Friday, November 24, 2006

Andrew Landeryou & Weekend Victorian Election & Forum

It's the weekend again, and it's time to have our weekend forum, open to all your wonderful comments and conjecture.

The weekend also sees the Victorian State election.

Andrew has been commentating furiously on the election. Unsurprisingly, the only fact he has got right has been the date of the election.

We've also noticed that he has yet to change his address on his blog, and comply with Victorian electoral laws. Perhaps he isn't moving from his palatial digs in affluent South Bank?

And how is the disguise comming along Andy?

Finally, rumour has it that Andy has provided a postal/absentee vote for the election. Anyone know where he is spending the weekend?

Chat amongst yourselves.

16 Truth On Comments:

Anonymous said...

Andy may be growing a tickler, rather than a mo!

makelanderyoupay said...

We at Team Make Landeryou Pay have a big story coming soon, that may implicate a former MUSU President and Landeryou acolyte in tax fraud. Stay tuned.

Anonymous said...

Didn't Landeryou mention on his blog that he had submitted a postal?

Costa Rica perhaps?

Anonymous said...

landey was very very pissed off today

he's been working all week to suck up to labor and try to dirt the greens and shore up richardsons position in northcote and the age then attacked newnham for doing a dodgy job

it was good because all the green bagging was getting pretty boring

love it when he rally loses it

Anonymous said...

who in the ALP would take Landeryou seriously anyway, and especially afeter he was outed as Delia

If he wants to attack the Greens, good on him, but when he bites the ALP which had nothing to do with his dirty MUSU deals, then the man/woman/it? deserves a right bollocking

FO Andy you git

Northcote Observer said...

Bracks should be returned easily in the lower house, but the LC is a problem

The ALP have really botched up the preference deals again, like they did with the last Senate race.

While I hope the ALP can govern without the greens or people power, woouldn't it be funny if the ALP were forced to do a deal with PP in the LC to get bills passed!

That would really stuff Andy - so far the guy is so far off the mark on most of his prognoistications

Obviously Danny and White have gone quiet on him especailly about the Tattersalls bid!

Anonymous said...

Where is Tantrum Thursday?

Melbourne Scribe said...

Tantrum Thursday is on THURSDAY, you twat

just before Fuckwit Friday so named in your honour

Northcote Observer said...

Andrew was painting the election as one in which the Greens would win scores of seats

He is now recanting as fast as he can

Anonymous said...

Looks like Fiona Richardson has won in northcote


looks like Andy will be running shit scared, since Fiona will now be in a position to use parliamentary priviledge to go after Andy given his attempts to fuckover the ALP

Toorak insider said...

Andy is totally stuffed now

He desperately hoped that Labor would lose

He has been trying to realign himself with the Liberals, whom have found that not only is his blog emberassing, but didn't deliver 1 extra vote

Anonymous said...

Hey fuckwit,

Tantrum Thursday was promised after nothing happened on Weird Wednesday.

Fucking drongo.

Melbourne Scribe said...

See above - looks like Andrew is a keen reader of this blog

Anonymous said...

Andrew is struggling with the election result

He is eating krispy kremes to happiness

Andrew Landeryou's best friend said...

Why is it that Andy hates people who are successful:

- Thornley
- Lew
- 98% of Melbourne

Andrew is a joke

Andrew Landeryou's best friend said...

I forgot to add, Stephen Mayne to that list