Monday, November 27, 2006

Andrew Landeryou chief suspect in shutdown of Tim Blair

Andrew Landeryou has long harboured the ambition of being the most popular right wing blogger in Australia.

The only problem is that his blog isn't very popular, with sliding hit rates over the past few months. Landeryou's blog is not widely well regarded in neo-conservative circles.

In order to promote his blog, Landeryou has pushed the vaudeville button in terms of content on his blog.

A most frequent tactic has not only been to cull readers frequent comments and corrections on his blog, but also to shut down competing blog sites.

A competing blog that Landeryou has recently targetted for 'shut down' is that of preeminent Australian blogger, Tim Blair, whose blog has been shut down for about a week.

Rumours are that Landeryou has targetted Tim Blair for shut down, inorder to migrate readers over to his blog.

Landeryou is said to have targetted over a million blogs for shut down. Two down, 999,998 to go.

20 Truth On Comments:

Anonymous said...

I'm convinced!

Anonymous said...

This is frightful news

its one thing for Andy to shut down the earlier Slanderyou, but now this!

when will it end?

Tim Blair fan said...

I've been trying to read Blair's blog for over a week, and its been down all that time

Very worried, as it was an enjoyable blog

Occassiaonlly Blair would link to Landeryou's site, but I never saw the same from Landeryou, except begrudgingly

Plus Landeryou would delete and sometimes edit my comments

I will never return to his blog, especially if the shutdown allegation is true

carlo carli said...

Yes Landeryou has shut it down - he is very powerful

Anonymous said...

Andrew does have form for this sort of thing - nothing would surprise me

Anonymous said...

Andrew does get a lot of things Right. He has instant access to Newnham and Richardson. Pity Fiona is not in the Ministry. Andy Landy would get hot tips straight away.

Anonymous said...

I understand that Richardson hates Andy, for a range of things, inclusive of revealling confidential political conversations between the two and LU on his blog

Tim Blair fan said...

Tim Blair is still not on line

what is going on?

how did Landeryou bring that blog down?

That's 3 blogs I've counted.

Anonymous said...

Has anyone else noted that the number of comments on Andy's blog has dranatically fallen?

Anyone suggest why?

Anonymous said...

The million blog crack was a big extreme

But knocking over Blair's blog is very serious, as he was averaging about 30,000 hits a day?

The Dark Rider said...

Ok, sorry, but how exactly did Landeryou disrupt Tim Blair's blog?

He does appear to have a lot of technical assistance (I'm guessing Van Der Craats) but I find it hard to believe he's able to shut down a legitimate blog.

The only reason Slandersyou shut down the first time was the writer wasn't game to keep publishing once people knew who he was (more's the pity), a fairly gutless move I thought.

It wasn't shut down through any super technical mean, nor do I think Landeryou has the ability to launch the type of DNS attacks you'd need to disrupt a blog.

As for why there are less comments on his blog? Well, he's been blocking people he thinks won't stay 'on message' and deleting specific comments he doesn't like.

Of course, he doesn't publish hit stats, so there's no real indicator of traffic to his site.

Traffic will have undoubtedly increased with all the information forwarded to him by (most likely) Newnham, David White and the other Labor Unity hacks over the election period, but there is always a lot of behind the scenes positioning with Landeryou's blog.

I'm now aware of at least two deals he's supposedly done regarding subjects of content on his blog.

'Blog of Freedom'. Google 'comedic delusion' and you'll find it listed.

The Dark Rider

Where is the money? said...

Dark Rider - the reason why Slanderyou v1 stopped was because Landeryou threatened to sue

Problem for others, when confronted with Landeryou's gaggle of lies, deceit and misstatements, is that he hides behind his veil of bankruptcy; even though everyone knows he is sitting on a buddle of cash generated via you know what!

The Dark Rider said...

He threatened to sue?

And why exactly should Slanderyou be afraid of that? Is it because the information he was publishing was less than factual?

I was also under the impression a bankrupt needed court permission to institute civil proceedings (although I don't know that much about bankruptcy provisions).

This is the thing that gets me the most. Why should someone be afraid of Landeryou instituting legal proceedings? Apart from anything else, it wouldn't be too difficult to seek a disclosure of Landeryou's income as part of the defence. Something I doubt he'd be too keen on anyone actually exploring.

The Dark Rider

Anonymous said...

we should all post away and see if Andy really does sue...

Anonymous said...

DK said: "Apart from anything else, it wouldn't be too difficult to seek a disclosure of Landeryou's income as part of the defence. Something I doubt he'd be too keen on anyone actually exploring."

Great point

Anonymous said...

I think you need to brush up on your comprehension and logic skills.

In my response to your comment, I said the following:

Firstly, I said it was highly recommended, not highly regarded. It is highly recommended by me.

On many fronts are your conclusions incorrect:

1. I do not represent the views of everyone in neo-conservative circles.

2. In fact, it has not been established whether I am a neo-conservative or not. Unless you are using a tendentious link between neo-conservatives and Zionists.

3. My response did not indicate either way as to whether Andrew Landeryou was highly regarded or not by other neo-conservatives.

4. If you had read the original article carefully, you will have noticed the words 'highly recommended blogsite'. 'Highly' is different to 'widely'.

That's now two out of two misunderstandings: firstly that I said it was highly regarded, and secondly to conclude I implied it is NOT highly regarded by neo-conservatives.

I hope these are two isolated blips of misunderstandings and poor reasoning on your part, and not a systemic fault.

A patriot writes... said...

I was referred to this story, and I found this story to be frightening

How can a patriot stand up to defend freedom and free speech?

How can a patriot stop the Landeryou freedom crushing machine?

Melbcity said...

Dark Rider. Your grossly mistaken with your false allegations. I suggest you look elsewhere for your smear campiagn.

Anonymous said...

Melbcity, why don't we talk about the smear campaigns you've started on others. You want to get into that and perhaps we'll show some proof that you've assisted Landeryou in many ways. If you'd like us to bring that up, I'm game and I have plenty of information to make the connections.

Mr. V

Anonymous said...

There's been an adundance of information sent to the VEC, Melbourne City Council regarding the connections between Landeryou and Van Der Craats. We'll see if some of that money found its way in Ukraine laundry-mats. I hear that information will be forwarded soon to Melbourne media. So now Landeryou has other things to be concerned about.