Friday, November 17, 2006

Is Andrew Landeryou still a ‘breaching’ member of the AJA?

Is Andrew still a paid up member of the Australian Journalists Association?

According to this, his annual membership expired on 31 August.

A casual survey of his blog will reveal countless breaches of the AJA’s code of ethics. That include commitments to:
- Honesty
- Fairness
- Independence
- Respect for the rights of others.

If Andy remains an AJA member, he needs to be summarily and immediately expelled from the Union.

12 Truth On Comments:

Anonymous said...

it is interesting that the AJA didn't take any action before

why is that you reckon?

Anonymous said...

If Landeryou was indeed a member, he could have photoshopped it, it suggests that AJA's entry criteria wasn't particularly high

Anonymous said...

Remember, he's a bankrupt, so how did he afford the membership fee?

Or, did he get the concession fee?

Lot's of questions

keep up the good work

Anonymous said...

This will give you some clue about AJA's membership fee structure

Anonymous said...

Try instead

Anonymous said...

excellent article

well done

I'm enjoying this blog immensely

Anonymous said...

Has anyone thought to email the AJA to see if Andrew Landeryou is listed or has ever been listed amongst their membership?

Anonymous said...

I doubt the AJA would even reply - if Landeryou was indeed a financial member could you imagine their embarassment with having to admit this was true?

Theo said...

Does anyone seriously believe Landeryou is a journalist?

Does anyone know what he studied at Uni?

Anonymous said...

Law, ironically enough.

Anonymous said...

think he graduated from Bond

The Bill said...

What kind of law?

can't be commercial law - he is or was a hopeless businessman

must have been criminal law - he must have known it would come in useful!