Thursday, November 02, 2006

Bracksed exposes Andrew Landeryou - or should that be Delia! has offered Slanderyou a great compliment in its recent newsletter.

How Landeryou and his cronies tried to corrrupt Wikipedia

The hilarious Slandersyou blog is continuing to produce a different perspective on the Labor Unity hitman, Andrew Landeryou. It's well worth a read to learn more about the disgraced gaming spiv, internet stalker, bankrupt blogger and con man who can't be sleeping well as the Fraud Squad sharpen their pens to lay charges over the Melbourne University Student Union heist. We particularly liked this remarkable tale (Slanderyou exposed this story here) of how Landeryou and his two most loyal acolytes, Darren Ray and Ben Cass, attempted to corrupt Wikipedia. Surely they've got better things to do with their time, such as fessing up about the missing millions from MUSU. Then again, distorting Wikipedia displays a base level of vanity."

Analysis of Andy's (or is it Delia's) frantic activities trying to singlehandly destroy Labor Unity can be found here.

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The Dark Rider said...

Ok, I wouldn't be getting too excited about a Bracksed mention.

Apart from anything else, it adds fuel to the suspicion that this Slanderyou has been established by Stephen Mayne.

Quite frankly, I'm fairly sure it has. And if he was able to attack the topic with the analytical and insightful approach he did in the early days of Crikey and during Jeffed, then it'd be something to applaud.

While I'm seeing vague hints of this, so far, not a lot of it is proving terribly relevant.

I'd be interested in some dissection of Landeryou's current rants. Why he's targeting them. How he is resourcing himself. Etc.

What the actual status of his bankruptcy is. Excerpts of court transcripts that shed light on his actions and motivations.

The Dark Rider
*who'd love to explore this all himself, but he does have a day job and no desire to spend his free time on such an unfortunate topic*

Anonymous said...

Melbourne April 2005 AAP:
Andrew Landeryou, temporarily released prisoner and MUSU fraudster, has expressed surprise at the ease with which he is passing bowel movements.
'Its amazing!' said Landeryou, munching on a Big Mac. 'It just slides right out! Its as if some form of lubrication has been provided. Its coming out as easily as I extracted money from MUSU!'.
Landeryou's bowel was unavailable for comment.

Anonymous said...

Is Landeryou still denying he was Delia? Great forensic, investigative reporting Slanderyou