Friday, November 03, 2006

Andrew Landeryou's corruption of free speech

The public furore over Andrew Landeryou's corruption of free speech is growing.

Not only is Landeryou deleting posts, but he is actively editing comments to suit his own purposes.

He is even playing the race card. Seems strange, given he is noted for his anti-Islam views.

2 Truth On Comments:

The Dark Rider said...

Just a quick one. Why is 'Freedom Freddy' writing about Vicky Kasidis pilfering images when it is Andrew Landeryou who makes that very point on her blog?

In a surprisingly short period of time afterwards, Freddy's story appears on Landeryou's blog, sounding very much like a standard Landeryou rant.

Could it be Freedom Freddy is another of Landy's imaginary friends?

The Dark Rider

Andy's conscience said...

my conscience tells me I cannot lie Dark Rider
It is I...!