Wednesday, November 29, 2006

Andrew Landeryou & Hawker Britton

Hawker Britton is the shadowy political 'laundering' unit of the ALP.

It seems to us that Landeryou is effectively running HB's blogging operations, surviving on the 'gossipy' scraps thrown his way by David White, and other HB operatives.

Is Landeryou getting paid for this? If so, aren't his creditors entitled to garnish his wages?

Please discuss!

6 Truth On Comments:

Anonymous said...

This explains how Landeryou in detailed fashion countered all the criticisms of Hawker Brittons involvement in Tattersalls!

Melbourne Scribe said...

What's there to discuss?

You've hit the issue of where Landeryou sources his content from, firmly on the head!

Keep it up

Anonymous said...

Congratulations Slanderyou. This blog is always first with the latest. Beats Landeryou (that is, the Other Cheek) by a mile. Slanderyou is also accurate, unlike the rantings of the former rat from IQ corporation whose investors lost their $$.

ansteybranchopolous said...

David White gives me the creep - if the eyes are the window to the soul then he has none.

the observer said...

fascinating, especially re: the Tatts issue given its AGM tomorrow

Anonymous said...

Perhaps he's being bankrolled by the CFMEU - his rants against the Wildnerness Society are taken almost word for word from CFMEUs press releases.