Friday, December 22, 2006



In recent weeks we've reported that Andrew Landeryou and his cronies have been openly advertising that Landeryou’s blog of sleaze has won a Walkleys Award!

Well, Landeryou has indeed won an award.

The highly prestigious blog Nexus 6 has made the following awards.

"Australia's worst blog (tie): Andrew Bolt and Andrew Landeryou

Bolt is frequently wrong, doesn't understand complex topics, has absolutely no sense of humour and is a talentless writer. His blog demonstrates this in spades.

Landeryou is simply a nasty, nasty little man. His blog demonstrates this in spades."

Clearly, Bolt would be disappointed to have to share this award with Landeryou. Landeryou was a clear favourite for this award.

Thursday, December 21, 2006

So this is Christmas, Andrew Landeryou

We will be brief.

First of all, THANK YOU to the Slanderyouites who have made fantastic contributions to this blog.

Second, thank you to Andrew Landeryou for the rich source of information and events to comment on. Without you this blog wouldn’t exist.

We will be back on 8 January 2007, with an interview with Andrew Landeryou.

In the meantime, comment here at will, and or revisit our earlier stories, and or drop us a line at

Seasons Greetings and Happy New Year

Wednesday, December 20, 2006

Andrew Landeryou: "we know his IP number so we keep careful track"

Apart from the narcissism of using the royal 'We', Landeryou has admitted that he relentlessly tracks his readers visits to his blog of sleaze.
"Hello there, Mayne and one of his flunkies definitely linked to my blog of freedom. Mayne visits it at least three times a day (we know his IP number so we keep careful track), sometimes in the wee hours of the morning."
In part his readers have come to understand this breach of privacy, which explains why the number of comments on his blog has collapsed.

TeamSlanderyou raised this worrying concern in October, when we wrote:

"...Landeryou has installed a new tracking device on his Blog of Shame. The new comments feature, Haloscan, enables the 'pro-comment cancelling' Fuhrer to:
- View, edit or delete comments from the members section or the comment page·
- Ban commenters by single IP or an IP range.

The recording of commentator's IP addresses is a worrying development, as Landeryou actively records IP addresses in order to track down opponents."

Source of the cartoon is here .

Tuesday, December 19, 2006


In 1999, Andrew Landeryou wrote to the Unions NSW e-journal about republicanism and the qualities of Labor great Neville Wran. See here for details.

We don’t have any problem with the content.

Our issue is with his signature block.

When was Landeryou a member of the AWU?

Given his background before IQ, why was he a member of the AWU?

Does this have any consequence for later when Landeryou, dressed as Delia Delegate, did a hatchet job on National Secretary of the AWU, Bill Shorten?

Monday, December 18, 2006


Today is an anniversary of sorts. Its 10 months since February 2006, when Andrew Landeryou was declared bankrupt.

The KFC munching sleaze blogger, was initially taken to court to recover $3.4 MILLION.

However, creditors had to settle for what Landeryou dismissively calls a “…comic total of $13,053.25”.

The court papers are here.

$13K is indeed ‘comic’ to Andrew. After all, he enjoys living in a luxurious penthouse, and travels to Sydney for AGMs of Australia’s top ASX listed companies.

Only Andrew Landeryou could comprehensively turn $3.4 MILLION into $13,053.25.

Friday, December 15, 2006

Andrew Landeryou: a pusher of fat (& weekend forum)

It's the weekend (nearly) and its time for the weekend forum. Comment away.

A trigger for thought may be Landeryou's continuing claims to being a journalist. Seems that this slur on the journalist profession just won't go away.

A respected blog, Club Troppo, tries to explain Landeryou, stating "I don’t like the extreme defamation and seemingly malicious personal smear campaigns".

And in response Landeryou continues to push KFC down the throats of his readers. It's all very sad.

But it it does explain his eating disorder.

And another thing, how does a bankrupt afford a $50 voucher of KFC?

Thursday, December 14, 2006

"I’m generally very wary of linking to Andrew Landeryou’s blog because it’s so full of material that appears to be seriously defematory (sic)"

Club Troppo writes, "I’m generally very wary of linking to Andrew Landeryou’s blog because it’s so full of material that appears to be seriously defematory (sic). "

So very true.

But the point that appears to have been missed is that Landeryou is directly claiming that unnamed "VEC sources" are revealing to him exclusively detailed and confidential information on the conduct of the election recounts.

First, let us say that we do not believe Landeryou when he quotes these unnamed sources.

However, if there are VEC officials directly communicating with Landeryou (on an off-the-record basis as implied by Landeryou), is this not a contempt of the electoral process and threatens to corrupt the election?

Wednesday, December 13, 2006


It's Wednesday and we open up the forum to Slanderyouites everywhere to comment at will.

One topic to consider is Landeryou's health.

So far we've learnt that Landeryou suffers from cranial gigantism, has antisocial personality disorder (abbreviated APD or ASPD), is delusional, is narcissistic, is fat, and is so very very lonely.

Andy is one sick puppy.

Tuesday, December 12, 2006

Spot the similarity game with Andrew Landeryou: GAME 2

It’s time for another round in our popular ‘spot the similarity’ game. Game 1 is here.

On the left is guess who. On the right is Hollywood actor Wesley Snipes.

Clue: this link might provide a useful clue.

Monday, December 11, 2006

Andrew Landeryou = Deceit & Lies Walkleys Award Standard

Andrew Landeryou and his cronies have been openly advertising that Landeryou’s blog of sleaze has won a Walkleys Award!

Here is the blog created by Landeryou (or closely connected associates) that allegedly has granted the award.

The blog is simply a scam.

The Trust that runs The Walkleys is the trade union that represents the fine journalistic profession, of which Landeryou claims to be a member.

The union must openly and publicly expel Landeryou if he remains a member. If he isn’t a financial member, the union must still openly and publicly name Landeryou for this vile abuse of intellectual property and enforce legal action.

At best this attempt by Landeryou to grant himself a bogus award, and using the prestigious reputation of the Award, is simply a misrepresentation and deceit.

Enough Andrew.

Friday, December 08, 2006

Andrew Landeryou & faux blog awards

Andrew Landeryou and his ever decreasing circle of mates, is ramping the line that he received a Walkley Award for his blog.

Of course, there is no such award, and even if there were, there is little doubt that Andrew would never be seriously considered for nomination.

As testimony to that fact, here is the list of nominees for the 2006 Weblog Awards. Andrew isn't mentioned.

The full list of Australian blogs nominated include: Tim Blair, John Quiggin,, Observation Deck, Andrew Bolt, All Men Are Liars, David Farrar, Not Bean, Staralicious, and The Bartlett Diaries.

What is it like to be so lonely Andrew?

Thursday, December 07, 2006

It's always the weekend in Andrew Landeryou's World

It certainly seems to be the weekend ALL THE TIME in Andy's world.

Never having to work, living in expensive digs, travelling to far off and exotic locals as Costa Rica and Sydney.

And to celebrate the near arrival of the weekend, we present this open forum for your commentary and enjoyment.

So comment away.

PS: Now that the Zanzibar is closed in Collins Place, where is Andy drinking now?

Wednesday, December 06, 2006

Error Message: Andrew Landeryou attempts to infect this blog like he did with the Australian National Library

This blog was subject to a persistent attack from Andrew Landeryou on Tuesday, with the comments section infected by pro-Andrew comments. He attempted to infect this blog like he did with the Australian National Library.

Doesn't it seem strange that Andrew loves commenting on this blog, but vigorously deletes reader's comments and discussions on his?

Hopefully, the XP update soon to be retailed by Microsoft includes this error message.

(Right click into a new browser page to view larger version)

Tuesday, December 05, 2006

Anyone in Costa Rica Ever Come Across a Dude named Andrew Landeryou?

Andrew Landeryou is famously known as an online gamining spiv. The reference goes back in time to his running of IQ corporation (and how he turned it into another insolvent company).

But it seems, in 2005, on his return from Costa Rica, members of Australia's wagering and gaming community were raising serious questions about Andy.

A number of forensic questions and comments were asked.

- "If he is in CR (Costa Rica) I am sure he not using the name Andrew Landeryou".

- "He disapeared in CR for five months while every was looking for him. He started a gaming software company and was soliciting business in CR."

- "BTW, hearing his (Andy's) blog is called the Other Cheek .... does not bring pleasent images to mind. "

Lots of questions Andy that you still have to answer.

Truth on!

Sunday, December 03, 2006

Andrew Landeryou trying to claim credit for sleaze story - amazing!

Andrew Landeryou is amazingly trying to claim credit for printing sleaze.

His narcissism knows no bounds.

He in particular is pointing to a sewerage of gossip he printed about Glenn Milne.

Isn't this contrary to the Australian Journalists' Association Code of Ethics?

Friday, December 01, 2006

Beazley vs Rudd (vs Andrew Landeryou) & Weekend Forum

Ok, the challenge is on.

Who do you think should win, and who will win.

AND who do you think Andy Landy will support, obviously duplicitously.

And what other issues should be discussed over the weekend?

'Journo' Andrew Landeryou not at Walkleys - Again

While all the attention this morning is on Glenn Milne and his drunken lurch at Stephen Mayne at last night's Walkley Awards ceremony, our focus was on 'faux-journalist' Andrew Landeryou not being invited again to the most prestigious night in Australian journalism.

Why wasn't Landeryou invited?

Is it because he is a lapsed member of the AJA? Or perhaps event organisers were worried that he would eat all the food?

Or is it that Landeryou isn't a journalist? To quote Milne: "“You are an absolute disgrace”.

Thursday, November 30, 2006

Andrew Landeryou and Kimmy

Spot the difference!

Wednesday, November 29, 2006

Andrew Landeryou & Hawker Britton

Hawker Britton is the shadowy political 'laundering' unit of the ALP.

It seems to us that Landeryou is effectively running HB's blogging operations, surviving on the 'gossipy' scraps thrown his way by David White, and other HB operatives.

Is Landeryou getting paid for this? If so, aren't his creditors entitled to garnish his wages?

Please discuss!

Nomination for "Statement of the Year" re: Andrew Landeryou

Nomination for "Statement of the Year"

"While I'm loathed to quote Landeryou because virtually everything the guy says is dubious at best".

Monday, November 27, 2006

Andrew Landeryou chief suspect in shutdown of Tim Blair

Andrew Landeryou has long harboured the ambition of being the most popular right wing blogger in Australia.

The only problem is that his blog isn't very popular, with sliding hit rates over the past few months. Landeryou's blog is not widely well regarded in neo-conservative circles.

In order to promote his blog, Landeryou has pushed the vaudeville button in terms of content on his blog.

A most frequent tactic has not only been to cull readers frequent comments and corrections on his blog, but also to shut down competing blog sites.

A competing blog that Landeryou has recently targetted for 'shut down' is that of preeminent Australian blogger, Tim Blair, whose blog has been shut down for about a week.

Rumours are that Landeryou has targetted Tim Blair for shut down, inorder to migrate readers over to his blog.

Landeryou is said to have targetted over a million blogs for shut down. Two down, 999,998 to go.

Friday, November 24, 2006

Andrew Landeryou & Weekend Victorian Election & Forum

It's the weekend again, and it's time to have our weekend forum, open to all your wonderful comments and conjecture.

The weekend also sees the Victorian State election.

Andrew has been commentating furiously on the election. Unsurprisingly, the only fact he has got right has been the date of the election.

We've also noticed that he has yet to change his address on his blog, and comply with Victorian electoral laws. Perhaps he isn't moving from his palatial digs in affluent South Bank?

And how is the disguise comming along Andy?

Finally, rumour has it that Andy has provided a postal/absentee vote for the election. Anyone know where he is spending the weekend?

Chat amongst yourselves.

Thursday, November 23, 2006

Andrew Landeryou & Loneliness

We have written previously about how lonely Andy is.

But it looks like Andy is taking things into his own hands (so to speak!) and is actively promoting internet dating services on his blog.

We guess, it's a new internet stalking technique!

Wednesday, November 22, 2006

Don't forget to vote on Andrew Landeryou

Don't forget to let us know of your views about how Andrew Landeryou's blog has infected the Australian National Library archives.

Got to the right of the home page for the voting options.

Go here for the original story.

Note: Margin of Error for the poll = 0

Saturday, November 18, 2006

The miracles of IT: we present the Andrew Landeryou search engine

Google presents us the with the opportunity to create a search engine specifically tracking Andy Landy.

Go here to search to your heart's content, or please use our Search Box on the right.

Friday, November 17, 2006

Andrew Landeryou & the weekend open forum

Its the weekend - almost.

Well, it certainly is the weekend all the time in Andy's world. Never having to work, living in expensive digs, travelling to far off and exotic locals as Costa Rica and Sydney.

And to celebrate the weekend (that will last til Wednesday!), we present this open forum for your commentary and enjoyment.

We will be back on Wednesday, when we present our now famous Weird Wednesday exclusive, special, green-paged feature. And a hint on next Wednesday's story: what Andy really thinks of his blogs's readers, plus other juicy bits.

Andrew Landeryou & lack of G20 pics

Well, Andrew has still to post any incriminating pics of G20 protesters.

Perhaps, he is having such a good time with the Christians, who hopefully are educating Andy on the merits of honesty, fairness, independence and respect for the rights of others.

Is Andrew Landeryou still a ‘breaching’ member of the AJA?

Is Andrew still a paid up member of the Australian Journalists Association?

According to this, his annual membership expired on 31 August.

A casual survey of his blog will reveal countless breaches of the AJA’s code of ethics. That include commitments to:
- Honesty
- Fairness
- Independence
- Respect for the rights of others.

If Andy remains an AJA member, he needs to be summarily and immediately expelled from the Union.

Thursday, November 16, 2006

Andrew Landeryou Endangers Children: Shock

Sister blog, Make Landeryou Pay is running a tragically sad story involving rank child exploitation by guess who.

Click here to read. Its a real tear jerker, so reach for the box of tissues. It will make the most stoney hearted person weep.

Andrew Landeryou infects the National Library of Australia & new poll

Andrew Landeryou's blog has been 'selected' to be documented by the Australian National Library.

Our understanding is that his blog will serve as useful (virtual) toilet paper in the many Library public toilets.

What useful purpose could the Library have in 'documenting' Andy's rants?

In order of preserving fair balance, we will be writing to the Library asking it to 'document' this blog, plus Landeryou & Co,'s exposes, and MakeLanderyouPay. If you have time dear reader, hopefully you will also write to the ANL demanding equal acknowledgement.

All correspondence to:

Edgar Crook
Librarian Digital Archiving Section
National Library of Australia

And go immediately to your right to register your vote on our new poll.

Wednesday, November 15, 2006

WEIRD WEDNESDAY EXCLUSIVE: cLi.Congal1ty and its main man Andrew Landeryou

We said yesterday we would reveal a shocking story.

It's so shocking, we are still trying to work it out.

It is based on this revealing insight into the depravity that Andrew lurkes in.

We are really not sure what this is all about, but the conversation thread is quite disturbing, concerning setting fire to things, killing cats and using knives.

An active participant called cLi.DiGiaL1ty lists Andrew as their main man, and has "78 kills".

There is active encouragement of cheating in this thread!

Then this conversation:

aP+Cynergi" oww (sic)
aP+axl_morgs" FUCK BRB (sic)
aP+Cynergi" naughty cat
cLi.DiGiaL1ty: :<>cLi.Forkal1ity:"hes so going to kill that cat."

This is all being performed via a website called StatWhore. It features a "...program designed to produce statistics for matches between teams playing stopwatch mode RTCW:Enemy Territory games."

What is this all about? Not sure, but prima facie it looks very worrying, if not utterly frightening and of course it threatens universal moral standards. Shame!


A reader posted this very clever take on Andrew Landeryou. The original is here.

This is not far from the truth. Remember when Andrew was writing as Delia when he stooged on his Labor Unity mates.


Punchy paunchy politicians progeny Andrew Landeryou has accused the political Right- associated with smaller government and conservative social and economic policies- of being Leftists.'

I have now worked it out' he said triumphantly.

'The Leftists are leftists, dirty leftist scum. The centre are also Leftists, usually Leftist Dupes. But the Right, who masquerade as conservatives, are something else. They are Leftists who have convinced themselves they are rightists, in order to discredit Rightism, leading on to a Leftist victory.

''The only way is to defeat the Right, thereby denying the Left the use of their deception'Landeryou is leading the charge against Leftism.

'I have now established that my postman is a Leftist' he said sternly, 'as he wears Red and doesnt work for himself. 'I've also discovered my flatmates were engaging in collectivism by having a household kitty for expenses!

Tuesday, November 14, 2006

Is Evil Andy is not telling Good Andy what he/she/it is doing (Andrew Landeryou)

Reading this from Andrew today left the dedicated staff at Team Slanderyou in a state of collective shock.

It is the story of Andrew claiming to reveal secret emails between himself and a journalist from The Age about this story.

How can revealing emails that Andy has he himself written be seriously 'revealed' as 'secret'. Perhaps his split personality has come to the fore, and Evil Andy is not telling Good Andy what he/she/it is doing.

And not only is Andy claiming to have an OC investigations Unit (is the bankrupt now employing people? and not content with making up Freedom Freddy he is now pretending to have a corporation?) but he signs off his emails as Editor and Chief!

In October, Team Slanderyou turned to a team of medical advisers who indicated that the clinical term for Andy's behaviour is psychotic narcissism.

Andy needs help. Any medicos out there should submit their appraisal of Andy's conditions in comments.

Tune into Slanderyou tomorrow when we reveal a story so shocking involving knives, killing cats and people involved with fire.

Clue 1: "Who dedicated tonight's match to my main man Andrew Landeryou".

Clue 2: "All they want to do is to raise their stats so they can feel impressive, or to ascend to a higher rank".

Monday, November 13, 2006

Freedom Freddy: a Andrew Landeryou con

Anyone remember Joe Klein?


Well, he/it was a co-correspondent on Andrew Landeryou's blog for all of two posts.

Now, Andrew has dreamed up Freedom Freddy.

Only two problems.

1. Freedom Freddy on Andy's blog doesn't exist and is in fact Landeryou who has invented a made up friend.

2. He/it is not only fictional, but a straight cut and paste from this Freedom Freddy. Not only is it an infringement of international copyright, it also infringes on the Australian and US Free Trade Agreement.

Andrew Landeryou - loneliest

The number 1 may indeed be the loneliest number, especially when it comes to Andrew.

How Andrew Landeryou profits from bankruptcy

A question often asked, but never answered is how a bankrupt can rent an apartment for $650 per week, and still not have a job?

Does he live off his investments? Or does he claim unemployment benefits?

Or does he earn so much money from his blog, from ads etc? We some how doubt it. But it was curious how this Google Adsense advert was 'smart' enough to post on Andrew Landeryou's blog.

Another question, is Landeryou Melbourne's richest bankrupt?

And stay tune for a revealing insight into IQ corporation. What exactly did go on in there?

Saturday, November 11, 2006

Andrew Landeryou almost makes the front page of The Australian

While Andrew is pouring over his breakfast KFC, Team Slanderyou were busily working away at the weekend newpapers.

And on the front page of the Weekend Australian, in the first para, we read this, under the headline Party's over for Burke as secret deals exposed:

"Reclusive, battling weight problems and under seige from the media and corruption investigators..."

at this point we thought it was about Andrew Landeryou. But it was about disgraced, former WA Premier Brian Burke.

The similarity was uncanny, don't you think?

Friday, November 10, 2006

Andrew Landeryou enjoying the sun

Is this Andy on Brighton beach as reported in October?

It's the weekend, and what will Andrew Landeryou be up to?

Even gardeners have a gripe with Andrew Landeryou!

Even the gardening community have problems with Andrew Landeryou.

The Gardening Book blog felt it necessary to inform its readers that "...Andrew Landeryou skipped town and left her (his wife) to pay his debts".

Thursday, November 09, 2006

Andrew Landeryou: the great defender of closetted homosexuals - or is he?

Andrew Landeryou copies rather too heavily from Andrew Bolt about the recent bio of Alan Jones, written by Chris Masters.

Whether Masters should or should not have revealed Jones' sexual orientation is a question for another day.

Our concern was that Andrew has used the opportunity to cobble together a mangled argument somehow defending Jones' privacy, when Landeryou is noted for his stalking skills.

Seems all very odd, when Andrew is notorious for blog stalking, stalking journalist's homes, and calling people 'gay' as if it is an insult.

Perhaps, Andrew is indeed having problems with his sexuality. Remember Delia?

Who really is Andrew Landeryou?

Let us for a moment take a look at Andrew Landeryou's blogger profile.

Under gender he records male. Well that may be true for the most part, but he was also known by the name Delia for some time.

Under Industry, he lists media and communications. And under occupation he lists Journalist. Is that so Andy? Are you generating an income Andy? If you are, is that in breach of your bankruptcy? If not, why isn't your earnings garnished so creditors can or could have got some of their money back. You've never explained how you generate an income Andy, since you always list your bankruptcy. Are you on unemployment benefits?

Under location he lists his South Bank address. But hadn't you moved to Brunswick?

What Andrew Landeryou really thinks about free speech

Click here to see what Andrew Landeryou really thinks of free speech and political discourse.

Wednesday, November 08, 2006

Andrew Landeryou threatens to grow a moustache

Andrew is surveying his readers about whether he should grow a moustache (of all things) in November.

Clearly, Andrew is not content with a beard, but is considering developing some sort of disguise.

Why Andrew? Where are you going? Hiding from the Electoral Commission perhaps?

Freedom Freddy: Andrew Landeryou - hypocrite

Just a quick update on our Freedom Freddy expose.

Team Slanderyou is currently finalising our investigative feature.

But before we go to print (or is that blog!) we remind you (as if you need reminding) of Andrew's hypocrisy on anonymous posting on blogs. As if Freedom Freddy is anonymous!

Until, we can post our Freedom Freddy story, have a guess amongst yourselves in the comments section, as to who you think Freedom Freddy is!

Noose is tightening around Andrew Landeryou

It looks like there is a massive revolt happening against Andy Landy.

Since our own (re)creation, two supporting blogs have been established, Landeryou & Company, and the most recent Make Landeryou Pay.

And add Bracksed to that list as well.

We guess, it makes a change for Andy of his usual bed time reading.

Tuesday, November 07, 2006

Andrew Landeryou: what is your address and when will you advise the Electoral Commission?

Andrew Landeryou is actively commenting on the Victorian State Election.

Good Luck to him!

However, as a number of readers have noted, here and here, as a commentator on the election, Andy needs to advise of his current address in order to comply with the Electoral Act.

So what is it 'Flight Risk' Andy? Is it South Bank or Brunswick?

Andy is steamed

Poor Andrew Landeryou.

The little fella is 'steamed' about not being accepted as a political blog on the ABC's commentary of the Victorian State election.

So far, there aren't many howls of protest on Tim Blair's blog, which should have got the 'conservative' gig.

Of course, the ABC was doing the right thing. If it had accepted Andy's bog (deliberate spelling error) it would also have had cause to accept this blog, plus others.

Get over it Andy, you tosser.

Are you tossing now?

Monday, November 06, 2006

How ill is Andrew Landeryou?

A commentator to this blog writes eloquently:

"He has a compulsion to attack virtually every person he has dealings with : Sol Lew, Schetzer Brott and Appel, Leonie Burke and the Age, Evan Thornley, Stephen Mayne, Race Matthews, at least half the Labor party

- He travels to the houses of single women, photographs them and posts them on the internet- He followed Stephen Mayne to sydney and photographed him as part of a harrsment campaign

- During the years his mates were in charge of MUSU, the one honest manager at MUSU who tried to stop them, Graham Cornish, had anonymous sheets distributed (wonder who by?) with disgraceful criminal allegations

- He has stalked and harrassed Dean McVeigh, an honest man doing his job. A quick look at his paranoid lying blog will confirm to anyone that he is a deeply paranoid troubled person."

Our thoughts on the matter is that he suffers from clinical psychotic narcissism.

Sunday, November 05, 2006

What is in store for the next week

A tease for what we have for you concerning Andrew Landeryou over the comming week.

- We reveal who is Freedom Freddy, and ask has Andy seriously breached international copyright law and the Free Trade Agreement with the US?

- How Rupert Murdoch slapped Andrew Landeryou.

- What is the relationship between Andrew Landeryou and Kim Jong-il?

- And we start our countdown to the 6th month anniversary when Andy was declared bankrupt!

Saturday, November 04, 2006

Andrew Landeryou: "...headcase"

" that headcase Andrew Landeryou. ... How incredibly sad."

It's true.

Friday, November 03, 2006

Andrew Landeryou's greatest non-answers

Let's look forward to the weekend with a trip down memory lane with Andrew Landeryou's greatest non-answers.

And what a trip it is, involving "... stunning allegations of front men, bogus directors, forgery, false names and mysterious international money transfers."

Andrew Landeryou's corruption of free speech

The public furore over Andrew Landeryou's corruption of free speech is growing.

Not only is Landeryou deleting posts, but he is actively editing comments to suit his own purposes.

He is even playing the race card. Seems strange, given he is noted for his anti-Islam views.

Andrew Landeryou: more blog stalking

Andrew Landeryou has a vile habit of shutting down political blogs.

It seems that Andy is up to his old tricks, stalking political commentators that disagree with him.

Thursday, November 02, 2006

World in Shock: Andrew Landeryou deletes opponents' comments on his blog

We commented the other day that Andrew Landeryou has a history of crushing dissent and promoting aggressive censorship on his blog.

Now, that claim has been all but confirmed.

Stay tuned for a call to protest on Mad Monday!

Bracksed exposes Andrew Landeryou - or should that be Delia! has offered Slanderyou a great compliment in its recent newsletter.

How Landeryou and his cronies tried to corrrupt Wikipedia

The hilarious Slandersyou blog is continuing to produce a different perspective on the Labor Unity hitman, Andrew Landeryou. It's well worth a read to learn more about the disgraced gaming spiv, internet stalker, bankrupt blogger and con man who can't be sleeping well as the Fraud Squad sharpen their pens to lay charges over the Melbourne University Student Union heist. We particularly liked this remarkable tale (Slanderyou exposed this story here) of how Landeryou and his two most loyal acolytes, Darren Ray and Ben Cass, attempted to corrupt Wikipedia. Surely they've got better things to do with their time, such as fessing up about the missing millions from MUSU. Then again, distorting Wikipedia displays a base level of vanity."

Analysis of Andy's (or is it Delia's) frantic activities trying to singlehandly destroy Labor Unity can be found here.

A great new blog exposing Andrew Landeryou's business dealings

A great new blog exposing Andrew Landeryou's business dealings has been established called Landeryou & Company.

Wednesday, November 01, 2006

Andrew Landeryou: Mad!

Andrew Landeryou has been described as 'Mad'. (Dot point 3)

Enough said.

Anonymous continues the exposition of Andrew Landeryou

Anonymous said...

Dark Rider - 2 issues:- Yes of course the real issue with Landeryou are the disgraceful frauds he committed at MUSU. Most of his behavior is an attempt to distract attention from this- the constant ridiculous attacks on 'leftists', trying to make everything political.

In summary, he set up Marbain, it got a cheap lease from MUSU, onsold it for 1.2m profit, and the money was transferred to Hong Kong and then around the world.Its obvious he's got this money stashed, even now while 'bankrupt' he's been to the US, and has flown up to Sydney and back. People should focus on this, not only encouraging Melbourne University and his trustee to go in hard to trace the money (there will be a link to him for sure) but also to contact the Tax Office, (Marbain never declared its profit) and above all the police and fraud squad (nothing wrong with sending them a letter) to push that something is done about it. He should be punished for it, and if he isn't then its very bad for our society.

Secondly, however, there's no point engaging in rational debate with Landeryou. He will never discuss the above (because he's guilty), and resorts to pathetic, infantile smears whenever questioned. Thats why baiting him is so right and proper.

Tuesday, October 31, 2006

The Dark Rider said...

We feature the comments of a valued reader, The Dark Rider who said...

Congratulations on the first reasoned if somewhat heavily biased post to appear on this site. As someone who long responded to Landeryou’s posts and came to understand how he really operates, I’ve been hoping someone else would pick up the Slandersyou ‘standard’.

After watching my comments being edited and deleted, I realised unless I was willing to set up a blog and devote a lot of time to making it work, I wouldn’t be able to achieve the level of debate and closer scrutiny I think a lot of his ‘reports’ deserve. If nothing else, a forum where dissenting views to Landeryou’s can be put forward without being sabotaged would be a great start.

Obviously, there’s an agenda with this blog, but I’d rather focus on what rapidly became apparent to me reading Landeryou’s blog, which ironically enough, I originally discovered through a reference of Crikey.

Of course, watching Landeryou's hypocritical, slanderous, self-serving rants was almost as illuminating as watching people's responses to him.

Quite frankly, The Age's gossip columnists have played right into his hands, with these 'fatty' references. As has Stephen Mayne's remarkably clumsy attempts to paint him as Delia Delegate, something which can only damage him with ALP insiders if they believe it.

I'm not in the ALP and I don't believe it. It just doesn't gel.

What I find difficult to believe is all of these people will sink down to his level when the biggest frustration for Landeryou was the perception they had credibility and he didn't.

The one thing Landeryou can't fight is detached, clinical, analysis of his activities. There is more information required. But so far, no-one's really bothered to properly investigate.

Here's hoping that changes.

The Dark Rider

Andrew Landeryou installs new tracking device on Blog of Shame

Andrew Landeryou has installed a new tracking device on his Blog of Shame.

The new comments feature, Haloscan, enables the 'pro-comment cancelling' Fuhrer to:

- View, edit or delete comments from the members section or the comment page·
- Ban commenters by single IP or an IP range·

The recording of commentator's IP addresses is a worrying development, as Landeryou actively records IP addresses in order to track down opponents.

Big Brother Landeryou is watching you!

Monday, October 30, 2006

Scott Gavens: the rebuttal you won't find on Andrew Landeryou's Blog

The rebuttal you won't find on Andrew Landeryou's blog.

Andrew Landeryou suffering from severe case of the 'fats'

A close family member intimate with Andrew Landeryou's physical condition, has exclusively revealed to Team Slanderyou that Landeryou is fighting 'fatness'.

Exhibit A: this is how Landeryou currently looks like, crouched helpessly over his pc, pumping out nonsense on his blog. He credits his 'new look' to eating all the 'health sustaining' Big Macs that he can eat. There is no proof that McDonald's Australian profits are reliant on Landeryou eating 25% of Macca's daily production. Landeryou advertises Maccas on his blog.

Exhibit B: this was how Landeryou looked in May 2005, fresh from eating all the 'health sustaining' gruel in Victoria's prison system. He could then only do up 1 button on his jacket.

Saturday, October 28, 2006

Bankrupt Andrew Landeryou attends PBL AGM: but how?

On Thursday 26 October, convicted bankrupt Andrew Landeryou attended the PBL AGM to ambush and infringe on the personal privacy of Stephen Mayne.

Landeryou admitted his attendance at the AGM, which is only open to shareholders of the company, and pre-accredited 'guests' such as the media and financial analysts.

Questions that are immediately raised:

1. If Landeryou is indeed a bankrupt, why and how does he still own shares in PBL? If he does, has he ever revealed his financial conflict of interest when he attacks Fairfax and its stable of mastheads?

2. Surely, PBL would not have allowed Landeryou access otherwise as a member of the 'press'?

3. Landeryou could have attended the meeting legitimately as a proxy for an existing shareholder. However, would you trust three time business failure Landeryou with management of your shares?

Did Andrew (Fats) Landeryou crack a 'fat' in public?

The Age reports:

"Whale of a time
LAST reported blubbering into a white hanky after embarrassing revelations on, pudgy bankrupt Andy Landeryou flounced up to the PBL AGM in Sydney yesterday then spent most of the time hissing at, and taking photos of, bracksed author Stephen Mayne. "He must be sadly obsessed with bracksed to waste scarce bankrupt-constrained funds on a return flight to get pictures of lil' old me," Mayne trilled to Diary. Meanwhile, we hear Expanding Andy has cut back on fats in his diet since sunbaking at Brighton beach recently — three people tried to push him back into the water. And four others tried to push him under."

Thursday, October 26, 2006

Landeryou's bed time reading

Landeryou's bed time reading. Don't let the bed bugs bite!

Wednesday, October 25, 2006

Soon to be deleted from Andrew Landeryou's blog comments (2)

Anonymous said...

"He'll bring down the neighborhood" say crims.

MELBOURNE APRIL 2005 AAP. Prisoners at Melbourne Remand Prison are in lockdown after rioting against the presence of Andrew Landeryou, the portly Melbourne Uni fvraudster."Its just not fair!" said one prisoner. "Sure I've got multiple murder convictions, but sharing a cell with Landeryou?. Thats just disgusting'.Due to Landeryou's weight and smell, guards were forced to establish his own reinforced floored holding cell, after hosing him down.'I dont know what to do' said a frantic prison governor. 'We have to take him, after all we're a prison, but the place is in uproar. Jesus, even the paedophiles wont accept him'.But the punchy paunchy politicians progeny with a penchant for puerile postings was unperturbed by the prisoners protests. 'They're all a bunch of lefty trots' he said, while munching on a triple whopper with cheese, and gave that answer to all questions about how he set up a company called marbain, which got a cheap lease from musu, onsold it at a profit of 1.2m, which was placed overseas and is now used by Landeryou to fund his lifestyle while official 'bankrupt'.

Soon to be deleted from Andrew Landeryou's blog comments

Scott Crawford to defect?

The heats on the MUSU crowd: Landeryou Ray Cass etc.

The fuzz are starting to investigate, and there might be some trips to the Big House.But many have been pondering the fate of Scott Crawford.

Scott never benefited personally from any of the goings on at MUSU. So why should he carry the can?

Scotts a bright young guy, and many people have been urging Scott to come forward to the Carlton Police to tell all, in the hope of an indemnity. Why should a promising young man like Scott go to Jail for the crimes of others.

Scott could yet have a career in parliament.Scott needs to hurry up. Time is running out: one of the other MUSU crowd could spill the beans for an indemnity at any time. But if Scott gets down there quickly , he could get himself out of this mess quick smart.


Tuesday, October 24, 2006

Why Landeryou hates Wikipedia

Read here how Landeryou and his ever decreasing circle of cronies attempted to corrupt Wikipedia!

Saturday, October 21, 2006

Landeryou caught out

Again, Andrew Landeryou has been caught out castigating the SMH for its coverage of the Alan Jones bio, and the biographer's disclosure on Jones' homosexuality.

The problem is that in July Landeryou in an unprovoked slur called Antony Lowenstein gay!

Does Andrew Landeryou still like to dress up in period costume as one of the three Musketeers?

Does Andrew Landeryou still like to dress up in period costume as one of the three Musketeers?

Some right wing demagogue wannabee called Andrew Landeryou

Is Andrew Landeryou a right wing demagogue wannabee?

Some good news at last

"LET'S have some good news for the week's end. Melbourne businesswoman Kimberley Kitching, left bankrupt after low-dog hubby Andrew Landeryou skipped town and left her to pay his debts, has had her bankruptcy annulled.

Diary understands the deal was done with the legal team of voracious tycoon Solly Lew who seized and sold the couple's home (Kitching's "wedding present" from Landeryou) two years ago. It leaves Kitching (below), a former Melbourne city councillor and canny political operator, clear to re-enter politics in future. Meanwhile, she has blossomed in her management role at giant multinational Drake, holding court at the after-show of Thoroughly Modern Millie the other night as rep of the major sponsor.

In contrast, Landeryou has deteriorated into a bankrupt internet grub who insiders say has been "near tears" lately as Crikey founder Steve Mayne smacks him around on the new website.

Mayne, who is running for State Parliament, has dubbed Landeryou a "disgraced gaming spiv", a fitting epithet for a spineless twerp who specialises in attacking single women on the web (he screened a photo of one woman's home, broadcast lies about office affairs and pregnancy with another). Latest emails tell of his dirty dealings at the Melbourne University student union in the 1990s. Landeryou has followed the sordid trail of dead defamer Jack Pacholli, using bankruptcy as protection against libel action. Now prematurely bald, obese and developing a peculiar body odour (something to do with his high-fat diet, say associates), Landeryou spends his lonely days fetching internet sticks for his political masters."

Wednesday, October 18, 2006

Andy Landy congratulates himself on Stephen Mayne

Click this link to read how Andy Landy self-posts to his own blog, congratulating himself on his insignficant effort to unseat Stephen Mayne's political ambitions.

Funny how the first ten posts are all so supportive of Andy!

The clinical term for this behaviour is psychotic narcissism.

Dark Rider asks...............

Dark Rider asks.......

I like the idea of the site, it's just a shame you're going for the lowest common denominator.

Why don't you start by analysing his habit of posting rants about people who mention him in their publications?

Dissect his methods of perverting the concept of 'truth' he preaches as part of his website mantra is also another good option.

Also his habit of posting inflammatory emails himself and passing them off as other people's opinion (while deploring them, but not deleting them as he does with so many other posts).

This bullshit 'Andy's a child molester' is just petulant name calling that reflects more on the idiot factor posting here, rather than on Landeryou's site. Hmmmm.

Of course, with a complete lack of credible information on his site at the momrent, maybe Landeryou has decided he needs another slanderyou to pique interest. Is that what this site is?Curious.

Dear reader, your help is needed!

Sunday, October 15, 2006

Landeryou - problem with his sexuality?

Does Andrew Landeryou have a problem with his sexuality?

Nothing wrong with that.

Delia afterall is a very pretty name Andy Landy. Get that name in gaol?

Landeryou – flight risk?

Andrew Landeryou has apparently moved suburbs.

He has had to forego his luxury apartment in affluent South Bank, for the cheaper confines of working class Brunswick.

Convicted bankrupt, persistent business failure, wife-leaver, Costa Rican tourist, Landeryou is yet to explain how as a bankrupt he could afford his South Bank digs.

For that matter, he is yet to explain his Brunswick residency. We are sure he hasn’t moved into a boarding house! Pity he doesn't, as it might bring this paranoid to his senses.

Friday, October 13, 2006


Welcome to the new Slanderyou.

We will confront the lies, deception, and madness that is Andrew Landeryou.

We are not of the ALP Left faction. But we find Landeryou's deceptive behaviour, his misrepresentation and fraud unnacceptable.

Spread the message and comment freely.