Friday, November 17, 2006

Andrew Landeryou & the weekend open forum

Its the weekend - almost.

Well, it certainly is the weekend all the time in Andy's world. Never having to work, living in expensive digs, travelling to far off and exotic locals as Costa Rica and Sydney.

And to celebrate the weekend (that will last til Wednesday!), we present this open forum for your commentary and enjoyment.

We will be back on Wednesday, when we present our now famous Weird Wednesday exclusive, special, green-paged feature. And a hint on next Wednesday's story: what Andy really thinks of his blogs's readers, plus other juicy bits.

8 Truth On Comments:

Anonymous said...

given the headlines over the past days about the activities of lobbyists and Tatts its interesing to note that on October 4th (way before the sh*t hit the fan) Andy was running full steam ahead with a huge article on the

"shonky Greek Billionaire who wants Vic Lotto Money"

he ended the posting by saying

"HAT-TIP: Major hat-tip to the OC informant who alerted us to this outrageous situation"

I wonder who the informant might have been and wether Landy got a slice of the action.

might explain some of the other stuff going on down on brother other's site.

Anonymous said...

ANon 9:05 PM : brilliant stuff

it all makes sense now!

Anonymous said...

News and The Age are reporting all sorts of violent ttacks and protest and Andy's pics and stories reveal nothing of that

where was the coward when all this was happening?

probably across the road at McDonald's eatint his sex Big Macs as usual

Anonymous said...

sorry: the above had to do with the G20 conference

Theo said...

"shonky Greek Billionaire who wants Vic Lotto Money"

what is it with Landeryou and Greeks?

Anonymous said...

Didn't he also go to LA earlier this year?

Daisy the moo cow said...


Probably went to DisneyLand to visit the other clowns!

Anonymous said...

Daisy: are you milking Andy's misfortunes?