Thursday, November 02, 2006

World in Shock: Andrew Landeryou deletes opponents' comments on his blog

We commented the other day that Andrew Landeryou has a history of crushing dissent and promoting aggressive censorship on his blog.

Now, that claim has been all but confirmed.

Stay tuned for a call to protest on Mad Monday!

5 Truth On Comments:

Anonymous said...

Marbaine , a company controlled by Landeryou, got a corrupt cheap lease at MUSU, on sold it for 1.2m profit.

This profit was diverted overseas to the Hong Kong Standard Chartered Bank. Ben Cass controlled this accouint.

The money was distributed out from there.

Concerned citizens should write to Michael D'Ascenzio, commissioner of Taxation demanding that the ATO audit whether Marbaine paid tax.

Pressure should be applied on Glyn Davies, Vice Chancellor of Melbourne University, and the effective controller of the MUSU liquidation, to pursue Landeryou strongly to recover the funds.

Landeryou must be prosecuted for this fraud. He's still got the Marbaine money. He must be brought to account.

Anonymous said...

what's with landeryou's comment thing - you have to put a fake name and URL in to comment?

He's obviously got his back against the wall and can't take the heat.

The Dark Rider said...

Yes, I'd wax lyrical about it but I don't have the time to properly draw the parallels between Landeryou's deletions and communist censorship which he hates (said in a David Brent voice).

Also Landeryou's purported fearless crusade grinds to a crushing halt when someone adds a few facts to the story.

Wonder what else he tries to cover up?

The Dark Rider

Anonymous said...

now he is going around trying to find anyone who ever worked at looksmart and liked it to slander them:

( what a pathetic freak.

because someone from that company posted a long comment to this (the "for the record re: ls" comment).

pathetic. can't wait to see this moron brought down. he can't cope with anyone who doesn't agree with him.

Anonymous said...

oops second link should have been