Wednesday, November 01, 2006

Anonymous continues the exposition of Andrew Landeryou

Anonymous said...

Dark Rider - 2 issues:- Yes of course the real issue with Landeryou are the disgraceful frauds he committed at MUSU. Most of his behavior is an attempt to distract attention from this- the constant ridiculous attacks on 'leftists', trying to make everything political.

In summary, he set up Marbain, it got a cheap lease from MUSU, onsold it for 1.2m profit, and the money was transferred to Hong Kong and then around the world.Its obvious he's got this money stashed, even now while 'bankrupt' he's been to the US, and has flown up to Sydney and back. People should focus on this, not only encouraging Melbourne University and his trustee to go in hard to trace the money (there will be a link to him for sure) but also to contact the Tax Office, (Marbain never declared its profit) and above all the police and fraud squad (nothing wrong with sending them a letter) to push that something is done about it. He should be punished for it, and if he isn't then its very bad for our society.

Secondly, however, there's no point engaging in rational debate with Landeryou. He will never discuss the above (because he's guilty), and resorts to pathetic, infantile smears whenever questioned. Thats why baiting him is so right and proper.