Tuesday, November 07, 2006

Andy is steamed

Poor Andrew Landeryou.

The little fella is 'steamed' about not being accepted as a political blog on the ABC's commentary of the Victorian State election.

So far, there aren't many howls of protest on Tim Blair's blog, which should have got the 'conservative' gig.

Of course, the ABC was doing the right thing. If it had accepted Andy's bog (deliberate spelling error) it would also have had cause to accept this blog, plus others.

Get over it Andy, you tosser.

Are you tossing now?

3 Truth On Comments:

Anonymous said...

Just thought you may find this an interesting tidbit:

It appears that Andrew Landeryou has not updated his electoral enrollment, and is still enrolled at his Parkville address, rather than the Tower of Power, or his new, self-confessed residence in Brunswick.

This would appear to be a serious case of electoral fraud, if it were true. Can Landeryou prove that his details with the Electoral Commission are true and accurate?

Anonymous said...

Why is it electoral fraud?

It's not like he's running for anything...

Anonymous said...

Darlene was the only poster on Blair's blog to comment on Landeryou, and her comment was of ridicule

Blair's test has shown how insignificant Landeryou is.