Saturday, November 11, 2006

Andrew Landeryou almost makes the front page of The Australian

While Andrew is pouring over his breakfast KFC, Team Slanderyou were busily working away at the weekend newpapers.

And on the front page of the Weekend Australian, in the first para, we read this, under the headline Party's over for Burke as secret deals exposed:

"Reclusive, battling weight problems and under seige from the media and corruption investigators..."

at this point we thought it was about Andrew Landeryou. But it was about disgraced, former WA Premier Brian Burke.

The similarity was uncanny, don't you think?

8 Truth On Comments:

Anonymous said...

a big thanks to Leonie Wood, journalist hero for pushing hard with Landeryou.

Another big thanks to Dean McVeigh for not giving up - ever.

Also thanks to Madgw and SBA as well for their info.

Anonymous said...

good pick up

very funny :)

Anonymous said...

Stop your senseless knocking of a great Australian patriot. Andrew Landeryou, a future Prime Minister of this country.

No one has the intelligence and foresight of a Landeryou. Who else would have seen through Woods, Jaspan, Carbone and Money? Who else, fighting alone, could have prevented the election of Simon Crean as ALP president? Who else could have stifled the attempts of People Power to hold the balance of power in the Legislative Council, and to exposed Mr Mayne as an imposter?

Go Andrew. You are great.

Anonymous said...

Andrew Landeryou is a dumb, worthless, criminal piece of shit!

Stupid Fatty!

Anonymous said...

Andrew Landeryou: ex prisoner filth.

Anonymous said...

Hi Andrew Landeryou, I know you're reading this and I'd like to say thanks.

When you returned some time ago, it was difficult getting in touch with people about you, and the need for you to be punished.

But with your blog, recruitment is easy!

Again, thanks very much.

Best Regards
A Friend

Anonymous said...

Andrew Landeryou, Australias worst piece of corrupt criminal filth. An ex prisoner. Associate of Dean Sherriff, convicted of a violent assault involving children.
An Ex Prisoner. A complete and utter piece of filth.

Anonymous said...

The truth is out there.


I hope.