Friday, November 03, 2006

Andrew Landeryou: more blog stalking

Andrew Landeryou has a vile habit of shutting down political blogs.

It seems that Andy is up to his old tricks, stalking political commentators that disagree with him.

4 Truth On Comments:

Anonymous said...

Hi Vicky. Keep your chin up! You are one of many who've been slandered by the mentally ill ex prisoner Andrew Landeryou.

Just to fill you in on the goings at MUSU: Landeryou funded various tickets for his friends to win positions at MUSU in 2001-2003. MUSU then tendered out commercial space in its building to a company known as Marbain, which was controlled by Landeryou through several dummies.
The leases to Marbain were extremely generous, and Marbain immediately onsold them at a 1.2m profit. This profit was funnelled overseas to Hong Kong, to Cyprus, then back to Australia.

Landeryou will not reveal where these funds went, but its interesting to note that although he styles himself 'bankrupt' he is not working, lives in a paid for flat, and has been taking overseas travel.
People concerned about Marbain should write to Glyn Davies, vice chancellor of Melb Uni (and controller of MUSUs liquidation) to keep the pressure up on Landeryou to come clean where the funds are. The Australian Tax Office should also be contacted - Michael D'Ascenzio, as Marbain never paid tax.

Landeryou is desperate to distract attention from the above: hence the personal attacks on yourself and others. As well, he spent time in prison in 2005, and unfortunately we dont know the full story of what might have happened to him in there: this might also have affected his behaviour. This is something he wont talk about.

Keep up the good work!

Concerned Citizen.

Anonymous said...

Love the site; small request: As someone who works with the "mentally ill" can people either post evidence of how Landeryou is "mentally ill" or not use the term. Criminal deviance does not make a person mentally ill.

Also; why do so many of the posts here have a comment verbally felating Mr L using the exact same words?

Anonymous said...

How Landeryou is mentally ill:

- He has a compulsion to attack virtually every person he has dealings with : Sol Lew, Schetzer Brott and Appel, Leonie Burke and the Age, Evan Thornley, Stephen Mayne, Race Matthews, at least half the Labor party

- He travels to the houses of single women, photographs them and posts them on the internet

- He followed Stephen Mayne to sydney and photographed him as part of a harrsment campaign

- During the years his mates were in charge of MUSU, the one honest manager at MUSU who tried to stop them, Graham Cornish, had anonymous sheets distributed (wonder who by?) with disgraceful criminal allegations

- He has stalked and harrassed Dean McVeigh, an honest man doing his job

A quick look at his paranoid lying blog will confirm to anyone that he is a deeply paranoid troubled person. He is filth, and deserves to be treated as such. He belongs back in jail.

Anonymous said...

I wrote the above. Ok, maybe he's not mentally ill, he's criminally deviant, who employs disgraceful methods to get what he wants.
Yes, criminally deviant is probably a better description. My apologies Kit Fur Cat.