government is moribund, tax grasping, corrupt and lazy. Even Terry might get a free ride into the front bench if he is very, very lucky.

Anonymous said...

Out here in the sticks, we are staggering under the weight of indexed government charges, new water charges, and a welter of draconian laws that would instantly beggar miscreants.

Voters need to kick Brumby's arse next time.

Chockers said...

"I'm on Fire" is my biggest favourite song in the hit musical The Phantom of the Parliament.

"Rat up a Drainpipe", Rich Wilkins's fave (July 11, 2009 10:55:00 PM) also struck a chord!

Robbie Doyle said...

Who do I have to sleep with to get tickets to The Phantom of the Parliament, the talk of the town from Town Hall to Exhibition Street and beyond?

Even my good wife was whistling 'Off with your knickers, you unemployed tart' yesterday. Obviously, this is a must see hit musical event!

At first, I thought the musical was about me. But I never had a red velvet lounge in my parliamentary office.

Landeryou on Vexnews has abandoned his fake comment jokes about me and McPherton. Just as well. They were wearing a bit thin. I have never met this notorious libellous blogger but would love to kick his fat arse in public.

And so say all of us said...

And so say all of us!

I am Henderson Ross. said...

I just read on Vexnews that The Age is now retailing for 11 cents.

When will ASIC step in and shut down this sleazy newspaper which is evidently trading while insolvent.I am Henderson Ross.

Anonymous said...

Henderson, too dear at 11 cents if you ask me.

Byron in Wahroonga said...

Isn't the ABC worth 8 cents?

Ben Mohammed said...

Just means my jihadist friends can afford more copies of the jihadist friendly daily.

Randy Macho Man Savage said...

I guess that means Vexnews is worth what? 0 cents?

Funky Phil Spector said...

Who needs Mary Poppins when we already have a huge new musical smash The Phantom of the Parliament?

My favorite song is the quirky lulluby 'Drop your dacks, Darlin'!

Age IT Columnist said...

Stephen Conroy's mandatory internet filtering plans have earned him the title of Internet Villain of the Year at the 11th annual Internet Industry Awards.

Landeryou is mighty pissed off, even if Stephen was once a close mate. "Everyone knows that I am the biggest Villain on the internet, full stop"!

Mr Landeryou pointed to his chequered background, and his later 'career' as an internet libeller, stalker and liar on pariah blog Vexnews. "I'm a freakin Giant of Villainy! No question!

anne frank said...

Since I too am banned from commenting on the 'Lassen Freiheit Ring' Nazi blog Vexnews, I have to come to blogs like this to enjoy freedom of speech which is verboten on Vexnews.

MD said...

I thought of the obese failure Andrew Landeryou when I read this story on

"A 32-YEAR-old virgin shed 185kg - without having surgery - in a bid to find love and to cure him of his depression.

"David Smith, who weighed nearly 300kg in 2003, has become a minor celebrity after a documentary of his efforts was broadcast on television..."

If Landeryou lost 185 kilos he would still weigh a tad under 240 kilos. That is still three times the weight of a normal, healthy six-foot tall man of his age.

Scam Analyst said...

Vexnews is utterly corrupt by blocking people with alternative views.

And Landeryou is a Philistine and hypocrite for adding fake comments to his own blogs. It's kind of incestuous--Landeryou busily trying to f*ck himself in public. A truly revolting thought.

If it wasn't so evil, so tainted, so sick, Vewnews would be laughable. Many people do find vexnews laughable but they don't see the depth of Landeryou's hatred and his scorn for the law and other people's rights.

At the end of the day, he is just a detestable liar, fraud and schmuck.

Anonymous said...

Hey Scam Analyst,

Landeryou is also a total A s s h o l e!

Henderson Ross's poodle said...

Hey Henderson,

There are an awful lot of mentions of Vexnews on this blog these days. If the unwashed battalions google 'vexnews' and 'lies' or 'frauds', or 'censorship', etc., they will be brought straight here! I think Mr Landeryou needs to adopt a far more conciliatory approach to everything otherwise he will get into deep shit.

Your affectionate canine friend 'Anonymous'.

Anonymous said...

The naive, unguarded unionists and small herds of suburban sheep that graze at Vexnews will be outraged when they find out they have been sucked in, scammed and lied to on the Blog of Hate.

They will feel most annoyed and humiliated when they find out about Landeryou's past as former Melbourne University Student Union mafia boss; his IQ Corp fraud; his bunk to Costa Rica; and his arrest when he returned.

He will at last be revealed as sub-human scum to all and sundry. The Fat Cave will be besieged by angry villagers.

The only problem is that the tiny group of visitors to Vexnews aren't smart enough to Google...

Harmony said...

Outcast and internet outlaw Landeryou and his venomous blog Vexnews should be banned by the Australian and/or Victoria governments. They are becoming a national security problem. Vexnews is racist, anti-Muslim, misogynist, and lawless. Landeryou writes misleading, deceptive, libellous blogs. He is motivated by hate, right-wing politics and a rash of controversial views on everything.

He should be shut down fast!

Pluck the Peasants said...

Al Gore should be in Indonesia or South America stopping peasants chopping down or burning native forests--the true cause of global warming. Who can forget the huge cloud of smoke in Asia that affected Malaysia and other Asian countries in recent years.

I don't want to pay new ALP taxes that pretend that deforestation is not the real cause.

Obviously, the peasants need to cease, desist, and pay up for the catastrophe they are creating.

Hey Kev, don't send me a bill--send it to the peasants!

Anonymous said...

Vexnews and Landeryou - THE LONG CON.

Anonymous said...

There's a story in today's Age about a New York lawyer who was "the Houdini of impersonation and false documents".

I thought Landeryou and vexnews held the record for fake comments and false documents.

Sancho Panza said...

Today Don Quixote Landeryou is tilting at familiar windmills like the Office of Police Integrity...snore...yawn...groan.

And he manages to give a tick to military specialist, and former army clerk, Sasha Uzunov - the naughty Sunshine Court photographer.

Concerned said...

Theophanous 'rape victim' had 'red marks on face'


July 14, 2009 12:33pm

THE brother of a woman who claims she was raped by Victorian MP Theo Theophanous says his sister came home with red marks on her face after meeting with Mr Theophanous.

The brother told the Melbourne Magistrates' Court he was on the computer in September 1998 when his sister came home crying.

"She came home distressed and she had red marks on her face,'' he told the court today.

"I asked her what happened, she didn't reply, she walked into her room,'' he said.

The brother told the court his sister appeared shocked and distressed.

He said earlier that night his sister told him she was meeting Mr Theophanous in central Melbourne.

The brother said his sister told him in 2006 that she had been raped by Mr Theophanous.

"She told me she was raped in Parliament in the chambers of Theo Theophanous in 1998,'' he said.

Under cross-examination from Mr Theophanous' lawyer, Robert Richter, QC, the brother rejected suggestions that he "sponged" off his sister and parents.

Mr Richter also questioned why the brother had not filed tax returns since 1998.*

The hearing before magistrate Peter Reardon continues.

* Patriots might care to ask (a) how Richter knows this and (b) of what possible relevance could it be, particularly given Theo Theophanous’ relationship with a man who has stolen millions through theft, fraud and asset stripping and stalked the family of a former Victorian of the Year, one Fat Andrew Landeryou.

Old Warrie said...

Uzunov's strange pontifications on vexnews are a bit baffling. No marksman or sniper would use a Steyr. As a nasho I qualified as a marksman (although not awarded the badge as the army was too mean to pay the extra pittance) with an FN SLR. I aimed for the head usually with a high degree of accuracy. It went unsaid that we would shoot to kill. That was obvious to all. But snipers did not use the SLR either.

As to the police, I can't equate the army with police. In the army the whole environment is different. The whole idea was to defeat the enemy by killing them. The fragmentation grenade in Vietnam exploited the enemy's practice of removing dead and wounded from the battlefield.

These days police may feel they are venturing out into a battlefield of lawlessness, but they are not properly equipped to deal with it.

C'mon Simon Overland - start handing out the Tazers!

Zaps not Coffins said...

I agree with Warrie. My sympathies are with police who often do it tough. But VicPol has left a trail of bodies too.

Tazers are the obvious answer, backed up by SWAT where necessary.

You don't keep order, the reason for police, by killing people.

Mrs Alice Idris said...

Does anyone know of Uzunov's position on Andrew's sausages (the halal pork ones)?

Clarence Darrow said...

The purpose of defence lawyers in rape cases is to throw hundreds of cubic metres of mud in case some of it sticks.

Landeryou, Mr and Mrs Theo, and a few others threw lots of mud long before the case began. According to them, the victim was deluded, deranged, interested in dollars, an unemployed misfit.

A bunch of really miserable, nasty 'little' people...

F. Lee Bailey said...

It was a deliberate, coordinated character assassination.

The $10 million suit in Greece was supposed to shut the victim up altogether.

She gets a big Red Badge of Courage from me!

Phil Clearly said...

Crim blogger and human offal Landeryou will probably write tomorrow that the victim in a current notorious case probably bashed herself on the way home from a date with a certain mate of his.

Electron Microscope said...

I hope the prosecution reviews very closely and carefully the evidence of the lady friends of the defendant who denied receiving calls from the victim after the alleged offence.

It's obvious someone is fibbing, but who?

In a retrospective, once the case is finalised, I hope prosecutors will microscope Landeryou's part in this travesty of justice. He earlier claimed the victim was "mentally ill" (no wonder after her ordeal), and wrote dozens of other libels, defamations and untruths about this unfortunate woman.

You horrible, distorting little man!

Anonymous said...

Didn't Landeryou on Vexnews support the Cronulla Sharks Gang Bang in Christchurch?

After being married to Kimberley Kitchen, it is not THAT strange that Landeryou is a misogynist nowadays.

Landeryou dislikes women. Most of all he hates women who claim they were raped by his sicko mates.

Anonymous said...

Reading the latest on the Theo case today, no wonder he called in pompous Richter QC.


Theo is in more shit than a Werribee duck!

Disgust in the West said...

No wonder the ALP ditched Theo long ago.

The present case is doing enormous, continuing damage to the ALP particularly in the West.

It's disgusting. It's unsavoury. It makes you want to puke!

Ms Ravi Kumthar said...

If the event had taken place in his suburban electoral office, that's one thing. That is took place INSIDE parliament is what makes it so completely repugnant!

Was it a contempt of parliament?

Or was it just contemptible?

Brumby said...

Theo who?

Anonymous said...

The Theo case may be the last straw in Landeryou's endless crim bloging on vexnews.

He will go down this time!

Anonymous said...

Cait Catt Uses Special Purr to Manipulate Humans
Jennifer Viegas, Discovery News

Hear Me Purr!
Hear Me Purr!

July 13, 2009 -- Cat owners who think their cats control them now have some scientific confirmation: Animal vocalization experts have just identified a special manipulative purr that felines have evolved, in part, to get what they want from people.

The newly identified vocalization, called "solicitation purring," has never been acknowledged or studied before, although cat fanciers, such as the study's lead author Karen McComb, are quite familiar with it.

"In the case of my cat Cait, if she sees you stirring from sleep at all in the early morning she will immediately switch into giving this solicitation purring and position herself next to your head so you get the full impact," McComb, a reader in Behavioral Ecology at the University of Sussex, told Discovery News.

She added, "Asking around, I find I'm not the only one who, if I wake up early, often lie pretending to still be asleep so my cat doesn't start this!"

McComb, who has analyzed communication and cognition of elephants, lions and many other mammals, decided to investigate what could be behind her cat's early morning purring.

Anonymous said...

Readers of this blog should beware of comments by Cait Catt. She manipulates and uses her purr to advantage her, not you.

Go back to the cattery Cait.

Anonymous said...

Cait Catt is Landeryou's greatest fan.

Ancients of Mu Mu said...

On his story on Theo, Andy writes: "There are plenty of speeches politicians give as part of their duty. Often written by someone else, particularly if ministers, they can reflect the views of other people. Indeed in our Westminster system of government it is entirely normal for ministers to argue passionately against a proposed law in the privacy of caucus or party room and Cabinet and once it is adopted by those bodies to argue just as passionately in favour of it in public and in the Parliament."

In other words, are you supporting lieing Andy? I ask here, because you have deleted this question on Vexnews.

Concerned said...

Landeryou is in trouble with the law YET AGAIN!!! I wonder who his accomplice is?

"Police are hunting two drag queens after two midget wrestlers were murdered following a drinking orgy..."

Dead Man Walking said...

1. Landeryou says: "the case against Theophanous has more holes than a slice of Swiss cheese".

2. The brother turned to Mr Theophanous and added that, if their father had known of the alleged incident while he lived in Melbourne, "you wouldn't be walking, I can tell you that".

I said...

Landeryou has more rolls than a bakery!

Fat and Flat said...

Landeryou's Theo blog today seems a bit deflated and constrained.

It's his way of saying "Things aren't looking very Rosy"!

If their lips are moving said...

The prosecution quoted from Mr Theophanous's second-reading speech delivered in February 2006, when he said the balance of fairness in the prosecution of sexual assault had been heavily weighted against the complainant: "Regrettably, for many complainants this has meant the process failed to treat them with respect and in a way that preserved, as far as possible, their dignity.

"The criminal justice system has thus not only denied them acknowledgment of their experience but, worse still, has had the effect of retraumatising them through the very process through which they have sought redress."

So what were Mr and Mrs Theo - and Landeryou - doing by defaming the victim in 2008 and 2009. They said she was nuts, a gold-digger, etc.

What a load of Chutzpah!

Noddy said...

Landy isn't even a journalist's rectum. His Theo blog today left out all the relevant, important parts - so that he could concoct a dodgy argument remarkable for its intellectual and legal paucity.

Landeryou is an overblown gasbag whose arguments could be summarised in a sentence instead of hundreds of words illogically sorted into sub themes.

I often find myself nodding off when reading his longer rants.

Murray from New Zealand said...

Vexnews uz a load of cluptrup, and Landeryou a total twut!

Spider Pig said...

Landeryou quotes Vamvakinou today who said “I am surprised that someone who’s got no real commitment to the community has got an interest in representing it”.

Lets see how true that is.

Conroy is from Canberra, and only came to Victoria to get a Senate spot.
Bracks is from Ballarat, but represented Williamstown.
Combet went to Newcastle for his seat.
etc etc

Anonymous said...

I wish all the two-party political hacks would go to hell. They would find plenty of people to represent there.

Anonymous said...

More shenanigans today from Richter QC who accuses victim's brother of being a liar and sponger.

Richter is continuing the besmirchment of this family for obvious reasons, but this is poor justice...

Rita in November 2008 said...

She was an emergency teacher, and studied acting. I believe she had a number of social problems — with money, with work, with relationships — and that was the case well before the alleged incident.

She had a brother whom she lived with who was also mostly unemployed. She moved to Greece about six years ago. I believe they continue to live together, and that neither she nor her brother have had stable employment since.

Anonymous said...

How dare unemployed people bring charges against their betters!

They are an absolute rabble.

People who say Theo has been loafing in parliament for years are liars - and are probabwe unempwoyed (oops) too!

The Dodgy Brothers said...

Rita in November 2008 also wrote:

She may have visited Parliament at some stage. There is nothing unusual in that. But on the night she alleges the incident occurred I believe Theo’s then driver insists he dropped Theo off at 6pm at home, and this is supported by his log book.

So where's the driver, and where's the log book?

Anonymous said...

It's all a bit too grubby for my liking.

Anonymous said...

No comments from Cait Catt in over a week. Where is the bitch?

Shhhh! said...

She is safely curled up inside Landeryou's fat head, living on KFC scraps and purring contentedly as he quaffs another cheap red.

Concerned said...

Even MORE legal strife for the fat man:

"Drunk neo-Nazi guilty of bomb plot"

Ancients of Mu Mu said...

So Andy writes: "The organiser of the shameful 9/11 themed house party has cancelled the gathering while her angry inner-city leftist friends have threatened VEXNEWS with violence over the affair."

That would of course mean - if true - they would have to find you first Andy.

So where are you Andy? I notice your fake (supposedly for profit!) news website doesn't list your business/editorial address.

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