Thursday, November 09, 2006

Andrew Landeryou: the great defender of closetted homosexuals - or is he?

Andrew Landeryou copies rather too heavily from Andrew Bolt about the recent bio of Alan Jones, written by Chris Masters.

Whether Masters should or should not have revealed Jones' sexual orientation is a question for another day.

Our concern was that Andrew has used the opportunity to cobble together a mangled argument somehow defending Jones' privacy, when Landeryou is noted for his stalking skills.

Seems all very odd, when Andrew is notorious for blog stalking, stalking journalist's homes, and calling people 'gay' as if it is an insult.

Perhaps, Andrew is indeed having problems with his sexuality. Remember Delia?

9 Truth On Comments:

Anonymous said...

Well somebody by the name of Benjamin Cass is on the Magistrate's Court criminal list.

Case Number: L01309538
Date: 05/12/2006
Time: 10:00
Prosecuting Agency: VICTORIA POLICE
Informant: S.CONS FILICE, S
Hearing Type: Mention
Location: Melbourne Magistrates' Court - Criminal
Court Room No.: 0

Anonymous said...

Oh really? Interesting.

Is it the same Benjamin Cass from MUSU fame?

Anonymous said...

While Andrew Landeryou and his thieving friends were bankrupting MUSU, one manager there, Graham Cornish, tried to stand up to them. Mr Cornish was terminally ill at the time.

Soon, slanderous posters went up around campus and notes were distributed in Mr Cornish's neighborhood. Mr Cornish soon after died. I wonder who wrote these notes and posters?

Landeryou and his friends have forfeited their right to live as free citizens. They must be charged for what they did. I urge everyone to get involved and write to the organizations listed on this page.

Anonymous said...

Those slanderous posters were produced and placed there by the Landeryou appointed Dean Sherriff. He is a grubby piece of work but probably did this at the behest of Landeryou. Still friends of Graham look forward to their day in court.

Landeryou, Sherriff, Cass and Co have indeed forfeited their right to live as free citizens.

Anonymous said...

I understand that Dean Sheriff was later convicted of a nasty road rage assault on a car containing two small children? Utterly gutless.

Anonymous said...

Speaking of mixed identities, what happened to the Freedom Freddy expose?

Anonymous said...


Sherriff is a very nasty piece of work.

But gutless if confronted like all bullies.

Only willing to pick on defenceless Dad's trying to protect his small children from the Sherriff wielding a piece of timber.

Anonymous said...

I am loving this blog

the hypocrite Landeryou is now defending that criminal Bourke

guess it takes one to know one!

Anonymous said...

According to the MUSU files, Cass' middle name letter is "D". I think it is a different guy. I reckon if it was the same person, we would have read about it in The Age!