Wednesday, November 15, 2006

WEIRD WEDNESDAY EXCLUSIVE: cLi.Congal1ty and its main man Andrew Landeryou

We said yesterday we would reveal a shocking story.

It's so shocking, we are still trying to work it out.

It is based on this revealing insight into the depravity that Andrew lurkes in.

We are really not sure what this is all about, but the conversation thread is quite disturbing, concerning setting fire to things, killing cats and using knives.

An active participant called cLi.DiGiaL1ty lists Andrew as their main man, and has "78 kills".

There is active encouragement of cheating in this thread!

Then this conversation:

aP+Cynergi" oww (sic)
aP+axl_morgs" FUCK BRB (sic)
aP+Cynergi" naughty cat
cLi.DiGiaL1ty: :<>cLi.Forkal1ity:"hes so going to kill that cat."

This is all being performed via a website called StatWhore. It features a "...program designed to produce statistics for matches between teams playing stopwatch mode RTCW:Enemy Territory games."

What is this all about? Not sure, but prima facie it looks very worrying, if not utterly frightening and of course it threatens universal moral standards. Shame!

27 Truth On Comments:

Anonymous said...

completely agree - very disturbing

Anonymous said...

So what is this statwhore thing all about?

Anonymous said...

seriously you should put the statistics up on this page, like Make Landeryou Pay does. The link at the foot only goes to the provider, it doesn't show the statistics.

Anonymous said...


Hell, The Underworld December 2020 AAP:

Hell, the place of eternal fire for evildoers ,
is in uproar tonight, as a receiver was appointed after it was bankrupted by Andrew Landeryou and friends.

'I can't believe it' said a sobbing Devil, being comforted by two of His Demons. 'Landeryou and some young guys he knew ran for the elections here. They ran a sharp well funded campaign. Then they looted everything with dodgy leases and contracts. There's nothing left!' The Devil has had to seek temporary lodging in purgatory as his Castle of Evil was sublet without his knowledge to a company called Marbrain, which onsold it for a 1.2m profit.

Landeryou, for his part, is unrepentant. 'They're all a bunch of lefty trots' he said, munching on a triple whopper with cheese. 'The Devil is a Leftist, through and through: always wearing Red'. He continued 'I was in Costa Rica on business, I didnt hide the Marbain money, and the moon is made of Cheese'.

Landeryou and his young underlings have instead put the blame squarely back on the Devil himself. 'How dare he critize us!' said Landeryou wolfing down a big Mac. 'We have been treated badly ever since we got here! Dean Sherrif was put in with the general fraud group, when everyone knows hes a common thug and commits assaults involving young children!"

'And there must have been a mistake with me. After they asked me about my prison background, they put me in with a bunch of people called the Sodomites?!'

companyreporter said...
This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.
slanderyou said...

Anon 4:11 PM: Done

Our readers are always right!

Anonymous said...

Nice work on the hits disclosure.

That's something poor Andy's been too afraid to disclose to his ... viewers.

Is he afraid his numbers won't stack up?

slanderyou said...

Anon 7.02

Thank you

We are working on Andy's numbers and have found a very welcoming, (but worrying for Andy) trend.

More to come soon

Thanks for your active support.

Anonymous said...

Thanks for the hit disclosure. Just confirming the figure shown is the total number of hits, not the total unique IP visitors?

Either way its an impressive number. The nasty fat slug must be realizing just how many people hate his and his mate's guts.

Any chance of more detailed stats eventually?

Anonymous said...

This is daming evidence!

Well done. A walkley should soon find its way to your letter box

slanderyou said...

Anon 7:13 PM

in the fullness of time!

Anonymous said...

Love the fact that nasty pasty andy's landy's gloating over being included in the Pandora Web archive - he's right up there with other web luminaries like:

The Canberra Cross Country Ski Club, The Tweed Estuary Boating Plan and of course the highly regarded Rust Report.

He's pathetic really

Andy's Conscience said...

I'm sick and tired of Andy beating up any story no matter how twee to get a headline

It was funny at first but now it's annoying
He's shown himself to be very narcissistic - or just plain nutsoid

7.23 could you post your material on Andy's blog
I'd repeat it for you but he's taken to altering my posts at random and I wouldn't rely on him to leave it in place...

Constipated Clown said...

Shoud ANdy top himself on eday you should take some blame.

slanderyou said...


what a ridiculous comment to make

Do you know something we don't?

Are you suggesting that Andy's rants are a result of depression or narcisistic condition?

Anonymous said...

Hey Slanderyou,

You should get an email address, so people can forward you any useful tidbits they come across.

It seems to be a notable deficiency on your site.

slanderyou said...

Anon 2.30. Thanks

We working on that.

Will organise an email adress soon

Anonymous said...

Just a word of advice - beware of emal addresses.

IP's are easy to track if you reply to an email (even from hotmail accounts etc) and they serve as a vehicle for all sorts of threats and intimidation to take place away from the public eye.

Andy is capable of dreaming up some pretty elaborate scams.

Proceed with caution

Anonymous said...

Good point anon 3:41pm.

But all these threats and intimidation can very easily be posted on the blog.

I'd be interested to see what sort of threats and intimidation would come through...

slanderyou said...

Email address organised:


Anonymous said...


Make sure you list it prominently on your blog site or profile for easy access... :)

Andy's conscience said...

so what is stawhore and what is the connection with Andy?

Andy's conscience said...

sorry that was "statwhore" - not "stawhore"

theo said...

Are you any closer to resolving this?

Anonymous said...

Only just read this, and forced to comment: this is really disturbing

Anonymous said...

This is alarming! Why haven't the mainstream press picked up on this yet?

Deep fat fryer said...

Did Andy ever kill that cat?