Friday, November 10, 2006

Andrew Landeryou enjoying the sun

Is this Andy on Brighton beach as reported in October?

8 Truth On Comments:

Anonymous said...

Looks like Andy lost the beard

Is he still keen on growing a mo?

Anonymous said...

Thats too thin to be Landy

And where's the prison tattoo?

Anonymous said...

I am loving this blog

the hypocrite Landeryou is now defending that criminal Bourke

guess it takes one to know one!

Anonymous said...

EXCLUSIVE Correspondent talks to Big Eddie, Underworld figure.

I met Big Eddie at the 'flyingrease' an underworld bar.
'The heats on. Big Landy, Cass Ray and Sherriff are heading for the Big House. But whas really frightening is what will happen to Scott Crawford.'. Eddie drew on a cigarette and continued:
' Scott's got nothing out of MUSU. He's a young, freshfaced guy, who wont go down well in prison. In fact, its likely some prisoners will go down on him'.
I asked Big Eddie about Andrew Landeryou, more commonly known as Big Landy.
'Big Landys a former jailbird, like me' said Eddie. 'In fact, I understand he got a lot of pleasure down back from his prison stay, if you know what I mean. But just because Landy subconsciously wants to go back inside (and have people go back inside him) doesn't mean Scott should go to jail as well!'

'Scotts only choice is to contact the police and get an indemnity'.

Anonymous said...

Great blog - keep up the good work

I know there are lot of us out there reading this

Anonymous said...

quick - tow it back into the ocean

Anonymous said...


On his bum! LOL

Anonymous said...

Where are the stretch marks on Landy's behind? I believe he got them in jail.....